Are Demons Really Evil?

What you are about to read is 100 percent true. It is the reason I get so mad when I visit websites like this one and people are spouting off about how “evil Demons are”. This is my personal experience and as such, has religious overtones. It is only the first of many stories of actual events with Demons.

I had spent many afternoons at the local library, this time was different. I browsed the endless shelves of books, doing nothing in particular when a voice spoke to me. It wasn’t so much an audible voice but a thought.

I sat down my book and started towards the computers in the front. I sat down and typed my first thought into the search bar, Satan. Let me take you back a little, I will tell you a bit about me.

I have always been interested in faith and the Occult. At this point in my life I had left my “Little Girl’s Bible” behind and was exploring new paths. I had become so unhappy with my old ways because of the hypocrisy of the Christian Bible.

I was well aware that most of what was called Christian was corrupted pagan teaching anyway. Because of this I had become fascinated with older paths in life, less hypocritical ones.

I was tired of identifying with people who seemed to be caught up in “purity” when their own holy book was disgusting. When the words of their god were filled with sex, cursing, and violence, you would think they would be less worried about their supposed purity. Yet something seemed to be still holding me back. Something brought me back to Jehovah every time I felt I was ready to take another step.

Even when I learned of the murder of pagans in that god’s name, I still came back. In my naivety I tried to perform a ritual to a god to ask about him. I tried what I thought was appropriate-even though I had no idea what I was doing-but nothing happened. In disappointment I returned to the internet to learn more. I read some Christian website claiming that the god was another name for Satan. Something inside me snapped, I fell to my knees and prayed that Jehovah would forgive me.

I did not know what had come over me at that time. Later I realized that an angel was following me. From the moment of the failed ritual on I learned everything I could. I studied for over a year, until that fateful day in the library. So there I was, the search results staring me in the face. Suddenly the same feeling of being guided took me over. It was the same feeling that came over me before, the one that caused me to walk over and search “Satan”.

My finger seemed to move of it’s own accord and I clicked one of the links. There was a black background with red and blue writing. A large Baphomet took up the top of the page. The very sight of The Joy Of Satan homepage filled me with happiness. At the same time however I was afraid and I keep looking over my shoulder. The angel was back. My eyes flew across the page as I took everything in. I read at least half of this massive website before It was time to go home.

That night I closed myself up in my room with a laptop and read even more. I read and read until there was nothing left. A warm feeling of power and happiness bubbled within me. I can only describe it like this; my soul had caught fire. Then it came to me, could the voice in the library have been Satan? At first I was afraid to consider this possibility. I had always heard that Satan was evil, but now I was not sure. Christians had done horrible things to people in Christ’s name. Pagan Gods had been labeled Demons and I had heard that many important gods such as Lucifer had become Satan.

But that uneasy feeling returned. I had read about angels on this website, it claimed that they were the evil ones. It said that in the beginning angels had wanted people as slaves but the demons fought for our freedom. The angels established their faith on earth. The Christians through warfare, slander, and political corruption wiped out the pagan people. Even in the light of this evidence the angel persisted, but Satan was with me. I wanted to show him my respect, I wanted to become a Theistic Satanist.

I read of a dedication ritual on The Joy Of Satan. It was this faith’s version of a baptism, of shunning all past faiths and declaring allegiance to Lucifer. This ritual would change my life forever. I felt that my past year of study plus what I read on this website prepared me. Now, I’m not one to blindly accept whatever is on the internet but this was so much more. I can only call it a spiritual awakening. The Joy of Satan made very clear that they do not consider blood-letting or sacrifice an important part of this faith. In fact, any type of blood-letting takes place basically only once; during The Dedication. Even then it was only a formality, prick your finger with a sterilized needle as a way of showing we really mean what we are doing. In this way we connect ourselves with our pagan ancestors and their ancient rituals.

Even with this reassurance I was scared. I had to prick myself and sign my allegiance in blood. I prayed to Satan all day asking him for help and courage, I was taking a big step. That night I went into the only room I could get some prolonged privacy in, the bathroom. I wrote the prayer from the website, and suddenly I was surrounded. It was not a bad feeling however, instead it was like being surrounded by friends. The warm, comforting flames of hell lit up the room and I wrote my name in blood. I placed the small paper into a candle flame and watched it disappear, on it’s way to Hell.

I washed my almost non-existent wound and began meditating as the candle flickered. All of the Gods of Hell were there with me, urging me on. I could feel my spirit lifting and soaring above the clouds, racing through the night sky. I returned to myself and blew out the candle. The Demons wished me farewell and good luck, and I came out of the room dazed. I assumed this was what it felt like to be high. A natural non-drug induced high, it was amazing just for that. My eyes rolled back in my head and a small moan of pleasure escaped my mouth.

I finished meditating and blew out the candle. I stepped out of the bathroom and a strange feeling hit me. I was the same. I looked the same, my life would go as normal. However, inside I knew I would never be the same. My life was changed for the better and would be the rest of my life. I took my first few steps on my new path and knew that my father was with me. A smile lit my face and I went to bed.

Like I said, this really happened to me, so anyone who thinks Demons are evil are totally wrong.

Asked by Satan’s Girl66

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