Online Ouija Board Outcome

Posted on September 22, 2009

Hi friends I am new to the site, by reading your stories I understand that you people are conveying your true experiences about the unknown, so I decided to share my experience with you all. This is my first time in writing an online story so don’t forget to comment and give feedback thank you. I am delivering this story to tell that even an online Ouija Board will make you get into trouble. So don’t play with any form of spirit board please.

Like everyone I don’t need to tell that my story is true ok. This happened in the start of this year, yes January 2009. Most of you have an experience with the witch board. I also wanted to play with one, and I had played it nothing happened. Despite all I have god and I consider him as my best friend and I confessed everything to him (this doesn’t mean that I am seeing god and speaking to him) and asked him to save me as well as my friend from the unknown entity. I will pray to him by repeating the word ‘save us’ several times until my lips to ache. Many a times I will pray to him for or to several things they will happen as I prayed until they are good to me. Then I got well and went to school but I found out that Surya was on leave I was afraid that some thing had happened to him.

That evening I went to his home and came to know that he was injured. I was freaked and the words of Ouija board flashed through my mind. All the day his parents refused to allow me to talk to him because he needed rest so I left his home with fear and anguish that I might be attacked too. I once Again prayed to god. His parents told me that he had injured himself by falling from the stairs. I came to a conclusion that the demon had attacked him.

For the next few weeks I didn’t get any info about him he was also on leave from school. At last he came to my home cured and explained to me everything that had happened in the past few weeks. He told that the next night after we had played the board he heard weird sounds of a man calling him. He didn’t care about it much but on Monday night when his parents were away he was walking on the stairs to his bed room to sleep that’s when he saw the entity that I saw that night. It tried to come closer to him and as he was frightened he slipped from the stairs and fell down. He said to me with fear and sweat began to flow from his face with trembling voice then I realized asking the board “Who are you and What are you”, when playing with Dev it said, “The one who is feared by all.”

I came to the last conclusion that the entity was Satan. I told him to cleanse his house his house is now cleansed sweet smell began to flood his house but my house is not cleansed I didn’t get any prob. If I get any paranormal things in my home I will post it later So the reason for writing this story is You people shouldn’t ever play a spirit board. We didn’t get the chance to get a real wooden Ouija Board so the impact was not out of hand. But if you play a real Ouija Board the results will be devastating not only to you but also to your family.

Thank you by Manik Of Magic.

I was inspired by KNOWTOMUCH who wrote a totally different and new story hence I decided to post my own experience. I Learnt a lot about paranormal from this site thank you caretaker and trueghosttales.

Written by Manikandan, Copyright 2009

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232 Responses to “Online Ouija Board Outcome”
  1. Karen M. says:

    Um, I playd the online ouija board and it’s answers were stupid, for example, I asked “Where is my brother”? It answered “very near”. Is Florida and France very near to eachother? Then in other questions it just kept saying “unclear”! Ouija boards don’t work for me!

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    and thank you for your kind words!!! i do agree and several people have been warned, the board can cause nothing but problems and your story just backs the fact further!! thanks for the story.

  3. Gina says:

    hi there, i dont think it was the devil as he wuldnt probly do mmore than just show him self, however evil spirits will try 2 scare you, i dont think cleansng his house with a sweet smell will work either !!! sorry

    hope ur friend is ok !! let me know xx

    • Briyanna says:

      Yah, I agree with you. Thoae are the best things to do if you think (or know) there’s something inside of your house. Also, I hope your friend is okay! That must really suck. And that’s really scary to have that happened to you. So yah, follow Gina’s advice and you’ll be fine. Thanks! And I hope he’s okay again :)

  4. Jonathan says:

    Ok I have trie dover and over to read this story and i can’t. Karen since I always respect your answers the most and you seem to have followed, what was this story about? I swear , I really seem to be missign the part where somethign happened. I see an intro and aftermath but not an event.

  5. Robert says:

    I agree with Jonathan: your English is not bad, but not easy to follow, either. You said you played with the “online board” and “nothing happened”. Then all of a sudden, you’re talking about a demon, and cleansing, and your friend who was visited by a demon.

    You forgot to tell the story, and instead, you just went on about peripheral issues..

  6. meli�a says:

    oh wow, i didn’t know online ouija boards existed.

    hope you & your friend never think about playing that ever again. bad, bad, bad!

    thanks for the story.

    take care,

  7. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    This is a very confusing story as you start by saying nothing happen then allude to the fact that lots of things happened to you prior to your friend getting injured.
    Dont know what to think of this one.

  8. Norm says:

    Satan does not exist, I’m sorry to tell you that but it is true.

  9. Karen M. says:

    Jonathan, and Robert I didn’t write this story!

    P.S; I�ve never encountered a demon!

    Actually, I also am a little confused about this story!

  10. Anonymous says:

    iv always been curious about these boards, even now im not sure if i should i know all of you will say dont do it, but i dunno i just really want to try it,

  11. Mihir says:

    I was very curious to play the board online. But I felt it as stupid game. I opened the view source of the webpage and could see the java script in which all the questions and answers are stored in arrays. Its nothing but predefined answers for a particular question.

    I have never tried it with real ouija board. Would like to experience it.

    Wonderful if I get a sweet ghost as my friend..lolll coz I am alone most of the time and a good ghost will make my boredom away..

  12. D.R. says:

    If I’m not mistaking, he is saying that he played with a board and nothing happened. According to the title he then played with an online ouija board. He said his friend was injured shortly afterwards, but nothing happened to him personally. He said he prayed a lot and that kept things good for him. When he was finally able to talk with his friend, his friend told him what happened, which was the demon scaring him to the stairs where he fell. He thought it was the devil because the board said it was “The one who is feared by all.� His friend cleansed his house which made the house smell sweet. He said he would let us know if anything happened to him personally.

  13. Manik Of Magic says:

    Sorry man i have been away for two days doing my exams. I am back the fact is i played a stupid online board for the first time that is the ones which kept telling wrong things but when i explored many online boards i found one website i will give it now just clear the spaces below
    M u s e u m of t a l k i n g b o a r d s . c o m. Though my friend’s house is cleansed he got more paranormal activity so first he changed to one house there too he got wierd things. Now he is not in contact i will ask him later and i will post that to. Ok guys i will try my best to convey my next story and to explain its things in comments ok. Norman just because u are saying he doesn’t exist that doesn’t mean that he is not here. there is no proof for his existance or his non existance. Nim nod he just say the figure and slipped from the stairs so the ghost didn’t hurt him. Bye guys i will answer to all ur comments the next day i pay a visit ok. Any other questions just post it i will try to answer. Thanks to all Who commented.

  14. Manik Of Magic says:

    Now to the utter fate i am getting kinda abnormal things like mostly i will sleep soon but now it takes two hours of non sleep in my bed for me to get sleep then i have two or three dogs they too will go to sleep before me now they began to bark at night frequently don’t know what i will find out and tell. Thank you again.

  15. Manik Of Magic says:

    Now There’s a ghost in my house man!!! Just now just now man! I have a isolated room for me to study and work on my pc i had now been answering the questions when i eventually saw my window i SAW A GIRL MAN A GIRL WALKING with a foggy appearance around my home i quickly got out of my home to see her she gave me a mean look and vanished into thin air. I WAS TOTALLY FREAKED I SCREAMED AND WOKE my parents now they are scolding me i had always heard sounds of ornaments that women used to wear in their legs but didn’t care much but now i had seen a ghost i quickly got to my pc to tell this to you all now i don’t know what to do i am totally scared and my heart is pounding I AM NOT PLAYING OR KIDDING MAN REAL ABSOLUTE REAL THING HAPPENED JUST NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!

  16. Manik Of Magic says:

    Now i posted this in indian time man the time now i posted this is 10.50 pm. Now i know the reasons for dogs barking and sleepless nights. True man true don’t know what to say tomorrow morning I AM GONNA PLAN TO call a priest. If that doesn’t work i will shift to another house.

  17. Manik Of Magic says:

    The time is now 11.50 man not 10.50 in my country. I won’t get to sleep ever again in this house oh so confused so worried so tensed man i am gonna tell the whole thing to my parents and tell them to change the house god help me.

  18. Karen M. says:

    Manic Of Magic,

    That is the same one I played!

  19. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    yea norm!!! prove it… very good caretaker…… i want to give a thanks that i was mentioned….. yea!!! the board is a very dangerous, im sure it changed my life, as i did experiment with it when i was a teen.. also,, when you are a teen and your hormones are changing, many strange things can happen to you!!!

    We have to be careful what we absorb, i just happen to be one of those who absorbs way to much, i am trying to get a handle on it… parents always told me that i am like a sponge,,lol…. not really funny………

    if your not careful, you will end up like me, almost a hermit……..some days i am stronger than others.

  20. Manik Of Magic says:

    Thanks for you all. Then karen can you tell what it said to you.

  21. Norm says:

    I say Satan does not exist, and neither does God. I do believe, however, that there are evil (and good) forces out there, but they are not Satan & God. They go by their own names. Christianity is built on lies, and every single belief is stolen from other older religions. The idea of Satan comes from Pan, the horned God ( From Pagan beliefs – pre christianity). What the early christians did was go around conquering smaller, weaker nations and converting the survivors to Christianity. After a generation or two, it became normality for these poor people to be Christians. All this is undeniable and provable with a bit of research, and is the reason I am so against organised religion in any form. Yes, “demons” exist, but they do not answer to anyone called Satan.

  22. MANIK says:


  23. burningdizire says:

    This story is not nice but i wouldn’t say it as poor. its ok. try telling ur story a much more
    simple and understandable

  24. trolldoll1681 says:

    i have to agree with norm. the bible was written hundreds of years after the events of the bible. jesus may have very well exitsted, but he was a mortal man. if there is a god where is he when we really need him.

  25. Manik Of Magic says:

    Man, i am not christian i believe in god not in any form just god thats all then i don’t believe in satan either i just said what my friend told who asked me that do you know the meaning of the board’s saying “the one who is feared by all” and said it is satan and told about him then i wrote he saw satan its up to his belief guys i do believe in evil and good norm then sorry norm if i had hurt u. At last i never believe bible and books about gods.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Manik of Magic

    I said in my first comment that is didn’t work, it was the onlie ouija board from the talking museum, and the answers were really stupid and didn’t make any sense at all, it was either yes or no questions, or if I asked another type of question it would say “unclear” so you see it didn’t work!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Norm, you bielive In demons but not GOD!!!????????????

  28. Manik says:

    Ok anonymous here’s my answer consider this you had meet an accident and escaped from it you wouldn’t expect the same or it can’t be expected that another time you will survive another accident so if you had played with a online board nothing happened to you ITS YOUR LUCK it can’t be expected that everyone will not or even you will not be getting hurt by playing it. Think again guys the fact is not the same when you think more about a thing. Even though you didn’t got hurt that doesn’t mean that every one won’t get hurt so able to understand more doubts comment every night i will be seeing comments ok bye. Then the world is not the same when seen from different eyes. Remember this its a good saying.

  29. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    trolldoll, when have you ever needed God, and he wasnt there for you???? just curious…..

  30. trolldoll1681 says:

    many times. whether good or bad times it has always been mortal man who has caused the good and the bad to happen. why does god allow all the sickness and war, why does he allow good people to die so violently. i do believe in angel like beings and i do believe there are demon like entities. and i DO BELIEVE IN THE AFTERLIFE. do we die and then go to sleep like the bible says to wait for the coming of jesus to rule the earth? or do we die and our souls or energies live on in another realm or plain. i don’t believe in much that i can’t hear, see or touch. we are in hell right here on earth. and man is a catylist for good and evil. i believe in evolution. i think we started out climbing out of the ocean milleniums ago and have evolved into the up right animals we are.

