How To Get Rid Of Demons

Posted on February 25, 2009

I’m posting this because, while no one has all the answers, I’ve seen too many posts of people asking for help from terrifying situations and not really receiving a solid answer in many cases. People sometimes arrive at the forum when they’ve searched and searched for help and have not been able to find any solutions any where else.

And, while I am not claiming to have all the answers, I just know that I’ve dealt with some pretty evil things in my life and have had to get rid of them and this has worked for me. Unless you’ve lived with evil and felt scared in your own home, you can’t know how bad it can be.

I’m also not promising this will work for everyone, but it works for me! And, if this helps just one person, it’s worth it.

So, laugh, joke, ridicule, make fun, call me crazy — I don’t care! Many people already think we’re crazy because we claim to have seen spirits, ghosts and demons. So, explaining how we get rid of them isn’t any crazier!

First of all, I don’t believe that everyone has the power to cleanse a house or anything else. And, I’m also not claiming to have some mysterious power, I believe in a power that has power over demons! Second of all, I think you have to believe in a higher power for this to work, in my case I believe in God. I don’t necessarily think you have to believe in the traditional God. You may have another name for the higher power you believe in, that’s fine as long as you believe your higher power has more power than demons.

I was raised in a church that used olive oil. It was prayed over by members of the church, asking God to anoint it with his power. It was used to anoint cloths for healing, for the laying on of hands for healing and problems etc. Again, let me stress that I don’t care if you believe or not, someone out there needing help will believe!

So, naturally I use olive oil. Some people I know use salt and other things. I don’t really think it matters what you use, as long as you believe your higher power can do what you’re asking. I look at olive oil and salt as a tool.

I think it’s the physical thing for a person to use that makes them feel like they’ve actually done something physical to get rid of demons. I don’t think the God I believe in needs olive oil to banish demons back to the pits of hell. The olive oil, salt or what ever someone uses is for their benefit. I wouldn’t be surprised if plain tap water worked just as well!

NO, I’m not overly religious, in fact I’ve not been to church in probably 15 years. But, that has no effect on the fact that I still believe that God can do anything and has more power than anything in the world, both the physical world and the supernatural world.

I recently had to remove a evil spirit, or demon from my daughter’s apartment and this is what I did………….

I got a small jar and poured some olive oil into it. I wrapped my hands around it and prayed over it. I asked God to anoint it with his power, I told him that I didn’t know what this thing was sent to do, but I knew he could protect my daughter and grand-daughter and cast it out of their home and back to the pits of hell where it belonged!

I then went upstairs and started anointing the windows and doors with the olive oil, praying and asking God to do the same thing I did when I poured the olive oil into the jar. Some people use tools, a feather or some other type of item, I use my fingers. I also recommend that you start with the windows and as you leave the room, spread some oil at the doorway.

As you go through each room, keep praying for God to bind the demon, remove it from the home, cast it back to hell, plead the blood of Jesus over the home, ask for his protection. Whatever you pray is up to you, just believe it and trust it will be done. I also like to thank him as I go for doing this for me!

I just get some of the olive oil on my finger and make a line around each window, a line that I believe the demon can not cross! The oil at the doorway, is my way of keeping it from re-entering the room. I prefer to make a solid line of oil around the entire window and door, but usually I just make a line at all 4 sides and it’s still got rid of what ever I was trying to get rid of.

As I came down the stairs I spread some olive oil on the bottom of the stairway, I believe this keeps the demon from going back up the steps. Then I started in the back of the apartment in the living room doing the same thing and worked my way through the hallway, the kitchen and finally to the front door.

There wasn’t a big commotion, no snarling, screaming, or signs of a demon, no noise at all in fact. It all went peacefully and calmly. This may not always be the case, I think it depends on how strong the entity is and how bad he wants to remain in your home to do his evil deeds. But, this demon that had scared the life out of my daughter and a full grown Golden Retriever (story in another post) never appeared again!

Like I said, call me crazy, I really don’t care, if being crazy has allowed me to run terrifying and dangerous demons out of my house and the home of my child, I love being crazy!

Just make sure that you do all the windows in each room and start upstairs if you have an upstairs. I believe that the oil around the windows keeps the demon from escaping, the oil at the door keeps it from re-entering the room. As you get to the last room and the last way out, I believe the demon goes out that door. Once you spread oil around that door, it can not come back through it.

NOW this is not to say, that at a later time another demon might not enter the same home. Even though you’ve done this, a demon can still enter IF you’ve brought them in or invited them in. Read my other thread about Sudden Hauntings From Traveling Spirits and Demons.

If one comes in on something you bring into the home, or on someone you’ve invited into your home, you’ve literally unknowingly gave them permission to enter!

This is the same method I’ve used to get rid of some pretty nasty things over the years. Like I said, it may or may not work for you, but if you’re being tormented, what can it hurt to try?

Written in our forum by the member know as “haunted”, Copyright 2009

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349 Responses to “How To Get Rid Of Demons”
  1. jackie says:

    First of all, I do believe in demons, i’ve had a dealing with one too and prayer worked for me. I think this is the best remedy and prevention. Totally agree with you there!

    Thanks for this and i’ll try it, just in case, but can you recommend a good oil stain remover? lol

    • Anthony says:

      Truth be told i have a demon in me right now…Im hoping this will help me get rid of it. Thanks for this

      • Beckie says:

        I was curious as to how you know that you have a demon. The reason that I ask is…. my step son is having issues. He can be the sweetest child one second and the next he is a holy terror. He has been checked out by doctors and psychiatrists, but nothing resulted from the testing. This is the problem that we have with him. When he is around I get an extreme feeling of hate. My stepson loves me and I love him. I am friends with his mom, so there is not bottled up feelings being pushed off on him. We are not able to go to church when he is here, because he is sick or something like the power goes out, or the alarm doesn’t go off etc. I know I sound crazy, but it is the truth. When he is at his mom’s house she has the worst luck in the world, and we do fine. However, when he comes to us in the summer, and during all school breaks our luck turns. We picked him up a week ago and already, I got really sick, my husband was in a horrible eighteen wheeler accident, lightening hit our home, and my husband’s pay check was messed up. To top that off, the minute he got into our car, the service soon light came on. I know this sounds petty, but it is always like that when he is here. Now for the real mystery, since he has left his mom’s house, she got a new car, the IRS discovered they owed her money, she found a 100.00 bill on a sidewalk, and she and her other kids are getting a long great. Before he came down here, her car had quit running, we had to drive 5 hours to pick him up because she had no money, her child support wasn’t coming in, and she was fixing to be evicted. I am worried that something is trying to take over my child. The minute that I began to do research on expelling demons my stepson decided to scratch the hardwood floors. He also immediately said he wasn’t feeling good. We are a religious family, but my church does not believe in demons. The problem is our family has had many strange illnesses since he was born. The final thing is my dad is a little strange, but he is an Indian. He says that my step son is possessed and that he has bad lights (whatever that means). We have pets and they are afraid of him and he is NOT a mean child! However, I have found him at the foot of our bed with a knife, he claims to hear whispering, he hides knives and etc in his mattress, and finally when you get on to him he does this weird stare with nothing behind his eyes. Like he is empty! Any information would be helpful! Thanks

        • Capt.Applejuice says:

          Well first of all… Demons doesn’t exist… Therefore it most definantly can’t be spotted by doctors or anything else, you can try but it’s a waste of money… Everything your step son is experiencing … Is so natural… I’m guessing he’s a teenager with his hormones is going nuts and he’s starting to get hair everywhere (not for everybody)… Everyone got bad days and good days.. Your stepson is just being human… I can go way more scientifical if you want me too… But you wouldn’t understand

        • bjenks says:

          if you’re Catholic, there’s an exorcist designated for every diocese. You can try slipping holy water into some of his food and see if it makes him sick, that’s one way to know for sure. Also, you can hang a crucifix in his room and see how he reacts to it

          • ally says:

            well no no one is crazy this is real i have one in my home and its pretty serious i also have a young daughter who it likes to mess with along with my husband im not saying im great or anything but i am a fighter and it doesnt really mess with me and i will not have evil in my home i have tried many things but its not working luckily i am working w my family priest and the only thing we agreed on is an exercism im not saying everyone needs this but i have come across ghosts in my life and let me tell you this is no human spirit my daughter call him “beesh” which i looked up and the name is actually slavic bjes who is infact a strong demon look it up im just happy others understand but ill be damned if it runs me out of MY house im sending it straight to hell just know your not alone and there is help.

        • Anonymous says:

          i do believe in demons im currently fighting some spiritually myself. Its tough i have the deadlest and most destructive ones of all in my home… Jealousy, lust, and aggressivness as well those three rolled into one is HELL!!!! They will jump from one person another and will keep going its hard to cast theses away. MY 4 children suffer they fight on min. love the next but watch when your son is hateful or mean show him LOVE think im crazy yeah, it works tell him you love him de will retaliate with hurtful words do not give up on him but importanly when it jumps off him someone else close by will start actiin funny with words of gestures DEMONS hate love and anything of GOD remember that and humble yourself when askin the lord and plz… plz… plead the blood of christ over your loved one mind blody and soul as well as your home .. If it is a demon it will get worse behavir for it knows its time is short at hand. Keep your faith child it will be rewarded people would rather say doctors can fix anyhting… NO they can’t some things only GOD can… GOD Loves you and has not forsaken you

        • delane says:

          I am familiar with this. My ex-wife stood over the bed of her now husband randomly with no expression. She did this with me also and I never did understand why. She later quit her job and turned to the bible for fear of voices and evil presence in her home. Then, she stabbed her 13 yr. old. daughter saying she had to for her sins. She’s in jail now and she sees my daughters. They tell me she changes from being herself to a cold person. Her eye color changes from baby blue to almost brown. Strange things happen in the house like shutter blowing away from the windows and shadows. We don’t know what to do to help her.

        • Shelley says:

          I believe in god, and if there’s a god there is a Satan/demons. I understand what your going threw as a child my parents were satanic. Thanks to god he covered me with angels. I didn’t know what these people were in black cloaks and a red one, I just thought it was riding hood. I remember allot. It was through those nights when I was visited by angels.
          Any time my sister and I go around are mother we get ill, with in an hour, and at every house she ever lived there has been a demon.
          One house there was a demon that appeared only in one room and my children spotted it and they were only 1 & 2. it moved chairs around and the dogs were so violent, any way what I’m getting to is. I believe he needs an exorcism. I’m not catholic but if he’s had a demon for a while I would go strait to the top. My mother never has peace and while were there neither do we. I stopped bringing my children over there for years

          • Homine.Simplice says:

            Hi Shelley,

            I do not know if you are asking for help or just venting out your experience. I am no exorcist myself, I am a victim of the occult and what I pointed out in my testimony is how we did the deliverance ourselves lay people.

            You cannot help anyone, even your mother if they do not seek for help. It is the willingness of the victim to be freed that is essential such that the Spirit of God will help you in the deliverance.

            You can try everything I posted on the website. Although you are not catholic, you can seek help from a catholic exorcist. The meaning of “catholic” is universal church. Sinner or saints can enter that church. In fact everyone sinned and no mortal can say he is sinless, otherwise he is a liar.

            What I posted is a self help procedure. You can try it out. Everything comes by faith. We have a universal God who created the heavens and earth, who is the supreme being. He is a spirit and nobody had ever seen Him. You can read this in the Bible. For me, I believe in a trinitarian God, so to be safe, call upon the powers of God the Father, Son(Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

            Faith meaning in the bible is Hebrew 11:1 faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” .

            I may be a catholic but I do not worship holy images anymore. I read it all in the bible and changed the way I practiced my religion. The only 2 commandments of God is to make God primary in your life and love one another. There is nothing more or less, but the church keep on adding so many rituals and tradition. Cannot blame them, they are but humans prone also to errors.

            Good luck to you and God bless,


    • help me!!!!!!! says:

      yes i have tried praying and i drawed the crucifixc on my wrists and nothing has goten me besides when i got a really saw head when i was watching tv, it kind of felt like someone was squeezing is so yeah

      • Anonymous says:

        get a father and call him to bless everthing even your car

      • Anonymous says:

        one thing never try talking 2 your just makin it mad and welcomeing it 2 your home

      • Doct.Applejuice says:

        Just read what i wrote too Trolldoll…

        You’re right, faith does have a big ammount of power over us… Faith might get you rid of this “demon” but it’s also faith that produced it… The human brain always hungers for knowledge and always wants answers.

        Some people jump too religion cause they want answers on certain parts of their life. Suchs as why this and that happends. Your general fear for getting “obsessed” by “demons” is something your brain produces automaticly cause you’re supressing some parts of your human body… Could be everything from lust too hate…

        Demons is a wide spread word that have been used throughout history… and i’m still suprised (since we are in such a technological age) that people believes in them. Our brain is magnificent, one of the greatest things nature have made… Our brain can produce things that aren’t there…

        Studies shows that truth or belief in certain things can actually “make it” … Experiments have been made where 10 people got tranquilizers too ease some of the pain… After a week or two, they stopped giving 5 out of the 10 people tranquilizers, but didn’t tell them… Yet the people who stopped getting the pain easers didn’t feel the pain anymore, cause they still thought they got tranquilizers…

        Our brain is INCREDIBLE… Only advice you can give too ANYBODY… is too use their logical sense.

    • hilary says:

      first of all there are such things as demons in fact i have two demons who live in my room they don’t hert me they just do lil stuff to let me no there there. second of all allot of people think u can get ride of demons but reality is the only thing u can do is get a quigie bore and find out what they want

    • zuca says:

      okay, so my brother brought one of his friends over to my house and he says he has seen a demon at her house. so one night she came with her boyfriend and my brother and him whent out side to take a smoke, but she stayed inside for some weird reason she layed in the couch with her eyes closed and smiling rally weird. when the guys came inside my brother said he saw a shadow moving in the car and it keept moving and the head keept sticking out of the head out the window. and when they whent in the room and saw her like that my brother opend the bible ann she started smiling and laughing really hard but woulnt wake up. so after they woke her up they whent out side to leave and the shadow was waiting for her by her car. she couldnt see it untill my brother took her by the hand and told her to concentrate.then the demond got mad and tried to attaced her but it wount cross the tree it was like someting was stoping it. the scraming and the crying was horrible what should i do??

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    there is power in faith you have to take back your domain and let what ever is there know there not wanted and that the spirit of god and jesus will win over all evil but you have to believe with all your heart

    • chelsea says:

      okbut it follows me my freind and her freind should we all do that together or seppret

    • Doct.Applejuice says:

      You’re right, faith does have a big ammount of power over us… Faith might get you rid of this “demon” but it’s also faith that produced it… The human brain always hungers for knowledge and always wants answers.

      Some people jump too religion cause they want answers on certain parts of their life. Suchs as why this and that happends. Your general fear for getting “obsessed” by “demons” is something your brain produces automaticly cause you’re supressing some parts of your human body… Could be everything from lust too hate…

      Demons is a wide spread word that have been used throughout history… and i’m still suprised (since we are in such a technological age) that people believes in them. Our brain is magnificent, one of the greatest things nature have made… Our brain can produce things that aren’t there…

      Studies shows that truth or belief in certain things can actually “make it” … Experiments have been made where 10 people got tranquilizers too ease some of the pain… After a week or two, they stopped giving 5 out of the 10 people tranquilizers, but didn’t tell them… Yet the people who stopped getting the pain easers didn’t feel the pain anymore, cause they still thought they got tranquilizers…

      Our brain is INCREDIBLE… Only advice you can give too ANYBODY… is too use their logical sense.

  3. Alpha says:

    I totally agree with you about how physical items are generally redundant, so long as one exhibits a strong faith in a higher order when combating against demons.

    My grandma (she’s a psychic) used to rely on the traditional holy water cross formation above windows and doors in order to prevent demons from entering. She would also burn a few flowers and hang pictures of saints and Christ around her home. This worked really well.

    Thx for your wonderful advice. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future.
    Take care man :)

  4. jackie says:

    I forget to mention, another way to get rid of demon’s is to not attract them in the first place. If you mess around with the occult and you don’t know what you are doing, this is a sure fire way of attracting a demon.

    I once read about a couple of male students who shared a room in a university campus. They were right into the occult and one day one of them brought home a book on spells etc (yes, you can get these kinds of books, especially in the UK, few books are banned. Someone once questioned me about certain books being banned, but they’re not – you want to see our library, there’s books on witchcraft, spells, everything).

    Anyway, the one who bought the book decided to read outload an incantation to conjure a demon.

    The other one was not too happy about this, but went along with it. Nothing happened after they had finished, so they went to bed and fell asleep. During the night, the student who wasn’t happy about the incantation, awoke to a noise at the far end of the room where his mate was fast asleep. When he lifted his head to look over, he saw a swirling mist rising up from the floor right beside his mate’s bed.

    The student then leapt from his bed – dashed over to the bottom end of his mates bed and grabbed his feet – pulling him down the bed with all his strength.

    As he was doing this, he kept frantically checking the mist, which was beginning to take on a hideous shape. He yelled and pleaded for his mate to wake up. As soon as he got him to wake, he didn’t have to explain anything, as his mate realising instantly what was happening, legged it out of the room with the other following.

    They wouldn’t even return for their belongings. But their consciences caused them to reveal all and tell the principal what they had done and witnessed. Seeing the boys in such a state, the principal had no trouble believing them and took no chances. The principal locked the door of the room and left it unoccupied ever since.

    • erik says:

      Wow, that is one great Urban Legend. Sadly, it’s not a true story.

      • mysterywoman says:

        ok here’s one of my own. used a ouija board with friends in school dorm. nothing happened during the actual reading, it was pretty lame. but we did it on halloween and all fell asleep on the floor/bed of the dorm room. late that night i got up to use the bathroom and tiptoed past my sleeping friends. the lock from the inside of my door had been tampered with in a way that scared me (an indicator I had placed on the door to tell me if it was locked or not had been reversed). my friends to this day deny having anything to do with it. i fixed the indicator and went to bed. a week later, friends gone home, i leave my dorm room, locked (always), to visit with a neighbor, and when I return, the indicator was reversed again, frightening me so badly I was certain somebody was in my dorm room and I got help from my neighbor to search the closet and under the bed. for weeks I saw shadows out of the corner of my eye, and although I prefer to sleep in pitch darkness, I ended up sleeping with the light on until I changed rooms the next year.
        this story might not be as dramatic as the other story, but it’s true and I believe that we had loosed something with that ouija board, even if it was not taking a definite form.
        my comment for the writer of the article is: stop apologizing! Know what you know!

