Ghostly Patients Of The Old Psychiatric Ward

I spent a lot of time working at a major hospital in Perth. There is the oldest part of the hospital that has been there since the hospital first opened nearly 200 years ago.

There was one ward that was hardly ever used, it spent most of it's time closed and locked and was usually only opened briefly when the hospital was full. This ward was apparently originally the original psychiatric ward when it first opened.

Myself and another worker were sent there to clean this ward and prepare it to be opened that night. There were two parts to this ward. The first and main part was a long corridor with rooms on either side, like a normal hospital ward. However behind the rooms on the left hand side was an old balcony area that was like a separate ward. This was sectioned of with doors but these doors were not locked.

Anyway, on with the show. Myself and my work mate had been working tirelessly for a while, when he announced that he was going out for a smoke. I was cleaning near one of these doors when he left and continued to do so. A short time later, I heard foot steps coming from the balcony area and saw shadows through the glass as if some one was walking back and forth.

I thought that it was my work mate trying to scare me. That area of the hospital was well known to a few people and caused a lot of people some discomfort. I stood in front of the doors and waited until the shadow was right in front of the doors. I opened the door expecting to see my work mate standing there with a cheeky grin on his face, but was greeted with only a cold gust of wind and silence.

Needless to say, I closed the door and left the ward as quickly as I could. I sat outside waiting for my work mate to come back. He thought it was quite funny when I told him. I refused to work alone for the rest of the shift.

When I mentioned this to a friend of mine who worked in catering, she told me that she too had had an experience in the same spot.

Apparently she was pushing the catering trolley down the corridor outside of the ward one night and was looking out at the garden on the level underneath the ward when she saw a face peering back at her. What the terrifying thing was about this, was that that area was completely sealed in and no one could actually get into it.

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