  31. Karen M. says:

    trolldoll1681, Hi I see you on here alot, we never exchanged comments but I have a friend who is of the impression that “GOD FORGOT ABOUT US”! I hate even repeating that statement, as I know He hasn’t!

  32. trolldoll1681 says:

    i just agreed with someone who reflected my beliefs. i had my say on the subject, now i will say no more on the subject. i respect everyone’s own personal beliefs. i just don’t care for organized religions.

  33. Manik says:

    God had forgotten us karen if he had cared for us why so much of people die of war and why so much of diseases, so much of new evil things happen he had forgotten us thats why we live by our own ways that is evil or good if one has chosen a evil life why god didn�t tell him to go in a good way think guys. What�s the reason for you to say that god didn�t forgot us karen.

  34. DarStarr says:

    Ok, I’ve been quiet up until now – but I have to say, HOW can you believe that God has forgotten us? Yes, there is war, there is disease but there ALWAYS has been and there always will be. And why? Because God gave us FREE WILL people!
    So, yes, there will always be horrible things in this world, but there are also many wonderful things too. There ARE good people in the world, there ARE miracles. Think about it this way, yes, there is disease, but God has also give us the knowledge to discover cures. One day we can all hope to learn God’s reasoning for things that we do not understand while we are here on earth, but I have faith that all will be answered when it’s our time.

  35. Karen M. says:

    I DIDN’T SAY THAT GOD FORGOT US, I was saying something a friend of mine said, I don’t believe He forgot us, and for diseases and war, that is man who makes that himself, you can’t put the blame on God, He gave us this world and it is US who is destroying it not Him!

  36. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    Oh no honey, I know that. I was talking to Manik. And I agree with you 100% Again, it goes back to free will and unfortunately man has free will to destroy us. God would never.

  37. Manik says:

    Cool people cool. If i had said anything wrong i am sorry ok. You may get confused about me as i said i believe him in the story now i am telling he had forgotten us there’s a point in that man. Like i said its up to individual people’s mind I DO BELIEVE GOD WHETHER SCIENTIFICALLY OR THROUGH MY HEART I said god had forgotten us because once my mother was a great believer of god but after she had faced PROBLEMS that are unbearable like knowtomuch then she concluded that he had forgotten her i have an aunt similar to my mother she had believed in god and still now she is believing now she had lost her husband and took care of her child and made him to be a good person he too will not believe god as i am because he knows the pain my aunt took care of him not because god said so or helped her. She took care of HIM WITH HER OWN WORK FORCE and Labour there is no intervention of god in bringing up him there’s no intervention of god in growing up of me too but i believe him he is present but he is useless.

  38. Manik says:

    There is no intervention of god in ANYTHING OTHER THAN CREATING US and making us bad by giving suitable chances to him to turn him into evil if one has all the good things why would he go evil so there’s a catch the root cause of evil is the god himself. If a child had not be abandoned he would not be a terrorist or a evil person. Why would he create us to face pain misery and evil. EVERYONE WILL TRY TO BE GOOD UNLESS THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF SURVIVAL CHANGES There is god but there is no intervention of him in my life as well as in the world whatever you say i wont change nor the world will change to god because of god he had done one thing even that was stupid a book containing the sayings of him this won’t stop terrorists, nuclear bombs, drought, tsunami, earthquakes or even death USELESS GOD AND USELESS PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT USELESS THINGS GET ON WITH UR JOBS AND EARN A GOOD LIVING GOD WON’T GIVE YOU MONEY NOR WON’T HE WILL GIVE DISEASE TO YOU ITS UP TO YOU ALL WITH UR MIND. and LABOUR THERE IS NO INTERVENTION OF GOD IN BOTH EVIL AS WELL AS GOOD.

  39. trolldoll1681 says:

    i thought true christians didn’t believe in ghosts. and who made the dinosaurs? were they before adam and eve or after? oh and while i’m here how could the earth populate with only one man and one woman and there children. wasn’t that called incest? now you know why i have trouble with this whole GOD THING!

  40. Karen M. says:

    I don’t know why I’m being attacked I simply stated that I beleve in God and I got put down for it , but for people who don’t believe, that’s ok ???????????????

  41. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    I sure hope you don’t think I was attacking you. I totally knew what you were saying. I was referring to Manik. ;)

  42. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m not trying to attack anyone, i have serious ?s about god and why would he let men do these things to each other. i believe the world is going to have a catastrophic event, soon. everyone has a higher power. the buses in downtown des moines iowa had a banner that a atheist group put up and the bus driver was fired because she wouldn’t drive that bus. the whole city blew a gasket. i know there are 3 things that can’t be discussed civily- religion, politics and abortion.. i suggest we move on and get back to the wonderful world of the paranormal!!

  43. J says:

    Hey guys just stumbled upon this site. Just wanted to say a few words. God has not forsaken us, the world is the way it is because of us. It is because of free will that we live in this world the way it is now. Free will can be a great thing but at the same time, as many of you have noticed, it can also be a double edge sword.

    For that person or anybody, knowing that they are doing wrong and espect got to be there for them have a misconception of things. Its like telling God, ‘Lord I am going to jump in front of a moving car, please keep it from hitting me’. Of course he will not help you. It is said that you should not tempt God.

    Everybody is going to go through hardship one point or another. That is where faith comes in. When you can stay with him through the worst, the blessings will begin. Things happen for a reason, but if you have faith. Things will turn out for the best. (and sometimes those that don’t believe in him even get his blessing) but as humans, we are never content. You may receive a belessing but if its not exactly what you asked for, you complain, instead be grateful and continue asking for what you want.

    And yest its true. God will not give you money. If your in it for that, then you will be disappointed. But he did give you feet, legs and a brain to make the money. You must put your own part before he can put his. And for those that don’t agree, you basically asking to be spoon fed.

    One day this pain and suffering will end. But not until he has shown the universe that he has given man long enough time to repent and that his finally judgement is fair. He is not slow to come, but patient to give a chance for all to be saved.

    Those that were ‘good’ and died any sort of death will not be forgotten. It is a blessing to leave this world for something better to come, especially those with a cronic disease that they will have for the rest of there life and the likes.

    But everybody is entittled to there own beliefes. That’s all I really wanted to say lol
    Please stay away from those boards as I have heard stories of them as well, even by just having them in your house, is asking for trouble.

    And sorry if things don’t make sense or are misspelled. Typing from my phone. May you all gave a great day and a peaceful night.


  44. Karen M. says:

    DarStarr, I know that sweetie! To the others God gave us free will therefore we are free to do what we want on this earth, at the end we will all be judged by our actions!

    P.S. Trolldoll, I�m Roman Catholic, and I believe in ghosts cause I saw one!

  45. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    SO true! Free will is a gift that unfortunately many abuse!

  46. Manik says:

    Chill out guys just frustrated because of pains i have been through and pains, blood, deaths i had seen made me emotional about god sorry. Free will is necessary but a full free will leads to evil as i was saying who uses the free will for good, the good or the bad, you all know bad peoples use the free will more readyly I only want god to interven in things that reaches the worse thats all. Just because he created us (still in a confused state of creation of man anyways) and gave us FREE WILL that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t help us or interven in our probs. A Mother would be helping her son in things even he got old or wise its her duty so likewise its a must duty of god to interven in worst things happening in the world which was beautiful when it was young. Lets cut this god topic and move to another as we have talked more than enough of it. Any other topic we can talk i am here to converse if you all want.

  47. Karen M. says:

    Enough said…………BYE

  48. DarStarr says:

    Ditto :)

  49. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    trolldoll,,,, you are talking about evolution and creation, 2 totally different things.

    evolution- science

  50. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    manik,,,,, its ok to have your own opinion,,, maybe you believe more in evalution, that things will just be what they will be. You are right, there is a lot of death and destruction around us, but, at the same time we have to really enjoy the good things… i have learned to live very simply, and enjoy nature… that might sound like a cop out, but it works for me…

    i have moved close to the mountains, and enjoy the country air, wind, quiet,, ect: and so forth. maybe, i am just an ole hippy,,lol… i love to watch the rabbits and birds, and have learned a lot about creation……

    my life has been full of turmoil, and sometimes still is,, so i have had to figure out a way to have peace within myself.. what i have learned is… you have to do it for yourself, no one else can do it for you……

    i hope you can find some peace in your soul and heart!!! i think you can, i have faith in you…i am a very spiritual person…..

    2 subjects i dont like to talk about are, religion and politics… because,,, we all have our opinions, and it always seems to start an argument…. always has, even in the history books…

    manik,,, you are trully a very deep person, and you have many questions. i think you are a very brave person to come here and be so honest….. dont beat yourself up so much,, take a deep breath, and feel the cleansing when you blow it out…do deep breathing exercises often, and blow out the cob webs, it will make you feel much better, i promise.!!!

    take care of you!!!! you are very important!!!!!! KTM

  51. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    manik,, another thing,, i have survived some unbearable things in my life, and i have pain every day… but,, in a strange way, i am stronger for it all…… i have never known the simple way…. life has always been hard, but ya know what? i have helped so many others who have suffered way more than me by just talking to them and understanding. letting them vent and cry….

    i see that in you!!! you can go out into this crazy , rotten world and bring joy!!! you can turn grey and black into bright colors…..maybe its not time yet,, maybe you need more suffering, but thats not for me to know,, just remember,, there will be a rainbow, many times in your life, never give up on that rainbow….

    trying not to get into religion!!!! i trully believe that there are some chosen people, that are supposed to have difficulty in thier lives…..supposed to feel deep pain….

    we also feel very deeply with love and happiness also… more than most… we appreciate the smallest things… i grab onto any positive that i can, and i tell you this,, its like a light just beams….if for only a moment, it is worth it…..

    hang in there hun,,,,, better days are coming

  52. trolldoll1681 says:

    i know the difference between evolution and creation and i tend to lean towards evolution. until they find the garden of eden or noah’s ark…….

  53. Manik says:

    Thanks knowtomuch that was caring no one ever talked kindly to me everyone hated me even my mother hated me left me when i was a teen.thus i hate every thing the world, my life, not my friends, even i tried to sucide many times but saved by my friends. I am miserable then why you tell that i am important knowtomuch. Still now i am hanging on to my life for others to live i have contributed money to many orphans. I have lost faith in god i am not spiritual i just live for others my aim was to study metaphysics and particle physics i am working hard on these things now. I face many probs and difficulties but they are not equal to the pain when my mother left me with my dad so any difficulties after i faced were not that painful just like u i visit this site daily to let out my pains in the air. thanks everyone who supported me.

    little joys man little joys i experience in my life but i accept it greatly and big pains i accept it lightly. Everyone may say that they are good but i will not say that i am good but i will say that i am not the worst i have much confidence in winning in this world but only problem is i won�t easily forget my pains even today i remember my pain and tears will run down my eyes then i will let out a small chuckle and think about the good things then i will think about my achievements and i say to myself that �LIFE HAD NEVER BEEN SO GOOD BUT ITS OUR DESTINY TO MAKE IT THE BEST�. Now i have many friends, many people who want me to live with them so i live for them.

    knowtomuch to this day u are my trusted friend in this site.