  5. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    thank you so much for this post!!! you are right, people do think we are crazy….. i will take any info. i can get my hands on…. i have had a life of strange and terrible happenings. where to start, i dont know. i have not posted my story because i really dont know where to start. also, i am not sure that i want to world to know everything that has happened, and continues to happen to me. i will say, i am psychic, and, a sensitive. many people close to me know this, and i have helped many in my years.

    i have learned the hard way, not to let to much in… now,, i am working on, not being as sensitive as i have always been. you see, it takes a lot out of a person, i have developed many illnesses in my 50 years, to the point, i have to take care of myself..

    i am now disabled !!! something i do know about people, a true psychic is like a sponge, they soak it all in. my father told me many years ago that i needed to stop helping so many people and opening myself up.. i didnt listen.. i thought it was facinating!!!!

    if my spelling is off, please forgive, as i suffer with m.s.

    i stay at home a lot now, as i pick up energy from people, positive and negative!! so, you can imagine when i have to wait in a doctors office!!!!! my mother in law was recently in intensive care, and now, thank god she is home and doing better. when i went to visit with her, it was like, hundreds of people all around me, talking, asking me questions, that sort of thing, it was hard to concentrate on the visit with her.

    i pick up energy from the living the the dead……i also agree that what you bring into your home can cause problems… a book, a plant, food, ect::::: i feel that most people dont have this problem, and yes, i do see it as a problem, because, i cant live a normal life….

    its not all negative, sometimes funny things happen!!! but, not often enough…

    i am a very spiritual person, and do believe in god…. funny thing is,, i love to watch ghost whisperer, and medium,,lol,,, and i tell my husband,,,, hey, thats not how it works!!!! he knows me well enought to know what i am talking about, as he is also blessed, or (cursed) with the knower,,, he calls it….

    take care, knowtomuch

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel the same as yourself ,not knowing where to begin about it all. I was and still am a single mom and now grandmother when it all happend to us. Problem now is I think somthing has a hold of my oldest son and youngest daughter who is now a mother her self. I feel pretty weak now and tired. Christine

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      There should be a book for people like us. Paranormal for Dumbies. It is hard top define a search if you don’t know what to call something. Are we sensatives, mediums or victimes?

    • james fritz says:

      I am not comfortable posting such thing I was raised in a cul since I was 4yo now I have two children. 1 valic 17months and sevrin the girl at 4 weeks. things are touching even draging me in my room. first understand I have an Altar demonic imageges and … ok look at age 4 i was held down and got the mark of the beast on my right ear…Have never been worried till now . my mother in law wants the children however you spell babtized. I furiously dissagreed. im starting to fold I use to minipulate this evil now its tortureing my now I know my reget. they say I will help you I love you they WILL KILL YOU AND THOSE YOU LOVE RUN GET OUT WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jk says:

        Say Jesus rebuke you and they will flee, don’t give them an in in your life. Get a Bible read the new testament and say Jesus Rebuke you and send you back to the abyss. They are subject to all thing in Jesus name and will have no choice but to leave. When they leave is when you must make a change. Just ask Jesus to pssess you with His Holy Spirit, pray and read your Bible. When they come back to see you they will pass you by. When they come back and you have not made the change they will re-enter you with some friends as well.

  6. moya says:

    Well what you say is good,but you have to use God’s name God is a title like daughter and son and mother but when you use his name itis more powerful HIS NAME IS JEHOVAH!

    • jk says:

      You are correct, the demonic are very legalistic and deceiving. If you just say god they can interpret that as any god, little g. Use Jehovah, Yaweh and most effective is Jesus Christ or Yeshewah.

  7. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i didnt mean to step on any toes. some people say higher power!!! i guess what it all boils down to, there is good and evil, whatever thier names are….

  8. jackie says:

    I agree with you there ‘knowtoomuch’, when i needed God, I just prayed in my mind and it WORKED!

    If you say Jehovah Moya then that is fine as you connect to God from your heart, not from your tongue.

    There is far too much of you should do it this way or that, if you truly believe, or truly need help, then it will more often than not work!!

    • Wing says:

      The name does matter,you can’t pray to a name like Lucifer and expect things to work.

  9. Savedsoul says:

    hey I am surely not trying to offend anyone so please forgive me if I do. In the Bible it says that in the name of Jesus demons tremble. Has anyone ever read the Gospels and the book of Acts? We who place faith in the Sacrifice of the Lamb who was slain have authority over powers and principalities of darkness. Not because of what we do, but because of what HE did. One thing that people don’t take into account is that your soul is at stake, so anything to divert your attention from Truth is what these familiar spirits and demons want. It is funny how I have observed countless “ghost” shows and in the end, the people never come to Christ and are always pushed toward a religious system where faith is placed in things and not a relationship with the Savior of mankind. Paganism is thus accepted by familiar and demonic spirits and they “go away” or so you think! Satan is the father of lies and all the other demonic spirits are under him so they have an agenda-to keep your soul from being saved.

    • covered by the blood says:

      Absolutely! Why apologize for what works? The truth is understanding what the oil stands for, the Bible says even the demons believe and tremble. You see, by Jesus shedding His blood the blood was the manifested show of vidtory over evil. Therefore, when devils see the blood (that which you want to manifest in the spirit realm) they are reminded of their loss and the judgement that awaits them. Evil cannot stand the blood, the name or the praise of Jesus (Jehova, Yeshua) and they FLEE! You dont have to summon up a huge amount of faith or belief in order for it to work, for the Word of God says that we are all given a measure of faith. He says that if you ask ANYTHING in His name He would do it. “In the name of Jesus, Yeshua I COMMAND you foul spirits to be bound and to leave this place, never to return. I n the name of Jesus I loose deliverance here right now. You foul spirits see that the blood of Jesus is applied to this ( person, place, thing,situation) like the Israelites applied the blood to their door posts. The spirit of death could not enter in. You too must now obey.” Stand firm. Jesus said that some spirits would only leave with much prayer and fasting…but STAND FIRM AND DONT STOP!

    • Skeptic777 says:

      My granddaughter sent me a text last night and said, “grandpa I need help. I don’t know what to do.” She went on to tell me that a friend brought a young lady to her apartment that was at that time, possessed. My granddaughter called me and asked me what to do. I told her and her friend to lay hands on the young lady demanding for the demon to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I could very clearly hear everything that was going on. I heard a very loud guttural growl and some one cursing Jesus. The demonic force kept telling the girls that God does not exist. The possessed girl went in to the bathroom and threw-up and claimed the demon had left.

      This all started several months ago when this young lady and some friend decided to play with a Ouija board.

      I do not believe in ghost. There is no such thing as a ghost but I do believe in Demons. Demons do exist. Why do I believe in demons? I believe in demons because God Word tells me they are real and do exist.

      • Caretaker says:

        Gods word also says that ghosts are real. Remember the story involving the Witch of Endor?

        Also they thought Jesus was a ghost (after crucifixion) and he said ‘a spirit hath not flesh and bone like you see me have’ He did not say something like, “What? you are crazy. there is no such thing as ghosts”

        • Wing says:

          Jesusdidn’t say “Ghosts exist ” to them either.When you check the entire Bible, none of the demons that inhabited humans showed any sign of having any history by saying “You killed me so I come back for revenge” or “I’m your grandmother,you don’t visit my grave ,I’m angry” or anything of that sort.I know Legion never said anything about being souls not at rest.They were just merely……demons.

          The witch of endor situation was a rare situation in which God permitted Samuel to come back and set Saul straight after God was getting fed up with Saul.What about all these other souls,are they of the same “Rank” as Samuel to be allowed back as a ghost?Even the rich man in Luke 16:28 wasn’t permitted to return and visit his living relatives.

          • Sharayah says:

            What are you talking about?the bible talks about unclean spirits and that we are not to contact them or call on a medium to talk to them. Now demons are something diffent all together.I’m on the road but I’ll get scripture later!

            • Wing says:

              Clearly the guy said ” I do not believe in ghost. There is no such thing as a ghost but I do believe in Demons. Demons do exist. Why do I believe in demons? I believe in demons because God Word tells me they are real and do exist.”

              You then told him that ghosts do exist.Which is not true. Spirits of dead people cannot return to earth.They are just demons that can pretend to be someone’s dead relative.

              “the bible talks about unclean spirits and that we are not to contact them or call on a medium to talk to them. Now demons are something diffent all together.I�m on the road but I�ll get scripture later!”

              The demons ARE the unclean spirits!And yes,we are told not to contact them through mediums.Why do people contact mediums anyway?It’s because they ASSUME they can speak to their dead relative.But what speaks to them is just a demon imposter trying to make people think that the dead who have gone to Heaven or Hell(and have to STAY there)can actually come back and talk.That is Satan’s deception.

  10. Lisset says:

    I agree with “haunted’s” grasp that it’s not a particular belief in God but the belief in truth and good that will help you out, regardless of the tools one chooses. Of course, here come the fanatics/judeo-christians to “correct” and tell us to say jehova. Not everyone out here is a christian nor do we have to be. Religion and it’s followers leave much to be desired as far as truth is concerned. Seen a lot of bad things come from those camps.
    Thanks for your post, “haunted.” It was perfect and very helpful just as- is.

    • Wing says:

      Like you said,they “told” others to say Jehova and DID NOT force them.I can’t recall anyone before March 25 actually threatening anyone with “Say Jehova or else”

  11. haif says:

    well hi i would say that i be live it all…its true demons are there ..the are amoung us i am from maldives..from the capital city male’ i went on a trip to a island from ther lots of stuff of my friends got caught by them (possessed) he runs two times faster then a normal and climbs walls as if he was a monkey….it really wa wierd then a priests were brought the first priest read spells into a glass of he was about to spray the water onto the person who were possessed..the guy said at the priest…dont you dare put a single drop on my body if you do..that mean s one of your family members will die…so the priest went away stopping the exsosisum like that 4 priests came but the last one burned 20 demons in his body and the last one accepted his words and became good..some how dont know …well my friend was saved but…my friend says that he see it with him in white colore my friend says he talk to the now people from nearby island comes to him for medication ..i dont know he heals people by touching by contacting to the spirite ….welll the wierdest thing is he tells people what had happened in past no matter where of a 80 year old thing even he reveals…he knows maybe and….. all. he says come to be true!!well i have seen it … so i belive…..

  12. AlsoSaved says:

    I agree with Savedsoul, Their is one way to get rid of demons, in the name of Jesus. This isn’t fanatical, it’s the truth. There is one God. He loves us and wants us to love Him. He protects His children by giving them power in His name to cast out demons. As Christians we’d be remiss if we didn’t share this information. If you want to become a child of God simply pray to Him through Jesus Christ for forgiveness for your sins, God loves you. He doesn’t want us enslaved by the demonic.

  13. tyra says:

    I dont like how Jesus says heaven is.i just dont want a place where i get everything i want and need i like the challenge of having to get it myself.sorry if thats completely off subject lol

  14. DARRELL says:

    I too agree that if you are a God fearing person you can rely on him to rid yourself of demons. Not to step on anyone feelings but the name Jehovah is not a title it is God personal name Psalms 83:18 states: That the people may now who name is Jehovah is the most high over all the earth. Demons fear god name and tremble in fear at the mere mention of it. So remember when you pray use Gods name Jehovah and end your pray in Jesus Christ name I pray. Because in the bible Jesus said you can not reach the father except through me. This is why when you pray no matter what you say you can start with, Dear heavenly father Jehovah i ask you to bless this house ect. and end in Jesus Christ name I pray amen.

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’ve been studying with jehova’s and i prefer there bible to any of the others, although i’m not completely convinced on some of there beliefs. i do believe that someday we will live in jehova’s and jesus’s kindom. jehovas’ teach peace and a way to advoid the evil in this world. this is man’s world and goverment, we should respect it and abide by the laws but not let man rule our lives. do you know jesus is and was the arch angel michael.

  16. kmpslove says:

    What you have said is so true, I also have had run in’s with demons. I put on the armor of God….Ephesians 6:10 and ask the Holy Spirt to take over. I think more people have trouble with evil than want to admit because socity does think your insane if you have a problem with the supernatural. It’s in the Bible, they had problems then and the problems still exsist now. I also use salt, oil, and holy water. You have to keep a clear head and anything that works use it. We as children of God have dominion over the earth, so take it, in the name of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Sometimes just shouting his name will stop whatever they are doing. In his word he saus when two or more pray. Have people with strong faith, unwavering faith stand against them with you and call on Jesus. Don’t be afraid, count how many times it says in his word “fear not, for I am with you” it is many. I won’t tell you because you need to count how many time and build up your own faith and recieve the power from God. Show no fear and trust in Jesus. Reailize that you don’t do much but call on him, exercise your faith, and fear not. He does the rest.

  17. YEI says:


  18. michelle bernal says:

    michelle bernal july 7, 2009 I no god is with me and my family because demos were in my home and I called and asked god to give me the strength to cast out these demos and send them to hell with holy water and sea salt .me and my mother are beliver’s we pray the rosary and they went stright to hell we were very tired .but I no god is mighty and as long as we have faith all thing’s are possble.Amen

  19. val hanratty says:

    can someone tell me what it means to see a tall totally black figure across the street at a rent al house? Ive lived here in my house for 5 yrs. I grew up in a haunted house that was quite violent and the house acrss street everyone says is peaceful and Ive been in it a few times. Then I went for a walk past there two weeks after the first incident and it sounded like someone running up behind me on the street, I whirled around noone there then the noise switched to the side walk in front of rental and it sounded like the 5 yr old boy that lives there when he runs in thongs or barefeet and then up and down their driveway and around their truck the house was totally dark and they were all in bed. then the other nite I put my dogs out and stared over there and it walked out of shadows and walked around the yard so i could see it and then sttod with an arm on the truck and melted into a black puddle and wen t under truck. Is this a demon attached to them or the truck the renters? and how do i keeep it across street? help

  20. Cassie M says:

    Ok well my mom and I tried this tonight. We have been haveing something wicked in this house terrorizing my mother myself and worst of all my children. We started in the basement and then worked our way upstairs. Our back room has been the “hot spot” so to say. There has been everything from apperitions and vioces to whenever we take a picture of the tv we can see ppl in it. (and no they arent us.. I dont have a handlebar mustasche and nobody i know does either) When I started to annoint the doors and windows, I heard moaning and growling like that of a dog. I opened the back door because the back corner of my yard is where the presence is felt by all even those who dont believe can feel it. i sprinkled some oil on the back porch and rebuked whatever it was in the name of god. My mom took a picture at that very moment and a blue light and a strange mist apperaed in the photo. Then we moved on to the kitchen and my daughters room where the growling was louder yet. The rest of the house was quiet but when we went back to the back room the door was open (we closed and locked it) and the window shade was moving on its own. We redoubled the protection around the doors and windows I even put a cross shape with the oil around and on them.When we came in to the living room, it started to thunder and lightening and pour down rain. I am taking that as a good sign. It already feels a lot more peaceful in here.

    • rick maier says:

      hey cassie my names rick um i read ur story it sounds like it could be a poltergeist or an evil spirite which i hope its not for the safty of you and your family any way you can either pray or ignore it unless it becomes persistant then id look things up on how to rid it ive never encountered a ghost or any classified spirite but im not saying i dont believe in it even every now and then i feel like somthens watching me but ive never had any problems

  21. Shari says:

    These things are let in by “sick” and lonely and depraved thoughts so often. They prey on the lonely and confused and meek and will cause so much turmoil within your home just to get any promise of decency removed from the premises. Love is stronger than they are and when combined with the ultimate gifts of glorification of the “Almighty”, well I hope that they will be removed… I’m gearing up for battle against them to save my better half and all who dwell here, and any and all thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

  22. Sai Chan says:

    contact me, see if I can be helpful to you.
    play_with_sai at

  23. rhonda says:

    First of all I believe in the blood of Jesus , and through his name all things are done, but you telling people that it can be done through there God is not scriptual, the bible says Satan cannat cast out Satan, there is one God , ANY OTHER IS OF SATAN , TO YOU WHO ProFESS gOD AND NOT THE REST OF HIS WORD, YOU CAN GET THESE PEOPLE IN MORE DANGER BY THEM CASTING OUT DEMONS IN their GODS NAMES ( that dont exist ) Do you not know there is but one God, he is the creature of the heavens and earth , shame on you to tell people things that arent in the living word , when you say and confess his name. D emons only obey that which has power over them which is Jesus . doing warfare without jESUS IS LIKE BEING WITHOUT SWORD AND SHIELD . yOU HAVE NO COVERING. aNY ONE WHO HAS TROUBLE WITH THESE THINGS , YOU TURN TO GOD, FOR HE HAS ALL POWER , FOR HE CREATED ALL THINGS . dO THE OCEANS OBEY BUDDA OR ALAH OR ANY OTHER PEOPLE GODS , OR IDOLS , NO THEY OBEY gOD . This is a danderous thing to go through I pray that anyone going through this will seek God and his word and not peoples opinions, because God didnt call us to make up our own beliefs , he called us to stand and believe in his word

    • covered by the blood says:

      Well said!

    • Anonymous says:

      Take head to what Rhonda has said, you need to rely on God Almighty and his son Jesus Christ. If you do anything else you could end up losing your life and your soul. Demons hate us and will do anything to destroy the human race.

      • Anna says:

        I’ve had some very unpleasant experiences with demons/evil spirits. And unfortunately am still dealing with them now. I think the biggest problem a lot of people have is that they don’t believe in ghosts and demonic forces, so they’re at a disadvantage, and quite stupidly play with things like tarot cards and oujia boards that can let them in to their lives.

        If holy water, incense and house blessings, or exorcisms don’t shift them, then people need to follow a vegan diet and pray, upto 5-7 hours a day if necessary to remove them from your life. They do then lessen. But it can be a long hard slog at first.

    • FattyAddie says:

      For the whole debate about if there is a God or not…….There is no God…only Zuul. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I love Ghostbusters. :)

      But in all seriousness, I don’t consider myself Christian. With my culture, and with my family (Native American [please no stereotypes, we are not all drunks]), we belive in our traditional ancestory as it has been passed down. What I have to say may offend Christians (by “Christian” I mean any organized or unorganized denomination under the Christianity umbrealla, as there are quite a few of them that considier themselves to be Christian), but I really don’t care after all that has been done to OUR nation. In the history of the human race, of all the inspirations for the separation of man from his true tribal culture, of all the inspirations for acts of violence from one man onto another, from one nation onto another, from one oppressor onto the oppressed, there is no more guilty party and inspiration than those books known as the Holy Bible the Koran and the Bagavad Gita to spread separation of mankind. In my opinion, again not trying to offend anyone, but if it does…oh well…you don’t have to like what I have to say….The bible is BS, the Koran is a lie, and the Bagavad Gita did not fall from the sky. These are the books that were written by MEN, not any kind of divine entity, and they’ve all caused wars.

      Please note: NOT all Native Americans have this opinion, so I don’t want anyone commenting to me saying “I’m Native, and I don’t believe this…blah…blah…blah”.

      With that being said…….our family has had it’s great number of unkind and negative entities….as well as good ones too (our ancestors are all over the place, makes it fun when we have company over :) ). We have been able to get rid of the bad ones with OUR traditional rituals. So for someone to say that their religion, and the only way in order to “cast out the demons” is by using “the name of god”…and continually trying to cram it down other’s throats is completely ignorant. Just sayin.

      • sharayah says:

        yes the bible was writen by man but that dosen’t make the stories in it wrong or the meaning of the words false. now what would you say if i told you that you are a israelite and your tribe is the tribe of Gad. that you where apart of the lost tribes irael.what would you say to that.?

