White Mist in My Living Room?

Hello, I have posted on here a few times before, and I can’t seem to find my other posts, but I have had some weird things happening in my house over the course of about a year that I’ve lived here. Maybe I’m losing my mind, I don’t know.

Just as a summary, I have seen and felt a dark shadow in the shape of an average height and average build man pass by me, I’ve heard my name being called when nobody is there (so has my mother, but she refuses to listen to me, she always says our houses are never haunted then later admits that they were). I’ve seen and felt something run right up to my face then disappear, I just have a general creepy feeling while passing through my hallway even in daytime, I’ve had unexplained events with my TV set malfunctioning, and my cousin has seen my deceased father’s face in my bedroom mirror.

The other day, I was sitting at the kitchen table smoking. Right in the hallway, where it connects with the living room, I saw a big white mist form, move towards the living room, and then suddenly disappear. I KNOW it was not cigarette smoke, because nobody smokes in the living room and I was a good distance away from the hall and the mist did not look like cigarette smoke. My smoke never travels that far. It also would not have suddenly disappeared if it was my smoke, it would have hung in the air for at least a few seconds before disappearing. Funny thing is, the mist was right in the exact spot of the hallway that always creeps me out.

I thought maybe it was just my eyes going funny, but it never did it again. I could see this mist and it was pretty solid, I knew it was not a trick of the light because one part covered the part of the TV stand that I could see from the kitchen and like I said, looked to be out in the hall, not directly on the TV stand, which is in the very back corner of the living room.

Another thing I have been experiencing, and so have my cousins, are tiny little balls of white light that fly past us. We figured it was just the light catching our eyelashes funny or a flake of mascara, but it happens when we’re not even wearing makeup and in all rooms in the house and whether there’s lights on or not.

So, the question is… What is this, and should I be the least bit worried?

Asked by Stephanie

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