  54. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    We should have no free will.

  55. child like says:



  56. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    manik,, remember i said that there are chosen people in this world??? you are one of them.. thats why you are so important and special… i can feel it all the way over here!!!! and have since i have been talking to you..

    i also know and totally understand being on the edge, barely hanging on.. i understand completly…. many people have no clue how this feels… many people dont want to hear it.. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT,, FOR SURE!!!! i tend to feel very alone most of the time, but, i realize thats the way its supposed to be for me…..

    so,, i have to make my own enjoyment, and there is joy if you look for it….. it has to come from within you!!! its hard to do, but,, i can feel that you are a very strong person, a lot stronger than you know… can you tell me your age???

    i am 51, and my heritage is Welsh-English, i was born in england, but have lived in the USA, for many years. i live in the Southeast.

    you where abandoned,, there is nothing worse.. a horrible thing.. i also feel that i was abandoned when my daughter died, then my dad died 10 years later…. i deal with it because i have to, i have work to do in this life!!!! and so do you!!!

    manik,, dont ever give up,, you will find peace in your life….try thinking about something you love to do, or somewhere you love to go, and stay there for a while in your head.. kind of like a daydream.. this is a tool you can use anytime you feel the anxiety coming….

    write down all of your good qualities!! i know you have tons, and you know it too…..i know its hard to do when you feel like crap, but do it anyway!!! i put little notes around the house of how good i am,,,,lol,,, seems funny, but, it does help….

    get rid of words like HATE, LOOSER, UGLY, BETRAYED, LOST, ECT:,,, make a huge list of the worst words you can think of about yourself.. read over them a few times, then tear the paper into shreds and throw it away.. do this as often as needed… get rid of the negatives!!!!!! bring in the positives!!!!

    manik,, sorry about the counseling, it just comes naturally…. i am such a mother hen,,lol…….you see, no matter how bad i feel, or how crappy i think i am, i have always had a huge heart!!! so,, i am gona use the positive in me.. no negative energy can take that away from me……did you hear what i just said???? NO NEGATIVE CAN TAKE MY POSITIVE AWAY FROM ME!! i wont allow it…..

    take good care of yourself, i will be here!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Manik says:

    child like. you pray for others with candles but i give candles who suffer in darkness just because of ur prayer nothing’s gonna happen it just CALMS YOU DOWN i didn’t say that u are not trying to help others i say ur prayers are useless just because u hope that ur prayers will help that doesn’t mean that ur prayers will bring back good things, once i was a child i will pray for everyone daily three times like saying ”keep everyone happy god, keep every one and me away from danger and destruction. it didn’t happen all i say was terror, blood, cruelty. helping others directly is good. anyway i thank u a lot for ur comment THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    Now My age is 32. yes i am a strong person i faced my sorrows directly after the incident happened. When i face a bad situation i say to my self u lost everything, u don’t have nothing so face it, facing the difficulties is the only way to get out of it. if u can feel that i am special why my mother didn’t? just a ques. You don’t talk like crap u talk the things which can save me from negatives i understand after the incident i developed negative characters i will always speak negatives but now i am on the end of overcoming the negative characters so thank you there’s no need of sorry things between us you can tell anything advice, counseling etc i will accept it all because you had experienced a lot so it is necessary for me to take ur advice. thank u know to much now i have a good friend.

  58. Manik says:

    Me and my friend surya live together we took a decision not to marry live by our ways helping orphans, abandoned, people in needs etc he’s still a unbeliever of god don’t know why . Immediate change of his house and decision about marriage brought bitterness between him and his parents so he is now with me in my home i convinced his mother for him being here with me.

  59. Manik says:

    then we both work as teachers in a school my subject is physics u all know. he does economics.

  60. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    manik, i wish i had the answer to why your mother left you…. that would be only something she could answer….. i know you are bitter and sad, and i wish that i could take the pain away!!! is there anyone in your family that could give you more information???? i hope you find the closure you need one day!!!! see, i told you how special you are, i had no clue that you did so much for others, but i felt it in my heart…. and you are a teacher,, wow,, that is awesome!!! the time will come when you realize how important you are to others. i dont know how or when, but you will……

    take care

  61. DarStarr says:

    I have been reading your posts, and I am sorry for what you are going through, but I would like to just say, that perhaps your mother left because she knew she couldn’t be the type of mother you deserve. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes the greatest gift someone can give is to walk away instead of staying and being unhappy and taking that unhappiness out on the one’s around them.
    I know several people who should NEVER have become parents and they are making their children miserable.
    Stay strong, you are a kind, generous soul and are loved by many.

  62. Manik says:

    Every one is dead in my family knowtomuch, no one to say why but i assume that My mother left me because i was not lucky i was considered as a bad luck person after my birth there was bitterness between family my family drifted apart in pieces and in my teen age it happened all my grand parents one by one EVERY ONE DIED. There was misunderstandings between my uncle, my mother, my aunt etc facing so much difficulty in raising me due to money she recieved scoldings and miserable words about her or due to my birth whatso ever She was at her peak of giving up so she had to leave me BUT TO ME SHE SHOULDN’T BEEN LEFT ME ALONE with my father. My father try to convinced her at his best effort but he failed. Thank you knowtomuch.
    Darstarr, may be u are right i doesn’t deserve be her son i am not even deserved to be son of mother earth and god

  63. DarStarr says:

    It’s not that at all, SHE didn’t deserve to be YOUR mother!! Like I said, perhaps she knew that she just couldn’t be the kind of mother YOU deserve. I hate that you are so down on yourself. You seem like a very giving person, but you MUST give to yourself too! You are here on this earth for a reason, so please, let the past and things you can not change go and look towards giving yourself the happy future you deserve. And you DO deserve it.
    Remember, happiness comes from within. You have to look at the fact that we are here on this earth for such a very short time and we need to look for the good NOT the bad. Find your happiness, I know it’s there!!!!

    One more thing. I know you feel like she shouldn�t have left you alone, but you must realize that it might have been so much worse for you had she stayed. Please know that. She could have been so horrible to you that it would have damaged you so severely.

  64. Manik says:

    I didn’t miss understood u darstarr its just me i think myself as inferior i didn’t overcome that fully but i might say i am trying my best to overcome it sorry. I know the reason dar i am here to live and help others so i won’t loose hope. EVEN A STRONG PERSON CANNOT FORGET HIS PAST
    HE WILL MOSTLY REMEMBER HIS PAINS i am like that too but to say the truth i am not always like that now with friends i am mostly happy do u know even in my birthday i will cry a lot, a lot because she is not with me EVERY BIRTHDAY IS DIFFICULT AND PAINFUL FOR ME i didn’t enjoy even one birthday happily but now i share my birthday with orphans in trust with giving them gifts, chocolates, even new dresses i do my best to help them because they shouldn’t feel like me. i am not telling u this to u to see me as good but i say this as A PART OF MY LIFE!!! indeed happiness, sadness, humor comes from within the heart but i might add its because of outside things. I do know its there silly.

    Indeed darstarr if she had been with me i wouldn’t HAVE A SINGLE CHANCE TO HELP OTHERS OR THE RIGHT TO SPEAK TO U RIGHT NOW. I know her behavior because of the domination of her parents to her she would dominate me as nobody helped her to flee from her parents iron hands SHE JUST REFUSE TO HELP OTHERS EVEN MY FRIENDS. I know every turning point in our life is because of some reasons and results which we came to know when we realize the real cause of a turning point. thank u again.

  65. DarStarr says:

    All I can say is that you should be proud of the person you are!!! You seem like a truly extrodinary person that has already touched the lives of so many in wonderful ways.
    Your mother is the one that is missing out on that!

  66. Manik says:

    Darstarr i am sorry but its just me i try my best to overcome that i will not always talk like that sometimes only. You are right if she had been with me i wouldn’t be there to help others like orphans i didn’t have one chance to celebrate my birthday so on big people’s birthday i help others more with giving away dresses etc. Its all for a good reason for me to get seperated with my mother

  67. DarStarr says:

    You just keep you head up and work on being happy! And please, CELEBRATE YOUR Birthday!

  68. Manik says:

    Darstarr i too wish to celebrate but i am alone nobody to care surya is away for a business deal for his side business of tea leafs so its a one month trip to check huge acres of tea plantation my birth date is 17th march so its a few month away i would always expect friends to be with me on my birthdays but it won’t happen so i won’t celebrate but this time i may get together with my friends with your wishes

  69. DarStarr says:

    I hope so!!! I wish I could take you out to celebrate your Birthday!!!

  70. Manik says:

    I too wish that i can be with you but its just a dream but reality is which we are able to talk. Take care of others who love you then YOU WILL BE TAKEN CARE

  71. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi manik and darstarr, i have been gone for a few days, but now im back,, i hope you guys are doing well……i think that taking care, and giving to others is so wonderful. i also give to others and help others as much as possible, in fact i think thats why i am here on earth. My heart just bleeds for those who need help, and there are so many. i consider both of you my friends, and boy, is it nice to have friends.

    we all must take one day at a time!!! take time for ourselves, and love ourselves…… hard to do at times, but, if we try it can be done..

    hugs,,,, ktm

  72. Manik says:


  73. Manik says:


  74. DarStarr says:

    KTM and Manik,
    I am here! And always will be for you guys!!!
    KTM, you are so right, it is such a wonderful thing to have friends!!

  75. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi guys, i am going to post a new story!!!! kind of excited about it… keep an eye out!!! ktm

  76. Manik says:


  77. DarStarr says:

    We are!!! You are such a sweet person!!!!

    I am looking forward to it, as I always look forward to your posts!!!

  78. Manik says:


  79. DarStarr says:

    Where is she Manik!! I hope she still loves us!!! LOL!! ;0

  80. Manik says:

    of course she loves us she just cant keep up with our posts i cant assume any other reason i think!

  81. DarStarr says:

    I think you are right sweetie!!!!

  82. Manik says:


  83. DarStarr says:

    You are just tooooo cute!!! – sweetie!!! ;)

  84. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi guys,, in here!!!! wow,, its nice to be missed,, you guys are the best,, just been very tired this week…. i had the brain mri, last friday, wont know results for about 2 weeks when i see my neuro again.. in the meantime, i will be having a lot of bloodwork done with 2 doctors, and a yearly physical.. busy time of year….. trying to get all of my doc. visits in before end of the year….

    i did enter 2 stories, and they will be posted on Oct, 22 and 23, just found out today.. so keep a lookout!!!!

    manik and dar, you are both sweeties and honeys,,,,, its good to have friends like you guys… i will make a point to be here more often..

    luv you all,,,, ktm

  85. Manik says:


  86. DarStarr says:

    I am sending out good vibes that all will be fine with all the doctors visits. I have been doing basically the same thing to. Got an appt. today as a matter of fact. HATE doctors, but they are a necessary evil I guess. But I just KNOW all will be good with you honey! I am sending love!!! Can’t wait to read your stories!
    And I know Manik is looking forward to them too!!
    Love you guys!

