How Do I Tell if I Have Evil Spirits in My Home?

My 25 year old daughter has a mirror on the back of her bedroom door and she has clothes hanging up hiding most of the mirror. The only thing showing at the top of the mirror is a small corner on the left and right side the rest of the top is covered by clothes.

On Wednesday night she was taking some pictures of herself with her cell phone and she was standing with her bedroom door as a background. The 1st picture she took came out dark blue almost black so she deleted it. She took 4 or 5 more pictures then she looked at each one, the second picture she took has a demon face in the corner of the mirror the other pictures were normal. Needless to say it scared her badly and made her cry.

We then took more pictures with her phone and saw nothing, then we used the digital camera and again saw nothing. My daughter is very uncomfortable and uneasy here in the home she grew up in. What can I do?

Thank you

Asked by Rhoda

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