        • FattyAddie says:

          I would say that that statement is completely false and inaccurate. Your biblical events happened only a few thousand years ago. Native Americans were already here. Also, Middle Easterners are Caucasians. American Indians are Mongoloid. (Indians have epicanthic eye folds, like the Chinese do.) Amerindian languages do NOT show any relation to Semitic languages, this data was faked. It’s doubtful. It would have been a long trip, and there’s no evidence to suggest it. No Israelite ruins have been found, no oral histories of native peoples mention it, no Semitic art or technology infusions happened in the Americas, and there aren’t any Israelite records of such a journey. When the Vikings landed ships on Newfoundland in the 11th century, there were fewer than 100 of them and they stayed there less than ten years, yet they still left behind identifiable Norse ruins, two Viking sagas, and mention of the event in the oral history of the Mi’kmaq Indians. A permanent settlement of more than a thousand Israelites would surely have left behind even more substantial remains, yet there are none. So maybe you should do your research before you make such statements.

          • sharayah says:

            ok all middel east people are not white. and there is really no history about the israelite because they where scatter all over the world and for got who they are. that’s why they are called the (lost tribes) but the bible talk about each tribe and some what of where they would be.i know a lot of people that don’t think white people are the real israelites (jews)at all.they come from harod who was a white man and proclamed him self a hebrew israelite,but was not and he was in power at the time and the romans. now there where many nations in the middle it is to this day. so i really don’t know why you would think only white people come from the east when so many other people are from the east too. and every one travled to many lands what you think you was just plop in so call usa? well may be you do.but i believe God made me and and i came from adom and eve and im sure the garden was in israel because God him self said that land is holy.well it just so much to go into.oh yeah my grand father was so called N A and my grandmother was so called i have nothing aganst you at all :) just trying to open your mind to the what ifs. well later

            • FattyAddie says:

              My mind is very open to many different what ifs. It just that people try and push their beliefs on others, and it irritates me, just as you are trying to push your Christian beliefs on me.

              You are taking the term “caucasian” to literal. I know that not everyone from the middle east is white. The original term “caucasion” refers to one of the three original “great races” (Caucasion, Mongoloid, Negroid) (please don’t be offended by the names of these races…I didn’t come up with them, but they are the scientific names). It is used to describe the genetic make up of the physical type of people from many different places within a specific world region, without regard to skin tone. The americanized term Caucasion does refer to white people, but that is not what it originally ment. I’ve done many studies about this, and it would take way to long on here to explain the whole thing about the topic.

              The “Lost tribe of Isrealites” that you are stating Native Americans came from, are from the region of the world and come from the genetic make up of “caucasion” as I have described above. Native Americans, however, have the gentics of Mongolid, a different “Great Race” from a different region of the world. No, I don’t believe that we were, as you put is “ploped” here. Of course we had migrated here, several thousands of years before the events in the bible occured. You are going based on your teachings and beliefs of your religion, so of course you are going to be steadfast in your beliefs. I am going based on evidence and facts that have been found and proven.

              I respect your beliefs, as that is what you were taught. But please don’t try to push the issue of trying to tell me that we are something that has been proven false.

              • sharayah says:

                The name caucasion came from the caucasion mountan-range in the Bible called it mout Seir.Esau fled to the mountans and stayed.and they became known as caucasians and not Esau anymore.Israelites did not come from Esau so called (caucasion) that is a lie! Esau was a twin Jacob his brother became Israel and the twelve tribes of ISRAEL came from Jacob. Esau is a diferent nations from the nation of Israel. i like many scholars use the bible as history and many argue the validity of the biblical events. and many things have been proven and many have not.
                now mongolid are one of five races in the vast region lying you want to take clame to peoplethat where invading other lands.then more power to you. what the mongolids did was mated with the that was indigenest to the land and left there make. one more thing i really don’t care if you believe the Bible but that woun’t stop me from talking about at any take care now.

              • 10joey90 says:

                I have never seen or heard anything strange or weird, but I have seen evil, and it’s by us to each other. What was done to the great race of many different American Indians, the Jews, the inca, so on and on it goes. I have read vast amounts. And lots of it about ghosts and demons, and yes I am going to say it, none of them so far beats man for evil deeds, maybe they are here to learn how to truly be evil.

                • christina says:

                  That is the truest comment i have ever read. It is so true, man beats any evil that may be out there by far.

            • K. Smith says:

              Reference to your post�. �I know a lot of people that don�t think white people are the real israelites (jews)at all.�

              Firstly, the Caucasian Jews are not the biological descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I have been a Christian for over 32 years and for 29 years of those years, I believed that Jesus and Israelites were Caucasian that all came to an end 3 years ago when I read an article that caused me to do my own research that included the use of the bible and history.

              “The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind.� Jean Jacques Rousseau

              In the 1611 King James Bible written by Caucasians printed that the prophet of Jeremiah stated that the children of Israel skin was black as an oven because of famine. Last time I checked Caucasian skin do not turn black from famine and starvation. The Caucasian Jews in Hitler�s concentration camps show starving white Jews that were pale and emaciated.

              Lamentations 4:8 – THEIR VISAGE IS BLACKER THAN A COAL; they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.

              Lamentations 5:10 – OUR SKIN WAS BLACK LIKE AN OVEN because of the terrible famine.

              Jeremiah 14:2: – Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they ARE BLACK UNTO THE GROUND; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.

              King Solomon stated that he was black.

              Song of Solomon 1:5-6 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. 6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

              Job was also a black man who stated that his skin was black upon him.

              Job 30:30: – My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.

              Both Moses and the apostle Paul were mistaken for black Egyptians.

              EXODUS 2:16-19 – Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters: and they came and drew water, and filled the troughs to water their father’s flock. 17 And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock. 18 And when they came to Reuel their father, he said, How is it that ye are come so soon to day. 19 And they said, AN EGYPTIAN delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock.

              ACTS 21:37-38 – And as Paul was to be led into the castle, he said unto the chief captain, May I speak unto thee? Who said, Canst thou speak Greek? Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?

              There is NO historical or archaeological evidence that show that a white race was enslaved by the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians and Medes, the Greeks or Roman Empire.

              The Lord God stated that he would sell Israel into slavery and they would become bondmen and women. They would also be put on ships and scattered to the four corners of the earth. The only race of people that were sold and taken around the world into slavery on ships to become bond men and bondwoman were black people.

              Roman historian Tacitus stated, “Many assert that the Hebrews are an �RACE OF ETHIOPIAN ORIGINS� meaning that they were black.

              Historian and scholar, J.A. Rogers also commented, “For the Romans to have considered the Hebrews Ethiopians is a clear indication of their color, because the Ethiopians are a known black people.�

              The Lord God himself compared Israel to the Ethiopians.

              AMOS 9:7 -Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the LORD. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?

              In many places throughout scriptures it mentions that the Children of Israel wore their hair in locks which means they had wooly hair. The strongest man that ever lived Samson was said to have 7 locks.

              NUMBERS 6:5 All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto Yah, he shall be holy, and shall let the LOCKS of the hair of his head grow.

              JUDGES 16:13 And Delilah said unto Samson, Hitherto thou hast mocked me, and told me lies: tell me wherewith thou mightest be bound. And he said unto her, If thou weavest the seven LOCKS of my head with the web.

              JUDGES 16:19 And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven LOCKS of his head; and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him.

              Jesus clearly stated in the Book of Revelation that there are people calling themselves Jews and are not.

              REVELATION 2:9 � I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS, AND ARE NOT, but are the synagogue of Satan.

              REVELATION 3:9 – Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS, AND ARE NOT, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

              • Sharayah says:

                First an on oncore to what you was saying :) Revelation 1:9-15 I’ll put down 15 and his feet like unto fine brass; as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many water. So it saying Christ is a dark man. Now I do believe the so called black people are Jews but it doesn’t stop there. Like you said the bible talk about our people being inslaved but blacks are not the only people that was inslaved by white people all so called latinos or Spanish whatever you like to call them were inslaved and taken from there land too. As they Concorde the lands they inslaves the people that lived there at the time. It was done to all the islands and north amarica and south south amarica. And also native amarican Indians.

      • Teresa says:

        I want to say first and foremost that it is an utter disgrace what was done to the Natives and their land by the Europeans, more specifically, the British. I apologize from the very bottom of my heart for any injustice done by any ancestor of mine. I doubt it because my family came over from Italy in the 1900′s, but maybe there is a mixer in there somewhere. Now, while I am Roman Catholic, I have a very healthy respect for Native culture and “religion”. One of my very best friends since elementary school is Navajo and she and her dad took me once to a sweat lodge. It was quite and experience to say the least. That being said, I am sure a demon would fear a medicine man a bit more than a priest because they don’t play, right down to business and buh-bye. So, thank you for being brave and open enough to share your culture and love and light to you.

  24. beau says:

    this is very true and it could not of been said better do not fear evil but put the evil in fear

  25. trolldoll1681 says:

    I heard it in a song, somewhere, a long time ago, don’t fear the reaper.

  26. DMZ says:


  27. name says:

    i have some demons in my room at my dads becauce when no one was near my light switch & i was in my bed it whent on and off on & off . um ferget that my house i hounted ill kep that in mind!

  28. edith says:

    i agree with Alpha. we do the same thing. we use Holy water and pray and make a cross with the Holy water in every window and door. there is also this liquid to mop the floor for when u have visiters and dont know if they come with good or bad intentions. i believe there is also a plant to put i think out side next to ur front house door that protects your home. i grew up believing in witch craft and all that. i used to hear my aunts talk about stuff like sudden deaths of relatives in Mexico and other stuff. my aunts used to go get cleaned .but yea there are things out there. i dont know why some people dont experience these things. we have those that have experienced it and dont believe in it and those who havent experienced it and dont believe in it.

    • Turbo says:

      It realy depends on how much people dwell on it. now some people like myself for instance just have that bad luck i was forced into doing what i do. but i have known others to dwell to much on things and make it happen. just like if you put salt or what ever on a window and believe in GOD and have faith that God will bless it for you to use it to keep evil out or passing through, well the same thing works for evil if you believe that all your bad luck is caused by evil around you, evil will be around you. (i apoligize for not wording things rite or spelling for that matter) because of who i am i haven’t been around to many people that are what they call normal and no i havent been in a looney bin although they’re are probably a few people who would , well nevermind. lol

  29. Diana says:

    You get a pastor and get some oil not holy water and you blessed the oil and put it everywhere in your home. I know because of my daughter. You do not get a exorcism that is why they come back because your not doing it right. Sorry but I know a way to get ride of a demon. The pastor prayed over my baby and did not have any fear when she was fighting back and he said in the name of Jesus get out put the oil over her and him and more pastors came to her and was praying…….. and it worked thank God. And we been fine ever since. But this stuff is real and it can happen to any one. Why it happen to us I do not know. But I do know it open our eyes. I did not need Jason or Freddie I lived my own horror film with my own daughter. I could not hit her or anything I had to fight to get her back. This is no game and I seen with my eyes that there is a Devil ,God and Jesus and I seen that Evil does not win =)
    Have Faith and trust in the lord. You be ok

  30. WorkIn Progress says:

    Ronda has it right:
    Everthing must obey then name of Jesus and the Authority of the Blood! He is The Way, The Truth and The LIFE! He PAID the price for all HUMANITY, Believers and non-believers alike because of His Love and the Father’s Mercy and Grace! Jesus is not bound by natural laws like gravity, space or time. Of course without Faith, it is impossible to please God!

  31. Junbug20 says:

    Satan is pissed and he hates us and so do his minions, because those of us who chose to love and to do what God wants us to do, we will become inheritor’s of all of God’s creations, not the fallen angels, the demons, they nor Satan cannot leave the atmoshere of the earth to ruin the rest of the universe so we are stuck with them and them with us and yes they will ruin and terrify us too if we let them, God (Jesus) loves us and wants us to be saved and not give in to evil, the demon’s tremble in terror at Jesus’s name because he can destroy them and they know it, there day’s are numbered, God’s word the bible says so, so do not fear demons. and study the bible, it will give you unimaginable peace.

  32. holyghostamongus says:

    Thanks for the advice!

    People don’t take the occult serious! What seems like harless fun turns into something more than you can handle.. In reality your playing with fire! Anytime you dabble into the occult your expecting trouble because you don’t know what kind demon your messing with.

    Sometimes your fighting a demon that is almost powerful than the devil. Just casting it out in Jesus name will not do it! Just putting salt around your house and holyl water and oil might not always gurantee that the demon will leave for good. Sometimes you need a professional ghost hunter or catholic priest to cast the demons. Don’t try to do it by yourself because the plan might back fire in your face!
    Some demons can be cast out from ordinary people but reenter because of lack of faith in god. The demons live on your energy, the more fear you put out the stronger they become. People who I know that don’t believe in the occult has never experience a ghost or demon.

    • nate reno says:

      hey at my grandmams house she gots a deamon and a sprt i realy dont know this but my moms knows a lot so even said it lives in here coby hole my mom said it was a old man waiting for somebody in our family and a deamon she said it watong it was kinda weak but m grandmam heres stuff like around 2:00 aclock avery night she said she haerd nosie saying get out plus she was singing and it said stop and the house gots a lot of history in it and the house is likke 100 years old i am at my house with my mom if you want and think it is entresen please tell ous some things about it plese my grandmam is scared and i think it was my great grandpa who sid it would fight him and he will have dreams about it to he also said it will bite him and it him in hes dreams pluse my mom is very scared that what it is might push her down the stairs

      Note from Admin – please do not post your email address – read the rules by the comment box :)

      • jade in says:

        Okay from what you have said whatever is it it wants you out the house. I have got some tips which work. If you believe in God you say aloud ( i am i child of god be gone) say it three times. What also helps is putting holy water on every door sprinkling it on the floor and doors!. Getting roasry beads and praying. As i said only do it if you believe in god. If you don’t say aloud( go away we don’t want you here). If it is a demon they are normale provocted so if you have used a wigi boared or you have called upon it, it will come. Also negative energy brings it in. If its a sprit then they can come for no reason if it has realtaionship to the house it will not go. You said you grandama heres stuff at 2 well 12 to 3 is the hour of the demons thats when they normale come out. Okay if it gets to the stage where someone gets hurt call a exorcist. Dont talk to it, dont comunicate with it, if it talks to you block it out wif tv or music. Don’t let it take over you, it makes you so scared that it can take over you at that stage. It helps if you believe in god!!!

        • Turbo says:

          that is very good advice: what has also helped for me is with a stern voice plead the blood of jesus and you might try using holy water or anointed oils and rebuking the evil out in the name of jesus christ and dont forget you are only stronger than the evil through jesus christ and jesus through you.

  33. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Tyra,,, im sure by the time you get to Heaven,,, you will be glad to be rid of the challenges here on earth…. i dont know what your age is,, but,, at my age,, i have had enough challenges,, i will take whatever God has planned for me,,, and i will be grateful for the rest, on the other side….. ktm

  34. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i know people who dont believe in the occult,, they have seen ghosts and demons!!! the spirit world is full of entities, of all different sorts.. some people are more open to them…. i do agree,, if you play with fire, you get burned………

    i also agree,, if you get hooked up with a demon,, its very hard to get rid of, if at all possible…… many exorcisms go bad….. for many its to late, they have already played with the dark side, and didnt even know it,, it was all in fun….. now they suffer….

    but,, i feel that most can turn the negative to positive,,, but you have to work at it… have to cast out the bad thoughts,,,, be kind, and love others!!! that sounds simple,, but its not if you are being haunted!!! its an uphill battle……

    its just like having a disease,,, you can either give up,,, or fight with everything you have in you!!!!!

    bless us all,,,, ktm

  35. Karen M. says:

    I had a psychic who told me to wash the windows and doors with salt and water and there was this special prayer that you say, he said that he saw 3 bad spirits around me, I never did it though and have never had any experiences with demons because I didn’t do it!

  36. Karen M. says:

    I have to say that over I just re-read it I mean he said there were 3 and to do that salt water thing, but I never did do it and still nothing bothered me, I don’t like the idea of smudging , I think that’s playing with fire!

    • Turbo says:

      you have to be careful cuz there are alot of people that are fake there could have been nothing wrong alot of people that are in wiccan have that problem they just want power so they make things up

  37. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Karen,, i know what you mean about playing with fire!! i am also afraid to try to rid my house of the paranormal….. as long as they arent hurting me, and we can all live together in harmony,, i will be just fine!!!!

    I have heard of, laying crushed up bricks along your doorways, so evil cannot enter?? have you ever heard of this??? not sure of the story behind it…

    luv ya,, ktm

    • Turbo says:

      i have also heard to put a mirror in front of your door so when they see them selves it will scare them off or something like that but, what i do is i surround my house with cross’s and love and if i absolutly have to i might keep some holy water around for occasion plus i have a cat that lets me know when there is a problem when she starts growling at the wall or running away from nothing and not using the litterbox i know something spiritual is wrong and my personal favorite hissing at the air

  38. Greg Brown says:

    From a Biblical perspective.

    I recall Jesus once told of a man who had an “unclean” spirit in him. I don’t remember how he got rid of it. The point is that this man went back to doing whatever it was that got him in trouble the first time…, the original spirit returned and brought several more spirits like itself. The condition of the man was much worse the second time the “unclean” spirit(s) returned.

    I see a parallel between this Biblical account and what others have experienced present day. When you get rid of a demon, you can’t go back to “business as usual.” It becomes necessary to have a daily “faith”/lifestyle that keeps you close to God.

    Stealing from the title of a movie based on one of Stephen King’s stories/movie. “Sometimes They Come Back”

  39. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Greg and many others here,, i agree!!! life will never go back to usual after being inflicted by a demon….more people than not are afflicted by demons, there are so many of different sorts…. and they are very powerful…… but,, God is stronger!!! we do have to keep our faith, on a daily basis…. we have to fight these demons with praises to God… now,, thats just my opinion!!!!!

    In a way,, its just like germs,, we have to keep on cleaning to keep them at bay…. but,, they are still there…..lurking in our toilets………

    take care all,, ktm

    • Turbo says:

      sometimes i feel that somewhere down the line i have done something wrong and its to late for me.that if i die tomorrow i might go to hell but that has to be the demons messing with me, because that stuff just started a few months ago

  40. Demon Attracter says:

    I have had Demons in my room before. What gets rid of them 100% is burning sage in a candle and putting it in my room! I hope this helps.

  41. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    demon attr. i would like more info on burning sage,, i have heard about this before!!! something i would like to try.. and where would i find it??? i do have sage powder,, would that help??? thanks hun,,, ktm

  42. trolldoll1681 says:

    hey ktm, i have a sage plant growing. when i get enough stems and leaves i’ll wrap them up into a bundle and use wire or something none flamable and you light it blow it out so it smokes and take it into every room. just tell what ever is there to leave in the name of what ever you believe and its supposed to help get rid of ghosts, etc. besides i love the smell of sage more when its not burning, and its a pretty plant. and you can use it to cook with. ttyl!!

  43. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Trolldoll,, ok!! thats sounds great!! i grow, basil and rosemary, but i havent tried sage….i do cook with it, but use the powder kind.. but, its not the same as fresh!!!! do you grow it inside??? ktm

  44. trolldoll1681 says:

    sure! this old house has a 3 window section, like a bay window only rectanglular and it faces west mine has been growing in its pot for quite awhile so i’ll have to transplant it but, they just love sunshine. i started with seeds!!!

