5 Years Living in Hell in Quaint English Village

Posted on March 20, 2011

My husband and I moved into a quaint English village in 1988. But immediately we moved in, I began to realize something was not right with the place.

Pretty much from day one, my husbands character began to change. He became moody and slothesome. Totally different from the man I had married and knew from before moving to that cottage.

We also began to have some weird stuff happening. For example, Christmas decorations mysteriously disappeared (only to reappear 17 years later!) as well a car keys, wedding rings and other things.

As time went on, my husband became more aggressive towards me. In the end it got so bad [he tried to smother me] this lead to us getting divorced two years after moving into the house.

But that’s not the end of it. The poltergeist activity continued and got progressively worse as time went on. By 1993 it was so bad that I was physically being thrown around the room and picked up by the neck and held suspended in mid-air. It was absolutely terrifying.

I was also experiencing some terrifying nightmares during that time, as well as sleepwalking. I lost a lot of weight and was heading for a nervous breakdown.

I called in an Exorcist to try and get rid of the thing in the house, but he just made it worse – then refused to return to the house to finish what he’d started.

I did manage to get rid of it in the end, but it was no thanks to the Church. I never did find out how the thing came to be in that cottage.

I eventually moved out in 2004.

Sent in by A J Ryder, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

Book of Trinity

Book of Trinity

A J is the author of Book of Trinity “Taken from documentation written at the time, this novel – set between 1988 and 1993 – revolves around one woman�s struggle against poltergeist activity, demonic possession and ultimate Exorcism at her home in the quaint English village of Slapton, Buckinghamshire.

It is unknown how the demonic spirit came to be at the cottage, but its presence resulted in a battle ensuing between God and Satan as they waged war for souls.

Finding herself caught in the middle and desperate for salvation from the evil spirit and ghosts which resided with her, Joanna turned to the Church for help, only to discover that the Exorcist appointed for the task would be less than accommodating.”

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24 Responses to “5 Years Living in Hell in Quaint English Village”
  1. Buds420 says:

    How did you get rid of it? Would help a lot of people, and by word of mouth.

  2. Denny says:

    Sorry to hear you had to go through that

  3. trolldoll says:

    i heard of this happening numerous times. something negative in the house has an effect on moods and behaviour. glad you could get out of all of it!

  4. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Buds420

    Its a very long winded story as to how we got rid of it/them in the end [think there were a number of unclean spirits in the house] but, with the help of a psychic this is basically what we did;

    On his advise; 3 people must enter the house to make a ‘Trinity’ (Matt:18:20). These were the psychic himself, me and my [then] partner. We lit a candle, read psalms; 23, 19, 75, 79 followed by the Lords Prayer. We then blessed the entire house with Holy Water brought by the psychic. The house was cleansed.

    There are two rather odd things about all this, though;
    1. The psychic had never done an exorcism before. Infact, he didn’t even know how the Rites were conducted until his ‘guides’ informed him an hour or so before the exorcism.
    2. According to the Anglican Church, what we read was the exact same passages as they used for a full blown exorcism. I wrote to the Church Exorcist after the event and informed him exactly what we had done. Within a week I was summoned to a meeting with the Church to explain to how how the psychic could possibly have known what to do – they didn’t believe me, when I hold them it was Spirit that had told him what to do.

    Oh! And the Exorcist in question ‘mysteriously’ moved on to a new post within a few months, and was never referred to as Canon again! You can make your own conclusions over that one!

    It was all rather wierd. But it worked.

    • Texture says:

      Excuse me, but your book basically says to turn to Satan in order to get rid of Satan. It doesn’t work like that. The Enemy cannot banish himself and going to the Enemy for such a cause is ridiculous! You contacted the very being responsible for the demon(s) in your house!! What were you thinking?! I understand that the “Church” didn’t help you out, but Jesus didn’t say to go to the CHURCH for freedom, He said to come to Him! What were you thinking?!! Yes, the demonic activity may have died dow, but it never stopped. YOU now have a demonic spirit crawling about you because of the steps you took to obtain “freedom.”

      THINK next time!! If you REALLY want to be free, STOP going to WITCHES who only serve Satan and turn to Jesus.

      • Jaybee says:

        I didn’t read the book – and perhaps I should prior to commenting, but going off the story here, it says that a psychic helped out. Does it state in the book that this psychic was a satan worshipping witch? Little confused by this comment as it relates to the story here.

        • A.J Ryder says:

          Hi Jaybee

          No, the book does not say to turn to Satan in order to get rid of Satan. Nor does it state anywhere in the book that this psychic was a satan worshipping witch.