  87. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Dar, i am thinking of you today, and hope your visit went well!! let me know if there is anything i can do….

    manik, i am also thinking of you today!!! my stories are named,,,, ( the hauted retirment home) and ( the girl at the top of the stairs) i am trying to get the guts up to post the story of Ambers murder….. thinking it and writing it are 2 different things… its just hard to write, because i have to leave out many details, to protect the innocent, one being me…

    i am already taking a chance by using her name!!!! just dont want the wrong people to get on here and read the story,, im sure that wont happen, but,, i have to be careful…. you see, this affected many people!! in my town…. in fact, 2 of my friends, and my sis in law all got cancer, not long after Amber died.. one of them has passed away…….

    my dad also passed away due to grief.. he also had cancer, and we had no clue he was sick… im very surprised that i am still alive!! i trully feel that the devil came to town that day, in 1993……. and left his mark on our town.. so many bad things have happened… and we dont live in a small town….

    i would love to write the story from top to bottom and how everything led up to the murderes, but,,, i cant…. it would take a book… maybe one day i will write that book…. just still afraid,, and very tired!!!!

    i feel like i have been running since 1993, even living in another state for 4 years after.. as far as some know,, i am still there…. i have moved numerous times.. you see…… there is more to the story than i will tell you,, there are others involved… the police did not follow up on the others… but,, i know in time, it will all come out, hopefully, while i am still alive, so i will understand how it ever happened..

    ok,,, i am rambling on……. talk soon,,,,, bless you all,, ktm

  88. DarStarr says:

    Thank you sweetie!!! You are a DOLL!!! – but not a scary clown doll or a Robert doll or anything!! lol! you are an angel doll!!! :)

  89. Manik says:

    To caretaker I wont be posting on the story “through the eyes of vampire” but i will post comments on other stories which are of my interest thank you.

    to DARSTARR AND KTM I have low bandwidth (low browsing speed) so it is very difficult for me to join or speak in “talkparanormal” guys so, sorry i won’t join u in talk paranormal KNOWTOMUCH
    Then Darstarr Knowtomuch is a cutie sweetie loving doll in our hearts!!!
    praying for you both loving manik.

    • Caretaker says:


      If you look at the bottom of you will see a link that says “Lite (Archive) Mode” When you view the forum in that mode it uses very little resources and bandwidth. Its more or less just a plain text page with the same content.

  90. Manik says:

    I know how it feels to loose everyone in ur family sweetie!!!
    I don’t want you to post ur full story if it affects others
    just post it simple which can be understandable we will try to understand it!!!
    with love Manik.

  91. SmexiiSteve says:

    Woah. Like woah. You three are like best friends and i feel like an intrusion but i can’t help but to say, i definitely like totally agree with knowtoomuch. I believe religion and politics definitely like totally bring hot discussions with flaring attitudes and minds. I’m not that great on politics so i usually tune them out, but religion is like a great affect on me (for personal reasons). but yeah, sometimes i kinda wish that those topics wouldn’t bring such heat flares, but you can’t help it. everyone has their own opinions, and that as people turn into adults, their minds information starts becoming set in stone so it will be even harder to persuade changes in their minds thoughts. but yeah. like totally agree.

    BTW: how do you know when someone has replied to your comments? like i totally have been commenting nonstop on like 20 billion stories and i’ll never know when someone answers my questions! do i have to wait and just keep checking those articles again (because i totally won’t remember which ones i commented), or will this site notify me everytime i come here? gahh; i wish this was easier….hahahahaah OMG. i JUST finally read the checkbox thingy at the bottom of the page saying, “check this box and get notified about followup comments via e-mail.” OMG im so retarded.lawl. i thought it was a thing where they would send you crap and i quickly dismissed it. ugh.

  92. Manik says:

    SmexiiSteve We are best friends IF U WANT U CAN JOIN IN TOO, GREAT FRIEND SHIP SHOULD NOT BE LOST IT SHOULD BE VAST!!! Hows my poetry!

  93. SmexiiSteve says:

    Caretaker: I seem to be not able to find the “light archive” you speak of on this website. can you help me?

    • Caretaker says:

      If you go toward the bottom of the page you will see a row of links. One of them says “Lite (Archive) Mode “

  94. SmexiiSteve says:

    Woah. like woah. there were sooo many caps i don’t think i followed. You’re from india? woah even more. and won’t the website thingy like have me clicking the box thingy for notifications saved so i don’t HAVE TO click it all the time?

    • Caretaker says:

      – you only need to check it one time. If you ever decide you dont want to get the email notifications there is a link at the bottom of each one you can use to remove it.

  95. SmexiiSteve says:

    if i check the box does it apply to all the other stories i have commented or just this one? and if i check the box after commenting other stories does it still apply or just does it apply from here on out?

    • Caretaker says:

      The notifications dont work by cookies. When you post your comment and include a valid email address and check the box a message is sent to the system to record that email address and then to send it an update whenever a new comment is made. Clearing your cookies will not stop the emails, only using the unsubscribe page/link can you remove your email address from the que. It just takes a couple clicks.

      Also, the notification process only works for the one story. If you want to receive updates for other stories you will need to check the box on those particular stories.

  96. Manik says:

    If u remove or delete ur cookies u should check the box again.
    Yea i am from INDIA. Then what to say??? tilt!!!

  97. Manik says:

    MAN!!! I didn’t say that deleting cookies will stop the email notifications i said it will hide or erase the cached stuffs that you entered like example erased cookies will erase the stuff u enter in comment form and will make the check box appear again.

  98. SmexiiSteve says:

    i have no idea what you just meant.lawl and just for security reasons are you, knowtoomuch, and DarStarr 16 and under? because im 15. and i don�t wanna be talking to any creepers. no offence. just so im safe

    Dangit! Gahh. now i have to pretty much search up all of my previous comments just to make sure i have notifications. fml.

    • Caretaker says:

      There is a link at the bottom of each notification (in your email) that you can click on to see and manage all the threads you are subscribed to

  99. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    LOL,,, i just have to have a laugh!!! you guys have put a ray of sundhine in my morning!!! it took me forever to figure out how to post and recieve posts,,lol.. dont worry steve, you will get it, and very nice to meet you… yes,, join in and be our friend, anyone is welcome….

    dar, manik and me have become very close through our posts, as we all feel that we can finally say it like it is, and not be shunned by others… we welcome anyone who wants to be able to vent and talk….

    manik and dar,, you guys are so sweet,, hugs to you both!!!!

    by the way,, manik,, although i am on the other site also, i will be here most of the time… the other site is huge,, i cant keep up with all of it…lol,,,,,only so much brain to go around!!!!

    i know that it seems like much of my life has been negative, but, i also have happiness.. you know,, we have to make our own happiness!!!! i have to work hard to push away the negative, but i do….. the more stories i am telling, the more stories i am remembering!!!! wow,, a lot has happened in my life.. maybe i can remember some good spirit stories, i know they are in my head somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!

    all my luv to all,,,,, ktm

  100. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    OH…. by the way,, i am from Great Britain !!! actually Wales…i also lived in Canada for a while, i have been in the USA for many years now!!!! WOW manik,,, India,,, how cool is that!!!!!!! i now live in the Southeast of the USA…. but not to close to the coast, closer to the Blue Ridge mountains…….in fact, i live in the foothills of the mountains, we are 5 miles from NC border….. i live in SC….

  101. Karen M. says:

    Really I love India………….so exotic cool guy’s! I live in France!

  102. Manik says:

    There’s no need of security to me. I live in a remote village in India (cannot tell more info on my living place) in western ghats of south india so it is very diffucult to find me lol. Then i am not scared of disclosing my personal things but there’s a limit to tell these things being sixteen u should not DISCLOSE ANYTHING JUST TO BE SAFE!!!!

    I am in India so when you people wake up we will enjoy our evening!!!
    I live in a remote village in India (cannot tell more info on my living place) in western ghats of south india so it is very diffucult to find me lol.


    KAREN I have no idea about france anyways GOOD PLACES TO VISIT!!!!

  103. SmexiiSteve says:

    WOAH. Like Woah. You guys are so exotic. I LOVE british accents and traveling to foreign countries. I LOVE French people and how they talk as well. Me? I’m born in the US plain and boring. Like literally. all the us is good for is its freedom and melting pot of cultures. but don’t fret because i will become famous one day and i’ll totally remember you guys and be like, “OMG! the website is awesome because of the stories and the people!” and yeah. it’ll be intense. So yeah. who watches glee? i sure do! it’s the best living show on earth. like i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! i’m going to be on that show one day. i don’t know how and i don’t know when but i will. im sooo random.lawl. pizza rolls are awesome as well. well that’s italian not french so yeah. oh wait, i like french fries! do they count? lawl. and BTW: my uncle is from britain. so yeah. its like awesome :D

  104. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    manik, isnt it wonderful living in the mountains?? i just love it.. when i was your age, i was doing a lot of hiking with my friends, it was a good time, not so many worries!!!! i lived around a lot of woods and creeks at that time, and was outside a lot after school and on the weekends… ktm

  105. Karen M. says:


    You’re so cute! No sorry french fries are actually Belgium!

  106. SmexiiSteve says:

    Karen M:
    thanks :3 i try. and if french fries are from belgium, then why are they called FRENCH fries? it’s ridiculous.

    To Any Whom It Concerns:
    i love dancing. i was watching these youtube videos of mia michaels teaching these dancers some steps and it was awesome. i was in awe. i was like woah. like totally. i have sooo much hoework today! and i had a three day weekend and didn’t do squat. and i need to memeorize my lines for all act one and two and i still haven’t done that yet. and they’re due tomorrow! im freaking out right now. and im still wasting time by commenting on this.lawl no offense. its just that i have soo much stuff to do. like seriously.

  107. DarStarr says:

    hey guys!
    How was everyone’s weekend? I didn’t have a single chance this weekend to get on line just to say hey! Seems like the chores and errands NEVER stop and are always left to consume my weekends! Yuck! As if work wasn’t enough!! LOL!

  108. Manik says:

    Yea its wonderfull I love nature I love the fresh air the fresh smell of country side I love the gentle breeze I love this world!!! I will go on mountain climbing, Camping ( not the funny one for kids!!!) real life dangerous camping, I use to search criptids but didn’t find one!!!
    to karen then why is the name french fries honey!!!

  109. DarStarr says:

    I so agree! I LOVE nature too! The leaves are changing color right now by me and are soooo beautiful! This is my favorite time of year, the air smells so crisp and clean!
    By the way, what are criptids? I am showing my blond here! ;)

  110. Karen M. says:


    The name is french fries, because that is the name that Americans gave them. In France a french fry is bigger and they are called ‘ frites”, french fries are actually origin from Belguim and they eat them with mussels and french fries are accompiined with mayonnaise, your idea of french fries is Americanized!


    It�s what Americans call them!

  111. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Ok darling, you are making me hungry!!!!!!!

  112. Karen M. says:

    Sorry, we own restaurants!

  113. DarStarr says:

    Send me good food!!!! LOL!!!!

  114. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    you guys are so funny and always give me a chuckle,,,lol……. man,, did i eat a good breakfast this morning….. after my blood work, my husband and i went to denny’s,, and had,,,, eggs,sausage,hash browns, and pancakes… some of that ole, stick to your ribs and veins,lol.. southern food…. i dont eat that sort of thing to often,, try to stay to a lot of veggies and beans if possible… but,, it sure was good,,lol…..


  115. Manik says:


    TO DARSTARR sorry i miss spelled it it is Cryptids they are biengs or living things from another dimensions see the trueghosttales top page to find a link taht say cryptozoology or go to cutie! ! !

    TO KAREN THANK YOU for the info wow!!! u have a restaurant cool honey! ! !
    and send me french fries too ! ! ! ! !

    I like being funny! ! ! coz within friends we should be joyful ! ! ! !

  116. Karen M. says:

    I would but they wouldn’t make the plane trip!

