Ghostly Recording In Old Texas House

Hi, my name is Brigitte, and this story that I'm about to tell you takes place in a small city, called Corpus Christi, Texas.

My family and I used to live in a two-story house that my aunt rented to use yearly, and all throughout my childhood all I remember is being alone all the time, and even when you were alone you never felt alone especially when you where downstairs in the 2nd guest room.

The story begins when I was five years old, and my older sister was 11 years old. We had stayed home from school that day, and my sister and I woke up early to say good-bye to our parents, and to watch the CMT countdown that morning.

After we had eaten breakfast my sister decided to go to her room, (which was downstairs, next to the 2nd guestroom), to listen to some more music on her radio. Now the radio was NOT a voice recorder or a recorder in anyway, it was a regular brand new radio that she got for Christmas that year.

We were listening to the radio for a good 20 minutes, and then the radio DJ comes on and says that they were going to play a Tim McGraw song, so then my sister gets a brand new tape to put in the radio. So she unwrapped the tape and puts it in the radio. As the song comes on the presses down on the play and record button to record the song.

When the song was done she stopped the tape, and rewound the tape to the beginning, what we heard wasn't Tim McGraw! We stood in shock, and amazement at what we heard. Chills ran up our spin, and our hair stood up on the back of our backs. What we heard was a women's voice in a low whisper saying "NO, NO, GO AWAY".

My sister quickly blamed me, saying that it was me, but after she overcame her fear, she changed her mind. We called our parents at work, my mom and dad came home for lunch and listened to the tape. My dad didn't believe in the tape, but my mom did.

After that, it was 4 months after the incident, we moved out of the house and into another house that I live in now. I didn't know this until I moved out of the house, but I found out that my aunt's husband's mother had committed suicide in the 2nd guest bedroom, and my sister's bedroom was next to that room. I still believe that what was in that old house is still there at the old house.

Contributed by Brigitte Prado and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

This type of recording is known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP. To learn more about Electronic Voice Phenomenon and to hear some examples visit our EVP page.