Cemetery Haunting In Missouri

When I was in High School I grew up in the Napa Valley, back in the early 90's, a group of friends and I went up to the local cemetery to try and scare a couple of girls we had brought along so they would cuddle up a little closer.

As we walked toward the entrance of the Cemetery to leave we were approaching an area that had a street light over it. We were split up into two groups about 5 in each group. The group who was walking in front just kept walking, and the group I was in that included my best friend Kevin, one other guy and a girl.

We all stopped dead in our tracks as suddenly about 50 ft in front of us appeared a man standing under the street light wearing a white robe. He seemed to be glowing and had white hair. The robe he was wearing was tied at his waist and opened slightly at his chest so you could see his skin. He was also barefoot. He had a young face. He stared at us with an earnest but kind face, he then looked up the hill into the cemetery and pointed with his right hand at something.

We all stood there frozen with shock. The group ahead of us all kept walking and saw nothing. We turned around and all ran up the hill. Being an older cemetery it had some mausoleums up the hill, we hid behind them and said we all saw the same thing.

One of the younger boys started to cry and the young girl squeezed my hand to the point that it would break. We ran down the hill and got out of the cemetery and met the others at the car. They asked why we had ran away and thought that we were trying to scare them when we told them the story. They said that they had sat right under the light where we had seen the man and had not seen a thing.

Years later I would make the others describe what they had seen to me and it matches to the letter of what I saw. We never went back to that cemetery at night. We did later go back to the cemetery in daylight. It seemed the area that he was pointing into was a group of prominent family plots. One of them being the grave of the former governor of Missouri Lilburn W. Boggs.

We later learned that Boggs had declared an extermination order of all the Mormons that had settled in his state. Joseph Smith the Mormon prophet had prophesied that he would be buried in the shadow of one of the Mormon chapels, it just so happens there is a Mormon chapel right across the street from the cemetery.

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