Young Boy's Ghost in the Dark

When we were younger, my friend told me about people who would stand in her bedroom doorway at night. I never thought anything of it at the time. Every once in a while her mother would talk about being frightened by what she would say about people in their house late at night. Still, I never thought anything of it.

As we got older, my friend and I would go out and party together. We would often spend the nights at her house if there was nothing else going on. She told me one night about a boy in her room. She said the boy was a ghost.

Her sister and mother both told me about the ghost and how it had bothered my friend. They talked about it and how they were afraid to spend the night in the room with my friend. They believed her because they both knew her to not have any imagination for this sort of thing.

One night, after she had told me that the other night the ghost had visited her, I decided to spend the night in her room. She had said he would come and stand by her bed and look at her. He even comforted her one night after she had fought with her father.

As we lay in bed with the radio on, the boredom overtook me. I began to fall asleep when suddenly my friend grabbed hold of my arm. She asked me if I could see him. I whispered 'no' and looked intently into the dark. She continued to ask if I could see him.

Apparently the apparition stood at the side of the bed and stared at us. He was young and wore a baseball cap. He then laid on top of her and stared her in the face. I still could not see him. She said he could make an indent in the sheets, but I could not see it.

When she turned on the light he could not be seen, by her or me. When she turned the lights back off he was still gone.

When I started to fall asleep again the boy appeared. This time he stood at the foot of the bed, she said. As I lay there, the blankets slowly slid off of me. When I pulled them back up, they slowly came off again. This usually did not happen and I knew it was the boy.

Eventually we fell asleep, but it was the scariest night of my life and it was the night I started to believe in ghosts.

Contributed by Jesse Martin and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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