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2 Years of Torment

Posted on December 28, 2011

We rented and later shifted to a new house in a well known society in Thane, Mumbai in the year 2009. The house was 1000 sq. ft., too big for just the two of us (me and my husband). I was excited to arrange the house as per my desire. I was not working then, so had the whole day to myself to put up and arrange things on my own.. and I pretty loved doing it. On the second day since we shifted, as I was busy with arranging one of the bedrooms, I heard a loud noise, as if the pile of books I left in one of the rooms on a table fell to the ground with that loud THUD sound. I was not scared then. but as I reached that room to pick up the fallen books.. I found that not even a single book had fallen. Now. I was a bit scared. I tried to recollect what kind of noise had i actually heard.. but could not reach to a conclusion.

Okay, here I will give a brief description of the neighbors and the place where the society was. Of the four flats on my floor, only two were occupied (including mine). And the other occupied flat I had not met anyone yet there. Now, the society is in a very good locality but on the backside, there is an huge empty land. Also there are eight buildings that are abandoned actually the buildings are complete on the outside but looks incomplete or dilapidated on the inside. And these huge constructions were visible to us from all the windows in all the rooms in that house. Those buildings gave me creeps. At times I have seen strange lights in the upper floors in one or sometimes two of them.

Okay, coming back to where I left my story earlier. Now, each day, I started hearing similar noises in the house. It all happened when I used to be alone. Sometimes I would even hear that peculiar sound made by a plastic toy. Anyways, I had ignored them all, since I did not think such things could ever happen to me. Gradually, my husband noticed changes in my behavior. I had become very violent, often had terrible fights with him, always depressed, never smiling and very short tempered.

Things begin to come in control when I got a job after about 8-9 months. The new job was very close to where I lived. So I used to be home by 6 in the evening.

Now, I do not know the reason why, but then one fine day I heard a male voice whisper in my ear when I had dozed off on the couch watching the television. I was scared as the voice was so real and I knew I had not dreamed it. After this I decided to share this with my husband. I knew he would not believe me. But I did not want to wait till something really bad happened to me.

In the evening, when i told him about what had happened, he said he had had similar experiences a few days back. He was alone that night since I had stayed back at a friends place. He thought he heard strange noises and also felt that someone was watching him continuously. He was unable to sleep that night. That was the only night he was alone and had this experience. I told him that I have such experiences almost everyday.

Situation got worse when just 6-7 months back one night as we were winding up to go to sleep, I closed the bedroom door and got into bed. Just then, at that moment there was a loud bang on the bedroom door and then another one and one more.. It sounded that something was trying to get in me and my husband were too scared to yell or cry or say anything we held hands and waited for the door to open. The door did open but slightly. We were not able to sleep that night. Still we did nothing. The next night again there were 4 distinct bangs on the door and this time it was even stronger and the door opened with a swing but there was nothing. That night my husband decided to spend the night in a nearby lodge or some place. I do not know what got into me and declared that I would not leave my house just because I am scared of something I cannot see. And we stayed back and awake the whole night.

After that night I started hearing a man- like voice whisper in my ear, an animals angry growling, someone screaming and running around the house and all this when I was wide awake and during day time.

We called a psychic for help.. He decided to visit the house and when he was there, he was finding it hard to breathe normal initially. He then blessed the house and told us that there is an evil spirit who was attached to me because I spent maximum time at home. alone.

And then the finale.. I was home one day since it had rained heavily and transport was a problem. It was 4 in the evening. I was surfing the internet when there was a power cut.. I lazily lied down on the couch and was talking to my husband on the phone, when suddenly something grabbed my left ankle and lifted my leg and then tried to throw me off the couch. I froze and sat up straight and then there it was. I saw a shadow of a human- like figure on one of the walls. It was moving back and forth in a weird manner. I told my husband what I was seeing and crying at the same time I hung up and took my purse and the house keys and moved out of there.. I went straight to a Mall just because I wanted to be in a crowded place.

After that day, we stayed at my moms place till we could find a new rented house. Within 15 days we were back in that house only to pack our things and move out.

Today we are in a totally different place within Mumbai. and I know that thing has moved in with us here as well. I am seeking help of a psychic now and somehow that thing seems to be getting weaker day by day.

Though sometimes, it makes me know of its presence, I am learning to face it And yes, the psychic has helped me since that thing has not been able to touch me after that day. Its only some days that I feel it is around me and I also feel it getting powerless day by day.. and now I am not violent anymore and I manage to keep my temper under control. Also me and my husband have not quarreled once since we moved to the new place.

I know this wont be a very interesting story for everyone but I how it feels to face such things in real life it is the most scariest thing one can experience ever. but I have survived.