  117. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    But I bet the snails would!!!! yum!

    That sounds good! I didn�t have time to eat lunch today and now I am hungry!!! We have this little hole in the wall rest. that makes the BEST chocolate chip pancakes! MMMMM

  118. Karen M. says:


    No , you see they don’t have their passports and they get really angry when they have to leave the garden………… the best are the green ones, my kids play with them all the time ha ha!

    P.S. my son is only 5 and he can eat 12 of them!

  119. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    LMAO!!!! Tell them if they pour salt on them they will disappear….or is that only slugs???
    You tell your son to GO BOY!!!!! :)

  120. Karen M. says:


    Ummm, I thought that was leeches?? These snails are really big ones, they have snail farms in Bourgone, kind of like in the U.S. where they raise fish in the resovoir! ha ha this is too funny , glad I’m not the only one who likes snails

  121. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    No, I think the salt thing works on slugs too. I remember the boys I grew up with doing it. (they are probably seriel killers now!! LOL!)
    No, I just LOVE them…AS long as they are made well and not gritty!

  122. Karen M. says:


    Sometimes that’s true especially with clams and oysters, they have to be well cleaned

  123. Manik says:

    i don’t like snails nor do i like clams and oysters uhh!!! its disgusting!!! sorry if i degraded ur favorite food stuff!!! honeys and sweeties.

  124. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    That is for sure! NOT fun when you get that grit in your mouth! yuck! it’s like eating something and biting into an eggshell!!! eeeeek

  125. Karen M. says:


    he he that’s all the sand!

    Manik ,

    No offence taken those aren’t my Favorite foods, but I do like them from time to time, I don’t eat meat!

  126. MANIK says:

    I am just glad that my homies won’t eat such kinda wierd things.

    I just wonder sweety why is the name darstarr it always reminds me a person of strong heart and strong hope! ! ! ! !!

  127. Kuva says:

    RAWR! I r Canadien eh! Yeah Ouiga boards r evil and it is foolish to use em. :3 SO DUN USE EM! Hehehe yes with friends u should be joyful :3 U guys seem very nice. :) I feel like I dont belong tho cuz I’m just a reader and not one of experience XD No big deal. :3 take care! Kuva \|/

  128. DarStarr says:

    Hey honey. My first name is Darlene but my friends always called me Dar and I use to sing in a band ( a long time ago) and my best friends neice just started calling me DarStarr one day and it stuck. So they have been calling me that for 20 + years!!!
    But I like your strong heart and strong hope theory!!!!

  129. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Kuva,, you are always welcome here!!! post away….. we just tend to get silly sometimes,lol,, good for the soul……. Dar.. i also wondered about your name,, now we know!!! hey guys, have you read my post about the girl at the top of the stairs yet??? you probably have, i havent checked.. just got on here…… ktm

  130. DarStarr says:

    Yep, now you know the origin of my nick-name. MUCH better than what my family called me when I was little – Lena – oh yuck!
    I did read you new post and as always am just blown away by you. You have such a strong will and wonderful gift!
    That neighbor sounds like the neighbor from hell and I am soooo glad you got away from him! Sounds like her would have been worse than the ghosts!!! ;)

  131. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Dar, you are right, i think he will end up in jail one day!!! i could handle all of the wierd things going on, but the nut next door was to much…… we felt danger all around us…… a lot of people have told me over the years how strong i am,, but, it has taken its toll… a person can only handle so much.. on the other hand,, i always bounce back!!! i made that promise to myself a long time ago…. luv,, ktm

  132. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    …….And now for something completely different……

  133. Manik says:

    I am still cold guys and to admit the truth i couldn’t even get to the bath room!! Severe fever sticked with me too now so i will be away ( i will be at complete bed rest as said by KTM.)
    To Darstarr i like your name Darlene but i will continue to call you as CUTE DARSTARR! ! !
    We all are strong persons coz we all faced many probs in our life isn’t it??? So as said experience is a good teacher facing difficulties made us STRONG. Bye Guys See YOU ALL LATER!@!@!

  134. Manik says:

    I am with Caretaker. He is right!
    Difference is IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFE!
    Can you imagine a same old life with same old things happening.bye!@!@!

  135. Karen M. says:

    Well I am totally ok with that too and the neighbor nut

  136. lucifer0660 says:

    wow so many people

  137. Dark Blue says:

    Hai People I am new here! I needed to have some friends to talk!! Can I join with you? I can see that you people are having so much fun. I want to have fun too!!!
    And I am alone like you Manik, I have a doubt Manik,
    I once had a best friend with the name Mani He lives in south India and I used to be with him until my college days.
    This is the doubt Are you the same Mani who was my friend???
    With your permission i can verify it because i had seen all of ur comments and your own english slang is similar to my friend and he just loves paranormal!!
    Here are my questions
    What’s your favorite color?
    What’s your favorite number?
    What’s your hobby and interests?
    one last question
    Who’s ur favorite friend?
    remember u can ask questions too
    and by the way good story it seems like fiction!

  138. Manik says:

    yea so many people, lucifer??To Dark Blue Hmmm! Who are you? And Whats your real name? of course i am south indian but i don’t recognise you and to say the truth my favorite color is BLUE, my favorite number is 7 and to your last question you must answer to my first two questions. Weird you say me that i am like your friend bye!@!@!

  139. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi darkblue,,, welcome to the website!!!!

    Manik,,, i think you have a fan!!!! so manik,,, following up on your origianl story,, anything else happen, after useing the board???? it definatly caused me a lot of problems when i was young,, thats for sure!!!! i would also be careful about answering to many personal questions!! if i may say so,, you know i look out for ya!!! ktm

  140. Manik says:

    Hai KTM!@!@! He could be a fan but he says he had been with me strange!! I do had a lot of friends i remember them clearly but this guy is wierd. I changed my home or should i say i left my home to see my old friend now i am in his home, nothing happened to me physically but here and there i will see shadows and feel cold spots it doesn’t even bother me but when i was in my home i will always will be waken up by something in the middle of the night. its been an busy weekend and i am well. With love manik!@!@!

  141. DARKBLUE says:

    Ok!! I am sure that u are my old friend, I will reveal my real name, My real name is Bala Can you recognize me manik? I know you will! I am your old friend You had lived near my house and you are my classmate fool Try to remember it! and to prove that i am ur old friend i can reveal one thing the symbol i always use here it is “!$!$!” Can you remember me now and my favorite color is dark blue. Even still if u can’t believe me i will tell the name of ur best child hood friend which you and me know his name is SUDAR. This is the best i can do.!$!$!

  142. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    darkblue,, this thread is starting to fizzle out…. have you had any dealings with the paranormal????

    manik,, i was wondering, are you still teaching?? i was just wondering how different the schools are in india?? and what age group you teach!!!

    darstarr,, you still here??? and how are you doing??

    ktm oh!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!!

  143. Manik says:

    Happy Halloween! To yo all out there who love me. To Dark Blue I think i remember you, You are one of my best friends in my life who helped me most of the time in studies. I recognize you and thank you very much for remembering me and as asked by KTM did you have any paranormal experiences lol!@!@! ??HAI! ! ! KTM, YES I have been teaching to teens to mold them up on their own interests they had their own favorite fields but over. I like to concentrate on youngsters bye with love Manik!@!@!

  144. David-Paul says:

    The majority of posters here seem as though they are either children or speak English as a second language…

    The level of education is our countries is appalling…can no one spell/speak correctly?

  145. DARKBLUE says:

    Thanks MANIK, Now can i join you people in fun! and one thing i will be with u always honey!$!$!

  146. DARKBLUE says:

    Hai again THANKS MANIK!$!!$!
    TO KTM Yea I had a strange experience in a remote place in green hill in western ghats of south india i will try to post it in a few days its about a sighting of a shadowy animal and it could be a BIGFOOT!$!$!

  147. child like says:


    what is your point!

  148. DarStarr says:

    Hey there sweetie! I am here…NOW!! LOL! I had a super busy weekend! Now back to the grind…oh what I wouldn’t give to be independantly wealthy….ahhhh!
    Hope everyone who celebrates it had a safe and fun Halloween!

  149. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    darkblue,, i cant wait to read it,, sounds very interesting, and very scary.. wow, if i saw a beast running around,, i would be running the other way as fast as i could… i can feel my heart beating now!!!!!! luv ya,,,, ktm

    Hi David-Paul, and welcome to the site….. many of us here are from different countries, but, isnt it amazing how the paranormal is world wide?? i think its awsome…. by the way,, i am 51,, middle age,, well my neuro says i have the brain of an 80 year old,, you see, you dont know someone untill you get to know them,, i have MS, so that causes me problems with spelling many times…..

    as you visit this site, you will see that there are many amazing people posting thier stories.. many of us have become close friends, as we have no one else we can talk to about our paranormal events and stories.. this site is a blessing!!!! and CARETAKER is awesome….

    as far as the younger people on here,, us older ones try to help them with thier difficuties, so they dont have to go through life, as we did….. we have been there and done it, and we try to give good advice….. i wish i had a place like this to come when i was young…

    Sometimes,,,,,,, all it takes to make someone feel better is a kind word, and a pat on the back… will see, that most here have huge hearts, and kind souls!!! if i where you, i would not worry so much about the spelling, and English usage…. it takes guts to tell your secrets, that you cant tell anyone else….

    i cant wait to read your story,, can you tell me what it will be about,,???

    bless you,,, ktm

  150. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    HI,, Darr,, its so good to see you hun….. i know all about the grind,, and to tell you the truth,, i miss it.. i have been disabled for about 10 years now…. i really miss working!!!! But,, on the other hand,, in a way , i retired early.. just wish i had more energy to enjoy it.. So,, a busy Halloween Huh????

    i have been reading posts and seeing what others did for Halloween, and it was very interesting.. me and hubby watched lots of scary shows on tv,,, it was raining very hard outside, so that made it spookier,,lol….

    have a good week, and dont work to hard,, luv ya,, ktm

  151. Manik says:

    Hai Sweeties Darstarr and Ktm, I have been away since i had a heavy weakend with exams of my students! ! ! Now i am back!

    I ignored your questions and i don’t care what you say Mr David Paul! ! !

    To Dark Blue Hai cutie pie You are always welcome to be with us I appreciate and congratulate you for your brave speech on proving that u are my old pal! ! !
    and i am eager to read ur upcoming story I have a great interest in cryptids! ! !


    To Darstarr Yea its been a busy weekend honey i hope u managed it well! ! !

    To Ktm as i always say the things u tell are ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND HELPFUL BUT ITS
    And Ktm i didn’t enjoy Halloween too coz it is not celebrated in india! ! !
    but i like to watch scary movies cutie! ! !
    bye guys its fun here with friends!@!@!

  152. child like says:

    Hi manik and the rest of the guys. I hope everyone had a good weekend. As for myself I did. I just dreaded going back to work with my boss from hell. But what can I do for now but once he gets me read made he will be sorry that is for sure.

    Anyway guys hi to all.

  153. child like says:

    well said knowtomuch

  154. Manik says:

    Hi to you too.

