Do Aliens Put Implants Into Humans?

I have read a few stories on the web as well as seen some things on TV about alien implants. Some sort of device or something that is supposedly implanted into a humans body (Usually behind the ear or between the toes).

The similarity of the reports intrigues me and I would like to know. Do aliens really put implants into people? It is just so difficult to believe because well wouldn’t there be a ton of evidence? How about the implants? Wouldn’t doctors remove some and examine them? Wouldn’t they be discovered during autopsies?

I am really doubtful that there is any truth to this but can be convinced if I see enough evidence. I read something about this a few days ago and ever since then this question has been on my mind (Even though I was aware of the idea and had read and heard about it many times before).

Sent in by Sharon H.

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