Werewolves Do Exist

Posted on January 19, 2009
The Wolfman

The Wolfman

When the term werewolves pop up in general, miscellaneous conversations our sub-conscious instantaneously conjures fearsome images of large, canine-like creatures with serrated teeth having bits of torn sinewy meat trapped in-between each of them and a rippling muscular physique encompassed with fur as well as sharp claws and the strength of several men and the agility of well-disciplined athletes.

We regard werewolves to be the perfect cross between a wolf and a man. We deem the creature as possessing qualities known both to man and wolves and consequently they have been branded as a creature of the night. A terrifying abomination of nature, so hideous and grotesque, that our blood curdles at the probability of encountering a creature in the depths of a dense forest at the dead of night. They are stereotyped monsters of Hollywood. Their existence limited to elements of fiction.

But, as expected, this text is here to refute that notion. Werewolves do exist with fairly adequate evidence supporting their existence too.� Sightings of werewolves or a tall biped wolf-like creature with discernible human characteristics extend across the globe, particularly in areas of Europe and Asia (the general biodiversity of the ecosystems here and the varying topographical structures and terrains make it suitable habitats for werewolves to hide upon transformation, particularly so, since civilization and these environments are close together). In fact, the frequency of such encounters is rather exponential (but is often disguised or overlooked as animal attacks). These encounters share several things in common: the physiology described by the victims all correlate, the creatures also exhibit intelligence and respond well to various actions suggesting fair intelligence. Some famous encounters include: the werewolf of Skinwalker ranch, the Talbot County werewolf and the Henrico County werewolf.

There are several scientific explanations put forth on the web to explain the existence of werewolves. One such scientific explanation for werewolves is that there was a virus present during the prehistoric eras that was initially contracted by a prehistoric wolf-like species. The virus infected the wolves and extracted DNA or the genetic sequence of these wolf-like creatures, (changing its structure wholly) and then transferred them to humans, upon contact or exchange of bodily fluids. The molecular structure of this virus was so intricate (and favoured the biological conditions of the progenitors of humans as a host) that it adapted the DNA and genetic sequence of the individual cells of the progenitors of humans to varying extents, depending upon the strength of the immune system of the individual. For some; their genetic structure may have remained intact whilst for others it could have been broken down and infused with the genetic sequence of the wolves to a profuse extent that they exhibited an array of wolf-like characteristics both physically and socially at all times. The ability to block off the wolf genetic sequences, at will, was eventually mastered as the progenitors evolved and developed an ethereal connection to the wolf DNA, only calling upon it in times of need. This transformation varies from the transformation undertaken by therianthropes who rely on total spiritualism.

Werewolf German Wooodcut 1522

Werewolf German Wooodcut 1522

Presumably the immune system of the progenitors of humans was readily effective in overcoming the virus because historical records show that there were (if there truly were any) only a limited number of biped wolf-like creatures roaming around and these were mainly restricted to portions of land that compromise Europe nowadays.

The genetic structure of werewolves were expected to have grown stronger for a period of time, because of breeding amongst infected members of tribes and amongst other infected progenitors of humans in neighboring tribes (the meteor landed in a specific place and would presumably only have affected a small portion of the global population, which would have been composed of several tribes), however as tribes migrated and bred with humans that weren’t infected, the genetic sequence of these new humans weakened. The wolf DNA dissipated and is a barely discernible fraction of werewolves’ genetic structure nowadays, however there are those several exceptions whom still have such a strong ethereal connection to their ancestral wolf DNA that they can willingly open it and transform into wolves yet they presumably choose not to do so, upon being warned by the government.

The origin of the virus is still unknown but one theory is that it is of extraterrestrial origin because of the intricate and thoroughly complex biological structure, however recent historical context suggests it is possible that viruses of such magnitude and strength existed in the past on earth.

Another explanation is that a biped-wolf like species came forth from space and infected the humans themselves, after performing experiments. It is thought that the alien species extracted their own DNA and transferred them to humans and taught them how to attain ethereal tranquility in order to unlock the werewolf form.

Another explanation is that Satan formed the virus to establish more minions of his on the surface to corrupt and arouse fear and terror in others.

Another explanation is that the virus belonged to an alien-wolf species and already had the extraterrestrial DNA and this virus then infected the progenitors to humans tampering with the genetic structure.

The myth that humans transform into werewolves at a full moon is fallacious because a full moon is simply reflecting ultra-violet radiation of the surface of a rocky satellite, which is otherwise transferred through space to earth during the day. Therefore, these humans should also transform during the day, unless the mineral composition of the surface of the moon reacts or interferes with the transverse waves of the ultra-violet radiation causing some sort of impact on the cells of the person, thereby making this theory plausible.

Silver, has supposedly proven to be lethal, in several cases against werewolves… Perhaps this is because of a chemical reaction that occurs when silver reacts with the genetic sequences of the wolf.

As for werewolves being immortal; yes it is possible because there is a constant regeneration of cells during the transformation phase, but longevity is therefore determined through how many times a person transforms.

If the 1st explanation is accepted, then it would be near to impossible (but there is still the probability nevertheless) to becoming a werewolf. The virus has already proven to be weak so the transition of the virus from the parent host to the embryo of the parent after conception would be very unlikely. It would most likely have been destroyed in the initial host extending thousands of generations back, contrary to the vampiric virus which is still expected to exist in modern vampires but to a smaller extent. Also, if a person was to contract the virus then their biological response to it would probably result in feverish conditions because the immune system would be at a loss as to how to respond to such an unusual attack.

In conclusion, werewolves do exist and it is more then possible that each of us heralds the genetic sequences of a wolf or the DNA of a biped wolf-like extraterrestrial. but only a few of us can unlock the beast if we try.

Sent in by Alpha, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

Here are some websites with information on werewolves that helped me in composing this article.

FVZA.org�~ Nintendoacres�~ FVZA.org Forum�~ WerewolfPage�~ Do Werewolves Exist?

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201 Responses to “Werewolves Do Exist”
  1. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Alpha

    This was such an interesting piece that I moved it up in the list and published it right away. I think this is well written and very thought provoking and I look forward to reading what our visitors have to say.

  2. SAMANTHA says:

    Heyy; my name is samantha all though mostt people call me crash i am 13 years old i am fasinated by all this type of stuf including vampires i just wanted to say watt yhu wrote is awsome especialy da partt were yhu say WEREWOLVES;DO EXIST!!! i would love to noe any more information yhu noe abaut any other things like ghost or vampires so plz email it to me THANXX X)

    • alice says:

      hey samantha i know how you feel i can tell you about most of this stuff first hand write back

      • NATY says:

        So how do I call on the power of the beast?
        I’ve always been pretty fascinated by wolves and would love to know that there’s a chance I can transform into one

  3. Alpha says:

    Thanks caretaker
    I hope others enjoy it too :)

  4. Alpha says:

    There are several articles on this site about vampires and if you want to find more about vampires google it. I can provide a basic overview of what i know for you as part of this comment:

    Vampires do exist! Most vampires are physically indistinguishable from humans and have only had the genetic structure adapted insignificantly. They have the ability to extend their canine teeth and create a vacuum which can drain blood upon penetration, but apart from this there is virtually no difference. They are generally more athletic and well-built but a person (through dedicated, strenuous exercise and a healthy diet) can easily achieve this physique. The can also live longer but not by that much.

    The vampiric virus still exists in modern vampires and was successfully passed from embryo to embryo upon conception but it became dormant in the host and weakened and if one was to contract the virus now, there is still the possibility the person will overcome the virus before it can even begin to adjust the genetic structure.

    True vampires (one of the very first) still exist, but are mostly hidden underground away from the sun and are protected by the government. These vampires have varying skin pigmentation, slanted eyes and pointed ears, aversion to sunlight, allergic to garlic and uncanny strength and speed and extended telomerase production (so they can therefore live longer lives)

    If someone was to be bitten by these vampires, then it is possible they will transform and become an incredibly potent vampire, however whether the virus has remained active inside the host (true vampire) for such a long span (true vampires have existed for centuries under stasis) is still questionable.

    • The Caretaker says:

      Here is some information on Werewolves http://www.trueghosttales.com/werewolves.php

      And on Vampires: http://www.trueghosttales.com/vampires.php this includes the history of Count Dracula / Vlad and also we have http://www.trueghosttales.com/sf-vampire-tour.php

      You can also check the Vampires and Werewolves categories for even more

      • riot says:

        is there such thing as a hybrid between werewolves and vampires? i would really love as much information as possible please help


    • rue says:

      I once saw a werewolf and have never told a soul because I did not want to be ridiculed. It was about 17 years ago in a rural area. Driving home alone very late one evening, my headlights hit it and I looked directlly at it when I passed. There was also moonlight as I recall. It was near a fence that ran along a ditch (ontop) next to the hwy. Large creature somewhat hunched over. Classic description I guess, like the pictures you see. Very muscular and coarse looking hair.

