Is There a Demon in My House?

Hey, I’m Pantera. I have a problem with demons. One that I know of lives in my dad’s house and I think my mom and I have evil following us. There is a family history on my mom’s side of being able to see, hear, feel, or have any encounters with ghosts, demons, etc. Here are reasons on why I think there is a demon in my dad’s house.

Experience #1 – I was laying in my room one night, and I was about to fall asleep. I had half my face buried in my pillow. The hallway light was on, which was right outside my room. I was looking in my hallway, when I see this thing. It stood from the floor, to the top of the door and it blocked my whole doorway. It looked like one of my really old Barbie dolls. the doll had recently been chewed up my my German shepherd puppy. the ghosts face was all chewed up, just like the dolls. I sat up, and it was gone. it freaked me out.

Experience #2 – I caught an EVP on my cell phone while I was home alone around 9:00. It was Feb. 17, my birthday. I was recording my cat, (I was bored, and waiting for my parents and brother to come home. Don’t judge me!) and when I replayed the video, something said ‘who’ or ‘no’ or something like that. I didn’t hear it when I was recording.

Experience #3 – I was coming out of my room, and I heard a really loud whisper say “HEY”. I stopped, and looked around. My mom was in her bedroom, with the door closed, my brother was next door at a friend’s house, and my dad was at work. This terrified me.

I am not usually afraid of ghosts. I want to be a ghost hunter when I get older. My mom can sense them, and so I asked her if she felt anything. She said she thought there was something evil in the house. On top of that, my mom and I were talking with my neighbor, and we asked him about the house. He said “I was here before that house was even built. That house was just built out of anger and hate. Only five families have lived in that house, including you guys, and you guys are the fifth family to get divorced. How messed up is that?

Do you guys think something is in my house?

Asked by Pantera

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