Sent in by Nimi, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “2 Years of Torment”
  1. Rosie says:

    Wow, I felt scared just by reading your story. If I were you, I would ask the priest to help me to get rid of the evil thing completely. You were possed and the evil spirit took control of your mind. They turned to change people’s personality and make people’s happy marriage falling apart. Even after you moved, it still followed you. DO NOT FORGET TO FIND ALL THE WAYS TO GET RID OF IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE COMPLETELY.

    Good luck

  2. Ellie says:

    Don’t show fear to it, ignore it even and it will slowly die and when you feel its ever threatening you like the way it did on the couch, call a local preist, which ever religon you believe in, I advise you to get bathtized, it will really cleanse you up! :) and you get more protection from your god, pray to your god every night, if you believe in one. :) don’t fear it be strong! ~Ellie

  3. Kimberly says:

    Your story is pretty typical of experiencing a haunting. The reason you were getting angry and mad and irrational, was because the evil spirit was manifesting his presence through you.

    I have been studying and researching this type of thing for the past 10 years. And I have nothing personal against Pychics, I know many are good people, but usually having one around can give you answers, but not solve the problem.

    It would take me to long to explain why, so I will only give you a solution that I promise will work for you. I have studied many cases from the Vatican to all over the world. Although your situation seems frightening to you and you feel weird about your experience and like some may make you feel kooky, your situation is pretty text book and common.

    For you to be so open to the manifestations of the evil spirit, it tells me a number of things.. First of all I can tell you you are experiencing not quite, possession, but demonization.

    You are an open vessel, and the spirit can react and cause you to lose it. I don’t know if you realize that this is not really you, but rather the spirit releasing his energy through you.

    I know you do not want this thing to keep following you, or causing problems in your life. If you do not believe in Jesus or His power, you will notice that if you say His name around this evil spirit enough, it will leave. This will prove to you the power of the name of Jesus.

    If you ask Jesus into your heart, claim Him as your Lord and Savior, ask forgiveness for consulting mediums, and command this spirit in Jesus name to leave, it will leave. It may not leave right away, because it will think your full of crap and that you really don’t know or quite believe what you are saying. It will think you are weak.

    But if you continue to do this, and it believes you and know that you are not stupid and that you really believe what you are saying, it will leave.

    You will find in doing what I say, that demons really hate Jesus. Many are fearful of Jesus. This should prove to you if you have any doubt, that Jesus is real, and should help you in seeking salvation, forgiveness, etc.

    Ask Jesus to forgive you of any sins, claiming John 3:16. Then say Luke 10:19 out loud, with refers to unclean spirits. Say anytime you see the evil presence, “The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you.” It will leave.

    • kendy says:

      thank u for sharing this

      • kendy says:

        Kimberly, I was very interested in all that u shared and i would love to hear more about your research and findings if u dont mind sharing. I tried to leave my email address for u on here earlier, but it appears that the site does not permit this.

  4. wolfeyes72206 says:

    it’s a good thing you got out of there because it sounds liike it was trying to possess you and nearly had you, keep praying and keep getting help ;good luck and i wish you the best may God bless you’

  5. kendy says:

    What Kimberly has told u is very true. Jesus Christ is the only thing powerful enough to be rid of this evil spirit completely.

  6. Mayur says:

    Maybe, you should ask a local church to get your place blessed. And if you need evidence contact any local ghost investigation team.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Nimi,

    I can empathise with you as I know how frigtening these entities can be, especially when they interact with you in a violent manner. I’ve had my fair share of this type of experience and don’t wish it upon anyone. Let’s hope this entity will detach itself completely from you because I know of a case where an Asian woman living in Africa could not separate herself from this spirit, the Hindu priest worked with the family tirelessly but, sadly in the end she jumped off their balcony – four storeys up and died. It would appear this entity was able to occupy her body at will, she was powerless to fend it off.

  8. Otherworldly Apple says:

    Yes, a Priest/ess who specializes in those arts would definitely be a good thing to turn to. You are not alone, there are a great many people who face such things but dare not say it because of ridicule. Think about it, you went to the mall to be “in a crowded area..” and people just saw a regular woman in a crowded mall … little did they know she had a story like yours. Same goes for many other people who look very casual in our lives.

    My advice would be to practice your spirituality, if you’re Christian, take the Christian advice given to you here. If you’re Agnostic, Pagan, etc, take some time to reflect on what exactly it is you believe and why you believe it. Introspection and self discovery is very important in these cases.

    A lot of the time, these “evil” entities aren’t evil at all. They are just destructive forces who feed off of your fear. Once you learn not to fear them, they can no longer feed off of your vibration. This is why Spirituality will work, because it gives us confidence that “something” or “someone” out there will help us.

    Warm Blessings,

  9. Computerfreak says:

    You should pray and say ayatul kursi 3 times every day and before you sleep ( if you say it before you sleep an Angel will protect you and your husband, say it three times and God will protect you) Just search on the Internet if you don’t know what ayatul khursi is. (MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS it will definatly help. It might be better if you move out of that house as well. Stay safe.

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