    • Anonymous says:

      are you for real ?stay away from movies kiss a girl are some thing man…..the only thing you need to be w orrie d about is supernattttttrllllllll sprits …pray to jesus to rebuke them to back to hell and you need to beleive it from your heart………….good luck

      • jinjiroo the forum troll says:

        even if jesus could intervene he wouldn’t, and if you are so adverse to he fact of werewolves why would you click on the link?

    • Saishwar Khandolkar says:

      hi guy’s, the info given by u is too good.. its awesome.
      i had a query to ask, when u say that vampires do exist in this world, then y can’t we hear any news of attacks by vampire, or robberry of blood bank, coz i heard dat vampires cannot generate the blood or wbc by dem selfs n hence have to feed on fresh blood?

      • Ahlwitzer says:

        Why would media want panic,killing spree or mass hysteria about sudden things that exist s after hundreds of years of disbelief? Thats exactly what they dont want.And there are no such things as blood drinking vampires,but there are psi vampires who absord your life energy (Not Darth Nihilus way) they make you tired.

  5. Jackie says:


    this is a very interesting article. I am hoping to find something I found on a person that was caught in the UK who resembled a werewolf. I just wish I had saved it. Still looking though!

    Thank you for giving your explanation for the voting.

  6. Goththom says:

    Great article! It’s surprising how werecreature, vampire and dragon mythologies are culturally universal. You can go to nearly any culture on Earth and find these three nearly everywhere. Makes me think that something was there to inspire these “Myths” Whether they’re Jungian archtypes, some sort of spirit being or hybrids bred from DNA crossover or mutation. Something made a global impact on mankind’s culture.

  7. Alpha says:

    Cheers Goththom! :)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and i agree 100% with you about how werecreatures, dragons and vampires are culturally diverse with the underlying characteristics surrounding them all being the same in any culture. This correlation is an obvious indication that there is something out there…just well hidden and heck, it’s a big world! Scientists are discovering new species all the time!!


  8. Goththom says:

    Amazing that so obvious a fact as that is blindly disregarded and wrote off as nonsense by mainstream thinking.But modern thinking is a lot like someone making their own picture out of a puzzle by trimming the bits, instead of taking the time to assemble the actual pieces to see what’s really there. Keep up the good work.

  9. lamario says:

    Dude look I am fairly well versed in supernatural and myths and theories, and I don’t mean to sound harsh but your theory is extremely unlikely, and probably impossible to back up I mean.
    Seriously I have never heard of any of these so called records you have mentioned.

  10. Alpha says:

    Hey lamario,
    Thx for commenting

    This article was simply a suggestion, proposing a scientific perspective on how werewolves exist in our society. There are probably other feasible explanations too, but this was just one of the more popular views on how werewolves exist. It is a combination of my own views and that of others.

    As for the historical records, simply google it and you’ll find an array of sites explaining historical attacks by supposed biped wolf-like creatures, etc. (In fact, there was a cave painting somewhere in europe with a wolf-like creature standing on its feet attacking a tribe)

    Anyway, take care man

  11. Beta says:

    Hey, I was reading this from searching about werewolves online. In my opinion it’s possible for them to excist and the theory about the virus seems more plausible than many stories I’ve heard.

    Also, the theory about a full moon seems true because in many cases it’s been proven that the full moon has an effect on animals and humans usually causing them to have strange behavior and being more violent.

  12. charlie says:

    i believe that there are…. special beings? out there, if they scare you well i think they have that powerful purity in them. they can sence things among people, of how they feel around others and the ones with the gift? it’s not to be violent when it comes to full moons as i would see it… it like what all humans do… hormones? pharomones? go out of wack that noone knows how to control on how they feel about their bodies.
    werewolves can change anytimes of day and night..doesnt have be on the full moon.. ???
    why are speical things in this world here? there has to be some reason why they are here? a balence between good and evil? like werewolves vs vampires.. like angels against demons??
    doesn t that maek you think?

  13. Anonymous says:

    hi my name is selene and i believe that werewolves do exist so if u ever see one,don’t go near it.

  14. realistic says:

    I’m as open minded as anyone. I have seen enough in my many years to know that there is more going on than any one person knows. I’ve heard that we only know 10 percent of what lies in our oceans simply due to how deep they are,so who are we to even begin to believe we have all the answers here on land. Ghosts,werewolves, big foot, whatever it may be maybe all of the above and then some there is more to this world than we may ever know in our lifetime.

  15. red chance says:

    hi, i love this website! i believe that there are werewolves and other things that we can’t explane on earth. If we knew every thing there would be no mystries in the world and wheres the fun in that?

  16. lyky bloodpaw says:

    ok i am one of the therians mentioned above and for clarification i know lots of therianthropes and none o them are actual thropes some suspect that i may be cause of what i remamber from my mind shifts but i dont think i am but if i am i dont have controll i can aim in my mind shifts that is it. but down to the point there have been no cunfermed full physical shifts reported very few of us can control our mind shifts or realy any of them but astral shifts i cant even control my astral ones so ya i am for now sticking to thee are no werewolves but i am looking for a experenced therian for training me in the arts of shifts

  17. lyky bloodpaw says:

    also were wolf sitings all seem to be in the dark with little liighht whiich tells me that they are just witnessing a a Shadow shift

  18. Alpha says:

    The sightings all involved people witnessing a biped-wolf creature, with distinct correlation in the characteristics they identified. The people made no claim to see a stark, black contour but actually saw and described the figure in good detail, like the colour of the fur, etc.

    The cases were simply dismissed as animal encounters. In some circumstances, people even described these creatures trailing their car and there have been ones in broad daylight too

    They were no claims of a shadow shift! (they never said it was completely black)

    As for their being no confirmed cases of people transforming into creatures..yea true, but if a person was able to transform physically into a creature, do you think the government would allow something like that to be exhibited in public. Heck no! It would cause an uproar…

    Just cause something isn’t confirmed doesn’t mean it isn’t true. There are no confirmed cases of alien encounters but heaps of people still claim to undergo them. Kinda synonymous.

  19. ico says:


    Have you heard of a man named Theiss who, in 1692, admitted to being a werewolf but he also claimed he was in an elite group of werewolves called “the Hounds of God” who, out of three days of the year, would descend to hell and do battle with witches to protect that years crops. In a time where anybody who admitted to being a werewolf was exacuted by the church, he was set free.

    I’m not saying i believe it, but it’s pretty cool.

  20. Alpha says:

    Hey Ico

    Yeah i’ve heard of that story too. It seems interesting, but i think he was a smart man who made up the whole idea of fighting witches in the form of werewolves to save that years’ crops to be pardoned from execution.
    In a time of superstition, witches were considered far worse then any werewolf.

    take care man

  21. silver says:

    you said that few of us can unleash the beast in us if we try. exactly how do we try this?

  22. Alpha says:

    Not quite sure….
    But maybe meditation… Probably something spiritual.
    Like what therianthropes claim to do, except probably slightly different…

  23. Nathan says:

    Hey Alpha very good read I like the suggestions on the virus maybe people who are therianthropes have the weakend state of this virus who knows! but again nice read.
    Id also like to know more on therians so if you are one please get in touch XD cheers!

  24. Alpha says:

    yea, the retrovirus could have picked up DNA from alternate creatures, not just wolves. Thereby ensuring a broader range of morphs…
    That’s a nice idea Nathan, but most therianthropes who claim to transform into animals say they do it successfully and don’t form into a hybrid creature.

  25. lyky bloodpaw says:

    ok a shadow shift is the image of a animal being layed over a person they look that they are a anthro creature not just a black figure

    it is also possible that with everything that we dont know in this world there could be a race that resembles wolves or there could have been a race that bread into the human race that could change and the gene is just dormant in most people but one thing i must say


  26. Darcy says:

    I just have one question.Is this website for goth people only?Oh by the way im darcy im 11 and i just love all of this stuff the werewolfs and vampires and all of that stuff its so oh i dont know it just feels all so real.