          Texture hasn’t read it. If she had actually read it, then maybe she would be enlighted as to the true power, majesty, love and mercy of God rather than her own warped interpretation of God.

          That aside, if Satan drives out Satan then he is divided against himself. This does not empower Satan, rather it weakens him. What good would weakening his position do him? None at all.


      • A.J Ryder says:

        Hi Texture

        I suggest you read Matthew 12:24-28 because, the Pharisee’s said exactly the same thing to Jesus, as you have just stated.

        After reading that, I suggest you read psalm 23, psalm 19, psalm 75 and psalm 79.

        Once you have done all that, then maybe you could enlighten me as to which parts of any of that state that I will …

        “now have a demonic spirit crawling about you because of the steps you took to obtain �freedom.�

        … because I would really like to know why God would give the Exorcism Rites in one hand (confirmed to be correct after the event by a Canon) then decide that actually, it would be much more fun just to return the demon to me so I can suffer some more.

        Why would God go to all that trouble for no gain?

        I’ll tell you why He went to all that trouble – its was to show me what a loving God He is, who will release any child of His from evil …………. not just the Christian …. but anyone who calls on Him for help.

        Good grief Texture, you really do need to start seeing the bigger picture. I know you like to think you are far more special in Gods eyes than the rest of us, but you are of no more, nor less worth than any other of Gods children. The sooner you realise that, the better it will be fore you because then you will start to see God as a loving God, not a mean-mouthed, spitful scaremongerer. Once you see God in that light, your spirit will then start to grow and you’ll find that you might actually start giving people good sound advise, instead of being just down-right spitful all the time.

        And for what its worth, your posts read more like the vile poison that spews from Satan’s mouth, rather than Gods. Maybe you ought to start thinking on that point ….


  5. Jaybee says:

    It started in 1988, got bad enough in 1993 that you’re physically thrown around the room – and you move out in 2004? Sheesh. I’d have been out that door in 1988.

    • A.J Ryder says:


      It started harmlessly enough – just the odd bit of playful poltergeist activity. Certainly not enough to give any great concern for our welfare at the time. In truth, I didn’t connect my ex-husbands behaviour change with the poltergeist activity at the time either. I just assumed he had turned into a complete [email protected] Its only a few years on, that it dawned on me what had really happened to him.

      Trouble is, these things build gradually. In my case, it took 5 years before it climaxed. After the final exorcism we didn’t get any further problems what-so-ever. So there was no reason to move just because of what had happened.

      • Jaybee says:

        Kudos to you for bravery. I grew up in a haunted house. I was ready to pack my bags and move the first time I heard footsteps. I wanted to hitch-hike down the highway when my possessions disappeared, never, ever to be found again. I left for the weekend and stayed with my friend at her house after that night when something was knocking on all the cabinet doors and something tried to come in through the kitchen door. (Note, the kitchen door led to a small outside enclosed porch, whose door was also locked – thus rendering it impossible for any human to be pushing at the inside kitchen door and turning the knob back and forth.) Never was a teenager so thrilled to go off to college – and not just for the adventure of college!!

        I made my husband promise we would never, ever stay in a home where it became apparent that we couldn’t explain each and every noise. So far, so good! I have absolutely no patience for anything like that, been there, done that – ain’t never, ever doing that again.

        • A J Ryder says:

          I don’t blame you at all Jaybee.

          The trouble with me is … I’m not easily spooked by spooks.

  6. LMC aka Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing AJ :-D
    I’m glad you got rid of it/them… The Exorcist must’ve not been experience enough to handle it… Scared maybe?

    LMC aka Lisa :-D

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Lisa

      The exorcist was experienced alright, its just he just did not believe in ghosts or demons (sigh!). Told me that himself, when we first met to discuss the exorcism.

      Call me an old synic but I’m guess the pay is better, if you qualify as an exorcist …. only a guess, but then …


      • LMC aka Lisa says:

        Hi AJ

        huh? ( on the exorcist) how can someone say they’re an exorcist & not believe??? That’s why it didn’t work! at least when you did the exorcism your way it worked!

      • moki aka LMC says:

        Hi AJ

        About the exorcist how can someone say they’re an exorcist & don’t believe? That’s why it didn’t work.

