The Night Visitor - A Real Ghost Story

It was about three o'clock in the morning and I was in my house alone. I was getting ready for bed and was beginning to say my prayers. I have a special prayer room where I go and say my prayers.

Something told me to go into my room and begin to say my prayers NOW.

I sat down on my prayer rug and started saying my prayers.

While saying my prayers, I began to hear this thumping noise. It sounded very far away. I wondered to myself what it was because there was no one else in the house but me. The thumping started to get louder and closer. I listened again and wondered what is was.

Suddenly I began to smell this smell, it was faint at first, but became stronger as the thumping became louder... This smell, smelled like despair, hopelessness, unhappiness,being loss, extreme sadness, emptiness, it grew stronger and the thumping louder...

I continued with my praying, wondering who, or what was coming my way, for it was obvious it was coming to me, the thumping became like drums banging one step at a time,louder and louder it came, the smell overwhelming high.. I continued praying. The sound suddenly stopped. I was totally petrified, out of the corner of my eyes (for I was looking straight ahead, saying my prayers fervently), I saw this Thing standing in the entrance of my prayer room. It was 8-9 feet tall, it was so black that the darkness silhouetted around it. (I had no lights on in the other part of the house) It had a face like a bull and it slowly turn its red eyes towards me and looked down on me where I was sitting saying my prayers.

The feelings of despair, hopelessness, unhappiness, swaying and churning inside of it, screaming, crying out, from its being. This Thing looked straight at me for a full thirty seconds, not saying a word, just looking, watching, not coming into the room. I continued saying my prayers, suddenly it vanished, disappeared without a trace. I finished my prayers and went to bed.

True story, no lie. My experience from this made me realize that all the misery and misfortunes that mankind is experiencing and trying to correct, stems from this one creature, who creates and consumes people manifesting these types of energies. Until we realize this is the real villain, trying to correct those ills mentioned it is useless.

Contributed by and © David Robertson.

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