    LONG LIVE WEREWOLFS & VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mellisa says:

    people always said that werewolf & vampire and such are only myths or fiction, but I always think there should be a reason why such myths exist. in other words, they might be exist in the past (might still exist until now, who knows) so people from the past told it through generation. nowaday, these kind of creatures are so hard and almost impossible to find, so people nowaday only make fiction stories about them instead and think of them as only a myth. good job alpha. nice story

  28. Punqeen says:

    I don’t believe that werewolves are some hairy men waling around with their clothes ripped. I believe that werewolves are beautiful, but yet dangerous, creatures that can take a wolf form any time they like. I believe in many paranormal things, but werewolves are the most wonderful things that I ever got to know about…

  29. Angel says:

    Hmmmm Wow Really luv the article…. I do hope that vampires and werewolves exist
    Hope to meet 1 one day…. :D

  30. Stephanie Vermette says:

    I believe 100% Werewolves are real. I said this in the Vampire one but I have a friend who is a werewolf…well part.
    His dad is full, mom wasn’t at all.
    I’m glad you have this here.
    My werewolf friend is one of the nicest people ever.

    • Stephanie Redmond says:

      I also belive in warewolves.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey sam i believe in werewolves 2 but come on parents as werewolves come on i watched my friend once at night on sleepover she went crazy she kept saying that she was a werewolf she was thrashing around and guess wat she doesn’t believe in them at all 0 % ok. i mean she was sleep walking 2 i know.

    • JohnGreek says:

      Your half friend is whats known as a metis, half breed.
      Unusual that the father is the carrier and the mother is not, usually the roles are reversed.
      And for all of you who think it is a virus, It is not. It is a trait passed down by family relation.

  31. Fang says:

    Werewolves are real!!!!
    last week i saw one. I thought it was a relly big dog but it got up
    and started to walk away. it scard thhe heck out of me.

  32. Mellisa says:

    Fang where do you live and where did you see that? could you please tell us more about it? i’m interested to your comment.

  33. Shreya says:

    This article was fantabulous! i don’t believe in werewolves at all. I think they are just fictitious characters. Hope someday they become real!!!!!

  34. Moon child says:

    Ok so around nights I go to sleep and wake up in weird places With torn and sometimes no clothing. One of my friends believe me to be a werewolf. I don’t doubt it. Just my girl friend sides with the bloodsuckers…

  35. Bracket says:

    Moon child

    Why don’t you film yourself sleeping and see what happens. If you wake up with torn clothes look at the footage.

  36. Werewolf Girl says:

    I loved the article! Most people I talk to laugh at me for my belief and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks that they exist. Sometimes, late at night, I hear howling close to wherever I’m staying. Whether I’m at my best friends house, my grandmas house or my own, I hear it and I know that it’s not the coyotes. Whenever I hear this howling, I feel the urge to go join them, whoever “them” is. What do you think is up with that?

  37. Werewolf Girl says:

    Also, I am not crazy, so if anyone suggests that, we are really gonna have issues! My best friend agrees with me that this howling is odd and not not the sound of the coyotes. I want to know what’s going on! Can you help or at least try to explain why I feel the urge to join the howlers?

    • alice says:

      some people do hear things like this but i suggest you stay in at night okay just on the safe side

      what i say is true by the way

  38. white wolf says:

    i love werewolves and i will like to be one of them i will try sleeping out in the night at fool moon trust me.

  39. oddball says:

    hi everyone……
    i would just like to say that i belive in werewolves…..but only bacause im sure i saw one afew years back…it scared the hell out of me,and i wont go back to that place again….
    and ive been learning about them ever since…..

  40. Alpha says:

    wow, i’ve should replied back to this article a bit earlier….

    White Wolf and werewolf girl- I think you guys are therianthropes. You have more stronger innate connections with the werewolf then others. I wholly believe in the claims some therianthropes have made on how they have the physical capabilities of morphing into a wolf like creature. I think you guys have the best chance of achieving the werewolf phase out of everyone. I can’t really comment on how but i apologise if this is a weak suggestion, but just try and reach out to that inner werewolf in you. It seems like you got it swimming around in you but just need to get a good grasp on it.

    As for those who have seen werewolves please respond again, detailing those incidents. I’d love to hear it and i’m sure most of the true ghost tales community would too!!!!

    thx (sorry about the late responses)

  41. Alpha says:

    Hey caretaker
    Is there a way to promote an idea on this site without having to avert to the forums?

    I just wanted to know what people thought of this in relation to werewolves:
    If the retrovirus did infect an ancestral wolf-species obtaining DNA sequences and proteins from it, changing its structure and infecting humans and causing alterations in their genetic composition, then perhaps, if the human was able to transform into a hybrid wolf-human creature it also has the potential to transform into a wolf (The initial wolf physiology the DNA was obtained from). This could account for therianthropes too.

    The retrovirus already had the wolf DNA so if it was incorporated and properly sequenced in the human body (assuming this occurs in times of mental stability or times of great fear and urgency) the person may turn into a wolf.

    Ultimately, the were-wolf could be a secondary sequencing stage with some of the genes unlocked however the wolf could be a penultimate stage with all the wolf genes unlocked. This could also explain why some therianthropes claim to actually turn into wolves and also why some claim to turn into a wolf-human hybrid, aka a werewolf. The more powerful therianthropes turn into wolves by unlocking their connection.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could somehow spread this around to some of the members in the true ghost tales community, cause it seems like an interesting discussion and a good revelation.

    Thx heaps in advance!!!!!!!!

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey Alpha, Sure you can discuss that here and I will attempt to draw some people’s attention to it. Perhaps I will bring it up in the next newlsetter as well.

  42. Alpha says:

    Cheers Caretaker
    You are the best :)

    • Caretaker says:

      I have mentioned your article along with a link in the forum and am working on the next newlsetter at this moment.

  43. wola123 says:

    thats soo true

  44. scarygirl67 says:

    Alpha, I have really never been interested in werewolves before. CareTaker suggested reading this article on the TalkParanormal forum. I have seen people afflicted with lycanthropy, but I never thought about a prehistoric virus that progressively mutated with time. An extremely well-thought and prepared article, and I am definitely more interested now!

  45. Alpha says:

    Thanks scarygirl67,
    Your polite comment made all the difference!!!! :)

  46. AngelsDeath says:

    Well done, I enjoyed this article and it makes sense to me, if that sounds right. :)

  47. Angela says:

    guys,werewolves,vampires and other special beings exist. I mean really,do you think that the world is designed for humans,animals and plants alone? Because I don’t really think so, I bet there are others around us we just don’t notice them,because we’re usually repelled from them or being intimidated something like that…….

    • King Scorpio says:

      Angela you are exactly right. Humans can sense the danger of us werewolves and such. But mostly emos and goths are usually attracted to us. And if you believe that the twilight books and movies describes vampires perfectly then yor sorely mistaken and therefore become lunch.

  48. jonathan 14 years old says:

    i believe that the werewolf condition was a blessing instead of a curse granted by the gods to the she-wolf that raised romulus and remus in ancient rome

  49. Christine Klinger says:

    Are you serious if you believe in God you shouldn’t believe in WereWolves or Vampires?
    I am a Christian & therefore I donot believe in such things as WereWolves or Vampires, show mw one first if you dare is they exist & they don’t. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree christine my name is christina but anybody can believe even the biggest god worshipers believe in werewolves and vamps.

    • Anonymous says:

      ok so i understand what ur saying about not believing werewolves and vampires, but dont u know christians were the biggest vampire slayers around, well thats wot history texts say anyway.

  50. Eam says:

    Wow omg I’m like really confused about whether to believe or not. ): I want to believe but then again a part of me doesnt. However, when I dont believe a part of me does.. its jsut really confusing me.. and Um I dunnno if this is releveant or not but I can LITERALLLYYY Like seriously bark like a dog.. (I learned from a chihuahua. x_X) a big dog o_o And howl like a wolf ( My chihuahua howls and I like to join her.Not bsing.) >.> and If this at all has anything to do with me being part worlf or anything like that then please tell me. o.o and um I’m a pisces… o.o idk what that has to do with anything. I think… Alot. o_o I have pretty good control over my emotions for my age. But then again I could be like just like everyone else… <.< Oh and I'm Fourteen o.o and I <3 the supernatural :D

    • King Scorpio says:

      Barking and howling has nothing to do with being a werewolf. Im sorry to tell you that.

  51. ecko says:

    This is a very interesting piece rite here of how werewolfs exisit. I realy injoyed this story and the theries of how werewofls originated…

  52. Alpha says:

    thx ecko
    That was very polite of you to say so :)

  53. rue says:

    After all of these years I finally let it be known that I saw something, that which I have never seen before and I believed to be a werewolf. It does not matter if anyone believes the story or not, I do not seek validation. I am only suggesting (in my belief) that EVERYTHING exists. Afterall, new species of insects, animals and fish are being reported discovered every year. In the same arena, several more species are documented as extinct. We would be very nieve as a race to believe we know what roams in the dark!

