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A Catalog of Paranormal Stories

Posted on November 20, 2010

I’ve submitted a few stories to this website already; however, I have a few more experiences that for some reason or another I don’t feel merit their own posts respectively. Here goes.

Most of my experiences happened at my guardians home. One such time was when I was home alone around the middle of the day. I was standing in the kitchen eating some cereal when I heard an upstairs door slam shut. I stood in the kitchen listening intently and a few seconds later a door downstairs slammed shut. Since it was mid-day and not nighttime I felt brave enough to investigate. I wanted to check the entire house and see if there was some reasonable explanation why doors were slamming shut. To gain some courage I grabbed two, long slender knives from the kitchen. I first checked to see if the air conditioner was on to see if that could be causing a breeze in the house. It wasn’t on. Next I proceeded to start from the upstairs all the way to the basement to check for open windows or doors, anything that could be causing air movement. Everything was shut and closed firmly. It might sound ridiculous but I checked every room as if I was a SWAT member; I sliced the pie moving into rooms and had both knives ready for any suspicious, dark corner. I meticulously and thoroughly checked every nook and cranny of that house, leaving all the doors open when I moved about. Finding nothing out of the ordinary I went back to the kitchen. As I stood there figuring out what else I could do to investigate further a door slammed shut from the upstairs. I ran upstairs and saw the master bedroom door closed and the other doors still opened. I knew that I left every door open and had already checked to see if anything could be causing a breeze. This put me off enough that I decided to leave the house.

Another instance happened was when I was leaving for school in the morning. I was putting on my coat in the foyer room when I heard what sounded like a woman make a horrendous, blood curdling scream from the next room. I yelled out if anyone was home and got no answer. This frightened me and I hurried out the door and just left.

One time when I was in my room at night drifting off to sleep I heard what sounded like tiny footsteps run across the middle of my room. I don’t know why but I thought that they sounded like a child’s footsteps. I was a little scared but I was convincing myself that this was just a figment of my imagination and a by-product of me falling asleep. It was then that I noticed that my cellphone’s screen was lit up (the display screen lights up when a call or text comes in). I looked at my phone and saw that I had a missed call though I never heard it ring. The number came up as 6** (you know what the numbers are, I just don’t like to type it or say it). I stayed up the rest of that night with all of the lights on.

Well these are my stories, I haven’t had any experiences like this in a long while and I no longer live in that house.

Sent in by Desertfox, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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16 Responses to “A Catalog of Paranormal Stories”
  1. sharayah says:

    nice they were good.lol swat that was funny.happy you are out that house.may God be with you ;)

  2. The Nate says:

    Wow, quite scary…But i’m sorry..i must of not read it with a full thought of view..6**?? I actually dont know the rest of the numbers…but you don’t have to tell me..maybe someone else can??

    • sharayah says:

      666 so called Devils number ,mark of the beast. lol :)

    • Desertfox says:

      Haha yea it was 666. It sounds lame now that I refused to type it, when I was writing the story I was reliving everything and the vibe of it just got to me at the time.

  3. trolldoll says:

    you may have had a couple of playful ghosts. as for your phone, if you told anyone about what you were experiencing, i bet 10 to 1 that they were playing a stupid joke on you. i wouldn’t even pay attention to that. thanks for sharing!

    • sharayah says:

      he said the phone number came up as 666 now how can you fake that when you are calling or txting someone?the person sending the txt there number always comes up. but that number holds no power! it’s just what i feel.

      • Caretaker says:

        When it comes to phone numbers and the sort 666 is just like any other 3 digit number and is bound to show up at random. There is an area not too far from here where the telephone number prefix is 666, there is also a town where the last 3 numbers of the zip code is 666. I know someone who was very disturbed when they got a bill for $6.66. They actually paid 7.00 just to avoid the 666 :)

        • Anonymous says:

          ok i was thinking the only numbers that came out was three digits not seven.that’s was why i was saying if someone was playing a game wouldn’t seven digets come out? oh well thanks for the info ;)

  4. Carri says:

    sound scary glad you moved. my son heard a blood curdling scream in his sub sleep. he said it terrified him. it was in the new house I bought. this house is from 1915. so i figured it was a demon. sending him that scream. we put up religious articles after that scream. like jesus candles. prayers on the wall. we haven;t heard anything since.

  5. Stephie says:

    Very Creepy id say. If that would have been me… I Would have ran out so fast never to return. Or never would be alone in that place again. Thanks for sharing!

  6. JW says:

    I bet someone was playing a trick on you. You said you did not check the house you just yelled to see if anyone was there. I bet a sibling or friend was trying to scare you and did not answer when you called out, if they would have given themselves up you wouldn’t have been scared. Did you ask the phone company about the numbers on your phone? Probably a feasible explanation there also.

    • Desertfox says:

      It certainly could have been someone trying to scare me with the scream; I wouldn’t think it was because I was always the last to leave but if someone did stay home that day they might think it was the opportune time to pull a prank like that. As for the phone yea it’s feasible some sort of malfunction or something happened; I don’t rule it out. When it comes to paranormal events I stay on the fence, I don’t know enough about it and I’m aware of how the mind can play incredibly convincing tricks.

  7. AnNa bites back says:

    well thats good you looked around the house and luckly found nothing.

  8. trolldoll says:

    i don’t think putting man made icons up around the house is going to work. try to do some research on the place.

  9. Charmaine says:

    That’s a scary story ! Thank you for sharing it! The swot was really funny! Just glad you didn’t see anything when you went to investigate. I also take knives with me lol ;) Glad you are out of that house! What other stories have you submitted before this one?

  10. Jerry says:

    Good thing you made it out of that house, been there done that sort of thing, too many what ifs in the above coments, somtimes one must be there to feel/see. Good thing about checking for opened windows ect. The phone thing, really can’t say…..

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