How Many Guardian Angels Do We Have?

As there are so many different beliefs and understandings of what guardian angels are and how they work, here at TGS, I thought I’d open up the floor for everyone to express their thoughts, debate and ponder over all our different theories.

Here’s mine for starters:

I believe we have an ‘inner circle’ and an ‘outer circle’ of guardian angels, guides, family members and elementals.

Inner Circle

This consists of a number of Guardian Angels who are ‘constants’. These Guardian Angels are an ‘overseer’ or Head Guide; a protector; a healer; a teacher and, depending on your Karma in this lifetime, other guardian angels with specific tasks to help you reach your given goal in this lifetime, will also be within the inner circle.

The actual number of guardian angels within the inner circle differs, from individual to individual, but those guardian angels within the inner circle remain with you throughout your life-time. There may, however, be a ‘shift change’ so, although the same spirit may not necessarily be with you all you life, the ‘specific task’ designated to the original Guardian will remain with you, albeit administered by a new spirit. It is imperative that the inner circle remains constant in order for you to fulfill your karma.

My Guardian Angels, always refer to me as their ‘charge’.

The inner circle acts like a shield against the outer circle. A layer of protection, if you like.

Outer Circle

These are spirit which come and go. They may, for a short while in your life, have a specific task to administer but, more often than not, these spirit tend to ‘visit’ rather than ‘live with’ you.

Outer circle spirit is not confined to angels. Family members, friends, unclean spirit, daemons, elementals – in fact all spirit can enter the outer circle, whether its to say hello, or to try and influence in some way – good, or bad.

Outer layer spirit can only converse with you directly if you allow it to. However, by giving it permission to talk to you directly, this over-rules the inner circles authority for not allowing the outer layer spirit from communicating to you directly. In effect, lowering the shield which has been built around you to protect you.

Bad spirit have devised many ways of duping us into thinking they are good spirit so that we’ll drop our guard and ‘let them in’.

This is why it is imperative that anyone wishing to converse with their guardian angels knows how to protect themselves first. Constructing bubbles, for example, reinforce the shield of the inner circle which instantly expels everything other than your guardian angels out of the inner circle. It literally pushes everything else out. You can still interact with your guardians within the inner circle even if a bubble has been constructed to keep everything else out.

Right then guys… over to you lot. What is your take on guardian angels?

Asked by A J Ryder

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