  54. Tiffany says:

    I see you put a lot of effort into this informative article. It alarms me that you list FVZA.com as your first source of info. FVZA is a comic book site, did you not read this disclaimer stating it is for entertainment only?

  55. rue says:

    No need to be alamed. As a matter of fact I don’t even know what FVZA is… I recently saw an episode of Parinormal State which triggered a memory and I googled “werewolf”, found this site and left a comment. Maybe someday I will chat with someone who has had a similar experience.

  56. cesar f. says:

    wolf people R myths and some people just get carried away by movies and folktales.

  57. Solomon says:

    I was wondering if it is possible to control the virus strand within oneself. If so I would like to speak with about that matter Alpha. Pease email me with any information you might have.

  58. Werewolf Girl says:

    its gotten worse and i would really like to know whats going on… the howling weaves in and out of my dreams and i have trouble sleeping. you replied after i posted but you really didn’t explain anything to me about why i want to go join whoever or whatever is howling. please help!!!!

    • alice says:

      whats howling is werewolves or normal wolves you could be a morpher and they have a close conection with wolves, dogs,and werewolves.medicen that makes you passout mite help you get some sleep.

  59. zenaku says:

    i read ur article
    and it’s amazingg
    i do believe dat they xist
    but cud u tell me how do i become a werewolf??
    moreover i wana hav control on myself how cud i do that

    could you tell me something about the hybrid vampire-werewolves???
    no information is available on the net

    • alice says:

      wolfbane helps with control and it takes one bit to a human to change them to a werewolf

    • King Scorpio says:

      Being immortal like how i am isnt all that great as it looks and sounds like. Being a werewolf or vampire means your soul is cursed forever. And im a vampire/werewolf/god/demon hybrid. So never wish to be like me its something you should never want.

      • Caretaker says:

        a vampire/werewolf/god/demon hybrid? Ya know I dont usually post comments like this but I have to say that is ridiculous! And by the way if you will notice in the rules there by the comment box it states plainly that posting your personal contact info like email address etc is not permitted. I say that in case you might wonder why some of your comments were deleted. a vampire/werewolf/god/demon hybrid. I am wondering if you are over 12 years old (no insult intended toward 12 year olds) :)

        • King Scorpio says:

          No offense caretaker but you are just a human so you would know a lot less about the genetics of such complicated creatures. My parents were a demon and a god. How i became a werewolf is extremely rare. Because of my blood is of that of a god’s and a demon’s i have the powers and abilities of both species and none of their weaknesses. I was real good friends with this werewolf and he was close to dying and a year before he told me that his dying wish would be to give me all of his knowledge and live on inside me if he were to come close to dying. So while he was on his death bed i did exactly what he had asked the year before. What i didnt know was if i took in his soul into my body i would be allowing his spirit of the wolf into my body too. A year later while i was in a tomb of an ancient vampire i had cut my finger on its fangs and somehow vampire venom was still on its fangs and thats how i got my vampire abilities. And i dont care if anyone believes me i just wanted caretaker to know that there is nothing ridiculous about me. And those who wants a picture cameras are useless when in close proximity to us.

          • Maya says:

            If you ARE all that Why are you here ?nt make caret and you cazaker believe you iF YOU dont believe in yourself
            and if your all that you can just come to canada and prove, with all that power you got you dont even need a ticket;) You CAN run all the way!

      • AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

        (no offence) but if your all that what you say you are then im an angel.

  60. rue says:

    In response to your question, I do not know how you become a werewolf, however I do believe it is some sort of mutated cell formation. Folk lore tells us it could be passed through family genes. As for controlling yourself, very unlikely as people really lack in that area.

  61. dave says:

    i must b therianthropes coz theres times i get really angry at some1 feels like something realy bad gonna happen like transform into something and bring fear 2 every1 that sorrounds me….. i hav so many questions and has probly solve %2

  62. rue says:

    I don’t think the things you are experiencing have anything to do with werewolves…It sounds like you are being affected by stress and anxiety.

  63. Shadi says:

    Hi…. I have to believe in these things., My boyfriend says hes a vampire, but there were some to surreal to believe events… and it then made me believe him. That wasnt the twist…. turns out I have a wolf name???????? Shadi, or ShadyWolf. The princess of the wolfes AGAINST vampires!!! OMG! Hw can i believe all this? no one believes me… but…. i have do…

    Oh, and he wants me pregnant, possibly am, vampire-welewolf baby???

  64. whitewolf says:

    oh i cant belive to many kids here watching to much movies this is serios im from serbia and i cnaw what am i talking abouth it is not a joke this caind of things not at all.God help you all

  65. Shadi says:

    I was not joking : )

  66. Anonymous says:

    Christian Klinger:
    Why? I believe in God and Werewolves, what wrong with that dude?

  67. Anonymous says:

    in the late middle ages people started to believe in witches,vampires and werewolves. in 1589, a german person said that he was a werewolf and he killed a pregnant woman.

  68. RajunCajun says:

    Hi, i dont normally have the guts to read if werewolves are real, but for sum reason this morning at 1 am i had this crazy notion to start investigating it. After reading this article i then read the comments that were made. That left me to want leave a comment as well. I watch movies about werewolves and they give me a good scare. When i was about 10 years old, my grandma told me a story about her grandpa. She said it wasnt supposed to be told to anyone or the curse would affect those who told and those who believed it. Our family orriginated from France. One night, a long time ago. my grandma was just a little girl. She said that someone was trying to break in to their house. Like an animal with rabies or sumthin. she didnt know what it was except it was hairy and a hand was all she could see. She said it was a human hand but really hairy like an animal. Her dad grabbed a big knife and stabbed its’ hand and it howled and moaned and left. The next day she seen her grandpa and he had a bandage around his hand (the exact same hand and same cut as they gave the “animal” the night before). She asked him about his cut. he blamed it as an accident with broken glass, but she later found out from her dad that he had been cursed with turning into a werewolfe.. Now i dont know how true that is, but its something that has been on my brain eversince then lol… I’d love to hear comments on that.. let me know what ya’ll think.

  69. super.fantastik says:

    Interesting. I love werewolves~my friend was teasing me so he decided to be mean & sit on me & I don’t like anyone, no matter how much I love them, lol, to invade my personal space so I bit him on the back & he jumped up. He then started telling me about this story or movie he saw/read that said that Native Americans were descended from wolves so he said thats where I get the urge to bite people from, since I’m a full-blood Native…so I’m more wolf-like than most. lol~whateverrr~
    But yeah, for some reason this reminded me of that & all the other times I bit someone, playfully or whatever. haha~
    Anways, I LOVE werewolves. If they don’t exist, I wish they did^^
    They’re absolutely fascinating for some reason!:)

  70. Loz says:

    wow!!!! i didn’t know the was a werewolf’s was really because they could be in the story but now in 2009 they make better movies of werewolf’s and more better view of werewolf’s looked better an the past because the past the view didn’t look better and that man wolf-man image don’t look better, i don’t even like that picture because it not better had it looked like but in 2009 when i look some werewolf’s images on google the werewolf’s look better view images because it getting better but i don’t like the past years ago pictures but now i like the images now

  71. QueenIcess says:

    RajunCajun this s a very interesting story I do believe that they are real but I don’t know how much about what we see today is true.
    This story kinda sounds like a story that I read a really long time ago about a woman who turned into a panther and her husband cunt off the paw of the panther and the next day the woman lied in the bed with on bloody stub of which was no hand..
    This could be possible any thing is possible I believe perhaps your grandfather was a shape shifter I mean it is just really hard to know any thing like this unless you were there to wittiness it if get my drift.

  72. Loz says:

    okeeyyyyy am really confused are they really because some of the website saying werewolfs in the fiction and some of are really because am really confused because i never see one look really but i do believe there is a lot of wolf’s are really i think

  73. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    someone that i used to know saw something, i will explain what it looked like to him,,,he was walking down the road toward home, this was way out in the country in the late 70′s, he was about 14 years old… he saw, what looked like a huge dog on all fours coming toward him, there was a street light near, as the animal came closer, it got up on 2 legs,and was as big as a man, and by now was chasing him,, this boy ran as fast as he could home, which was not far by now…. i know this happened to him, as i was at his house.. when he came through that door,, he was screaming, slamming the door and locking it, and pale as a sheet.. it took a lot of time to calm him down….

    he said that this thing first appeared to be a huge dog, then as i rose up on 2 legs, it was tall and thin, hairy, and had huge ears…. wasnt human, is what he said…. now you know that a boy of 14 is trying to be cool…. but,, cool left him that night….

    we talked to some neighbors that lived in that area as time went by, and others had seen it also…. most where afraid to go out after dark….

    i do remember, as this boy became a man, he could descibe this thing as if he had just seen it… and he was not the type person to be afraid of anything!!!!

    i dont know what sort of creature, or animal this was,, but,, it was in that location for a long time…… maybe still there!!!! i used to live in that area,, and many strange things happened…..

    i havent even driven down that road in years… dont care to revisit…… ktm

  74. Loz says:

    If they are really how come they are soo hard to find?