  45. Coyote says:

    Sounds to me like you did this in a way that works, in other words, in a way that affirms your will, as well as your faith that there are benevolent beings who wish to help you.

  46. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Trolldoll, i will have to try the sage,, im sure it smells good inside!!! i have the perfect window in my kitchen…..

  47. jacob says:

    i think that demons are real because i have seen it in my old house that was built in the 1800′s. I was so scared that i had ran out of the house but it happen when I was 6 years old.

  48. Holy Hunter says:

    your not crazy. I want to be a holy hunter, ya know kill the evil creatures, fight evil spirits.
    salt is a symbol of purity and it can be that symbol that scares demons away. if you pray using olive oil or tap water, then that is symbol of purity aswell. demons and other evil spirits are dark and very evil. anything that repersents purity is a acid to them.
    were you born again?

  49. DarStarr says:

    I have also heard that burning sage works to cleanse your house of just negative energy also. Not even spirit related, just bad energy. Can’t hurt to give it a try! I bought fresh sage for my turkey and plan on drying what is left and burning it. Need all the positive energy I can get!!!!! ;)

  50. Mr unknown says:

    dude you are not crazy at all and i well understand people who think we are crazy i allways used too make fun off peope who said they had seen a ghost or demon or something but someday my live just changed somehow,, i’ve been haunted by alot of things in 5years but the worst part of it is its allways bad things have you people ever heard a demon speak sounds soo scary :S

  51. trolldoll1681 says:

    darstarr thats great, i have a sage plant and some dried up leaves. i love to plant catnip for the cats and sage for cooking too!

  52. Junbug20 says:

    Hello, How does a herb a plant like sage keep something as dastardly as evil demons away?? anyone? I don’t understand it, alot of people in this discussion sure says it does but how and why. Thanks in advance.

  53. Morgan S. says:

    Okay, I agree with you. You’re not crazy.. Our house is haunted and ppl don’t believe us…….. Thanks for your help! :)

  54. Dave Wolf says:

    I have been living with the same thing for about 2 years now and you are right only your faith in God and the blood of jesus will remove the demon.

  55. Satansgirl66 says:

    I must say this is quite funny, sage keeping Demons away? Demons are the great and powerful Pagan gods and goddesses, worthy of respect and reverence. You need to do your homework before coming up with stuff like this, Demons are not evil.

  56. Junbug20 says:

    Sorry Satansgirl66 demons are not worthy of anything, if you buy into that, you are very lost and confused indeed, if they where not evil they would not be demons to begin with, stay away from them would be my best advice, have nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with them please, read more of these comments, most of these folks here have had experiences with them, I’d listen if I where you.

  57. Anonymous says:

    i used normal tap water

  58. Satansgirl66 says:

    Junbug10, why should I listen to you? What evidence to you have? Demons are The PAGAN GODS. Do your homework, you as someone who is not pagan have no right to claim knowledge of how Demons are.

    • Turbo says:

      i hope you know what you are doing, cuz what i fight everyday are demons and they are evil they alwayz strike first if they didnt then we wouldnt bother them, i have scars caused by demons thats my proof

  59. Satansgirl66 says:

    Excuse me, 20. As I have said before my screen is having problems. My point however remains the same. Hail to The Great Pagan Gods who have always been and will long outlive the slander exhibited here.

    • Turbo says:

      i pray that one day you will open your eyes and see the truth, its not a game, and i hope its not to late when you realize that. i pray for you. oh and there is only 1 true god the creator that really matters he is the one that you need to worry bout he is the alpha the omega the one who has the control if you live an eternal life in heaven or a lake of fire in hell.

  60. Karen M. says:

    Wow Satansgirl, no offense but you remind me of the old neighbor lady in the movie ” Rosemary’s Baby “

  61. Junbug20 says:

    Satansgirl66, The evidence is in God’s word the Bible, it tells us that Satan was a CREATED being, not anything close to a god at all, I did my “Homework” I study God’s word, apparently you do not, if you want to know the “enemy” I suggest you take the time and read about him be it God or Satan and find out for yourself for sure, please consider both sides, the bible is for our benefit, tells us alot and it takes time, it does explain who satan and the demons are, where they came from, what there agenda is and where there going. Before you worship a created being who despises you and wants you to be destroyed as soon as look at you, he’s a liar for sure, you’re being lied too, really. I’m begging you, have nothing to do with demons. enough said. P.S. Thanks Karen M!! LOL!

  62. Satansgirl66 says:

    The point I was trying to make in my post is that people go spouting off about Demons being evil when most don�t even know what Demons are. Demon comes from the Greek word �daemon� which means spirit and has no negative connotations. When christianity took over they had to force people away from their pagan faiths by force. They bribed, blackmailed, and killed in order to force �God� on everyone.

    Every �good� faith needs a foe right? So the church took traits from many popular gods and called the resulting figure, �the devil�. The devil is no more than a tool used to scare people into church pews and make fun of Pagan Gods. Satan has been worshiped in every Pagan culture under a different name:

    The great Pagan Gods became Demons and the church was free to say whatever they wanted to about them. That is wrong. Ipos is a Demonic name right?, Ipos is the name of The God of mummifacation whose Greek name is rendered Anubis.

    All I am saying is that is was wrong of you to assume it was a Demon just because that is what society has drilled into you. In saying that Demons are evil, you are saying that every Pagan faith that ever was(and still is) are woshiping monsters. What is to stop any evil spirit from going for shock factor and saying �yeah I�m a demon�?

    You can’tyour bible as evidence here because it is 100 percent faith, not fact. Pagan Gods being labeled as Demons is fact.

    • robert says:

      satansgirl66 you have been decieved by the devil.all demonic spirits roaming around in this world is evil.every bad thing which happen to people eg murder incest theft fighting all sickness.these are the workings of demons.take note not all christians are real, god knows who are his ,he will separate the sheep from the goat on judgement not rebel against god jesus can still save you from your sins just confess it him. the devil or demons cannot help you when god is ready to judge.for they will be cast into the lake of fire, with all those people who did not repent.god always win.

  63. Satansgirl66 says:

    I would also like to point out the christianity itself was a reaction to the orginal Pagan faiths, and any information in the bible on Demons (slandered Pagan Gods) should be ignored. Even the idea of christ was ripped off from 18+ Pagan Gods, one being Odin who swung from a tree and suffered for the sake of bringing more knowledge to mankind. Isis, Osiris, and Horus are the orginal holy trinity and christ is a copy of The Sun God.

  64. levi615 says:

    well can u please explain if ur jehovah was so good and noble y do bad things happen 2 good ppl?

    • Caretaker says:

      levi615 – Do you understand the concept of free will? If a God stepped in and took control of everything and didnt allow you or others to make mistakes etc then there would be no free will at all.

  65. HumAN999 says:

    The evidence cant be in the bible!its full of lies!The bible portrays DEMONS(pagan gods) as evil or horrible just so as to keep us from worshiping them.In the bible SATAN is seen as a dark loving/evil minded creature…THATS A LIE!!

    • Turbo says:

      wow the evil is really working on you hard they have you convinced there way, let me ask you something where in your bible does it say that when you go to heaven you are spending eternal life in a lake of fire, it doesn’t but it does say that god will cast satan and his evil doers in a lake of fire for all eternity see god is the only one that has that power and he has alwayz had that power,

  66. christianwarrior101 says:

    by the way if the bible is a lie how is it 100% accurate in the prophicies it makes and always fulfills hundreds to thousands years before its time oh let me guess its still lies and please lets here some facts about how satan is not evil how is he so great because if you follow him the main rule is do what thy will meaning do what ever you want ok people killing lie ing stealing rape ing people doing people harm i bet you hate the fact that you have these corporate people that are in power makeing millions of millions of dollars while they will ruin lifes just to gain rank power and money my point people like thats main motive is gaining power the more the better no matter what the cost is and satan teaches the same motives power greed kill or be killed type attitude bottom line satan is the darkness evil yes evil and jesus is the light if you follow satan its all about killing stealing sex drugs me myself and i not careing about anything or anyone else jesus stands for love compassion kindness happiness everything good about life i pray you will see the light before its to late because one day i promise you will god bless and by the way just wondering how he is not evil what makes him good if you follow his morals what do you get and if you follow christ morals what do you get

  67. ZealHeart says:

    It’s silly how you humans continue to cite your christian bible as proof of the validity of your own religion.

    Demons are not evil. However there are nasty entities in the universe that will harm you, but does that make them Demons? No. Any entity can tell you whatever they want to. A lot of them will call themselves demons just to give them a bad name.

    How clever the founders of the religion of christianity. They must have thought to themselves “How do we create an indestructible empire to enslave the planet?”

    The answer: Create an Idea, a Way of Life, a Religion that scares people into thinking they will spend eternity in hellfire if they do not follow the tenants of a ficticious god. In this way they can swindle you out of your money, and tell you to do anything they want under the guise of faith.

    • Caretaker says:

      Yes, but I dont think �How do we create an indestructible empire to enslave the planet?� was in the minds of those early apostles and disciples. That was added in later by those politicians and rulers who took over and perverted the “religion”.

    • Turbo says:

      you humans ? what are you lol

  68. daviddiaboli says:

    now first I just want to say that you christians out there will never believe me or satansgirl just as we will never believe you because both of us believe strongly in our gods which oppose each other
    however to further explain our side and put some light on your “evidence” of so called demons being evil, from our point of veiw the entities you call demons are in fact evil but really are not our demons at all
    your “demons” are other beings posing as demons to further enforce the demons bad reputation
    it makes no sence for the gods of a religion to try to scare away potential followers
    Im sure you are completely insulted to hear this and will never listen to a word me or satansgirl are saying however I dont care if you are insulted as you should be and to say nothing would be the greater crime

  69. Karen M. says:


  70. daviddiaboli says:

    your wrong it is your christian religion which has done the perverting
    as a former christian myself because I was born into a christian family I know both sides and am able to make an educated decision of what side to choose you christians know nothing of satanism
    how can you choose wisely when you dont have all the facts learn our ways and then your opinions are worth debating with

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey daviddiaboli – So are you saying that �How do we create an indestructible empire to enslave the planet?� was what Paul, Peter, Luke and Matthew et al had in mind when they were preaching Jesus? You also disagree that politicians and rulers took over and perverted the �religion�? Heck thats true about nearly every religion if not all of them… (You said I was wrong…)

  71. trolldoll1681 says:

    we humans, pardon but aren’t you one too. some of you know how i feel about religion, and that goes for all of it. i feel this is getting a little to deep, at least for me. i for one believe that religion started with the druids and the egyptians. but that was along time ago. more people than not believe in god and the bible. so you guys can argue this subject till the cows come home. no body will win this one.

  72. daviddiaboli says:

    your preachers depending on who you ask may not have had it in mind, they may have believed what they said fooled by your god
    however also depending on who you ask some on my side may question the existence of your preachers even more so of the form they have taken in your bible
    and as far the political pervertions of religions you may be right about that however do not use that as an excuse
    If your religion has been perverted then why do you still follow it
    for it is modern day and you are following the modern pervertion

    • Caretaker says:

      daviddiaboli Slow down there buddy! My preachers? My god? My religion? You know nothing about me or my religion and you are going way off the deep end on my statement. I never offered any excuse nor did I have any need to. You need to calm down and relax there.

  73. daviddiaboli says:

    trolldoll im not sure what he meant by “you humans” but knowing my religion I have a few ideas
    he could have a demon speaking through him
    or he could have obtained godhead and no longer consider himself human the way you are human

  74. daviddiaboli says:

    im perfectly calm you seem to be the one who is being offended I love debating civily no need to bring emotions into a logical discussion
    yes they are your preachers it is your religion and your god their not my preachers its not my religion your god is not mine so what would I say besides yours
    while possibly you know more about christianity than I do because I no longer study it I do know about your religion I used to be one of you

    • Caretaker says:

      daviddiaboli you are not debating me at all. As I said you have no idea what my religion is you just assume and want to debate something that isnt even there. If you would like to debate what I said then talk about what I actually said and do not make the mistake of assuming that you know who I am and what my religious beliefs may be (which have nothing to do with my statement anyway).

  75. Val666 says:

    All the deluded believers should check this website out: In it you’ll read a whole lot on how that horrible religion came into existence. I especially like the pictures and descriptions they have of how innocent people were tortured and murdered in the name of a fake deity. Read on with an open mind.

  76. daviddiaboli says:

    ok then sorry I thought I had the right idea would you like to clarify what you said so I dont make any mistake

    • Caretaker says:

      daviddiaboli – I wrote “I dont think �How do we create an indestructible empire to enslave the planet?� was in the minds of those early apostles and disciples. That was added in later by those politicians and rulers who took over and perverted the �religion�.”

      Remember, the “official” religion wasn’t organized until hundreds of years later. And for the record I do believe in a higher power but I DO NOT believe in or agree with any organized religion as they are mostly just man-made traditions.

  77. daviddiaboli says:

    caretaker I opologize I assumed you were a xtian that seems like a fairly wise view as satanists we avoid man made crap and corruptions by comunicating with the gods directly you actually seem like a person who would benefit from learning about satanism (the real satanism)

  78. trolldoll1681 says:

    i was commenting on zealheart not you and i am not getting in on this one.

  79. Big Chief says:

    Pagan Gods back then are what one would call demons today..Like the story of Zozo on here. He was one of the “Pagan Gods” back then and is now known as a demon today. The pagan Gods are also known as “Jinns” to Arabs. Some are good and some are evil. Some are favorable to man and others are unfavorable to man. The Pagan Gods today are known as angels and demons. They are the same “Gods” as before Christianity. Not all are evil and not all are good as you see in the Zozo case… They are not to be worshipped as they all answer to a higher power. They are the creations, not the “Creator”. Back in the days people used to sacrifice babies, blood, give jewelry to these “Pagan Gods” for favors because the Pagan Gods could influence things in this world.

    The Pagan Gods were respected for their favors but they all answer to one higher central power. There is another story on the web from a girl who contacted another “Pagan God” through a ouija session. It’s an interesting read and it tells much about the “Pagan Gods”. Here it is:

  80. Big Chief says:

    Paganism is polytheism, worshipping of many Gods. There is one central “God” who created all the other lesser Gods. How can one worship many Gods as who would know which God is mightier than the other. How can one worship the Pagan God “:Zozo”. Zozo can influence many things in this world but is he worthy of worship?? Also, how can one say that religion is man-made. Humans got their religious knowledge from the “Pagan God’s” as well. Some Gods are favorable to man and others are unfavorable to man. Just like a Satanist can get his teachings from a “God”, a person like Moses, Aaron, Jesus could have gotten his teachings from a “God” too. People communicated more back then with spirits and Gods than they do today. To say that religion is wholly man-made is stretching it. Alot of the Bible is Egyptian stories and beliefs..

    Egyptians were great spirit communicators…

  81. a voice says:

    Well� now that this conversation seems to be coming to some logical reason (note that I use �some� loosely) I would like to direct focus back on the main topic of the thread.

    Firstly, before I note the obvious over sights, I would like to say that on closer inspection the writer known as �haunted� has attempted to �generalize� the topic by stating several times, in replacement for god, �a higher power� (�haunted�, Copyright 2009 thus trying to encompass the different definition of the word god in hopes that it dose not start an argument towards religious prejudice (which has clearly failed).

    Now even thou she said that she believes in the xian definition of god she is clearly using a method that originates from pagan practices and even she admits that she is not a faithful believer of xian ways. She�s definitely not a xian clone but someone who has never known what else to call it, and considering that she dose have grand children she may be too old to care (with all do respect).

    What I see as the main flaw here is her choice of words, evil spirit would have been fine but she uses demon incorrectly. I common mistake is the �if its evil, it�s a demon� mentality that many people who have the �privilege� of having a extreme haunting tend to lean towards (from twisted and uneducated sources which is prevalent within xian cultures). The word demon is considerably the original word for most if not all lesser and some higher gods. in many Asians cultures both old and modern the word demon is used to describe spiritual entities that are not exactly human and can do good or bad and sometimes both, same with Egyptian and some middle eastern cultures. What I find to be the correct word would be poltergeist. Some think that poltergeist and ghost are the same but many people in ghost hunting (except �paranormal state� which is purely fake) use the word poltergeist to describe a non-human entity that has no emotion and usually harms there victims, they also can manifest them selves as �devilish� looking creatures or can look human giving you the impression of a thinking entity. Poltergeist can come from many places, one that I fine interesting is from the victim them selves, threw fears and extreme depressions that can become so powerful that it literally takes a life of its own making the fears and pains of the victim a reality.

    Making note of the power of ones self and how it can manipulate reality as we know it.

    Also, there are such things has evil entities such as vengeful or restless spirits so in no way am I disproving that fact, and no matter how you do it, it is important that you realize your own strength when riding them from your home.

    Ps. Sorry for the long post.

  82. Haunted says:

    First off, I myself have never studied Greek. So, when I use the word demon I am referring to an evil entity that was never EVER human and has only one goal, destruction!

    If anyone honestly thinks that when I refer to demons I’m talking about anyone’s God’s, then they need to find a new God. Because the demons I refer to are evil and only want to do harm to people!

    I have also never EVER studied how other religions or beliefs or what ever you want to call them cleanse a house. This is just how I do it and what has worked time after time for me.

    And NO I was in no way trying to prevent an argument over religious prejudice. I call my “higher power” God. I intentionally generalized it to call it a “higher power” so that anyone, no matter what higher power they believe in and no matter what they call that higher power would know that they could still get peace and relief through this method.

    unlike a lot of other people, I do not try to push God on anyone. I think that we each should believe in ever which higher power we choose to believe in and leave everyone else alone. Hence, my decision to use the words higher power so that everyone would be able to relate to the general purpose of the thread.

    I myself have no need for a whole bunch of God’s because the God that I believe in can do it all. His power knows no boundaries and no one is above him! And, I’m not trying to sway anyone’s opinions or make anyone believe the way that I do. I’m just stating my beliefs and have nothing against anyone that believes different.

    Yes, I am a grand mother, but NO I’m not to old to learn new things and form new opinions. I’m lucky enough to be able to make up my own mind about things and form my own beliefs! I don’t think you ever get too old to learn and improve yourself.

    And, this may sound crude, but hey if you don’t believe that the method I wrote about in the thread works, then by all means don’t even try it. I really don’t care. I wrote this for those that do want help and if this helps even one, then it’s served it’s purpose.

    • Turbo says:

      you should study greek you need to know what all the beliefs and religions say before you make a decision on your own religion thats where alot of the confusion starts so definitly study. i recently attended a church where the preacher was twisting the words of the bible. if i didnt study so much i wouldn’t have caught on to that. but everyone else belived him thats where confusion sets in, so be careful

  83. junbug20 says:

    So why do people WANT to get rid of demons?? because cuddle up a coo in our ears?

  84. trolldoll1681 says:

    huh? what do you mean? cuddle up a coo in our ears? i’m sorry i don’t understand. duh on my part.

