Do Our Deceased Loved Ones Visit Us in Our Dreams?

Do you believe those we loved who have passed on can visit up in dreams?

My stepfathers father passed away when I was 17. I had always loved him as a grandfather and I still do. Unfortunately he get got cancer and by the time he called the ambulance he went into cardiac arrest and before reaching the hospital he was pronounced DOA.

He was a very strict man prone to cursing and yelling, though he never raised his hand to any family members out of anger (I guess with him being in the Navy for 30 years it gave him quite the ‘sailor’s mouth).

He just wasn’t the kind of man you could hug or tell him that you love him. I don’t know what he saw in the Navy, but it’s almost as if he locked his tender emotions away.

So after his death, I felt guilty that in 8 years I’d never told him once that I loved him, nor did I thank him for his service to our country, I never even hugged him. These things weighed heavily on my mind after his passing.

One night I had a dream that started out terrifying for me. I was that 9 year old little girl I was when I met him. But we were in a morgue, with him lying on the table covered with a sheet with the DOA tag on his toe. I remember being so scared I hid under a table.

Then he sat up and told me that there was no need to be frightened of him. For some odd reason I went to him. He pulled me up onto his lap and I told him that I love him and I always have. He told me he loves me too.

Then there was this bright white light that shone from above his head, illuminating his entire body. He told me, “It’s time for me to go.” Which the 9 year old me hugged him tighter and begged him not to go. I told him that I wanted more time with him. He gave me a sad smile and said, “But, I must go.” while prying me off of him. I woke up after that in tears, but relieved that I told him I love him and I always have.

Another time, it was a friend who’d passed away at 23. He is/was my twin daughters godfather. He also had a problem with drugs and alcohol. One night he was running from the cops (in a car) and the car rolled (he wasn’t wearing a seat-belt and died instantly). I had a dream about him except it was dark outside.

We were riding around in his car as we always used to do as teenagers. On some level I must have known it was a dream because I asked him if he’d drank (alcohol) since the accident. We stopped at a gas station and he was the only one getting out. He leaned back in the car, looked at me, and said, “I just wanted you to know what a good friend you were, you were the best and I’ll miss you.” At the time this made no sense to me because I thought he was getting back in the car. As soon as he closed the door, I woke up.

So why did my grandfather’s dream have a blinding light and my friend’s was in the middle of the night?

Sent in by Vonnie

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