  155. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi you guys!!!!!

    manik,, you always bring a smile to my face, you are so sweet!!!!you busy bee,,, you!!!!!! and dont worry about ( ole whats his name,,lol) david-paul,,lol,,,, doesnt bother me one bit, and im sure he wont be back!!!! i just like to welcome everyone to the site if possible… just my nature.. i figure, he just doesnt understand where we are coming from,, thats all.. he probably needs friends!!!!! and we are here, if he wants to join our family!!!! RIGHT GUYS??????

    child like,, i hope you are doing ok with your boss,, seems like a real @@@@@@@
    well, you know!!! remember,, what goes around comes around, it always does honey,, thats for sure….stay strong, and keep your heart and soul full of love, and you will be


    Darstarr, and Darkblue,, i havent forgotten about you!!! i trully enjoy talking with all of you, and i just feel like i have made such good friends……..

    Bless you all,,,,,,,, ktm

  156. child like says:

    thanks for your kind words knowtomuch,

    I am taking it one day at a time. I try to show him I am not afraid of him when he threatens me using voodoo on me if I leave this job or tell on him. I will be ok. I pray every night to God to give me strength and wisdom to do what I need to do.

  157. trolldoll1681 says:

    child like, thats all you need to do!! plus be really nice to him, my mom always used to say kill them with kindness!! that ought to throw him!! i know your a good person so don’t worry, what comes around goes around!!! you’ll be just fine!!!

  158. DarStarr says:

    You are just the kindest, most caring person, and I am TRULY grateful to call you friend!!!
    I hope that I will always be here for you!!!
    You too sweetie-pie!!!
    Child like,
    My heart goes out to you. That is an awful situation, and I wish I had a magical answer for you.

  159. child like says:

    Thanks trolldoll1681,
    and Darstarr

    I will follow your advise. When he enters my office I feel a scary presence and my first reaction is to move a way from him and when he leaves the office I feel peaceful. I keep seeing like black shadows walking by, seeing it by the corner of my eyes. Maybe he just freaks me out. But he spells like surfer and his presence feel evil. I try not to think about it when he is near me I just start to pray in my mind. But when I do that he just looks at me strangely and smiles at me as if he knew what I was going. Maybe I am already going crazy. thanks again guys for your advise and kind words lol

  160. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    child like,, i am very concerned for you… how long have you been working with this guy?? and, is there anyone else in the office with you???? and he is threatning you with voodoo??? omg!!!! i dont know much about voodoo, but,, if he is threatening you in any way,,, well, i just dont know……

    i always say,, honey is better than vinegar… but,, sometimes the vinegar has to come out…. i feel that you are surrounded by safety,, we are all on your side… you are not alone hun.. not at all… but,, this cant be good for your health and well being.. the stress sounds awful,, and i know all about stress…..

    i will say this, and Darstarr understands this from me,, when you are under a lot of stress,, the dark shadows will be there, the sounds, the feelings of dread….. and it is all real…… oh man,,,, and when you mentioned the smile,, gives me chills.. i have known many people like that…. that creepy smile!!!

    these type of people hide it well,, but, sometimes they do screw up and show themselves…..hang in there…… we are here for you!!!

    sending hugs to you tonight….. ktm

  161. Manik says:

    To Child Like hai honey!!!
    Yea its such a difficult job to work under an evil person. why do you have to work under him is there any serious necessity for that?

  162. child like says:

    I am a widow and have to kids so yes unfortunately I need to find another job before I leave this one. I have been hear for two years and I am the only one who does all the office work. The rest are men fabricators which three of them are my boss eyes, mouth and ears, my boss himself told me.

    Sometimes I am afraid of him and yes I am in nerves most of the time, just last night I kept waking up at 2 am 3 am 4 am 5am and I just got up. I felt a dread, like something bad is going to happen and I couldn’t really breath right. I can’t explain it.

    But I do want to say thanks guys for your support and love and caring. It will give me the strength to fight back.

  163. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Oh child like,, bless your heart honey!!! being afraid all of the time, and all of it getting on your nerves, that just stinks!!! you know that you have many friends right here, and we all have you in our thoughts and prayers!!!

    I will tell you what Darstarr told me,, and it worked,, may you have the white light of God surrounding you.. it really worked!!!!

    luv you hun,,,,ktm

  164. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi all,, the results of my MRI where very good,,, thank you Lord… had blood taken today, and will find out more in 2 weeks when i go back.. i am feeling much better… thank you all so much for being here!!!

    hugs to all,, ktm

  165. Manik says:

    To child Like OH!!! sorry i didn’t know that you were a w…… I feel sorry for you Child Like. Yea follow instructions of Ktm you will get help from god with your prayers as well as ours! I pleaded to God to give you peaceful life away from the voodoo freak!!! With love Manik!@!@!

  166. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    Honey isnt better than vinegar…..Are you gonna put honey on chili??

    This thread has gone the way of the weird….
    But what do I know Im just a She Goat from the Astral Plane…

  167. DarStarr says:

    Thank you so much for expressing that sentiment! IT really does work!!!
    Child like,
    I so wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom for you on how to deal with that maniac! All I can advise is get yourself out there and find another job. You seem like such a sweet person, I know you will find one!!

  168. child like says:

    Thank you all for your support and your advise. I will take it one day at a time. My office is across from his and his doors is made of glass and as I turned to look at his office I saw him just sitting there looking straight at me. It gave me chills, as if he was thinking of a way to kill me in his mind. I know it sounds silly but that was the first thing it came to my mind. I decided to protect myself, one I am writing everything that happens everyday and next I am going to my aunts house where she is going to cast a spell of protection on me. I know you guys don’t believe it will work but how can it hurt. I pray everyday when I wake up in the morning to find another job soon . Just yesterday I saw a man dressed in jeans and a gray t-shirt, white hair and bold on top and using the cell. The front door is made of glass so when he passed my window the door is right next to it and I waited to greet him but he never enter so I went to the front door and he was not their. I just might decided to leave here. Strange things are starting to happen now and my office is the coldest office in this building. My mom says that when someone evil is around it brings with him evil spirits with him where ever he goes. I don’t know what to think…………. I just take it one day at a time and I pray to god every night and every morning. An answer will come I know it will come. But now I don’t show him fear. He asked me to bring him his coffee and I told him it was not my job to get it himself and while you are there bring me coffee. He just stared at me confused. I have to show him I am not afraid of his voodoo magic or him anymore. I am tired of being the victim……
    I learned I need to stand up for myself. If I can get him to fire me it will work out for me.
    What do you think guys. Am I doing the right thing here?

  169. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    hahaha if you wanna get fired, go into his office and rake everything off the desk and onto the floor, then come back and tell us what happened..
    Tell him you wanted to help clear his desk of work.

    Manik what is W��?

  170. child like says:

    FUNNY!!!!!! I wish I could do that but If I do I will not get unemployment due to destructing his office. I am not aggressive in that way. But thanks for your advise she goat.

  171. Manik says:

    Nim this is no joke or some comic website to laugh she is expressing her thoughts but you just joke around “slow and steady wins the race” so she should be slow in her acts to make her get fired not like what you had said and the w….. Is widow i didn’t want to type that word to hurt her but you had made me to do it. its ok sorry CHILD Like!! And do it steady child like you are going in the right way but just in case be care ful bye My PRAYERS will surround you With ANGELS who will save you. With love manik!@!@!

  172. child like says:


  173. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    nimnod,,, do you even know what the term means??? honey is better than vinegar??? its an old saying… kind of like,, killing someone with kindness!!!! same thing… just didnt get it…..and Manic is right,, we are serious here,,,, Child is going through a terrible time…. could be a dangerous time!! we are here for her…. maybe, this is all fun and games for you,, but most of us here,, that live in the real world….. oh well,, enough said!!!!! another saying,,,, why dont i just go and bang my head against the wall!!!! or,, talk untill i am blue in the face!!!!! dont get it,, do ya????

    Manik,, your prayers are strong!! thank you sweetie, for helping child…… you are a true friend, and have a huge, loving heart!!!! keep on using that heart,, i can tell you are feeling better hun…….

    Child,, be careful how you handle this!!!! in this case,, i dont think its a good idea to make this guy mad….. as far as casting a spell,,, hey,, if your Aunt is a true castor,, why not try it….. my concern is,, this guy is threatening your life!!!!!!! I dont know much about Voodoo,, but,, i do know that its not something to play with… i have a friend that lives in an area, where this is used a lot…….. i have heard some bad stories….

    Child,, i will work on my own ways,, here on this end…… not going into it,, but,, you will know that i am with you…..i will be right there beside you……so make room for me!!!! like a fly on the wall…..

    i dont know if the man you saw is good or evil,, but,, by what you are saying,,, you are feeling evil…… you are protected hun,, yes you are!!! its your boss who is in trouble!!!! your boss is pure evil, and he is spreading it around in all areas…..Child,,,, just go with the flow,, for now!!! try to keep your cool, if at all possible.. dont let the fear show!!!! i know its hard honey,, thats for sure….

    Child,, if you have anything, small, that you can keep in your pocket, or close to you, that makes you feel safe,, keep it with you….at work…. you will find this thing quickly!!! keep it close…your boss is digging his own hole.. you will see……i have a question,, if you decided not to go back, could your family help you????? its not worth your health to keep on going through this!!

    i luv you all, even the ones i dont agree with,,,, ktm

  174. trolldoll1681 says:

    manik, do you know just how special you are? i’ve been sitting here reading what you tell people and i know it would be a honor to shake your hand and look into your eyes. thanks you for being a corner stone for true ghost tales!!!!!!!!!!!

    child like, WE ARE BEHIND YOU, WHAT EVER YOU DECIDE!!! you are woman and we hear you roar!!!

  175. Manik says:

    To Trolldoll Am i? Thanks Troll doll and its my duty to preserve my friends from evil even though i have no physical contact with them, I have a ever lasting heartly relationship with them. And even though i sometimes hate God for not seeing me, many times I can feel his presence his hands beside me so I pray for others most of the time coz i don’t want them to be in pain like me and no one can make me happy other than my friends so i should pray for THIER OWN HAPPINESS. I didn’t expect this much NICE friends in here its God who made us to talk to each other and help ourselves i hope yo all understand me Quote “Such beautiful life is useless with out such beautiful FRIENDS” I don’t even remember the day when friendship is celebrated coz EVERY DAY IS FRIENDSHIP DAY FOR ME! ! ! With love Manik!@!@!

  176. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    you people are nutso, this is a paranormal website and you guys are trying to give people life advice about their careers, besides if your going to be all touchy feely and codependant with this person its not going to help them anyway.
    ITS THE INTERNET, you can say and do what you want here, I didnt attack this person, and if someone is a widow, that sux yes, but saying “widow” isnt going to change a dang thing. Yall need to ease up . Manik thats an approriate name.

    Knowtomuch, you dont know jack. Of course I “got it”, point is yall need to lighten up, I guaratee you my job is more stressful and I go through worse crap daily then all yall put together on here but you see that would’nt have a dang thang to do with “Online Ouija Board Outcome” which USED to be the topic we were discussing in the first place.

    If you didnt notice Childlike got a kick out of what I said which is more than all yall serious people did in the past 300 posts. HA and they call ME Nimnod..

    Okay go back to being wierd I out.

    Childlike good luck with that, I hate crap head bosses, you should start getting his coffee and put exlax in it, your not thinking out of the box enough, lol, you can become this cats favourite person all the while screwin with him! lol

  177. child like says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    nim,,,,, i know you are looking for a responce hun,, but guess what,, we will just kill you with kindness and send our prayers your way!!!! hey!! if you want to post about the Qu. board,, go right ahead,, we would love to hear your story!!! As far as wierd,,, hey,, maybe we are, but isnt it wonderful to have such great wierd friends!!!!!!!!!!!! and, i am so sorry you have a stressful job,,,, maybe you would like to talk about it?????? we are all here for ya hun,, dont worry……

    for the rest of you sweet hearts,,, i am sending huge hugs to you all,, oh,, and to nim also… i think nim needs them,, big time….i just cant wait to come here every day and read the posts, and meet new friends…. i think we are an awsome group, and for those that dont understand, i think they will come around!!!!