    • The Lunar Wolf says:

      Of course there hard to find why would they show themselves if every time someone admitted to being one or someone saw one there usually hunted down and killed. Humans arent known for accepting things that are different we always look at things we dont understand with fear.

  75. Anonymous says:

    i say one today.it was runing throw the wouds.

  76. Loz says:

    i’ve haven’t actually seen on in really life yet because i don’t go out in the dark but i know they come out in the dark but i don;’t ssee on in really life so if one of you people seen 1, take a picture of it please !! that would be helpfull

  77. Tiffany says:

    Does anyone read these comments or do you all just post your own? I said this once and I must say it again. THE SITE RUE USED FOR THIS INFO IS A COMIC BOOK SITE- A WORK OF FICTION!!!
    Rue- please be more responsible about the info you present as fact. Why not repost an article with info only from reputable sites or at least ones without FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY disclaimers.

  78. Satansgirl66 says:

    Werewolves do infact exist, to be one is a gift from the Gods. I am lucky enough to have this gift.

    • Anonymous says:

      so you’d just leave your identity out in the open for people to find would you? A very careful one you are then. I highly doubt you are. If you were you definitely wouldn’t be compromising your safety or shouting it about. Nice try though.

  79. itairus says:

    I do believe that werewolf exist…
    i dont know why..it is hard to explain
    this world are too large to discover..
    humans also has their own limit…

  80. Loz says:

    take a picture mat be good 1, that would be helpful

  81. SGt Riley says:

    Well i’ve got a story to tell about werewolves.
    I personally am intrigued by people thinken they exist i am still a sceptic.
    But recent developments on my part have gotten me thinking.
    I’m part of a Military Taskforce that were training in secret in eastern europ en scandinavia.
    My unit 10 man were on basic patrol deep in a forest we were carrying live rounds at that time and also fake rounds.
    I know this sounds allot like the werewolf movia Dog soldiers but her come the difference

    Ther was no training enemy or any objective but to survive and patrol and navigate in cold european forrest en the icy cold forrest of scandinavia .
    We still don’t know what happend. But it still scares the shit out of us.
    We were on a Night patrol basic gear nightgoggles and Binoculars rifles and light machine gun During that night we saw something it was as big a little bit smaller in hight than a man because it was hunged.

    We still think it was an animal but we could see it properly not even with our gear it scared the shit out of us because when we tried to light of the area with a flare it ran at a blazing speed we tried to follow and because we were carrying light, we thought we could keep up no one fired a round at it but after half a mile we lost it and no one could fine tracks the thing we saw left no tracks what so ever.

    It still haunts my mind once in a while because i still wanna know what it was

    My name is not my real name but i am a sarge

  82. Chandak says:

    i cant tell you my real name because there are so many who want me dead becauce i am a werewolf and a p-shifter

  83. Loz says:

    maybe get better picture to show what are really werewolf look like now, in really life! :D

  84. Stian says:

    I only want to confirm if its actually true that in this world we live in today, there are Vampires and Werewolves living under the same Sky as me. Like i can actually think to myself “ah right now out there in the world there are Vampires and Werewolves.”

    Simple True or False question. And obviously i’m only interested in the Truth.

    • Caretaker says:

      Stian – Have you seen our Vampire website? http://www.VampireTruth.com

      • Stian says:

        I checked out the site you posted, although i only read one of the posted stories.
        It was really interesting, and made my curiosity stronger but, i’m still debating with myself if knowing more is worth or not. i dunno.

        I always get carried away into the stories i read, so i do feel the situation in the telling.
        But i always come back to square one and start thinking again “Are they really out there?”

        If a vampire would to come through this door right now, i’m pretty certain i would feel fear and not be so sure if i would be able to surpress that annoying fear.
        Maybe it would cause me to either try understanding Him/Her or i would Turn the fear into anger and attack i’m not sure.

  85. Ryket says:

    Hey alpha I read through your article, very interesting and eye opening.
    Just one question for you though if you dont mind answering, your final sentence was and I quote “but only a few of us can unlock the beast if we try.” My question is how do you believe people can go about awakening the lycan genes?

  86. Loz says:

    Vampires is not really, really!
    why would you make think vampire is actually really??

  87. WALTER T. ROGERS says:

    HI!,..We still get reports of werewolf to this very day. There was a report from Brazil last year of a man who claimed he was attacked by a dog like creature that stood on 2 legs that bit and scratched him and sent him to the hospital. Are all these people lying or is there something to these reports? Walt!..

  88. Anonymous says:

    Although I would like to say I think that werewolves are furry fantasies something very bizarre happened to me and my sister one night when we were little. Both me and my sister were addicted to watching Dark Shadows-if anyone remembers that one-so we became very familiar with vampires and werewolves since everyone on the show was usually turning into one or the other.
    We shared a bedroom across from the bathroom and our bed pointed towards the bathroom door. My father had decided to take a shower and there was a crack of light coming from under the door illuminating the hallway.
    Suddenly, I saw this thing…..it was a werewolf and he was wearing human clothes that were torn. In a flash he disappeared. My sister turned to me and said “Did you see that?”
    Shocked that she saw the same exact thing we both started to scream for our father who darted out of the bathroom. After we mentioned we thought we saw ‘something’ (but didn’t specify exactly what) he checked the entire house and the outside. After a careful inspection of the grounds he assured us we were dreaming, but me and my sister don’t buy that one. How many people have the same dream…..especially when we were both still wide awake?

    • emma says:

      u most likely knew or kno one because it could be a weird reaction that people get when they run into me somewere we r common be careful

  89. GHOST MONK says:

    Interesting to read about, either under FICTION or FOLKLORE. I’ve treated some patients who believed they were dyed-in-the-wool werewolves, thoses suffering from a psychosis that was mental illness, short and simple. As far as passing my “reality test” for do “they exist”, real werewolves as described in fiction, folklore, superstitions, etc. nope they don’t. I put them in the category of folklore, local legends, etc. I imaginne one can make a case for anything existing or having existed if one tried hard enough. I am busy enough dealing with those with genuine mental illness to give much thought to “things” that “probably don’t exist now nor never did. I do keep my silver bullets around just in case.

  90. Lupine says:

    I believe in werewolves and would do anything to become one.

  91. emma says:

    i want to say is we are not bad at all and we only hunt WILD animals

    • Jen says:

      I know how you feel . There are so many mis-understandings . I recently moved to be with normals to be safe . Back home veryone understood but her it’s always full moon this , savaged that . And it’s demeaning for us all . I love hunting wild animals . My pack and I are dedicated to protecting human life . Some are some aren’t . We’re not all the same .

      • emma says:

        Thanks for understanding we do the same an not only that we help vampires im very very rare cause im a hybrid so i think its hard to choose but my pack opend its doors to me so i could become one of them i have been with normal mortals all my life but its hard because most of them are selfish jerks and you just want to rip their heads off but you get used to it and thats because i live with a mortal family thanks again

  92. karin says:

    my husband and his family are very affected by the moon. They can not sleep several days before , during and after full moon, My son and his cousin sleepwalk and have bad dreams during full moon. both my son when they were babies got their upper canines first and months went by without any other teeth coming in. It looked a bit spooky. Does this mean this family could somehow have a deluted werewolf gene in them?

    • emma says:

      most likely and if the upper knine teeth came in first they loose them about 2 or 3 times i did lol :-)

  93. Walter T, Rogers says:

    Hey!,Anything IS POSSIBLE!!..Thank’s!..Walt!..

