How do You Know if Someone has Cast a Calling Spell?

It feels a bit strange posting this because I don’t believe in spells and “black magic,” but the last few months I have suspended my disbelief.

How do you know if some one has cast a calling spell – not for you specifically, but for the type of person you are? A few months ago I became aware of an individual, and I have not been able to get this person out of my mind since that day. I am fighting a deep urge to contact this person. I don’t understand this obsession, I do not find this individual attractive, it makes no sense to me.

The day I became aware of this individual was the person’s birthday, the person is a well known practitioner of magic. I don’t know what else to say, do I contact the person or not? I think I would feel better after, but I am afraid of what might happen.

Asked by Sam

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