  85. christianwarrior101 says:

    maybe because no matter what people want to think there purpose is to take as many of us to hell with them because even if people on here dont want to belive and dont know the truth satan and the demons all of them know the truth they no how the ending plays out there is nothing nice about demons they have been playing this game with humans for years so they are pretty good about it they have many many ways in to someone s life that is what they do they do anything any way to find a door and then they come in they lie everhthing about them is a lie satan is the father of lies so no matter how they come in or who they look like or what they say it is a lie and there purpose is always and i mean always to destroy humans lifes every part of it i hope you dont listen to the people that act like they know the truth and talk about how demons and satan are not bad ok they are wrong i guarrantee it and if they dont change they will find out the hard way god bless

  86. Junbug20 says:

    trolldoll1681, just being a bit sarcastic with satansgirl66, she(?) says demons are not evil, I say they wouldn’t be demons if they were not evil, you’d have to read our past few comments. sorry about that.

  87. Spoke By Ipos says:

    You christians who “debate” whether Demons are good or evil are quite wrong. I use the term “debate” loosely because you seem capable of doing is tossing your bible in people’s faces. That cripples you, can you not see that? Humans always want to take the easy way out, that is fairly natural. What you must do to advance is do research, soul-search and find the right way. If your god asked you to kill someone, would you?

    No christian can fully answer this.

    • Caretaker says:

      Spoke By Ipos – you start out making a huge mistake right off the bat. You lump all “christians” into one group and go on to assume that they are all the same.

    • robert says:

      it the duty of the christian to lead a sinner to jesus to save that soul. if that person does not want to accept jesus, it would be that persons loss. the christian is doing the will of god to win souls.know this demons are wicked spirits and will destroy men even to death

    • Turbo says:

      there is that you humans again, look i understand that satan makes you think that if you follow him he will give you great power and you will be stronger than anyone else but, news flash you are a human too. which means right now you are still weak.

  88. ashleylz says:

    I have a older brother. His best friend lives with him in a two bedroom apartment. Him and his best friend believe that they have a demond and a ghost following them. I believe they are both demonds. They want for me to help they to get rid these things that are evil. At their house I’ve personaly seen in there kitchen. That was about two months ago. I haven’t seen it since then. I am a religous person. I read my bible about 3 times a week and pray often. I believe that I can help them with God on my side. However, I would like some pointers from anyone that has had to deal with evil spirits before. Please Help?!

  89. Rancour666 says:

    In regards to your derogotary comments about Demons i would ask you to do research (and i mean properly) before you sling things about like this. Demons are at heart peaceful entities and the only reason anyone would have any trouble with one was if that person had offended the demon in question. They are after all an entity capable of feeling offended much as other entities including ourselves. and this may not be constructive to the argument but i must say it else im going to burst… . start thinking for yourself.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Rancour666 stated like a Satanist. Are you one? The “being all that” and thinking ones might is higher than God’s is what the devil cast down for. He went from the “barrier of light” and one of God’s most beautiful angels to what he is today with those self absorbed kind of thoughts. Christianity is being more selfless. Actually what are we with out eachothers help? If everyone only thought of them self I doubt most of us would even be around. Demons hate us. Why wouldn’t they lie to us. I hope you are not one of those descived.

  90. trolldoll1681 says:

    lets not start this again please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. ashleylz says:

    Is there anything to put a demond back in a peaceful state or something. My brother is physically being harmed by this spirit. This makes me anger as is because at this point in time my brother is going through a rough patch (just recently becoming home less, and dealing with a constantly nagging wife who’s pregnant). On top of that in the last two years 4 of his closest friends have died. All by suicide. He hasn’t dealt with all of that yet! I have made the choice to help him because he doesn’t have many resources. Our own mother won’t even help her son. I can’t just leave him alone knowing this. It doesn’t make sence to leave someone so lonely to me.

  92. Satansgirl66 says:

    I am not starting anything. This is an example of slander, and disregard for both an entire spirituality and the facts. Let me just say one thing about Ipos’s comment, He’s right. Christians are the same, they all follow the bible (at least loosely) and they all worship the same deity. Rancour666 makes a great point, Demons are mostly peaceful but they will not let you walk all over them. Thats were most people get in trouble will real Demons. I urge anyone reading to disregard this article on “getting rid of Demons”, these tips only work on angels pretending to be Demons.

    • Caretaker says:

      Satansgirl66 – how can you say that all Christians are the same? That makes me wonder if you know anything about “them” because I have known a lot of Christians during my time here and I can assure you that they are far from all being the same. That would be the same as saying all women are the same or all men or even all Satanists. When you lump a bunch or people into a category and say they are all the same you are getting off on the wrong foot.

  93. Haunted says:

    Hmmm, got a dictionary?? Websters says…..

    Demons : an evil spirit b : a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin

    Daemon : a supernatural being of Greek mythology intermediate between gods and men

    Those two words are spelled different and most people interrupt the word demon as an evil spirit, just as Webster’s does. Some of you are getting upset when no one is even saying that your God’s are evil.

    As far as all Christians being the same, anyone who really believes that just don’t know what Christianity is. There are many different Christian beliefs and very few of them actually believe the same things. Sure, they may all “follow the bible” but they don’t all interrupt the bible the same.

    One religion often believes a scripture means one thing, while another will believe it means something completely different. That’s why there’s Catholic’s, Methodist, Baptist and other denominations—-they’re all different!

    If all Christians were the same as many believe, then there would only be one denomination.

  94. trolldoll1681 says:

    haunted applause applause! and to think all this could have been settled with a dictionary? why didn’t i think of this duh. there are so many different versions of the king james it’s funny. there are so many different deities and gods and goddesses. and prophets too, apostles, them too. i am not a history major and i don’t where all these things fall into history, but i have heard of most of the ones that have been mentioned above. heck i used to be a babtist, then a pentacostal. but i just don’t want to be baumbarded with all the fire and brim stone that goes with it. i think my new religion is paranormal. although i’m not even sure about all the aspects of that. vampires and possesion and sleep paralysis included. so i’ll just sit here and enjoy all the ghostly experiences and want to believe, like mulder believed there are aliens, and there’s no more proof of them as ghosts!

  95. christianwarrior101 says:

    for of all by no means all christians are not the same they are so many denominations because at one point and time god had it the way he wanted and time after time you would have people not wanting to live like or by certain commandments and there fore they would leave that church because a disagreement or because gods rules were to hard for there on life style so they would start this denomination just a little different and after a while thats why you have so many and as far as no christian can answer your little question im not your average get real quite not say nothing to make you mad christian i got an answer for you ok would you kill any one if god told you to first of all my god oh wait whether any of you admit it he is your god to and you will find out the hard way in the last days there is but only one god any other of this pagan junk is just that its demons misguideing you from the truth and since your talking about the one and only god the creator of all not your so called pagan god s that would tell you to kill someone for no reason but if god called me to kill some one it would be part of his plan so i would do whatever god asked me to do lol go to websters dictionary to discuss demons spell it how ever you want it does not matter it is all the same they are demonic entites wanting your soul to burn in hell so keep thinking whatever you want and if you ever get possessed and the only thing that has any power during an exorcisim is jesus name them maybe you will belive but a true christian lives by the whole bible and not some of it but leaves some out to fit there life style god bless

  96. christianwarrior101 says:

    ashleylz i was going to respond to you i know i can help please understand there is no way in the world to put them in some type of a nice state your a christian so yes you can help no matter what anyone else says you know the truth and jesus will help you get threw this ok no matter what if , this is really that serious then listen you have to get rid of it ok praying is great just know satan will try to make you seem like god is not strong enough ok please know everything satan and his demons lie about everything ok so what they say is not true just keep the faith and do not back down i have had many encounters with demons my whole life i know i can help you if you need me to please just message me back and let me know a little more about how is this sitiuation today im just trying to make sure this is real ya know because i will help you if you need it so please message me back and i will help you

  97. Satansgirl66 says:

    The word Demon comes from Daemon, tradtional Demon names
    come from the names of Pagan Gods.

  98. Junbug20 says:

    What I understand is that demons where once angels that rebeled against God himself, Lucifer and one third of all the angels however many that was, they failed…got cast down (back) to earth, they where here to take care of the earth before human beings,so they’ve been here a long long time,…some deeply regret making that choice, I’m sure, so they are all not menacing so some, not all of course, actually avoid us, they are thinking creatures and are intelligent, very intelligent, they are in spiritual form, unlike us we are made of phyical matter, they cannot leave the atmosphere of the earth to run amuck and ruin the rest of the universe, Some are downright depressed, I experienced one personally myself, I’d be depressed too if I got kicked out of heaven, We are going to judge the angels,… believe it or not, some day. I know it sounds “out there” but so far, that’s what the bible is teaching, I’m still learning, do I believe it? yes, because of many personal experiences and reasons, I know one thing,……. I wouldn’t mess with them.

    • robert says:

      hi junbug20 to understand what demons are read the book of enoch, in genesis the angels known as the watchers, came to this world and took women as their wives. at that time it was 200 angels. the children were born to them and these children became giants known as the nephilim. the world became wicked as the nephilim started to eat people. god sent the flood in noahs day which drowned them.their spirit became evil and they were called demons. the angels who fathered the nephilim are put in chains of darkness until judgement. when a man or woman dies their spirit goes to hades or papadise to wait for judgement.but know this demons are the spirit of the hephilim not fallen angels.

  99. christianwarrior101 says:

    the bible makes it clear that anything and everything that we think are ghost are really demons the pagan god s that you speak of are false pagan gods which are really demoic spirts its demons how ever you spell them it dont matter they are all evil everyone no matter how they act or what they say or look like they take many forms to get a way in so we will let down our guard some just straight up let you know they are demons most will come to you as a lost loved one a small child or a soilder what most people think of as ghost but they really are demonic spirits wanting your soul its nothing to play with i wish everyone the best i have been around this a lot more than i wanted really but i know now i am blessed to try to help people most can diagree with me but i know im right and wish everyone the best god bless

  100. trolldoll1681 says:

    christianwarrior, if all ghosts are demons and christians are not suppose to have anything to do with spritualism, why do you read all of these stories. aren’t you afraid of sinning against god? does your church know about your interests in the paranormal?

  101. christianwarrior101 says:

    troll doll my relationship with god is my buisness not my churches and not yours see its funny everyone looks into the religion over the most important thing its about a relationship with jesus i go to church read my bible i life by the commandments and i represent christ in everything i do lol so i dont have to say anything more to you i am just trying to help people that need help with demons because a lot of people on here have no clue what they are talking about and i no i doi have experienced more of the paranormal from this point in my life than you ever will it was not by choice i used to be terrified but now i no the truth and god has blessed me by finding this website to show people the truth it does not matter at all what you or any one else thinks of me i am trying to help the people that need help and defend christ when these so called satanists start talking trash i am here to help any one and im here to stay and i dont know were you got spiritulism or whatever i dont belive in ghost becasue there are no such things they are demons in many forms coming into people s life in many ways and as a christian if you didnt no we are suppose to go out and cast out demons the holy spirit of god in us makes that happen and since i was a kid i have had so much stuff happen and i know no i went through it for a reason and i no it is to help people that are going threw the same thing so no its not against what the bible says when i am trying to help people get rid of demons and show them the power of christ so is there any thing else a will answer it god bless

    • covered by the blood says:

      Right on! Also, its amazing to me how that they say they dont believe in our “religion” or our God, but yet they use our language such as “Satan” and “666.” Its also amazing to me how their demon “gods” submit to the Lord Jesus and cower and obey His name, HIs blood and His Servants who DO know what is really going on and is NOT decieved rather emboldened and empowered by His Spirit The Holy Ghost! Obviously these have never tried to walk away from these demons or denounce them, because they havent seen their true nature, only the deception. Obviously they have never listened to the testimonies of people who have escaped from satanism or other false ways and have heard what they went through. Those of us who are His Servants who have to come along beside the victims with strength or rescue, those of us who do look these demons eye ball to eye ball, backing them down, who see them tremble and obey- yawn at any mention of their diviness or possibility of being better than the One and ONLY God-His name is Yeshua. The reason however that we have to so tediously be drawn into conversation is for the sakes of souls. Not arrogance, confidance. We know for a fact that a hammer smashes glass as we know for a fact that these are demons and they bow to the name of Yeshua, Jesus. Simple as that. I pray that any future reader will see the truth …. renounce these false spirits and any dealings you have had and ask Jesus to be your God and to fill you with His Spirit and to cover you with His blood. He will.

    • D. Weston says:

      Hi my name is D. Weston …I would like to speak one on one w/ someone who knows a lot about demons who make you use iv drugs…I have been struggling for some time…I need help..

  102. trolldoll1681 says:

    christianwarrior, you don’t know what i have seen and to me you are just pushing your religion onto others wheather they want it or not! if you don’t believe in ghosts, why are you here. do not tell me what i know and will ever know. that is just plain rude on your part. you are no expert! i am not one either. but just lighten up and appreciate the knowledge that comes from people who enjoy studying the paranormal.

  103. trolldoll1681 says:

    christian warrior, this site does not need a minister!!

  104. ashleylz says:

    On the religion subject I am a Christian. I don’t go to church. I find that more and more people go to church to make themselves look good to others. I’ve gone to more than 5 churches in the last 3 years. I find that every time I find someone to put trust in at a chruch they end up bad talking me or lying to me. Now I just find people in other places outside of a church. I don’t ask them about their religion and they don’t ask about mine. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re perfect. As a Christian I’ve done things I’m not suppose to. I don’t hide it when I screw something up. I confess whatever it was that I did, and who knows…I might do it again. Nobody is perfect. That doesn’t stop or ruin anyones choice to have a relationship with God.

  105. trolldoll1681 says:

    well put ashleytz!!!

  106. ashleylz says:

    To christianwarrior I would very much like your help. I just need to help the people close to me.

  107. christianwarrior101 says:

    i dont push nothing on anyone i never said anything directly you if i reacall put my name in it first so i responded the way i should and if you have a problem with what i type then do this dont read it i am not a minister but i am a christian on this site to help people that need it i will defend myself and will respond to anything i have no hard feelings toward you and do not want to argue just understand you called me out first i told you why im on here to help people so that is that any thing else i hope we can be ok with each other if not thats ok to i will still do and say whatever god puts on my heart god bless

    ashleylz i meant no disrespect to you i am not better than anyone i prob have done more stuff wrong than most people on here so i didnt mean to come off like i apologize if i did all i care about is you said you need help and i want to help you i would like to know a lot more details with whats going on if that is ok is your brother the only one being bothered by this what all is happening with him why you think this started stuff like that i will message you back as soon as i can just keep your faith in christ and keep praying for your brother and i will to and god will help you guys threw this let me know as much as you can ok god bless

  108. trolldoll1681 says:

    christianwarrior, i give up. you know all there is to know about the bible, you are a expert. our pagan friends don’t because we believe in that pagan junk. and by the way if god were standing next to me today and told me to kill someone, i would rather kill myself, oh what did he put in the ten commandments, thou shalt not kill. the bible was written by man to control and punish man, all for greed and power. why is there so much violence in the bible? the same reason there is so much violence in the world today, man is the cause. sorry c w but i can’t believe in something so destructive.

  109. christianwarrior101 says:

    lol i am not trying to make you belive in anything and i dont no have as much as i need to i didnt say that and now im clearing it up i was trying to be nice to you but if you want to get so offended ok thats fine i didnt say nothing until you said something to me directly but god gave us free will and man sinned we turned against god its funny how you have all the people taking the bible out of every single thing we do and the world keeps getting worse back in the day when this country went by the bible we were doing pretty good god is all about love wanting us to all love him and each other but satan would influence people to belive in anything but the truth he does not have to be worshipped to have peoples soul go to hell i dont have all the answer but i know god does no matter how many times we argue and go back and forth in the end the truth will be revealed and the truth is in christ now i am going to personally say to you trolldoll if i offended you i do apologize i have not meant to sound like i know it all but i know i do know the truth and it is men who were inspired by the holy spirit of god to write the bible thats why all the prophices are 100 % accurate and i got a little carried away when you come at me directly but i am not trying to push anything on you i am just defending what the bible said so once and for all i am not trying to argue with you ok you can belive what ever you want i will always defend the bible always but for real i have no hard feelings toward you i will pray for you even if you dont belive how i belive i still wish you and your family the best ok i hope we can move on i just want to prove my point and not argue so any way god bless

  110. ashleylz says:

    Ok well I believe in generational curses. My real dad ,when I know him and the stories about him before I was born, he was a very nice person. He was a herion and alcohol addict. He sexualy abused my sister when she was little (about 5 years of age). He did the same to my half brother. I think it only makes sense that what ever caused him to do those things is trying to get my brother sister and I to fall in the same trap. My brother smokes marijuana and sometimes cocaine too. He is 21. He got his 17 year old girl friend pregnant. Soon after decided to marry. They argue and I think when they do, he takes off and does drugs with his friends. When he was 16 he decided to experiment in witchcraft. At that time he would wake up and tell us that something would pinch him. At that time he still lived at home. During the times that this happened I remember trying to fall asleep but my bed would shake. I had a wood frame that was old so even my sister could hear it shake (we had to share a room). Soon after my brother moved out. He’s been on his own from there on out. Lately, he tells me that he wakes up because I hears things moving around in his room. He has lived with his good friend Jared. Jared knows that some kind of a spirit has been following him around for the last five years. My brothers lived with him for about the last 2 years give or take a few months. They have had things throwen across a room. There was even a lamp throwen when there was nobody but they two boys on the side of the room in the direction that the lamp was throwen. They have gone to sleep and woke up with their ashtrays moved to different places. The believe in God but they don’t practice religion. I personally think that they are afraid. They just say they don’t have time. I seen whatever is around them. It looked like a girl with a really messed up face. Like dents and just really ugly like nothing I’ve ever seen. My parents say I am profetic. I have dreams about something the night before it happens and I see things like spirits every now and they. And often I can hear voices of people I know that died. Plus, random whispers. I don’t like talking about it cause I think I sound crazy.

  111. ashleylz says:

    Originally The ten commandments said thou shall not murder. God believe in war. That’s how somethings end up. You hear Preachers talk about the battle between good and evil. In battles people get killed. Thats the point somethings should be worth dying for. The Roman Chatholic church decided to “re-word” the ten commandments. Just like the bible really doesn’t say anything about suicide. People just decide to pull the words out of the bible and twist it to make it sound better. I don’t think thats right. Thus comes my point about how some Chirstians are not really True Christians.