  94. Anonymous says:

    of course werewolves exist in basically all areas and religon either hint towards or right out talks about them in there culture and religous practices so i dont think its just a story that has been exaderated over time

  95. Anonymous says:

    is the werewolf-vampire rivalry true?? anyone who knows plz reply

    • emma says:

      Well yes and no i am a werewolf and part vampire and yes dragon so i would kno ok well since im both idc but i favor my wolf side better soooo i dislik vampires but i am one so i wouldnt kill and i hav a story to ok well when i was bitten in 1805 by a vampire it was funny to me in usually imune but it must have been a higher domonince if thats how u spell it and well i was 15 at the time then so i am kinda immortal but in a differant way i dont die i die and be reborned its weird cause when i was bitten i was already werewolf so it is strange i know but its true so i have rotated abot 4 or 5 times i had a sister issabella and another half sister kassy and now the r lik me i find them every time but they dont remember because i was the middle child issabella was 10 minutes befor me and im the only one with dragon and on my second rotate i had changed my friend adaline because she didnt belive me and now she is like us to and i regret it and thats my story a true story :-(

      • Kind Skeptic says:

        Emma — as a psychologist, I hope you are only playfully fantasizing about your werewolf/vampire heritage. It is fun to escape into another personality sometimes, but it is only safe if one realizes what they are doing. You sound a bit young and perhaps with all of the romanticizing of late in the movies about werewolves and vampires, this sounds like a cool lifestyle alternative. But truly, while the myths are extremely entertaining, and I personally love reading about them for entertainment, the reality is that these do not exist and that it is proven time and again to be a delusional problem. I have yet to have any of my “lychen patients” grow fangs, howl at the moon, or make any change physical or otherwise. What I have found is that they are typically lonely teenagers who have gotten wrapped up w/ this new “fad”, and have found a way to separate themselves from the painful realities of their world, and escape into one over which they have full control, even if it is a fantasy.

        So, if you are playing, then do so and enjoy. But if you truly believe what you are writing, I strongly recommend that you seek some counseling with someone who will not be judgemental of your fantasy, but will help you work through it so you can return to being able to deal with and embrace reality. You’ve got a long life ahead of you and believe me, it can be a wonderful and happy life w/out these escape mechanisms. Live well….

  96. AnNa says:

    if there is such thing as that then fine but me i dont believe in that sorry.thats just me.but if there is wow anything is possible likw what walter said.

  97. Kind Skeptic says:

    Looks like you did quite a bit of research for this article and your positions on the plausibility of there being a “wolf” gene brought about by a virsus and promulgated by an “antivirus”, etc. is interesting. However, there is a great deal more to DNA studies that I don’t think completely support your position. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that I don’t agree w/ the ‘science’ you share in your article, and do not believe in werewolves or vampires (as I’ve found my patients proclaiming they are lychens or “blood suckers” to have mental and/or emotional issues, many with a psychotic need for power or escape) I’m impressed by your curiousity, passion and by the fact that you are “thinking”. Excellent!

    We need more “thinkers” and fewer “followers” to bring new possibilities into our world. Live well…..

  98. moonstone says:

    moonstone here we werewolves don’t look like that! but good content

    • emma says:

      hiiiiii im one two actually im a deathly four (dragon/werewolf/vampire/elf) nice to meat another commrad lol happy hunting

  99. Jimmy says:

    I’m sorry, but someone has to say it. Most people commenting on this article are probably too young to actually understand it, and probably just take it to be fact because of the ‘big words’ used. While there are several plausable points in this article, it is merely speculation and not to be taken as fact. And, most of you shouldn’t deny being too young. Your lack of good grammar is enough to hint at it. Although, I have seen many adults with worse grammatical skills, and they usually end up very embarrassed once the others realize their age. If some people here are adults. . . I’m just worried for the human race as a whole if that’s the case

    I, myself, have never encountered a werewolf or any other creature/being that have been proclaimed as fiction. I do, however, feel that there is something more out there. But, many of the people on here make me sick. You are the people that completely ruin the credibility of werewolves.

    Some may be completely truthful. But, the majority is either straight-up lieing for attention, or simply deluding themselves with their need for power, release, escape, or just the need to be special. I make no claims to anything, except the feeling that something more is out there.

    Please, people. If you’re one of the people I mentioned, you need to get a life. What you’re doing is very unhealthy and will rob you of your life. No matter what kind of gratification you get out of this, it’s not worth it. You make it hard to separate facts from fibs. Your five minutes of attention may have destroyed any chance of actually discovering a real werewolf.

    Hey, werewolves got it easy. All they have to do nowadays is just sit back and wait for bored or ignored teenagers to completely destroy any credible leads to them. Heck, they’ve probably even made a game of putting their own confession at places such as this, just so they can laugh at how easy we’ve made it for them.

    So, please grow up. I mean no harm by this message. I’m just hoping that I can knock some people back to their senses.

    • Simulacrum says:

      Hear, hear. Good on you mate, took the words right out of my mouth. Living in the 1800s and presumably still haven’t learned to spell, excellent. And looks like we have elves joining the fray now.

      Alpha, well done. To the point, informative, and more than a little plausible. I like the pockets of intelligent discussion and I myself have been looking into the retrovirus hypothesis for both vampires and werewolves. Hopefully some light can be shed upon this matter.

  100. johnny says:

    Werewolves are fiction, The only people here commenting to agree with this articles are 13 year old female twilight fans of course.

    Just saying “This world is too large… omgzzz” isn’t enough. Maybe some of you should go out more. More REALISTIC creatures out there that need our attention. Sometimes, even the grown ups can’t seem to let go of their fantasies.

  101. emma says:

    ok then fine lets tallk about ummm i dunno dream killing rality ppl who make fun of a highly offensive race and ohhhh wat the heck lets see well they are real but y do u keep talking like WE dont exist and yes i said we so having to be one first hand it is very very bad ok and so i dont want to be one myself it just happend to come across my path in my blood lline ok i didnt want to be one if that makes u happy mr. andd mrs. know-it-all ya i know wer real but its the fact that u totaly flush the idea down the drain that makes me mad but i learn to deal with it and be happy about wat and who i am and im noootttt human

  102. Jimmy says:

    Wow, Emma, I had no trouble whatsoever when reading your post. it just flows like a well-written novel. . .

    Joking aside, I’m curious to whether that was aimed at me, Johnny, or just everyone in general that disagrees?

    I think your message might have had more credibility if you actually used punctuation. Maybe capitalized correctly, and put it into a coherent paragraph. You know, just some suggestions.

  103. Anonymous says:

    I am a werewolf. common sense.

  104. Anonymous says:

    OK, so don’t believe in anything I can’t see or feel but I received this very real premonition through a dream (or merely I was in a different realm.) I think idk ant of this?…I was instructed by a new but old friend to inquire anyone who knows about an old princess. There was also a circus mixed in there??

    • Anonymous says:

      well i hav heard of that dream its telling u u will find something or someone valuable. i have never had it butoh well

      • Anonymous says:

        If i may ask. what have you heard? and how long ago did you hear of it? who am I supposed to find and how do I know when I’ve found them?

        • Anonymous says:

          its a big thing were i come from lol that means that the person or thing is trying to reach u or playing a game of hide and seak some found that thing or person in a few days and some months years or even never but all i can tell u is that its probably a person cause of the princess part or if not painting or statue so just keep waching i prefer looking in more modorn places then go back by years thats how my mother found my father so ya and look in places that intrest u as well

  105. skeptical says:

    i have to agree with so called mr psychiatrist on this one. if they do exist they wouldnt be talking online about it.sorry kidies.active immagination is one thing just dont let it get carried away. now on the other hand there has to be something out there why else would acredited colleges have paranormal research facilities? and thats common knowledge. think of what the government has that we dont know. someone is funding this research. great article by the way. i want to believe.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Werewolves are rellel

  107. A random visitor says:

    It’s amusing that werewolves have an internet connection these days.

    As interesting as this article is, I’m skeptical. I doubt that a virus would enable transformations, much less to resemble another species. I’d like to know actual cases anything like this has happened in nature, which so far I haven’t heard. I’d be more likely to believe a cancer could cause mutation, as well as cause extended life (to the cancer cells), but to transform into something and then back seems more fantasy. I’d like to know more scientific facts, photos, and credible sources backing such claims as this article has. I’ve always had some curiosity about the subject and will continue to.
    Though as it is, i found this article a pleasure to read for the entertainment value, as well as many of the replies and comments. But I can’t say I can take it seriously.

  108. Breanna says:

    I do belive in wearwolves but every one who wrote these messages are in danger were wolves can read they like compatition please beware dont go out on a full moon head my warnings thi message is for all humans

  109. alice says:

    hed my warning about what thy say werewolves dont just come out at night

  110. najeeb says:

    hello , i live in pakistan , for years i had a fealing something was inside me, i tryed to explain to some people but i was scared to be laughed at, i could not tell what it was, even now i am very hyper with strenght coming out when i am in a intense situation , once i had a fight with a boy twice my age at first i got beaten up , later i choked him by grabbing his throt and throwing him away , i was 14 and he was 28 , this rarely happnes to me , i think am one of those therianthropes , i like to stay away from people and donot talk much and my anger level is above the roof , i began to beliave that i am a ware wolf when i had a encounter with a normal wolf on a school tirp , instead of atacking me , it ran off after seeing me . help me or answer me what is it that is bothering me , bealive it or not the things i said above are real ,

  111. vera_kissyou15 says:

    WEREWOLVES ARE REAL!!!So get over it people( this is for nonbelievers).Oh,and yeah GREAT ARTICLE!