    Oh,, i almost forgot,,,,, nim,, i do know Jack,, he is my father-in-law,, do you know him too????Oh, and one more thing,, if you beleive in the paranormal,,, why cant we connect with the internet??? i do it all the time!! the phone too…… or,, just with my mind.. if thats nutso,, oh well,, im just nutso,,,,,,,lmao

    Nim,,, sorry, i just had to say this.. that your saying about the x-lax,, thats is very cruel…. maybe thats the way you do things, but, i dont think that will work for child……… it amost sounds like you have an anger problem??? you are talking about revenge,,,,, revenge is a demon in itself…… child does not have a demon in her……. she has a huge heart!!!!

    anyway,, im sure all of that was just a waste of time,, as nim,, wont be back anyway…….

    Ok,,, lets get back to the Qu board,,,,,, i know we have all talked about it,,,, maybe we can keep this thread going…..i still do wonder, if by playing with it as a child, if it opened something up???? i would not get near one… i do believe that it could be a portal,, i guess it depends on who is playing with it!!!!! i mean,, its calling on spirits,, and you dont know what you get, when you do that…….. i just remember,,, at first it was fun,, then the board started spelling out very ugly things…. and the air seemed to get thick,, and it seemed that shadows where all around us…. it was a long time ago!!!

    luv and hugs to you all,,,,,,, ktm

  179. NimNod the She Goat.... says:


    NOOOOOooooooo!! Im meeeeeeeltiiinngggggg..

    HUUUGGGGggggsss AAAHHHRRrrgggggggg!!!!!!
    Bad Retooooortttsssss??? AAaahhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!!!!!


    Guess what Im back.

  180. child like says:


    I want to thank you for your support and your advise and for understanding me and my situation. Since I told you what was going on in my life I feel so much better at least I don’t feel so alone and you guys gave me the strength I need so Nim I know you just want to help but being mean doesn’t help things it can be turned against me. I am not so afraid anymore thanks guys for caring. I love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You to Nim!!!!!!!

    Today it seems he left me alone. He is not even talking to me but when he does he doesn’t look at me at my eyes.

    The spell about what I said, I am sorry I misunderstood her. She has a collections of angels at her home and she asked me to sleep over. I asked my parents to take care of my kids.

    She put the angels statues in a circle and I was kneeling inside with the bible open to plams in my hands. She was outside of the cirlce asking God to hear her prayers for me. She prayed so beautiful it made me cry the whole time. But I did feels something heavy lifted from me and I just ( I can’t remember this part) (she told me about it)
    That I just went to sleep inside the circle. She left me there unitl I woke up in the morning and I feel great, even happy and I don’t feel sick. I actually slept the whole night first time in a long time. She gave me a pin of an angle and told me to keep it with me and when I feel him spiritual attacking me to remember the prayer and god and the angles.


  181. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    I just want you to know that I called and told him to stop messing with you…

    Your welcome.

  182. trolldoll1681 says:

    child like your welcome and we got your back!! to tell you the truth i used to feel the same way as nim, but life is to short to be so angry about everything!! anger will shorten your life if you let it. there are things you can control and things you just can’t and i know you know that. your aunt did a beautiful thing for you and i’m so happy you slept so peacefully!! i’m sure your parents don’t mind taking your little ones every now and then. what your aunt did worked if thats the way your boss is acting, i wonder how he slept that night? he probably had a dream about you that opened his eyes!!! thanks to ktm for her note to nim, it may not change her mind but now she knows what she’s up against, one for all and all for one!!! love you too dear trolldoll

  183. trolldoll1681 says:

    hey nim guess what we’re here and we’re not going to let you get us down!! cheer up would ya, you’re gettin to be a bid drag!!

  184. DarStarr says:

    Hey guys!!
    I’m here too and standing with you!!!!!!!!!!
    You DID put it beautifully to Nim, (although much nicer than I would have! LOL)
    Life is MUCH too short not to enjoy the time we have here!
    Stay strong my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  185. trolldoll1681 says:

    thanks so much darstarr! there is strength in numbers. with all us thinking of child like together, no matter how far apart we are!! peace to all!!

  186. Karen M. says:

    Wow NimRod, you’re mean! It is possible to make friends on this site, DarrStarr and I talk often through pm!

  187. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    lol,,,, Karen,,,,, dont worry about ole,, she goat,,,,, i just loved your post,, gave me a chuckle……. ktm

  188. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    LOL you guys are tooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    no more friends here, only the she goat reigns with an Iron Fist through Fear and Power from the Shadows!!!!
    As of now, all silly happiness is to be extinguished.

  189. loriii says:

    i dont have a story on here but i have been reading alot and also the comments and i feel as if i know ktm and childlike and all of ya’ll. ya’ll seem kind and loving and are great friends with each other. i hope in time i can become one of ya’ll’s friends :)

  190. child like says:


    I know I speak for them all when I say Welcome and of course you can be our friends. We or at least I feel so lucky to have them as my friends and I will welcome you as well with open arms. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. DarStarr says:

    I am right with Child like when I say WELCOME! There are MANY good people here that are such a wonderful support system! I have been blessed with many new friends here, and as Karen M said, we also talk through private messages, although I have been crazy busy at work lately and at home and have neglected my friends here a bit of late -But these people are awesome – not many are bitter like nim the goat-head!! LOL!
    So welcome!!! ;)

  192. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Loriii,,,,what has amazed me about this site is,, we have become friends so quickly,, its like we are all in the same boat of sorts,, not the same stories, but,, we all need support at times, and we all need love… we would love to have you on this website…. you have many friends here already, just waiting to support you in any way we can!!!!

    child like,, so,, how are you doing hun?? we havent heard any news about your job.. are things better??? i think about you every day!!!! i have been sending prayers to you on a daily basis,, i so hope that it is helping……..

    Manik,, i know you havent been on this thread,, but i did see you somewhere else and leave you a post,, its so good to see you back and rested……

    Darstarr, Karen, Trolldoll, and the rest of you,,, oh,, and of course, Caretaker,,, you are all so sweet, and encouraging…….

    this has nothing to do with the site, not really,, but i want to share something with you all… i am in the process of having a lot of tests done…. i went for my physical yesterday, and it appears that,, my blood work didnt come out so good.. i go every year!!! i am also having blood work done with my neuro,,, i had a call today from her, to redo it, as she isnt happy with the results.. so,, thats 2 docs. that have many questions…. they also found a mole on my back that has to be removed, my thyroid is low, low vit.d, and my ekg, came out,, not normal, now i have to get a heart scan….

    remember,, i have a physical every year, and i see my 2 docs. every 3 months to keep up with me MS. and the fibro.. lots of blood work, in between.. i wasnt gona say anything yet, but, i feel it needs to be said, now…. i dont know what the near future holds!!!!

    good thing,,, i feel a huge sigh of relief!!! i have been ill for so many years,, now, its all rearing its ugly heads… and i feel at ease.. no more anxiety!!!! i have been reading all of my spiritual books, and i am leaving all of this in Gods hands,, i will do whatever it takes to get well !!! i have some great docs.. they are working together at this point to see whats next.. you know how tests are,,,,, lots of waiting!!!!

    All i want from you guys is,,, exactly what you have been doing….. helping others!!! when i came to this website,, i was just curious about the paranormal,, since i live with it daily.. wow,,, have i been surprised by all of the sweet people, prayers, hugs, and love… so much support!!! i just love you all so much….. now,,, i know what my purpose is,, i have been searching my whole life,, it is to help others in any way i can.. since i cant get out much, i am able to come here…..

    I have often wondered if the day i came face to face with evil,in 1993,,,, some of you know the story.. if i actually absorbed that evil in some way.. i have been sick ever since.. i have always put it down to grief, and ptsd….. but now,,, i am ready for the battle of my life!!!! i am strong, and i will survive.. but,, just to let you all know,,, its all up to God, and he already has the answers……

    ok!!!! no pity party for me,,,,,,, lets keep on posting,,,,, i will let you guys know whats going on, as i find out…….i want to hear more stories!!!!!!

    oh!!! i almost forgot about DarkBlue,, i hope i havent missed anyone!!!! DB,, how are ya hun???

    A special,, shout out to Racheal,,,, i have talked to her on another thread about the Q.board…. hugs to you hun,,,,,hopefully, she will see this, and join us…

    sorry, Caretaker, for rambling again,,lol,,, you know how i am….and yes,, i felt i needed to be personal this time….. Caretaker,, you are so good to us,,,, you are the best!!!!!

    God Bless us all,,,,,, ktm

  193. trolldoll1681 says:

    just jump right in!! i say the more the merrier!! welcome lori!

  194. child like says:


    I am doing good so far. He even bought me lunch today. I was in shock and I have been sleeping thru out the night. Thank you for caring.

    I am sorry for what you are going thru. I want to take your all your pain and your illness in mine and heal you. My heart is heavy with worry for you. I am holding in tears right now. I want to do something for you.

    I am going to my aunts house I am going to go in the circle of angels and ask God to heal you and I will sacrifice anything on myself for your health and happiness. Please let me know what the results are ok. I am going to do this tonight and on Sunday I am going to ask a group to join me in prayer for your health.

    I have faith in God and the Angels. I know they will be with beside you always. You will start to feel them tomorrow. I love you guys and I would do anything to help you all.

    lol always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxoooo

  195. DarStarr says:

    PLEASE keep me posted! You are in my thoughts every day and I am praying for the best. And you WILL get past this! I just know it! I am here for you as well as others. It’s amazing how quickly some people get into our hearts, and you for sure are one of them!
    I am sending love and faith and all the good energy I can.
    I truly care about you and am here.

  196. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    child like,, thank you Hun,, but dont take any of this upon yourself.. im sure your Aunt will know exactly what to do,, and im sure i will be feeling better very soon!! God and his Angels will be right beside me…. and you guys!!!

    Darstarr,, than you very much for your support… you guys are the best,, for sure….

    it is such a good feeling that i have so many friends, so quickly!!! so many of us here have bonded, i think its wonderful….. thank you all for being you!!!!

    luv and hugs,, ktm

  197. CMF says:

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  198. loriii says:

    Thanks all of u for welcoming me. KTM, i hope u get better, u are in my prayers. Childlike, i would like to hear how everything is going on at work with ur boss. So i read that he brought u lunch…when did that happen and what did he say?

  199. child like says:


    After the week my aunt and i prayed in the circle of angels. He just said did you bring lunch and I said no but I am going out to get lunch and he said no it’s ok I will order lunch for us here at work so you don’t have to go out. It was cold and raining that day. I was shocked!!!!!
    He had never don’t that before. I always had to be the one to go get him lunch. He seems to treat me better but there are days that I feel there is something not right. I just can’t put my finger on it. And I keep feeling like if I am being watched by more than one person. I can’t explain it!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday at work my lower lip just swollen like if someone had hit me. It had happen to me twice here at work and the doctors can’t explain it. They just say it looks like if I been hit on the mouth. Today it’s ok now. I just don;t know what to think anymore. And yesterday I was the only one in the building, my boss left all day since the morning and jorge his accomplice was outside all day and did not come in at all.