  112. trolldoll1681 says:

    that’s what i think too thanks ashley

  113. christianwarrior101 says:

    first off ashleylz your not crazy ok thats what the devil wants you to think that your crazy your the only one something must be wrong with you and you seem very smart when it comes to the bible and i do agree how people say they are christians but they dont go by the whole bible just the part that suits them but that is between them and god not for me to decide but please no your not crazy ok and you stated that you are a christian and as long as you know jesus thats all that matters not the church you go to so you have the power to help your brother because you have that one on one relationship with jesus ok you need to pray and pray a lot that your brother and his friend will really accept jesus in there hearts and put him first because he is the only thing that has power over these demons because thats what they are no matter what form they take or the things they do in the mean time you need to make sure your brother and his friend wants this thing gone because if they entertained by it or dont care about it being there or if they like it that can get bad quick it can give it power ok make sure there is nothing that has to do with witchcraft in there house anything that he use to use when he practiced witchcraft if you know of someone that is a real strong christian and familar with deliverence have them come to your brothers house and have who ever lives there present and they will help you bless the house and cast the demons out of his house and your brother and his friend if he practiced withcraft to needs to say out loud that they want nothing to do with satan renounce all satans works and all the things they done in witchcraft let these demons know you guys want nothing to do with them command them to leave in jesus name no matter how many times you have to say it dont give up keep your faith and when you are commanding them to leave do it firmly if your brother and his friend will not have a one on one relationship with jesus not just oh there is a god out there i mean really give there heart to christ there is only so much you can do if they are affraid to give it to god it might take something to really scare them before they will listen but you have to sound like a broken record player being there always for them even when it gets very hard to reasure them that jesus will deliver them from these demons and it will get very bad if they dont but remember you can not force them you can on be there to show them the way and you have ask them do they want to live in fear of these things or have no fear of them and walk in victory with christ because he is the way bless the house and whoever is in the house hold has to want this thing gone and has to tell it to leave in jesus name these demons might try to act like god has no power and they are stronger but they are not (1 JOHN 4:4 he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world ) always no that no matter what stand and fight and keep your faith and anytime you see any type of spirit command it to leave in jesus name rebuke it in jesus name tell them you want no part of them let me know if this information helps you and if you have any questions at all then please ask them i am here to help god bless you

  114. ashleylz says:

    The only thing I have concern about is that I don’t go to a church right now. The last Church my parents and I went to the people would not go to the hospital when my step grandma and pray when they said they would. Then, when they talked to the leader of the church he said God told him my grandma would live. Then we missed 1 day of church in about 5 months and they started saying we weren’t going on purpose. So then we did stop and shortly after she died. My dad says he isn’t ready to go to a new church yet.

  115. christianwarrior101 says:

    im sorry for your lose ashleyz but you dont have to go to church to be a christian to be a christian is to be christ like and you can do that anywere your at just read your bible pray to god and give him thanks for everything that he has blessed you with just study the word and when the time is right you and your family will find the right church it is very important to go to a real holy spirit filled church and be around other belives so they can also pray for you but you dont need to be in a church that will make you fill like an out cast like that just remember that god is not the one that was acting like that it was the people of that church and dont let the devil tell you your not ready to go back to church ok you make that decision when god puts it on your heart you will find the right one for you and your family just keep pray ing to god and reading your bible and do what jesus ask of you ok just becasue you dont go to church that does not make you any less of a christian keep your faith no matter were your at and you and your family will be fine god bless all of you

  116. Junbug20 says:

    Christianwarrior101 comment Jan.12 2010 2:38pm Comment Is correct, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Right on! christianwarrior! the name fits you.

  117. ashleylz says:

    Of course I know that. Just the last yr has been really crazy. My parents use to read the bible about five days a week, and now I read it more than they do. The only thing is I don’t like to read a chapter all at once. I like to flip around because I find that even though the verses can be exactly what they say, I find sometimes I might take them out of context of not even realize that the verse is a metaphor. That what’s being read has more depth than the literal meaning. Plus, I like to find verse and keep them as, I guess, a guide line on how to live my live better, and how to deal with certain circumstances.

  118. christianwarrior101 says:

    my nanny is the woman who raised me and she would read the bible i can tell you how many times a year it was a lot though all the way threw then start it over again but she went threw a time last year when she got out of the hospital and refused to have her bible around her at all it worried me a lot i felt like something was trying to keep her from reading any way i felt helpless and did not no what to do the only thing i could do is pray for her and keep going down the path that god has made for me you reading your bible is great and it does not matter how you read it as long as you are learning from it skip around do what ever let god direct you in what to read and just pray for your parents because people just go threw this sort of thing i prayed for my nanny thats all i could do and she is fine now and reads every day so just keep praying for your parents and they know jesus so they have that understanding they will have a convection on there heart when the time is right just keep on praying for them and everything will be ok god bless

  119. Anonymous says:

    I am posting this because I want to warn people that there Are people that are jinked. I am one of those. I know I have enitites in my house. I have been keeping them at bay with prayer and laughter. It really pisses them off. They hide differnent things from me for a while. Sometimes, I get it back sometimes I don’t. But what they take is material things and that doesn’t worry me.
    I have had supernatural happenings all my life and my Aunt just told me, our family has a 6th sense or 3rd eye whatever you call it. My daughter is scared of them. I don’t think they can hurt you unless you let them. Jesus is the one you talk to. He helps all who ask. It may take awhile, but he does help you in your darkest hour. One reason I don’t want to get to close to people is it hurts really bad when I loose them. One of my ex husbands called me on the phone. I have seen one of my other husbands in photo’s 3 years after his death and our son still isn’t sure he is around. He can be so thick thinking at times.
    I tried the olive oil thing and all I managed to do is piss them off. My daughter blames it for my illness. She is afraid for me. I think thats sweet, however, even if one gets my life, he does not have my soul. I gave it to Jesus for safekeeping.
    Don’t be afraid to speak out……as the lady in the movie Rose Res said ” the truth is out there”.

    • covered by the blood says:

      They are not angry at the oil but what it represents. So what if they get mad, they can get over it and get out! Really! When youve had enough then you will do it with authority or have a spirit filled person who knows what they are doing come over. They reacted to the reminder of their judgement to come-dont take it personal-dont give up dont give up dont give up! Ask the Lord to reveal to you anything that is/was in your life that may give them a legal right to stay and then say”I ask you to forgive me or any others that may have committed an act of any kind that would give these evil spirits any kind of right to be here. I ask you to close those places now, in Jesus Name.” Once youve done that they have no right and must go. Dont respond to their “shows” other than if yo were fighting back. YOU CAN DO IT! Remember “Ican do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me.”

  120. Brad says:

    If im not mistaken, Demons will feed off of a negative energy and will allow them to get an increase of strenth to their power. Im not sure but ive felt a presence ever since my childhood, but when i moved I have still felt this presence. During my childhood i would never sleep, and if i did, i slept with my eyes open. I was very frightened because this presence was actually real and still is to this day. I would feel something push me off my bed, and then id be dragged underneath my bed and then start crying for my parents. My parents would obviously hear me and then find me underneath my bed asking me how i got there. and all i could tell them was “I don’t know” Now getting pushed off my bed has not happend since my childhood, if anything i suppose over time i’ve learned to ignore it. But when it comes to an evil presence, I don’t think something like that should be ignored. especially for 15 years.

    Little things then started to happen as i got older. Hearing things, and experiencing things such as voices right next to my ears, and footsteps that are unexplained, and things such as mugs or cups, being dropped on the floor from the counter. I don’t think it’s so much that my house is haunted. I think im the one being haunted. It’s a very scary thought. And I have a very bad temper. I get overly angry over little things, and sometimes I have gotten angry with this spirit because i have felt it’s presence since i was 2 or 3 years old. Im 22 years old now and i still feel this same presence.

    You explained how to cleanse a house. ive been baptized grew up catholic which is apparently the highest power of all religions. So i don’t quite understand why this thing keeps following me around. My dog which is a huskey, is now very sick and shes only 3 years old. and I love my dog. Ive told this spirit to stop bothering me. you can probably understand my frustrations at this time. My dog is my companion and im not about to let this thing take her life right now. I need help aswell as my family. I have a baby that is comming in august and i do not want this thing around by the time my little boy or girl is born. I need a suggestion and i need one fast. and i need a good suggestion. one that will actually work. i am not willing to do an excorsism, i have epilepsey and I could die if i go into a seizure. Not kidding either. I don’t need an answer. I need a Cure. and i need one now. Im so sick and tired of living life where i could be the one responsible of this thing taking over my family and myself. Please help me. Sorry if my spelling is off.

    • covered by the blood says:

      Do not believe in the power of religion, believe in the Power of The Lord Jesus. Its all perspective. Switch perspectives and get mad. Understand Whose you are and when you realize that you are the child of the Almighty, these spirits will have lost their strong hold. For you see, as long as you dont believe nor understand who you really are then then you will not walk in your full potential. The Word says that you have authority over ALL powers and dominions….so gird up in knowledge, believe in yourself as a child of God and kick devil butt! ;oD Blessings!

    • robert says:

      hi brad i know what you are going through: that evil spiril which bothers you from you were a small child until now,needs to be cast out. not getting sleep and epilepsey are demonic attacks.the catholic church is not the highest church in the world.if you do not get rid of this demon,it will affect the rest of your family in cluding the need to find a church which has the power of the holy spirit to cast out demons. to see the power of god ,look up world revival also on you tube type in prophet tb joshoa, also on youtube prophet tom deckard. if you seek jesus you will find him, ask him to forgive you of your sins and save you.start read your bible, put away anything that will distract you eg,tv find a good church like the ones i told you to check out.get real salvation and you will be fine.

  121. Anonymous says:

    One of the most dangerous thngs you can do is try to communicate with a demon with a weegie board. I am just saying this to warn any of you who might be dealing with a bad spirit of a demon of any sort.
    The one thing that most people don’t take into accont when using a weegie board is that the board can and usually will lie to you. Especially if you are talking to a demon.
    My brother and his friends used a weegie board not too long ago and here is their story….It was really late at night. My brother Cole and his friends Tebo and Reece were spending the night at Tebo’s house. When they were sitting on the floor just talking, Tebo pulls out his weegie board. Well, Cole and Tebo begin playing with it and Reece writes all the letters down, so they can keep track of what the spirit says. Now ill write out all the things the weegie board said and who asked the question.

    Cole: are there any spirits that would like to communicate with us tonight?
    Cole: are you an angel, demon, or a spirit?
    Cole: what would you like to tell us?
    i predict the future

    Cole was then going to ask the angel when he was going to die, but Tebo wouldn’t let him. So then Reece is going to try to use the board.

    Reece: What is your name?
    the board wouldn’t respond.
    Reece: I’ll ask again- What is your name?
    the board still won’t respond

    Cole then uses the board.

    Cole: Do you not want to talk to Reece?
    Cole: why not?
    no soul

    This scared the hell out of Reece because he is an athiest.

    Cole: well….are you a guardian angel?
    Cole: who’s?

    This really freaked Reece out because Ian is his first name.

    I don’t remember what all the board said after that, but I wanted to share this story to prove a point. Cole, Reece, and Tebo didn’t know if that was a demon or an angel. You see, I think it was a demon trying to manipulate them into believing everything it said.
    Now, you understand how this can become very dangerous. Just wanted to give a warning to any of you who want to try to talk to a demon that is giving you trouble. DON’T DO IT!!!!

  122. Anonymous says:

    i just want to say that i came across your post and let me tell you im very releived to hear that im not the only one going through this, lately ive been feeling like im crazy and im afraid that if i go to someone they are going to try and put me in the loony bin. im seeing things and hearing voices, i was doing ok with just kinda ignoring it and trying not to give it energy but the other night it woke me up out of sleep and called me out by name in a really scary hissing voice so im now sure that it is a demon. thank you so much for the advice and letting me know that i am not alone in this. god bless.

  123. gods love says:

    greater is in me than he who is in the world. demons cant hurt u if u have the blood of jesus.

  124. Shari says:

    To Anonymous: Just pray… Pray to your God for love and forgiveness of your wrongdoings, and then ask your God for help. That’s what I did. And some research. These “thingies” consist of so much negative energy, it only makes sense that the more negative energy they are fed then the stronger they will grow. So make positive thinking and good thoughts and morality part of your daily routine and quit feeding the negative things and see if that doesn’t change your situation. And tell the “thing” to leave your home. Ask your God to help you have the strength and support to do this. And if there are other people that live in your home, then you need to inform them of the new morality plan to rid the home of unwanted evils. Pray to your God to help them see and let them know that you are. Be positive and assertive. And keep checking in on these blogs coz’ there are good people out there that want to help you. Godspeed…

  125. christianwarrior101 says:

    anonymous your not crazy the people that would think you are is someone that is to affraid to belive in god and the truth and the evil side of it like this or someone that thinks they are to smart for something like this but there is no scientific explanation for it they just call us crazy lol but were not they will see in the end at the end of your comment you said god bless i can tell you you have the tools to win the battle right now and it is in the name of jesus i can tell you when i was going to help someone get rid of two demons they invited in there house because they were moving and i didnt want nothing to happen to the people that would move in it next, the night i talked to them about it and they agreed to let me come in the next week that night lets just say i was haveing the worst dream possible about fighting demons and was woke up once with them calling my name then while i was awake i felt the breath in my ear and heard my name again they were trying to scare me so i would not come down to that house and get rid of those demons in jesus name and it bothers me still to say that the people never allowed me to come in and help them and they moved and i have no knowledge of were the house is located but the point i been there to and i was still gonna go they will try to scare you but you have the power to get rid of it in jesus name do not allow it to stay around you let it no it is not welcome in your house or around you and rebuke them in jesus name do it how ever many time s it takes stand tall in your faith and you will be lead to victory the key is not a religion it is a relationship with jesus christ may god bless you to victory i know he will god bless i am here if you need help or have questions

  126. Jessica says:

    I am only 13 years old, i am afraid of the lady in my room, she likes to threaten me and my friends and almost chocked my friend once. Im really brave, but i know shes a demon. She shapeshifts, likes to move me around. Last night i saw a cat in the corner of my eyes, pitch black, like a shadow and not see through. I have 2 cats, one white, and one multicolored. This shadow cat seemed to move at an extremely fast speed, disapeering into the wall. I only caught sight of it enought to see its entire body for a second. The lady likes to watch me, and make shadows of her in reflections on the TV screen behind me. I pulled an all nighter last night also, since i was afraid to sleep when alone in the house (mom is out of town, im trusted to be alone, i live in a townhouse with friends who live next door and a phone). I was on the computer last night, never slept, havent slept yet. And for what seemed only a second had i blinked and my sight went pitch black, the next time i “woke up” as u can say, with the computer still turned on and me in my bed. I’ve no idea how i had gotten there, but i pressume the lady did this, cause at the time i was not tired at all. I still feel her watch me, stalking me around my house, being mad at me for being in this place. I feel scared and would like some better answers to this particular situation as to how to help this. I wouold not like my mother, or my friends to be hurt or scared…….

  127. trolldoll1681 says:

    jessica, tell her to get lost. that’s your house and she isn’t welcome period. you shouldn’t have to lose sleep because of her antics. go on with your everyday life and go to bed when you should. if you don’t, your school work could suffer and you’ll get moody. talk to your mom, hopefully she will believe you!! stand your ground girl!!

  128. ashleylz says:

    Jessica first tell the demond following you to leave your family friends and yourself alone in the name of Jesus Christ. God is stronger than anything imaginable.Secondread your bible. If your not sure where to start just find verses about Gods love. If you don’t have a bible you should be able to get one from a local church. If you can’t get to one when needed you got a computer love. You know how to use it. You can find me on ghostspace, also.

  129. royan says:

    It sounds like it would work, except for one thing: what if you don’t believe in God or a higher power? Some people simply don’t, so what do they do?

    • Coyote says:

      If you don’t believe in a higher power, tell it to get lost because _you_ said so, and you aren’t taking any crap from something that doesn’t even have a body, can’t maintain it’s own checking account, and couldn’t buy itself a steak from a grocery store, much less a soul.

      No, I’m not being particularly facetious here.

  130. ashleylz says:

    All I can really was about that without being completely bias is that something has to change. Chances are that an evil entity is not going to change. Evil has one intention, which is to destroy.

  131. Billy says:

    My girlfriend keeps getting possessed by something (I’m not going to assume any religion is right or use the word “demon”).

    My girlfriend and I both believe in God, and she prays several times a day for God to protect her from whatever is possessing her. This hasn’t worked, and last time she was possessed I tried saying “In the name of the Lord, leave her body now!” but it didn’t work it just claimed “God does not exist!”.

    I know she’s possessed. She said it was around her and then we both started hearing creepy sounding whispering. When she’s possessed, her eyes keep rolling to the back of her head every 30 seconds. A couple days ago she got possessed and woke up with a long, wide scratch on her back that burned throughout the day. When whatever possesses her leaves her, she wakes up confused, not remembering what she did or said while possessed, feeling as if she’s been sleeping forever.

    Can somebody give me some advice? I’m open to everything…I’ve said prayers from several religions and none have worked. I’ve also considered that maybe she has Dissociative Identity Disorder, but that wouldn’t explain the paranormal aspect of what’s been happening. We can’t afford a therapist right now though.

    • Lisa says:

      Get her to a priest, as soon as possible! He will not charge you anything.
      Good Luck!

    • Coyote says:

      Sometimes, when you say “out in the name of the lord,” you’re going to get a response of something along the lines of “Psshht, I’m an atheist.”

      Just because someone is dead or doesn’t have a body doesn’t mean they believe in the same mythology as you.

      When someone tells me “The power of Christ compels you!” my response is going to probably be a polite version of “Not that I’ve noticed, no.”

      Some critters, when they think you have backup, will leave. Others will think “Oh, so you think you aren’t safe unless your big brother is here to protect you eh? You must be a victim then!”

      Don’t be a victim. If you have faith, have faith in yourself, and not that you believe in God/god/goddess/spaghetti monster, but that they would have faith in you and believe in you.

      Also, please consider, not all things that look like “possession” are the result of an evil spirit from the beyond. Sometimes, it is a repressed part of the person’s psyche, or even an alternate personality, or some other mental effect or illness.

      And no, I’m not saying that disparagingly or out of ignorance. I happen to _have_ multiple personalities. : )

      Sometimes, we think there’s something supernatural happening, when it’s wishful thinking, fear, insecurity, a “shadow” part of our own natures, delusion, coincidence, an allergy to broccoli, or any of a number of other things.

      That’s not to say that the supernatural (or what we like to think of as supernatural) doesn’t exist, or that our experiences are false or lack meaning.

      But some spirits, just like some physical people, if they exist, aren’t going to be impressed by “You better not be mean to me or I’ll tell my dad!” They’re only going to be impressed by you saying “I don’t want you here, and if you don’t piss off, I’ll stick my foot up your ass.”

    • Mr.z says:

      billy you have to go back where ever the encuunters started and anoit and Demand they leave the victums body and soul take some olive oil and make crosses in the first part of the house and prey and demand they leave this room put crosses on the windows and doorway and put it on the outside of the doors so it cant go back into that room work your way out of of the closest way out to the exit you are going use then open the door let the enconters out then go tothe rooms backwards take the olive Good luccoil and make the same crosses with the olive oil and do the samething on door entrences @ windows so ttttthey cant get back in Good luck mrz

  132. Junbug20 says:

    Billy, It IS a demon and your girlfriend is in trouble and it’s messing with you too by saying things like God doesn’t exist. B.S.! don’t believe it! You ask the Lord Jesus Christ to send that thing away, but you need help, this demon is embedded deep for some reason, do what Lisa suggests and see a priest ASAP.!!

    • Coyote says:

      A lot of the time, like it or not, the very thing that encourages these “demons” is people running around shouting hysterically “Jesus save me!” (or insert name of deity of choice.)