  112. vzy4kat63 says:

    An old friend of mine alwayed walked in an upright manner, and when I say always I mean always he said it was more comfortable for him to walk that way. He acted different too amongst other people around him. He was a social butterfly too.
    Anyways, he bascially had wolf like behavor. Except for the eating habbit and such, but that’s basically how he really behaved.

    And when he was just messing around he’d actually play snarl/growl and whimper as well.

    He was very friendly other wise. Exept if you messed with one of his friends
    ( pack mates) as he called them then he’d get nasty. He’d also get protective of his female friends.

  113. Megan says:

    Are werewolves, witches, and vampires real? Someone please awnser me!!!!!!

  114. karin says:

    ok I took my boys to the zoo and we walking towards the artic wolves site. the games keeper walked by and said the wolves had not been seen all day because it was too warm for them. When we got to their enclosure we stood their no less then half a minute when all three wolves came out of their hiding spots sat down and stared up at my two boys. It was a bit spooky . The three wolves and my two boys just stared at each like they were all in a trance. When I finally got my boys to go the wolves got up from their spots and went back to their hiding spots. Any thoughts on why this happened?

  115. K. Smith says:

    This piece about werewolves is interesting, however, I believe that no virus is responsible for the human body genetically mutating on a molecular level into a werewolf.

    As a Christian, I personally believe that demonic spirits are responsible for this werewolf phenomenon. We know from the bible and other ancient historical texts that demonic spirits can bring about physical changes in the human body and cause a person to transform instantly into monsters or hideous creatures.

    Many years ago, I read the books; He Came To Set The Captives Free and Prepare For War. The author of these books Rebecca Brown chronicled the story of a woman whom she called Elaine and her experiences within Satan�s kingdom. This woman stated that she was once a regional bride of Satan and a high ranking priestess. A lot of controversy swirls around these two women but I believe their stories.

    Any way Elaine stated that werewolves indeed existed and she witnessed a werewolf tear a man apart who had fallen out of Satan�s favor from what this woman said werewolves were used to discipline those within the occult, and kill Satan�s enemies. But what I found so interesting is that she said that people who became werewolves had to have a special demon placed within them, and it is this demon that took complete control of their mind, body, soul and spirit in order to bring about the grotesque transformation. Elaine added that these person(s) inhabited by these powerful demons were so sold out to Satan that she had never seen one of them repent or come to Jesus.

    A werewolf can be considered an EVIL BEAST seeing that its both human and animal. These EVIL BEASTS were frequently mentioned in the bible and were dangerous.

    The children of Israel encountered all kinds of creatures, animals and evil beasts during their conquest of Canaan. Please note that the bible clearly distinguishes between evil beast and wild beast, they are different. Animals cannot commit evil, but the mere fact that some beasts were called evil shows they were more than just beasts.

    EZEKIEL 34:25 – And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the EVIL BEASTS to cease out of the land: and they shall dwell safely in
    the wilderness, and sleep in the woods.”

    LEVITICUS 26:6-7 – And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid EVIL BEAST out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land. And ye shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword.” Lev 26:6-7

    EZEKIEL 5:17 – So will I send upon you famine and EVIL BEASTS, AND THEY SHALL BEREAVE THEE; and pestilence and blood shall pass through thee; and I will bring the sword upon thee. I the LORD have spoken it.

    TITUS 1:12 – “One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are always liars, EVIL BEASTS, slow bellies.”

    I CORINTHIANS 15:32 -”If after THE MANNER OF MEN I HAVE FOUGHT WITH BEASTS AT EPHESUS, what advantageth it me, if the dead rise not? let us eat and drink; for to morrow we die.”

    In the Book of Mark Chapter 1 verse 13, there is clear distinction between wild beasts and evil beasts.

    MARK 1:13 – And he was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted of Satan; and was with the WILD BEASTS; and the angels ministered unto him.

    I am positive that in the near future, we shall see a resurgence of evil beasts and creatures, and I am not just talking about werewolves. I recently came across some interesting stories on-line about creatures terrorizing humans. I don’t know if they can be printed but I will post them anyway.

    DATELINE: 09/08/2002 03:15:44 Strange – Women in Maru, headquarters of Maru Local Government area of Zamfara have been forced to remain indoors in the evenings for fear of a strange creature which chases them. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) learnt that the mysterious creature, said to be HALF HUMAN, HALF HORSE, usually appear in the early hours of the morning and in the evenings. The appearance of the strange creature has crippled the socio-economic activities in the town, especially at night as people prefer to stay at home from 4 pm till morning. The creature believed to have surfaced in different locations of the town is causing so much anxiety and fear among residents, particularly women. When contacted to comment on the issue, one of the sons of Emir of Maru, Alhaji Isa Maru said the rumour was strong and “we are still trying to get to the root of it. http://www.stargods.org/StargodsReturning.htm http://www.thisdayonline.com/news/20030518news17.html

    On July 20th 1988, a number of people in Bishopsville, South Carolina said they were terrorized by a �seven foot tall lizard-man that had no hair, eyebrows or lips, three fingers on each hand and large slanted eyes that glowed red in colour�. There were five sightings of this �lizard-man� and the story was reported in the Los Angeles Times and the Herald Examiner. (Los Angeles Times and Herald Examiner, 21 July 1988)

    NEW DELHI, India– Fear has gripped the Indian capital after dozens of residents reported attacks by an apelike creature able to leap from roof to roof.

    Police had received about 65 reports of a mysterious attacker with a MONKEY’S FACE and HUMAN BODY scratching and biting victims in an around Delhi since Saturday, a senior police officers told Reuters on Tuesday.

  116. _carlo97_ says:

    according to legend, the werewolf really exist until now .. if you do not believe it, I already saw the national library ..

  117. Filippa says:

    Hey ! My name’s filippa, I’d like to discuss with you wether or not you believe in werewolves, and the chances that there may be one near you live. Or in my case my summer cottage ^^.

    Because the thing is I do suspect there’s something in the forest near our summer cottage. I’ve heard loud (extremely!), husky screams or howls. I’ve also discovered weird footprints, that i can’t understand what they’re from. They’re very big, bigger than a human’s, but not longer. It almost looks like two human feet put together, only they have the same heel. What’s even weirder is that there’s only one footprint in front of another, not like in a “group” of 4 as if it would be if it was like a wolf or something.

    Also, i have a picture of the print, if anyone wants to take a look at it, please let me know :) !

  118. FaerchFan says:

    is the pic of Peter stumpf? Werewolf of Bedburg? I did a report on him in English because we were about to start a book called I am not a Serial Killer.

    Anyways…I do believe in werewolves :) Nice story!

  119. najeeb says:

    yes fllipa i want to see the pictures

  120. King Scorpio says:

    Dear Author,

    Your information is quite accurate but you need to experience what it is to change you physical makeup at will in order to fully understand us lycans. I do not care if you think of I as crazy but i have experienced this many times fought with my own brethren to keep you humans safe from our wrath. You may like to know that all of the rumored to exist supernatural creatures do exist. And for each species has many kingdoms.I am the king of all lycans i fought many other kings to gain control of their kingdoms to unite them all into a lycan nation.

    King Scorpio

    • emma says:

      hello king scorpio my name is emma im the leader of the gods tribal section of the advandced group in california our area is one of the most populated area in the 50 states next to washington and california i am honored to make aquintence

      • emma says:

        also i wanted to add we r having trouble with some roug vampires wat shall we do about them

    • najeeb says:

      i want a proof , you could be messing around with our and espicially i feal my mind , i am facing many problems like

      1 unlimited and very high anger level if some one pises me off , i get out of control
      2 i cant eat vegetables , meat only
      3 strength boosts when ever im emotionally hurt or disturbed , and the ones who know me dont get near me at those times
      4 : mental shifts

  121. Filippa says:

    Okay, seems like my comment with the link to my picture won’t be moderated here… !
    Anyway, one thin I do not understand is wether or not werewolves/lycans physically change from being “human”?
    And in what degree werewolves exist.
    And also, how does a werewolf track look like ?? And what does their “cry” sound like ?
    / Filippa

  122. Filippa says:

    Of course I meant do say “what does a werewolf’s track look like “

  123. Filippa says:

    To* say . sorry. haha.