        At least when you did the exorcism it worked! It takes faith in God for a successful exorcism.

        moki aka LMC

  7. Manns says:

    How were that village people ? had they felt anything before you move to that area ? which means , did they have any experience about that spirits ? when you was involved what did they do ? wasn’t there any experienced domestic person tell you what was been that entities? usually the domestic people of an area are more informed about that area events than strangers. I inform you what you have been involved by them hadn’t been except demons but I wonder how they release you such easy. they had been very aggressive and dangerous and also I don’t know how that psychic could banishes such kind demons, usually such demons don’t obey of common persons. Meanwhile I haven’t read your book but interested know what happened for your husband may you explain please

    • moki aka LMC says:

      Hello Mann no offence but I don’t understand your questions… From domestic persons to common persons & village people… Just wondering if you can explain your question please???

      • Manns says:

        Hello ,moki aka LMC

        My first purpose about ” domestic person ” was villagers. I asked A.J didn’t they aware about some spirits that were in that house ? My second purpose about ” common person ”
        was that psychic (Apparently , he hadn’t been an expert in paranormal setting to control such demons) . I asked how he could banished that dangerous and disobedient demons from house and save A.J

        thank you , and happy talking you

        • Moki says:

          Hello Manns

          I understand now. I was also really tired when I read your post. Sorry that I misunderstood what you posted.

          I had commented about the exorcist myself… How can you call yourself an exorcist when you don’t believe in it… To tell you the truth I believe when you pretend to be an exorcist your asking for trouble.

          Nice talking to you :-D

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Manns

      First off, I knew nothing of any supernatural history, either of the house or the village, prior to moving there.

      As I said in the OP, there was poltergeist activity, as well as places in the house which gave off a really bad vibe.

      It was only through talking to village elders that I got to learn about who lived at the cottage in the past, and who died there. It was assumed that the earthbound ghost was most likely that of Jesse Healey – a miserable cantankerous man when he was alive. Died a batchelor.

      Also – the woman who lived in the cottage before us, really did not like staying in that house on her own, according to the neighbour. But she never experienced any poltergeist activity – just the bad vibes.

      There was also another ‘quiet’ spirit there – but it did not make itself known until right at the end, in the last few weeks before it was bannished. This was the demon in question who, up until the end, controlled Jesse in order to get to me – until it started losing its grip.

      The exorcist assumed an ouija board must have been used at the cottage at some point, but it was not me. I don’t touch them.

      The psychic was told by his head guide what to do for the exorcism. It took a great deal of faith for him to do that, because he had never done an exorcism before. In fact, it took a great deal of faith in me to let him … based on the fact he was not trained.

      But, faith in God is 9/10′s of the solution with exorcisms. So, quite miraculously, it worked and the house was cleared after 5 years of really wierd stuff going on.

      After the event, the church exorcist asked me to clarify what procedure we had taken. In fact, a Canon and exorcist from another diocise also requested the same. It was confirmed that what we did was exactly – TO THE LETTER – the same as the full-blown exorcism that the Church administer. When the Canon asked how the psychic knew what to do, I told him it was one of Gods messengers who told him, but the Canon refused to believe it – rather, he assumed someone ‘in the know’ had told him instead. But no one had told the psychic what to do beforehand – I was there when his guide gave him instruction.

      A demon has to obey anyone who administers the exorcism rites correctly and in full – including the Faith part. So, why not a phycic?

      My husband and I divorced two years or so after moving into the cottage. As far as I am aware, he reverted back to the loving, caring person he was before moving into that cottage and was perfectly fine.

      Hope this has explained?


  8. HELEN DENT says:

    hi there – im worred – im moving into a cottage in slapton – number 14 horton road and someone told me its the same building?? can u help or let me know anymore info x

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Helen

      You poor soul, this really has freaked you out hasn’t it? But please, please don’t worry the house is now completely clear of ghosts.

      Let me put your mind at rest:

      1. The spook problems were between 1988 and 1993
      2. The Exorcism Rite was performed on 31st August 1993.
      3. Jo (the owner/resident at that time) continued to live at No 14 for a further 11 years after the exorcism, without any further problems whatsoever. She moved out in August 2004.
      4. There have been no further reports of supernatural stuff going on at the cottage since.

      I have to be honest here, there is no way Jo would’ve stayed at that cottage another 11 years should the exorcism have failed.

      If you are still uncertain, may I suggest arranging for a priest to bless the cottage before you move in. This will put your mind that all is well with that cottage now.

      Or, why not arrange to meet up with Jo for a chat – or ask her to be there when you first move in. I’m sure she won’t mind.

      God bless and please, don’t worry. What happened, happened 18 years ago. There is nothing to be afraid of at No 14 anymore. In fact, its a lovely little cottage and I’m sure you’ll be very happy there.


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