      This doesn’t have anything to do with whether your deity exists, but please think on this: If a man comes up to you with a gun, and says “give me your wallet or I’ll shoot you.” if you response with “The lord will protect me,” he’s going to laugh at you, and take your wallet, possibly shooting you in the process. Don’t believe me? Go to a bad neighborhood and try it.

      You have an advantage when it comes to a bad person who is incorporeal and doesn’t have any hands or a gun to shoot you with – you won’t get any bullets in you when you tell them to screw off.

      • covered by the blood says:

        It IS an evil spirit. Evil spirits DO believe in the Lord “even devils believe and tremble.” They are not atheists as they bow to His NAME. People try to understand these beings from a human aspect or that of their own opinions and beliefs. You have to know and deal with them on a spiritual plane. Of course this squatter, this tyrant this soul rapist is going to try to intimidate you, to decieve you by saying such atrocities as their is no God! Of course! Pish posh. He is only trying to keep his vessel so he can have a home. All devils are liars and accusers so dont put faith in anything this spirit has to say-he is a criminal and is victimizing the girl and you, therefore NOTHING he says is credible! Find a believer who is filled with the Spirit and authority of God and get her help.

        • covered by the blood says:

          Yes tell this criminal to get lost and mean it. AndDO have two (spiritual) bullets called The Spirit and The Blood waiting to cap his butt!

  133. Anonymous says:

    I also believe that you can find other strong believers of GOD at a local church. I know that they will help you, too. Just make sure they really have a strong belief in GOD. I know they can because in a church i went to in the past had strong believers, and I saw them pull out s away from peoples bodies. Sad but amazing stuff to see. After that you will never question if GOD is real again.

  134. Billy says:

    OK so I tried all the God and Jesus stuff and it didn’t work. But I’ve been taking advice from psychologists and talking with her a lot about stuff that has been bothering her for years, and she hasn’t gone into a trance since getting it all off her mind. All she needed was to let out all the negative emotions she had bottled up.

    Thanks for all your help though.

    • amor says:

      hi dear
      i read all in this website , and yes i believe in demons , and fortunately suppose it finished …you said that you tried all God , just want to say that there is One god …..anyway..
      ………..all you need is to turn Qu’ran in your home ,……………..and promise you will never complain about this anymore .
      i meant to play Qu’ran ……i think it easy to play it even from your pc ,,,,
      please still in touch ….i really would like to tell you a lot of things that you may did not knew before thanks for your time

      • Billy says:

        My parents are Muslim and I have read the Quran…when I said the ayat to get rid of Jinns and the one to get rid of Shaitaan nothing happened. I honestly don’t believe it was a Jinn or a Demon, I think it was her subconscious letting out the feelings she was consciously holding back. The fact that it kept happening at night between 11-3 AM reinforces my beliefs as this is when melatonin is released in the brain.

        I do believe in God, but I don’t think God is an external creator who judges us. I believe God is all encompassing, or in other words our Universe and any other universe/dimension is all part of God. God is infinite, and we are just tiny dots in this infinity I call God.

    • Coyote says:


      What’s sad is that often, we’re taught to deny feelings that make us feel bad, instead of being taught how to deal with them or overcome them or move beyond them. Then we end up personalizing the “bad” things as if they were an external force, when they’re actually something under our own power.

      We’re often taught to believe in demons, when we should be busy believing in our own goodness.

    • jk says:

      You don’t try God or Jesus out, that is the most ignorant statement I have heard in a long time. Just to make a statement like that is oxy moronic with a lot more moronic than oxy. If you truly believe, surrenderred your life to Christ, you would be whole happy and on your merry way. It sounds like all you did was dabble around the edges of Christianity. Being a Christian is not free. You must surrender your will to His will before you can have His dominion over evil spirits. Jesus is not a fire extinguisher that you have hanging on the wall to use in case a fire breaks out. He does not work like that. In order for the power and dominion of Christ to work threw you, you must get you on sorry wordly insides out of the way and let His spirit work through you. God does not give you power or dominion over evil spirits, again it is when we surrender our pitiful stupid petty will to His awesome will that His power and might over the evil in and around the earth,bows before you and obey’s you because of Christ in you not because He gave you anything.

  135. Junbug20 says:

    So Billy, you’re saying she wasn’t possessed after all? are you mocking everyone in this forum? are you laughing now? the story you told was of a classic possession and it does happen to people and this forum is here to help people who ask, apparently she was “just nuts” and scratching herself in her sleep and her eyes rolling up in her head in some kind of trance, if there really was a girlfriend.

    • Coyote says:

      Wow. So, you’d rather have this person continue to suffer, than have them find a solution that works for them that doesn’t happen the way you’d like it to?

      Gee. I wonder what Jesus would do?

      It’s not your problem. It’s theirs. It’s not their job to justify your beliefs, it’s their job to overcome their own challenges.

      For shame.

  136. billy says:

    I didn’t mock anyone I was real scared when I thought she was possessed and I’m happy she’s ok now and I love her so don’t call her nuts

    • Robert says:

      Well Billy I am glad to hear all is well at this point. Hopefully you both learned that bottling up your emotions is not something healthy for the human body, and expressing your emotions, hopes, fears, etc is something many refuse to do (I believe because we’re taught to hold everything in because it’s either wrong, stupid or hurtful) but the human mind can only hold things like that in for so long before it has to purge it out to continue to function properly.

  137. billy says:

    Let’s keep the peace

  138. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for help for my son.He has been having a lot of trouble with some type of entity or demon for a long time and it seems to be getting stronger as he has been physically attacked twice now.He’s not a true believer in God and everything that I read says you can’t get rid of it unless your a true believer.Is there anything I can do to help him?

    • Coyote says:

      It’s great to believe in God, or a deity, or a higher power, or a Creator. I do.

      But you don’t need to believe in all that to solve every single problem or deal with every single bully.

      Keep in mind, sometimes people just have nightmares, or personal problems, and it’s nothing supernatural.

      But believing in yourself, and in the person, can do a world of good. And if you want faith, believe in a God that loves you and believes in your own strength. That doesn’t diminish the idea of a higher power, and at the same time doesn’t diminish you.

      Whether the problem is some “spook” that gets off on scaring or hurting a person (i.e. a bully) or is an emotional problem or chemical disorder of the brain, helping a person to have faith in themselves, to see their own value, and to convince them that they are worth defending themselves or being defended is still going to be a good and useful tactic.

  139. junbug20 says:

    Anonymous-Ask billy, apparently he knows what to do.

    • Robert says:

      Wow great example you’re setting here. How about you stop acting like a 5yr old who got their feelings hurt because their solution was wrong?

      Having psychological trauma or repressed emotions can generate what some people would assume to be possession. The amount of ACTUAL possessions is quite small compared to the reports of people who have emotional trouble and it manifests in such a fashion.

      I love how die-hard Christians are so quick to jump and shout “DEMON DEMON!!!!” without;
      a) knowing the full story
      b) being there to witness the events
      c) having any sort of medical background to dismiss a medical condition so readily.

      Why do you think the Catholic church INVESTIGATES prior to doing their “pointless” exorcisms?? (FYI – it’s *MY* opinion their exorcisms are pointless, not stating it as fact)

      It’s because what was once thought to be a sure sign of demonic possession has been proven to be a medical psychological condition.

      For example:

      Rolling eyes = could be a seizure or epilepsy
      Scratches = Could be a night terror, or simply something on the bed is scratching her ( it happens to me……oh wait if we use YOUR logic then I’m possessed!!!!)

      Saying things you don’t remember = sleep walking, multiple personalities

      And I got all that without being a doctor of any kind, I just use the brain God gave me.

      • Apostleled says:

        The brain God gave you was given out of love so that you should love and show mercy and compassion. I dont think anyone has it right only God so we should walk in humility and love. Be blessed!!

  140. dinosaur says:

    i do believe in demons… i will not allow myself to tell you my exact situation, but i am dealing with something dangerous, however i am not sure of what it is. the one of whom i am destined to be is, truly, i believe, in a life threatening situation. which i am now involved in. i need help. but im not sure of what to do.

  141. AnNa says:

    well if you want help you have to let us know in order to dont have to say what it is just give us clues.or hints.we would like to help.

  142. AnNa says:

    i think people like to make there own stuff up.

  143. trolldoll says:

    j.c. why are you attacking caretaker? he simply asked you to provide a bible verse to verify what you said. he is seeking information from you. adultery and satan had absolutely nothing to do with his ?. please do not attack people here who are seeking advice and commenting on the experiences posted!!!!!

    • Caretaker says:

      trolldoll – Thank You!

      By the way I have removed comments by j.c. – completely irrelevant, and completely nonsense not to mention personal insults and attacks. No more j.c., no more

      • trolldoll says:

        yeah ct, was wonderin lol. this person made absolutely no sense whatsoever?!! we do not need a repeat of earlier commenters! thanks buddy!!

      • Robert says:

        Aww Caretaker, his/her posts were so inspirin……..ok I couldn’t even finish that with a straight face. I applaud you for having the bravery of attempting to read what he or she spouted. I tried to a few times but I’m obviously no good at ready insanity. Oh well…..

  144. Mimi Brome says:

    _Somebody read this please, i need some help:( Im Young……
    Hey, im a 15 year old girl, i listen to rock music alott, i listen to punk rock, gothic, heavy metal, and hard rock…..Simply i listen to everything that is related to rock. It has been over a year and a half listening to it. Nowadays, wierd stuff are happening to me:S, i know that sounds crazy and that some people would’nt believe me but honesty im telling the truth, im saying that because this just because this is the 3rd time that happens to me, and i posted this coz i really really need some help:(……here what happens….The first time happend when i was listening to rock music before i sleep as usual, i was into the music, well deep enough, until suddenly i started to feel that something is taking by breath away, and somethig is opening my mouth:S i know thats ounds strange and creepy but somebody gotta believe me, so i throw my mp3 player away until everything came back to normal, and from this moment i stopped listening to rock music that day at night, well in the morning actualy. The second time happened when i was in class, it was a geoghrafe class, i was so sleepy, so when i closed my eyes a lil bit and put my head in the desk, and was this close to fall asleep, until suddenly the teacher called my name and i could’nt answer her, can u imagine me not answering the teacher, i was going to screem and cry but i could’nt do that because something was holding me and not allowing me to do anything, so the teacher told my frnds to leave me coz she felt pitty about me, after 1 min i suddenly got up and my face was like red and yellow at the same time, my friend looked at me in a strange way and she told me that im scary:( so it was an awkward moment, thus, before that day i was listening to rock when i was studying. The third time happened yesterday, when i was at my friend’s house, i was watching tv and she was on the pc, I also felt sleepy coz i didn’t sleep well the night before, i closed my eyes for 3 min until suddenly the same thing happened, u feel something that takes your breath away, does’nt let u move, and you feel that thier is an ants walking all over your body from the inside:(…..Can Imagine that happenig to you while you are awake?…i felt like i wanna pull my self down, screem for help, and at the same time i was just looking at my friend but could’nt call her:’(…….and i felt that someone is pulling my hand up but coudnt hold me:S:S:S……guys im freaking out here…..i need some help. From this moment i stopped the music from where it stared, i knocked it off.
    By the way, 2 weeks ago, in the morning, a bird had just hit the window of my brother’s room, in the second floor, and i was listening at the third floor, as usualy rock and gothic, my sister saw it and brought it up to me and it was already dead, the hit was so strong that it lead him to death. Yesterday, at night, was chating with my friends on the internet, i suddenly heard a strong hit on the window, it was another bird, on the 3rd floor, i thought that someone threw a rock or somethin, but it was still alive, can you imagine birds flying at night??, so i took it and put it in a safe place and the following day it was still alive so I let it go..
    However, i know many frnds who listens to rock music like me, and i wonder why they dont face such a thing like, i meen why its only me…..and thats freaking me out…why me?
    Just help……nothing more.

    • robert says:

      hi mimi the type of music you listen to ;will cause evil spirits to attack you. the point is you have felt it in your spirit that the music you listen to is the problem. find a god believing holy ghost church and get prayers ;give your heart to jesus ;read your bible and continue to godlyness.god would then send you an angel to protect you ;as long as you stay in the right what i say and you will be happy.

    • Ren says:

      I’m not so sure it’s the rock music. Maybe you have the stereotype stuck in your mind that rock music is evil. Though I am sure something is haunting you. Tell me more. I just don’t believe it’s the rock music. Music is music. If rock music caused “evil spirits” and “ghosts”, most of the word would have evil spirits haunt them. I’ve had friends that think that black clothing caused evil spirits and The Devil to chase them. I could have started a vegetarian diet and then evil spirits start to attack me. Would you think it was because of my vegetarian diet? Just tell me about the spirits, not the rock music. Tell me about the strange events that have been going on in your life.

    • Tommy says:

      okay first of all it might not be an “evil” spirit it might just be tryin to contact you and/or talk to you, u need to find out how old ur house is and see if u can find any history bout the house and if so see what happend, tell me what happens if ur serious about this, talk to u later and tell me what you find out

    • sharayah says:

      i don’t think it’s the rock unless it’s like real satin songs. but you have a unclean thing around you and it’s evil.pray to God say the lords prayer everyday and night get a bible kjv.try this at first if things get worst then it’s more you can do and it may be a demon but for now it sounds like a unclean spirit to me.demons are unclean too but they are real nasty my god be with you. :) 0:)

    • Lorena frano says:

      Sweetie go to church an see what ur pastor says… It is something evil that is taking ur breath away …. Do u go to church if not do so but alll of u has to be positive not negativity demons like negative energy…

  145. Anonymous says:

    well i’ve always seen ghosts but they were peaceful…. then i played with a ouija board and i’ve messed with three demons…. i hope this will work for all three of them….

  146. Gods child says:

    I have just spent an hour looking through all of these massages. I came to this site due to a problem that a friend is having. I am a christian and have always had mixed feelings about the supernatural things. I do believe that demons do exist but ghosts do not.
    A friend of mine went to visist someone that has tried for years to control her. At this time she is trying to get her to move down by her. When she was there visiting she noticed that things were being thrown around the house. When she asked about it she was told “it is only the spirits that live here”. In the two weeks she has been home her children would not go to bed and said that there was a monster in the house.
    I went over to the house and the room was HOT I started sweating as soon as I walked in there. We throw away all of the toys and books that the women had insisted that she bring home for the children. I called my preacher. He came over and walked through the house praying in every room. He said he felt something when he walked into the childrens room. After he left I walked into the bedroom and it was the same temp as rest of the house.
    This women told my friend that it would do no good as the spirit would come back in 24 hours to reclain what was his. She denied havaing anything to do with it but was asked about the one child that seemed to be the most affected by this.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be apperciated Thank you

  147. Anonymous says:

    Hi I am Shawshank from India. I believe in God and also the Devil…have lead a very normal life till that year I suddenly began to feel strange happenings in my room…lights going off and on bulbs breaking..i realized there is something in my room.but it never harmed me..We had to shift cities and n my last night in the old house i felt the entity sad since i was leaving i spoke aloud in my room saying ‘That whoever and whatever you can come with me.but on the condition that i should not feel u around me’..and it has kept it promise i have never felt or seen it ..till date..After i came into my new city i happened to bump into party psychic people..2 of whom could predict that i have an entity with me..and one of them who is psychic and practices witchcraft ..he gets past life visions and spoke to my entity in semi trance..who told him that he is a spirit who has been with my body through all my births and was my protector in one birth where i was poisoned as a baby by a woman slave..and he could not save me then and was was killed because of his negligence to duty…and that he would not see the door of St.Peters till he protected me in one life….

    The trouble is after he has come into my life I have begun perceiving things…feel the presence of spirits..and gotten the power to READ faced…yes it may sound untrue..I didn’t believe it at 1st but then i began reading faces of strangers i didn’t know at all and have a 90% accuracy..i want to go being the old me..and not perceive or know anything ..or read faces..i feel disturbed…..the spirit hasn’t harmed me but..twice i have felt a heavy load on me sitting and almost choking me…in the form of a evil old lady dressed in old traditional wear…according to my friend..she is the slave woman who had poisoned me. Our new home is behind a huge park which has a tomb right in the middle …and the park is haunted…at times I have to pass by it at night…and I get the chills and thats when the woman comes in front of me many times..though there are many more entities there.

    life has become complex…a mix of good and bad….it is odd and confusing…i can read faces.(leaving the fact when i am in love with somebody then the power fails)…when i visualise something in my head…i get it after sometime automatically without trying for it….it is like someone is hearing me…but on the other side i can feel spirits..and i know there is much more ti the world than we see it…have been almost choked to death 2 times….and i am confused….please help me get back to my earlier state of normality!!!!



    • junbug20 says:

      Hebrews 9:27 And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.

      Sorry ,there is no reincarnation, your being lied too probably by a demon(s).