    I didn’t think much of it at the time until the doctor told me that it looks like if someone hit me. Can ghost hit someone and I don’t know it? It did hurt but I didn’t feel any blow.

    What do you think?

  200. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    loriii, thank you for your prayers hun!!! i very much appreciate it… and again,, welcome to the site!!!! :) ktm

  201. trolldoll1681 says:

    childlike, it almost sounds like an allergic reaction to something i know the feeling i broke out in hives and found out that it was one of those perfumy skin conditioners you put in the tub. it took a long time to figure out that is so great about your boss, wonder what turned him around? but i’m just glad you too are getting along!! your one smart girl and i wish you the best in all that you do!!!:)

  202. child like says:

    thank you trolldoll1681 for your support and your advise

  203. Manik says:

    Hi Child Like, Ktm and Troll doll. To child like if your enemy tries not to attack you there must be some other thing in is sleeve so i suggest you to be more care ful hun! With twinkling love manik!@!@!

  204. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Childlike,, i agree with Manik,, things almost seem to good to be true….maybe he does have something up his sleeve,,, we are not trying to make you paraniod.. but, it does seem strange… dont think that he would put something in your food ,, do you???? and you said that something is not right!!! like you are being watched…

    we all have been hoping for the best,, but,, something does seem off.. your intuition is kicking in…. you know how sly some people can be!!!! and it does seem a little strange that he turned around so quickly..

    Oh,, we would all love it, if it is so… we all hope that the prayers have helped.. but,, be aware.. if you are feeling that something is off,,,, it is….. i had a wonderful therapist years ago,, she also told me the same thing…. that we can usually feel it.. go with your gut feeling……

    you had talked about him doing voodoo,,, hey,,, maybe thats what is going on…. thats not something to play with,, that could have something to do with your appetite….

    just be very aware of your surroundings, and have a talk with your Aunt about this… she can probably help you,, and you know that i will be keeping you in my prayers hun…..

    God bless,,,, stay strong in your mind…. just in case…. lluv ya hun,,,, ktm

  205. Manik says:

    Yea we are not trying to scare you, just be more careful! Anyways you will be in my DAILY prayers!

  206. loriii says:

    i agree with manik and knm, it seems too sudden and such a turnaround. be careful.
    and about ur lip…i have no idea. ive never had a allergic reaction so that may be what it is.

  207. child like says:

    I agree with you manik,

    Now I clean my computer and my desk because I just don’t trust him. He knows I have allergies and my gut feeling is that he had something to do with it. It did smell like herbs in my office when I walked in that day my lip got swollen and he kept pushing me to drink the coffee he made just for me. I drank maybe one or two sip but when he wasn’t looking I thru it away. Thanks manik for caring. You guys are the best. I am glad I have someone to talk to and not have to bottle everything inside like I used to do. love you guys

  208. child like says:

    I am so lucky to have you guys beside me knowtomuch,

    Yes I agree with you. I am being very careful now and I am not eating anything or drinking anything he tells me or gives me. I know he is up to something and I have my angel pin with me and pray to god to keep me in the blue light of protection under his love and protection. I do feel strong though like if now I have the strength to fight back and thats thanks to you guys because now I don’t feel alone anymore. Thanks you guys for your prayers I know I am being protected by your prayers also. lol


    how are you feeling? Better i Pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Manik says:


    And Hi Shadow welcome to trueghsottales!.!.!

  210. trolldoll1681 says:

    little guliable me didn’t even think that maybe he would do you like that, but considering how mean he was, yeah childlike, its best you watch him, these folks have got your back!! me too only i go duh every now and then lol. i have a angel pin too my mamma gave me!! hang in there kiddo! :)

  211. child like says:

    thank for your support and your advise trolldoll1681
    It didn’t cross my mind either. I didn’t think people can be that evil but I was wrong.
    lol love you guys

  212. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Childllike,, when you told me that he had totally turned around, i was suspisous.. but, it didnt want to jinx anything.. i really hoped and prayed that he had changed.. so,, i kept my mouth shut….he is up to something…. if i where you,, i would consider, at least looking around for other work.. i know its hard to do at thie time,, but,, i am not feeling at all good about this..

    im not trying to scare you,, but,, i feel that things are worse for you than ever.. he is a clever man!!! and he is out to inflict pain….. and maybe ,, not just at the office.. this could carry on further…. if evil is in your office,, you could easily,, take it out the door with you….

    ok,, something to try,,, and hopefully he wont notice… if you could carry salt with you, and put it around you desk, where (he) cant see it,, try it… wierd thing,, i just had to correct my spelling,, you see where (he) is??? i typed in it, and had to change it…

    Remember,, your boss is just a vesile,, darn,, cant spell any more!!!!! you probably dont want to see whats inside him.. i have seen evil, face to face,, you dont want to go there… protect yourself.. dont provoke him!!!!!

    Childlike,, if you could say more prayers for me,, that would be wonderful… not feeling well at all, i am going for a heart scan on Thursday.. thats just the begginning…..i am noticing signs of liver problems,, wont go into it,, but i know!!!!

    God Bless us all,,, luv you all,, ktm

  213. child like says:


    Yes you don’t have to ask me but I always pray for you and our friends here every night before I go to sleep and Father Roy and I well his been my Priest for a long time so he makes me favors and when I ask him to includes my friends in his blessing prayers in church he does and he is a great Priest a very big heart. When I am with him I can feel
    God is listening and the can feel the light around us. Don’t worry you and our friends will always be in the blessing prayers in my church every Sunday. You have to get better no matter what……………………..

    I don;t want you to worry about me ok. I will try with the salt. I have heard about it a long time ago and I have forgotten about it. thanks for reminding me the salt will protect me.
    And I do believe what evil spirits are here I do feel them outside following me around to as if they are looking at me for him. I pray the whole way driving home every day out loud and the feeling goes away. I also tell them that I have love in my heart and they are not allowed to be even close to me. God is in my heart and he will fight them off and that really works for me. I try very hard not to be afraid. It is easy for me because I just feel them and I don’t see them but if I would of see them I think I would have to change my pants. If you know what I mean.

    love you guys

  214. Karen M. says:


    The only thing with the salt is that the next day you will have to sweep it up and flush it down the toilet and put fresh salt, salt absorbes negative energy but if you don’t change the salt everyday you will be surronded by negative ondes, don’t think that you can just put the salt there and leave it forever, because it won’t work like that. Good luck!

  215. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Hey there honey! Where have you been? Missed you!
    Very good advice! You are one smart cookie!

  216. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Karen, thank you for giving us that info:about the salt,,, i have heard so many ways to use it… so,, that cleared it up….

    Childlike,, feeling them and seeing them are two different things,, thats for sure… i hope you never see anything….

    God bless,, ktm

  217. Manik says:

    Well Said KTM, Even though you didn’t ask me to pray for ya i really wanna do. Here is my prayer ” Let your heart pump more with our love, let your body get well with our surging friendship blood, let your brain speedup like speeding up of our help, let your legs float up by our souls, let you get well with our prayers” with love manik!@!@!

  218. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    thank you Manik,, you do have a way with words!!! that was a wonderful prayer!!!!

    bless you hun.. ktm

  219. evilisgood says:

    i hope you realize at some point when Manik Of Magic was saying something it was in the same day at 1-2 hour interval diferences

    Manik Of Magic says:
    September 24, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Sorry man i have been away for two days doing my exams. I am back the fact is i played a stupid online board for the first time that is the ones which kept telling wrong things but when i explored many online boards i found one website i will give it now just clear the spaces below
    M u s e u m of t a l k i n g b o a r d s . c o m. Though my friend�s house is cleansed he got more paranormal activity so first he changed to one house there too he got wierd things. Now he is not in contact i will ask him later and i will post that to. Ok guys i will try my best to convey my next story and to explain its things in comments ok. Norman just because u are saying he doesn�t exist that doesn�t mean that he is not here. there is no proof for his existance or his non existance. Nim nod he just say the figure and slipped from the stairs so the ghost didn�t hurt him. Bye guys i will answer to all ur comments the next day i pay a visit ok. Any other questions just post it i will try to answer. Thanks to all Who commented.
    Manik Of Magic says:
    September 24, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Now to the utter fate i am getting kinda abnormal things like mostly i will sleep soon but now it takes two hours of non sleep in my bed for me to get sleep then i have two or three dogs they too will go to sleep before me now they began to bark at night frequently don�t know what i will find out and tell. Thank you again.
    Manik Of Magic says:
    September 24, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Now There�s a ghost in my house man!!! Just now just now man! I have a isolated room for me to study and work on my pc i had now been answering the questions when i eventually saw my window i SAW A GIRL MAN A GIRL WALKING with a foggy appearance around my home i quickly got out of my home to see her she gave me a mean look and vanished into thin air. I WAS TOTALLY FREAKED I SCREAMED AND WOKE my parents now they are scolding me i had always heard sounds of ornaments that women used to wear in their legs but didn�t care much but now i had seen a ghost i quickly got to my pc to tell this to you all now i don�t know what to do i am totally scared and my heart is pounding I AM NOT PLAYING OR KIDDING MAN REAL ABSOLUTE REAL THING HAPPENED JUST NOW I DON�T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!
    Manik Of Magic says:
    September 24, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Now i posted this in indian time man the time now i posted this is 10.50 pm. Now i know the reasons for dogs barking and sleepless nights. True man true don�t know what to say tomorrow morning I AM GONNA PLAN TO call a priest. If that doesn�t work i will shift to another house.
    Manik Of Magic says:
    September 24, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    The time is now 11.50 man not 10.50 in my country. I won�t get to sleep ever again in this house oh so confused so worried so tensed man i am gonna tell the whole thing to my parents and tell them to change the house god help me.”

    notice the different time intervals this story is a fake, plus if it was real and i’m not saying that it is a demonic haunting usually leads to an exorcism, ghost probably a blesing

  220. Angel With Horns says:

    Do online O-boards work or not because according to the comments some say it does not? Anyways when i was reading i became very confused. You kind of jumped from one thing to another. Other then that i hope everything is okay in your life i will be praying. Manik of Magic you say man alot i got confused a bit

    Till next time,
    Angel With Horns

  221. desperado says:

    Evilisgood, I must say, that I agree. Also Manik Of Magic seems to be almost too eager to reveal all the ‘phenomenons’, that happened to him/her.

    Even the way, that the story is told, reminds me of those largely sold crap magazines, which are full of ‘people’s real stories’. Can’t help it.

    If that person’s story is true, my words are false.

    But again, if a person is playing with spirits, and gets really frightened, he/she would maybe suffer?

    Not in this case. Hoax it is.

    As on some other the stories, that I’ve read on this forum, and elsewhere too,
    too much repeating, in the form of ‘I have done it, and regret it deeply.’ .

    Bull. They start the story again. Just as nothing has happened before to them.

    That way the story goes on and on and on…

  222. bryan says:

    reading ur post just has me wondering also i dont think it was saintan i think it was an evil spirit that made ur friend slip i remmber when i played it the bored told me the world is gonna end due to ‘satan’ im very into demons and paranormal and if it were saitan who showed his figure too your friend from my research ur friend should be dead an evil spirit is bad demons are worst but saintan if he pops out on u theres a problem

  223. Briyanna says:

    Wow! Follow Gina’s comment that has al of my sayings in it instead of this one just realized how to post a comment DUH! Lol! Anyway, follow Gina’s comment. Thanks! bye :}

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