Ghosts of Loved Ones Watch Over Us

My brother died ten years ago. My parents bought his house after he moved out. My brother was a hero and I looked up to him. He was six years older than me and was only thirty-four when he died.

One evening I was outside and I saw a light with a gold tint to it. I could see him in his jeans and flannel shirt, just watching over the property and our parents.

My mother passed away nine months ago. I take care of my parents and when they needed something I was there. Now I am there for my dad.

One morning, when I was getting ready for work, my cigarette was moved from the coffee table to the fireplace mantle. How did that happen if I was the only one in the house? I know that a lot of people do not believe in ghosts and they probably never will until it happens to them - if and when.

I have had several encounters with ghosts. That is why I want to be a paranormal researcher. Not everyone has to believe in ghosts. I do, and apparently their are several others who do too.

After my mom died my dad was lying in bed and he felt someone slap his arm, which my mom used to do when he was snoring. I think that our loved ones pass away and then stick around to make sure we are OK.

My dad has a place to stay if he ever sells his property, I made sure my house had an extra room. I miss my mom and my brother, but I know they are watching over all of us. They see the pain and sadness of losing those we love. If you are a non believer in ghosts just listen or watch things that your loved ones loved and see if you can feel them. I know I do.

My daughter's husband doesn't like going outside after dark at my dad's house and I tell him all the time that it's my brother's ghost and he doesn't like you.

I find it funny how a ghost will make different people feel different ways. I guess it is how you look at things.

Contributed by Georgia and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.