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A New Haunting

Posted on March 31, 2011

I have always been a sensitive. Since the time I was a child of four I saw ghosts. They came to my bunk bed in the middle of the night as if to check on me. I never was afraid. In fact, I was so accustomed to it, when I was sick one night I called out for help and as I was lifted off my bed I thought it was one of the spirits, and threw up. Later to realize it was my father who I emptied out on.

Throughout the years I have had many, many ghost experiences. Along with Angels and Demons. This I could go on and on about, but right now I shall focus on what happened to me lately.

When I moved into my apartment, a few weeks later I was awake and on the computer when I heard my name being called out. It was a males voice, he called my name twice. My apartments were built in 1968. A lot of things could have happened, no doubt death.

For a long time nothing happened. My fianc is into a death metal band that I refer to the singer as the ‘Scary Halloween Guy’. He posted the picture on his Facebook page one night and shorty after the post I went to bed. That night I felt evil lurking in the hallway of my apartment. It stayed with me all night long. I slept very hard that night, but the whole night I felt the evil spirit there. I told my fianc about it and he said he was ‘sorry’ to scare me. A few days later, again, the evil spirit came to me. Lurking all night long in my hallway. I can’t imagine what the evil was doing there if only to scare me.

Lying in my bed, I can look to the right of me and look right out into the hallway. A place I haven’t felt comfortable with ever since this has happened. For that reason I keep lights on so I am not scared. I also keep music on, something soft usually. Mostly Christian to drive the evil away. (It helps).

I have three dogs, Zen, Gemini and Neveah. (Heaven backwards). They are my loves and my protectors. Nevaeh is my newest dog. She is going on seven months old. On a personal note, my fianc plays around that she is Satan’s little puppy, since she is always in trouble and always biting. But little Nevaeh must have started sensing a new ghost. Not the evil that was lurking in the hall, but the ghost that first came to me when I moved in.

She sleeps with me as Gemini does. Zen sleeps on the floor. All through the night in the last few weeks Nevaeh has been waking up and barking at the hallway. She has even jumped out of the bed and ‘chased’ an unseen thing. Meanwhile, Zen and Gemini are asleep.

I know animals are sensitive to the spirit world more than the average human. There is the remains of a burned house up the road, regarded as haunted. A teenage boy apparently killed his family some 25 years ago. My dog Zen hates the property. He pulls away when he comes close to the house, as if scared out of his mind. Yet, Zen, was asleep during the night last night. All through the ‘noise’ he never woke up.

It started the other day that I thought I heard someone busting through the living room window and breaking the furniture as they came through. I got up in the middle of the night to make sure the house was secure. Everything was fine.

Last night there was the sound of living room noise all night long. My dog Gemini stayed on the couch, living room light on, watching and listening. The noise of someone busting through the living room happened all night long. I got up three times to check that no one was busting through the house.

I slept very lightly. My arthritis was hurting too bad. I woke up at 7:00 a.m, went to potty, went to lie back down, still had an hour before I had to wake up.

There was a dragging. Something heavy I heard. It wasn’t outside and it wasn’t the neighbors. My dogs were beside me on the bed. The went nervous and barked into the unseen. This sounded like what I would think is a coffin being dragged, though on wheels.

I was getting mad. I wanted to sleep. I had another hour. I had just came from the bathroom and I was wide awake. It was silent outside. This seemed to be happening right through the walls of my home.

Next I heard the bathroom door slam shut. I was getting really upset. Yet, I didn’t want to admit this was some stupid ghost trying to get my attention. Nevaeh and Gemini laid securely by my side as if it was now my turn to investigate. I went to check the bathroom door, which is part of the hallway. Of course it had not moved. I knew that anyway. My instincts told me this ghost was only making sounds.

Went back to bed, had a few minutes to sleep in. Dumb ghost! He went into the kitchen and made the sound of glass breaking. It was LOUD. And I was mad. I came out of the bedroom in my t-shirt and said to the dogs, as if oblivious, “I don’t know what this is kids.” But deep in my heart I knew.

“Show yourself! You done woke me up now so come on ! Show yourself!”


I was planning to call my sister Micky. She is also a sensitive and she and her children have seen many ghosts. I was needing her advice. As I’m getting ready for work a knock is on my door. It’s my sister. Very unusual for her to come to the side of town I live on. Her and the four children come into the house. Her being a sensitive, she is the only one I knew who could understand what I was going through.

“Breaking glass. That’s always the sign of a ghost. Mother had it at her house. We all heard it and there was no glass that was broken. It happened all the time at the house I lived in Lake Worth, they still cant rent or sell that place. Its always available. I’ve had other friends say they have heard glass breaking and there is nothing broke. That is a spirits signature.”

Mickey’s eyes grew wide when I told the spirit to show themselves. I can never forget her eyes. Was I asking evil or a ghost?

This afternoon Mickey and I compared notes. He is not evil in my apartment. He is a ghost. He died between 30 and 40 or so. He died in the apartment. I already rebuked him. If he shows himself tonight I will tell him there is a light and he is no longer living. ‘Go onto the light.’ I will say, I hope my dogs don’t scare him. Like he scared my dogs!

What is it that was going on?

Sent in by MoonLove, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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2 Responses to “A New Haunting”
  1. Rosie says:

    Did you take actions? What happened recently?

  2. Bel says:

    It’s funny you should mention that hearing glass break is a sign of a haunting, because last February (2011) we heard the same thing in our home. Our house has two floors and i was watching tv with the door of my room (on the 2nd floor) wide open. Suddenly i heard this really loud crash, like a big glass breaking. The first thing i thought was that the glass sliding door of our dining room (on the 1st floor) must have fallen over and crashed again (it did this 10 years ago when the wood frame of the sliding doors were weakened due to termites). So i got up, ran downstairs to check it out. When i was on the stairs, our helper was running upstairs to see what had happened upstairs because she heard the same crashing sound, but to her it sounded like it came from upstairs. We searched the whole house to find the source but everything single thing was in place…

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