  124. karen ramskog says:

    there are a lot of things we humans have yet to discover.as the end nears so will an increase ok knowledge as the bible fortold.look around folks, keep you’re eyes poenand you’re mind.i would also like to see the pictures.thankx!,karen

  125. Filippa says:

    picture :

    it is a very big track. there were only one track in front of another, and the space between the tracks was about a metre.

  126. najeeb says:

    this is rather interesting fllipa , and king scorpio , i am not shure about you , you could be another troll , if you want us to bealive , show us a picture , im experincing odd fealings my self and i want an answer

  127. Filippa says:

    yeah i really want to know what it is. some people say werewolf’s tracks look just like a wolf track. do you think that’s true ? i’ve also heard they could look like two human foot put “toghether”, which i think this track kinda looks like.

  128. twilight says:

    pls update if u know how to unlock the inner beast inside of you

  129. Multi_packcan13 says:

    An interesting theory, although, firstly, how would a virus survive in space?
    In my opinion it’s much more likely to be either psychological, taking on no real shape change except that which you may subconsciously adopt while in the grips of a deep Psychosis, the hunching, howling and general behavior of a wolf.

    Possibly the most plausible in my opinion.

    Or, as you said, some form of virus. Such as an advanced but rare form of Rabies. Rabies can also be held responsible for many Vampire encounters. It is documented that effects of rabies can include an aversion to sunlight (an allergy brought out by a deficiency in the skin as a result of the virus), unquenchable thirst, hallucinations, psychosis, and abnormal strength, (brought on from the adrenaline being used to keep you’re heart going).

    Also, i heard somewhere that human blood is actually addictive, which would explain why people claim to be vampires as they drink blood and feel the need to drink it. Thats why you have to have a dog put down if it bites you, human blood is apparently very more-ish. And if these people are biting each other and passing on the Rabies, and then in the grips of a deep psychosis that person drinks someones blood. It’s going to spread and thus you will get vampires.

    Also, Space is a vacuum, no life can survive in space what so ever, if it was an alien virus, it would have had to have been brought here by something maintaining a habitual atmosphere, eg, a space ship. But why would aliens travel millions of light years across the galaxy (maybe even further) to infect people with a wolf disease? There very little logic to that, however not am impossibility.


    The psychical change that would occur from Lycanthropy, no disease or psychological disorder can produce matter from nowhere. It’s not possible for it to make you literally grow, or you’re jaw bone jut out and take the shape of a wolf’s. The material isn’t there. Thats just physics, you can’t produce matter from nowhere.

    However ofcourse these are only theories. It made for a very interesting read.

    Cheers man.

  130. Anonymous says:

    i do belive werewolves exist because i washed a film the name was teen wolf and i almost saw one in real life one day

  131. madi says:

    its such a great story it seems so real

    is it ??????????
    can some one get back to me

  132. madi says:

    i still dont believe in werewolves its a hoax

  133. Britany says:

    Werewolves may seem fictional, but be aware that they are real. Even though others may not face the truth, at least you youorself can know that.

  134. a.c says:

    All stories of fiction are based on some truths. Werewolves too.

  135. Anonymous says:

    maybe u guys might not believe me but i am a werewolf

  136. john says:

    mabye u guys might not believe me but im a werewolf i am one of those thing

  137. Anonymous says:

    i am very amased by ur piece and very intrested to know about the werewolf and vampires. and was shocked by reading they really DO EXIST and would like to know more about it

  138. hell dragon says:

    ever heard of the african tale about the werehyenas!

  139. emmitt says:

    hello everyone and good evening.
    I am by no means an expert on cryptozoology, or any thing else. Having said that let me say that I have studied werewolf myths and legends for 30 years as well as having taken enough psychology and psychiatric courses to have a foundation in science as well as legends.
    I would love to discourse with another adult or very intelligent youngster about the subject of lycanthropy, werewolves, shape shifters, skin walkers, mental disorders, hypertrichosis or any subject related to the werewolf. I have a fair library of werewolf stories and investigations and an absolute passion for all things native american dealing with werewolves or skin walkers.

  140. Anonymous says:

    werewolves exist man foolish people they exist

  141. santaslayer240 says:

    Hi I wont put my name but I grew up with the gene if you ever seen twilight thats kinda how it is but I dont change shape but the strength and hearin everything is true eatin meat calms me down I have a brother and dad that are the same way I weigh like 125lbs and could lift up olmost anything if wanted to its not a fun thing thats y its called a curse and just to let everyone know not everyone gets there wolf actions on a full moon like me I get it on the new moon my brother is the first half and my dad is full

  142. charlisa says:

    I believe in werewolves… and vampires and other mythical creatures.. I know that sounds crazy and that’s why I’ve never told anyone else what I believe in. I really think they’re real and out there somewhere. I always have. Just because people claim to have never seen them doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

  143. jaded71 says:

    I know that they exist because I have seen and been followed by one for many years. I don’t know why it has followed me or why when it had the chance it didn’t kill me.

    It has been over 20 years since my first encounter with it. I was a teenager maybe 14 and had decided to run away. I grew up in a small town in central Illinois. I started walking down the railroad tracks, I had gotten about 5 miles out of town when I heard a noise coming from the tall grass along side the tracks.It was mid October and I just figured it was a deer on the move. I stopped to listen to see if I could find out where it was, then I heard a low growl. faint, but audible. I froze just listening.The grass rustle some more ahead of me to the left. That’s when it came into full view under the light of the moon.A large black mass on all 4s standing a good 5 feet, it turned and looked at me then stood up, it was close to 7 feet on its hind legs. It stood staring at me and I was staring at him.Then there was another noise from where he had just come from, he turned his head sniffed the air, turned back toward me snorted, and then took of in a full run the opposite direction of the noise.My first thought was, what ever that thing is running from, probably wouldn’t think twice of killing me, so I took off running . I ran as fast as I could for about a 1/4 mile until I came to a road. I started up the road and came across a guy I knew in his truck, the guy in the truck took me back home.

    I had the impression that the werewolf was more curious about me than concerned with eating me that night, I have seen it several more times over the past 20 some years. It / he always just stands watching me. I am not afraid of it, I wasn’t afraid of it that night. I was fascinated, growing up hearing that they don’t exist, then seeing one no more than 10 feet from me. I have seen many things over the years that I don’t think people are supposed to see, ghosts and ghouls , none have held the intrigue for me that the werewolf did.I have moved away from Illinois, He has always found me before, I am curious to see if he can track me two states away.


  144. Nessia says:

    I’m not exactly sure why I am here, or even what I am wanting to ask, or know. I feel, and have felt about since the age I’d say around 17 to 19 and on up, (I am 29 now) I have a very drawn animal instinct inside of me. I am fascinated with the woods, the moon, everything nature, the darkness. I LOVE eating rare meat, I know it’s bad and can make people sick but I ALWAYS have a craving for it, 24/7 and although this may be due to some sort of nutrient I’m lacking, it’s just weird. I always want to go outside, run like the wind through the woods, and howl, just let it out and howl and howl but I have never done so because I live in a city and I fear people would call the police on me for being a nut job. I am also fascinated by people I am close to, veins, and the blood that runs through them. For instance, by boy-friend. I know it sounds horrible but I would love nothing more than to just bite into one of his large veins running through his neck, and rip it out, I know that sounds morbid and I would NEVER do this but it’s all I can think about every-time I run my mouth or tongue over one of his veins while kissing him, it’s not just in his neck, but his wrists, or anywhere I can see a vein bulging out. It just kinda creeps me out. I am half Indian or maybe a little less than half, my mothers mothers mother was full Indian so I’m not really sure what that makes me. I am drawn to wolves, I’ve always dreamed about them and had visions of them, as my protectors. I just feel so out of control sometimes, I have severe rage issues that have no explanation where they come from, and I hate society and people, I am withdrawn, like a hermit, and often just wish everyone would just die off in the world. I fear there is something really wrong with me. I just don’t know what is going on.

    • King Scorpio says:

      Well Nessia in some of my earlier posts I may sound like a nut job what I spoke was the truth. But lets not worry about those now shall we?

      You may be a wolf like I but the only way to determine that is if you can find a my kingdom of wolves. It is hidden so well that only creatures of the night may find it. Just follow your instincts and shall find us.

    • King Scorpio says:

      Dear Nessia,

      You may be a wolf like I but the only way to determine that is if you can find a my kingdom of wolves. It is hidden so well that only creatures of the night may find it. Just follow your instincts and shall find us.


      King Scorpio

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