  148. Anonymous says:

    I Believe In Angels 3-20-10

    It was approximately 1984 and I was sleeping in my apartment on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. In what was more than a dream I saw two angels, white, with wings, and human faces and body. They looked just like angels found in old biblical art. These two angels were flying in the Capital Dome and looked like they were in a water ballet, moving around each other in perfect balance. Almost as soon as I saw them they stopped, and suspended in air one angel pointed his finger at me. A laser like red light emitted from his finger to me, and then my entire life was replayed like a tape recorder on high speed, sometimes stopping at some thing or other that I had thought or did. The next thing I know I was waking up. Normally when I got up I would quickly light up a cigarette and have a drink of soda or whatever was next to the bed. This morning it was as if I had never smoked tobacco. I was instantly cured of my tobacco habit. I balled up the pack next to the bed and threw it away. I didn�t have any withdrawals; it was as I said before like I had never smoked in my life. I was a three pack a day man when that happened.
    I am still to this day an atheist. I don�t believe in God, the definition of the word to mean creator of the infinite universe. I do believe in God after Evolution, or a God Father from another world, and astronaut king that is the father of Jesus Christ. Whether he/they created life billions of years ago on this planet or did they find this planet ripe with life and alter it in some way is still a mystery. It�s interesting to be an atheist and believe in life after death, you learn to interpret every verse in the Bible different than the church. All the verses that seem to teach creationism can be understood as just the opposite. Like �all things were created by God�, the infinite universe isn�t a thing! God the Father is an interplanetary Wizard of Ozearth and someday he�s going to pull back the curtain and show it all. He comes from a planet of the gods or god planet, where millions or billions, etc of people just like him live. Amen

    God after Evolution- the Klaatu, Nemo, Dr. Moreau, Wizard of Ozearth, a man like us just more advanced and evolved! I suspect that the people from Gods home planet are highly evolved, but when they evolved by nature or science into the spirit they devolved back to the dinosaur age. As life after death was on their planet a process of reincarnation, and reincarnation is a form of cannibalism and it meant going thru centuries of wars and creation to what we have today. God is likely a Emperor / King and rules a mighty army of angels and people that must treat him as the royalty he is, there is no democracy in heaven. We are unable to have a spirit without being hatched like a chicken hatches an egg. Instead of sitting on us the Father uses powerful psychokinetic energy to hatch us into the spirit world. Planet earth is a place where God and his people conduct experiments on us, and in return some of us will get a chance at eternal life. The Planet of Dr. Moreau! We may also be the final form of reality TV, using highly sophisticated technology they are reading every thought you and everybody else on this planets thinks and does, and it�s interactive, The Planet of the Truman Show! Amen

    I am a Ressurectionist Atheist Christian, not the usual banal atheist, as I believe that Jesus Christ is the Living Son of God the Father an Astronaut King. Amen
    God is Klaatu, Nemo, Dr. Moreau, Wizard of OzEarth, Truman, Terl, and Most importantly Jesus! Like the Klaatu of �The Day the Earth Stood Still� he has a message for us, the 10 commandments! As a good guy Captain Nemo he roams the universe searching and working to bring about law and order. God as a Dr. Moreau �The Island of Dr. Moreau� did all the genetic experiments that he could not do on his home planet, � man/bird- angels, �man/horse, �man/fish, �man/moth- mothman, even the dinosaurs. He is the Wizard of OzEarth and we are his munchkins. This is the Planet of the Truman Show, the final stage of entertainment. God is the producer and each and every thought and deed is being recorded by sophisticated scientific equipment , instantly transmitted to billions or is it trillions of people on other planets, who can choose anyone on the planet to watch, and it�s interactive. Miracles are requested by viewers on the mother planet. God is like a nice Terl �Battlefield Earth�, but is still a man, and is capable of making difficult choices. Like when he destroyed all the men, women, children, even infants of the homosexual city of Sodom. God knew he had to protect the people of that generation from some contagious disease like AIDS.
    The Father went above and beyond the call of duty when he bred his own blood with that of the people of earth. He created a bridge of understanding, sealing our fate for eternity, giving us hope and life, and love thru Jesus Christ. Like the ultimate animal activist he created a half earth man, half God man, the bloodline of his home planet so as to secure our salvation and his eternal love. Amen

    God the Father once a cannibal of souls protects Christians from horrible death. God is ans was born of evolution on another world. The people of his planet have souls that came into being via reincarnation. Cannibalism or reincarnation happened naturally as does all things of nature. As they evolved in the spirit the idea of a subspecies of intelligent life could be used as a supplement to reincarnation. Create life on another planet and let it be just high enough on the evolutionary plane to have a wee bit of soul, but not enough that there be some moral outrage at eating them. � Many are called but few are chosen, wide are the gates to death and destruction and narrow is the path to eternal life� Bible � an angel called to all the fowl in heaven, come now let us feast upon the flesh of kings, and kings captains and kings horses� Bible
    But God the Father said � it is wrong to eat all the souls from one world, let some be given life� To seal and protect some of us he bore a son, Jesus Christ to be the shield of our salvation. The father declared his son and all those who follow in his footsteps will be spared, you will not eat the souls from the house of Christ.
    The soul must eat the meat of the soul to evolve. Humans on earth are the subspecies with enough soul to eat from and it is a lesser evil than reincarnation to eat a earth soul.
    God the Father made a �choice� to save some of us. A small handful of humans from earth will live forever, wherever he takes us or sends us we are under his protection. We will always thank and adore him for what he has done for us. Amen

  149. Anonymous says:

    I have had this ghost since I was 12, i’m 59 now. i have experienced clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, demons, UFO experience and Angels.

  150. junbug20 says:

    Anonymous August 7 2010 at 9:09 pm: WoW! can I have what your smokin? I haven’t read that kind of science fiction in a long time, just throw in some stuff from the bible too, you should write novels and make some money man, You are very confused my friend, I suggest to study the bible first please, it’s not as crazy as all that.

  151. Joseph Johnson says:

    I came across a good article on how to get rid of demons. The article offers some pretty good suggestions, I think. Those interested can read it here:

    Best wishes to all,
    Joseph Johnson

  152. samantha megan and millie says:

    We were having a sleepover and we saw a black cloaked figure it possessed millie and she was saying the lords prays but in a evil way so we called our friend Misty whos dad was a vicor. He can round and said the lords prays and the next thing we know is the millie is laying ont he floor and the blacked cloaked figure walked away through the door and we all woke up and millie was ok but the next day millie turned ill and nearly died we thing it was the black cloaked figure who did it bye

  153. samantha megan and millie says:

    we have just seen the cloaked figurehe was in my bedroom omg we r so scared HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Jerico Cross says:

    I have not had to deal with demons yet but I just had a premonition about me, my fiancee, and her son moving into a house. as me and her were getting ready for bed a HUGE demon entered the room. we pulled the covers over us as it picked up the bed and twirrled it around then set it down. as we remove the covers from our heads the bedroom door flies open and it returns. Call me crazy but I have the ability to sense things and I could tell it was there to kill us. after that I have been looking for something to tell me how to get rid of it or fight it. the reason I woke up screaming was because of the fact that demons are something we cant shoot or stab so I could not protect my family. Now please dont get me wrong, I KNOW that God exists because if it wasnt for him I would have never met my fiancee. Anyway this did help some so thank you. Now I might be able to go back to sleep!

  155. Anonymous says:

    i seen someone but they gave me such a pain in my temples that i couldnt seen them so is it a demon or a really pissed angel?

  156. Anonymous says:

    Every year the three days previous to Halloween a demon or entity every year messes with me calls my name and tries to possess me I am sure of the attempt. I have had twelve phsyc evaluations they don’t think I have any thing wrong with me. but the last week and a half the paranormal activity has picked up he showed part of his physical form when he died in quick white mist it scared me. I have tried everything. for some reason he cant get into my body not sure why but he or they try. I don’t know what to do anymore

  157. Kind Skeptic says:

    I do not mean to be unkind, but anyone who has had 12 psychiatric examinations is clearly not “fine”…that’s not quite the way it works. These are not “doctor visits for a cold”. I strongly suggest you either find a counselor w/whom you are comfortable and get yourself back treatment, or immediately ask your parents/guardian (I’m assuming you are quire young from the tone of your writing) to get you help.

    While I realize that often many of these comments are driven by imagination and hysterionics, as a mental health professional, it concerns me when these posts drive individuals who have real problems into thinking “the devil is responsible”. Pls get some help and get healthy!

  158. candice says:

    how do u get rid of a ghost that comes in your dreams when u sleep and when u day dream ?? please can u answer this because i dont no what to do

  159. Kitty says:

    I currently have a demon following me, and my friend/ ex boyfriend got involved, and the demon wants to kill one of us, or if it has to, both of us. He told me I was the most important thing in his life and if I sacrificed myself he couldn’t live and he’d commit suicide. There are also 2 other demons helping my demon (who has followed me for 2 months now) and I’m really afraid what might happen. I will try the suggestions in this article, and if it works, I would be so grateful.

  160. Sam says:

    Hi there I’m sort of new to this whole demonology and ghosts but I know there is something following me around. I feel like it’s watching over me all the time and when I’m around my fianc� everything will be torn down I’ve seen her posters coming off the Walls, pictures of us together going off the wall and most recently the light began to flicker on and of anytime I mentioned her name, her nightshade came off and started rolling on the floor. This is my first demon but I have seen spirits before due to I see my best friend who passed away due to inhaling gas, my young cousin and my great grandfather. I’m wondering how could I possibly stop this yapping again and if possible where would the best place to find a book about this would be

  161. abby joyce says:

    hi im abby and im only 12 but i have a best friend who will just in the middle of class black out and say the craziest things.she just this morning said “mortals cannot know”.she also hears loud screeching noises that causes her ears to nearly night she was over my house and it i call it ganer cause the one time i saw it it was big and like a tough gangster.anyway it threw a spray bottle across the room.later we found out the activity(throwing whispers odd feelings)only happened when i was our rocking chair moved across our yard to my window!:( i was totally scared.but we found out that …the thing was attatched to me but it hurts my friend.i want it gone.does anyone know how to get rid of it?i dont know if it is just my mind or if it is real but i need help im so might be my mind.who knows.

  162. Anonymous says:

    well…. i think that demons are very brutal and that you shouldnt try to comunicate with it and piss it off because then you will be and great danger.

  163. Anonymous says:


    I do hope someone answers me. I mistakenly have been dabbling with a ouija board and I am now frightened to my core. I tend to scare myself, but I have been experiencing strange noises, dreams and feelings. I have been spiritually iresponsible and I now am facing the consequences. My naive curiousity is messing with my life, and I need help. My very first incident was at work (that is where most of it occurs), I babysit overnight in a neighborhood close to mine. Sleeping one night, I heard footsteps loud, hard and long. Noises in the dinning room and kitchen, so very loud. , I was worried but I got over it. The second incident, I was cleaning at work and I heard a baby weep and cry, just like a newborn. It was very wierd and very distinct. The kid I watch is 5 years old and I know it wasnt him-the cry wasn’t even coming from his room. I heard it while I was doing the dishes, I turned back and a baby was crying, oh my. Third experience was a womans moan, it was pretty and sad. My nightmare of demons and green orbs, sealed the deal for me. There is a type of dream that takes control of your body. You cannot get up, you feel as if you are awake in your dream-but not in control. I had that type of dream tonight, and I dreamt of a dark shadow, green orb and a horrifying deep, mean growl. Also, The door would not open and I felt eyes on me, all over me. A green orb chased me !supposedly a demon color) and I never felt so haunted in my life. I never knew what being haunted felt like until now. Tonight after my dream at 3: 12am I heard the loudest bang I ever heard. Seconds later someone pounds on the door, my car was hit while parked, by a drunk woman who fled the seen. Do not use ouija boards, I feel shame and regret. Someone please help, I cannot live in fear like ths.

    • Junbug20 says:

      Well, anonymous, demons love to inflict fear and pain when invited to do so, most hate human beings so much, since misery loves company they are in a state of joylessness of there own doing because of rebelling against God, thanks too satan. here’s what may help; Make Jesus Christ your lord and saviour, that he was sent, died in your stead and was risen from death and satan’s grip on us and this world, that way you now belong to God and believe me, he takes care of his own and will protect you from the evil one and his minions, and please study God’s word the bible, kjv is the first one translated to english from the hebrew and greek languages, start with the new testament, and it will blow you away!!!

    • Kierstin.... says:

      i have experienced the loud noises and the women moan….

  164. Kierstin.... says:

    Please…please dont call me insane…but i have a had demon with me for only about a week….its killing me inside…i dont know what to do…everyone thinks im going crazy…my family barely talks to me anymore because they think ive gone crazy….this thing is messing with my emotions and is driving me insane….i remember going to bed one night then waking up the next morning and my room was torn up….this thing is controlling me and i dont even know it…please help me…i feel like my eyes are gonna pop outa my head everyday…i dont know why this thing chose me or why its doing this to me but…im only 14 and this thing is tearing my life apart….i had just gone through a break up so i think its feeding off of all my negative energy….i cant do anything anymore without being called insane….this thing might kill me in the end…im only 14…what do i do…
    dont say demons arent real…because i am telling you right now that theyre real….and they will tear your life apart….it is so hard to tell you this right now because i can feel this thing inside of me trying to tear me apart for doing this….this thing is breaking everything inside of me as im typing this….i am in so much pain i just cant feel it yet….i wonder what it will do to me tonight….please help me if you can…i really need you right now….

  165. theexorcist says:

    my god i believe you kierstin when i was a child-baby round about 4-5 my wallpaper was bieng torn off it had animals on it and it was peeling off on its on i was interested not scared but i was cold none of my family believs me ignorant pigs i believe them when they have somthing to say but i dont know pray get blessed oh and have you ever touched witnessed or operated a ouija board in acton?
    people shouldnt mess with the dead if they dont know what they are doing
    “a begginer in necromancy summons the very gates of hell”
    anciant proverb of dark arts source unknown………………………………..

  166. Skeptic777 says:

    I’m sorry but I meant to say in my earlier post that I do not understand why people keep referencing a HIGHER POWER. The higher power people is God!!! It seems to me they are afraid to actually mention or say the name God or Jesus Christ. God’s Word very clearly tells us there is no other God

    Hosea 13:4 Yet I [am] the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for [there is] no saviour beside me.

    • Caretaker says:

      That is because some people do believe that a higher power exists but at the same time they do not believe in or are unsure of the Biblical God. Personally I do believe in God but not everyone sees or believes the same thing.

  167. noname says:

    i want to know if this story is ture
    this girl she was 12 years old and she told her mom that she see ghost and that there every were and her mom dint belive her entill one day her mom heared nosies so the next day they moved to another twon but the girl keep saying she see ghost. her mom never heard any thing so she though she playing with her and said to make you happy i will get a some to do a blessing in the house. but the day of the blessing get rid of the ghost they found her dead she killed her self with a kinfe. so the girl went in to a foster hous eshe still clamied to see ghost . then she got adopted by a nice family who could not have childern.after two years she set the house on fire the police ask her why she did it and she said my master told me too and they did background reachs and they found all about her mother and what happend they sent here to the crazy house and she became under the contarl of the demon and she killed her self so now here demon and her both hunt the foster home she was in my friend said this was a ture story

  168. c. says:

    i have a question,someone invoked my demon to draw it and give the drawing to me…can someone tell me if it’s bad or really bad?and if so,how do i get red of it?

    • Caretaker says:

      This entire page is about how to get rid of demons. There is the article and then over 200 comments. So, if you want to get advice about how to get rid of it then read all the above article and comments, you will probably find a lot of good information in the mix.

      • c. says:

        if I fire de drawing it will work or it will be worse?

        • Caretaker says:

          Me personally I would just say aloud that ‘the drawing is meaningless and has no power over me’ and then I would tear it up or flush it down the toilet.

  169. Turbo says:

    with all the birds and fish die ing around the world people are believing that the 4th seal has been opened what do ya’ll think? at first when it happened in arkansas i thought it was something evil in the area but now? i dont know

  170. Jestin says:

    Thank you for this, I know how it feels to be afraid in your own home. I, as well as my entire family has been plagued by spirits and demons for as long as we can remember. Partial possesions, attacks, you name it. I had never heard of the olive oil approach, but have ALWAYS used salt. I’ll try your suggestion as well though if the need ever arises. Again, thank you for this, you just might have helped a lot of people here

  171. TheChad says:

    Everyone here…including myself…
    …is evidently guilty of Vanity.

  172. Amara says:

    would you have any suggestions on demonic possession my cousin has been dealing with demonic possession for a few years now and it is getting worse and i am having trouble finding ways to help her she has had alot of unexplainable incidents happen to her right in front of me such as two other voices that are way to deep to be coming out of her mouth that don’t speak English and when she feels them there is a horrid smell that comes into the room like a burning smell that feels like your nose burns when you breathe it in, i have witnessed her have slashes all over her body that happen right in front of me and they have been entering her dreams and mine to i am very worried for her and people look at us like we are crazy and i just want to help her and help myself crazy things have started to happen to me as well i hope you don’t think that i am crazy and a lair because i am not i would not joke about this kind of situation it really scares me and i need help

  173. Anonymous says:

    we moved in to a home in florida and things started to happen and then break well broke, septic blew up, ants, termites, the roof and back of house collapsed in hurricane, dining roof collapsed ten i felt a presence in the garage which chased out and i hear get out, i felt a presence in my room so i started to do research and found out peopple have been seen hanging from a the town clock, screaming loudly, phantom i saw out back with no face running. I can feel and see him. These things were not disclosed and it gets better Inverness Fl, seminole burial ground and no one knows where they all are.


  174. Sara says:

    i think the best thing to get rid of demons are to not be scared if you are scared it sucks up all your fear and becomes stronger stronger and stronger to where it can hurt you also this goes for ghost to if you have fear they will turn into demons also i find you should bring out a bible and say it you are preventing having a demon than you can put up pictures of Jesus and statues of Jesus and saints but if there is a demon to late but a bible will work and if you move out that will work too but those are the best two things to do and remember never play with those board thingy i don’t know how to spell it but it says you can talk to ghost
    well no the truth is you get demons and if you have a ghost you are making it mad and turning it in a demon thanks for listening

    • Apostleled says:

      I do not believe that putting up pictures of Jesus or having a bible laying around is going to help, all these things are in the natural. You must read the bible place his word on your heart and mind. God may even allow things to torment you to bring you closer to him. You should deny yourself and submit to God. The issue with fear is its the opposite of faith so if you trust in God you will have no fear but if you fear you are not placing trust in your Father to protect you. I am not saying not to have pictures of Jesus or a bible but to place the bible and Jesus in your heart and not just in the natural. Much love.

  175. sick nd tired says:

    I dont really have much of a big story bout demons or ghosts cuz i honestly dont know much about em.. All i know is for some reason i just learned that im some demonic child thing. I got some demon in me….I dont really wanna get rid of it cuz for some reason when i get angry for no reason cuz of it i can move a lil bit faster. I get a lil bit more stonger than im supposed 2 be. But God has also given me an ability to have visions of the future in my dreams. At first i thought my demon was dong that but i realized that these visions came from god cuz hes tryin 2 either tell me or lead me into something. A friend of mine of mine told me 2 get rid of it cuz its apparently destroying me mentally. i thought she was crazy but now im thinking she was right…i dont wanna lose her to this demon so im gonna do wat i gotta do for her..

  176. rancher says:

    yes i been deal wih demon and ghost’s now for abut 4 years now try all even holy wather
    i keep on hand 24/7 .. any idea how to rid it .. tu

  177. Cephas66 says:

    Hello again Caretaker

    I want to thank you for referring me to this discussion board. I am particularly happy that most of the bloggers appear to be bible believing Christians. I say this as I am a born again Christian who has tried everything and the attachment will not let go.

    I mean I have had 3 whole day fasts without food and prayers and in different sessions over the years. I have had oil and still use oil.

    I appear to be in a category of my own as most people post and believe if you are a Christian this problem will go and while my attachment is not as aggressive as it once was, it still has sway.

    Presently it still affects me in my body, low sperm count and heightened anxiety. Then it chooses to make my dream life its playground.

    Does anyone here share the same position as I. And what really can I do to rid me of this. I really feel spiritually frustrated.

  178. ale says:

    I was possessed by demons for two years, the way to get rid of them is only god. People can’t fight a spirit entities and supernatural beings with our physical bodies. The best way to make evil spirit leave is prayers. Throughout time demons possessed certain people, the people did horrific things to other people. Example is demons possessed members of nazi during world war II, nazi throw jew children in fire,ect… then when men died the demons left them to go into next generation of people. They are evil force that torments alot of people around the world. Some people do exocisms on regular basis where i live so its a true battle. I suggest to anyone is to pray to god and pick up your cross

  179. Jessica says:

    I do not mean to offend anyone, but many of the ideas put here are both true, and false. They have bits and peices of truth in them, but that is it. I, myself, can see what many cannot, and although these ideas are good, and partly true, its false. Although a representation of faith helps, it is not needed. You just need to be able to keep emotions hidden, and eyes blank, and even be arrogant, if need be. Demons feed on fear, and sadness, and such. If you keep that hidden, they cannot feed and become weak. Also, demons are not always evil, despite the contrary beleif. They can all be quite viscious, beleive me, but its more of a matter on what it wants. It doesnt want your soul, before you think about that, but they DO want control, which is why you cannot seem weak. Stay strong in their prescence, but never, under any circumstances, ever, let them know you see them, or react to them, or even run from them. Once they know you see them, or are aware of them being near, they dont hold back. If you run, they chase you, because thats a favorite habit of theirs. Two more things. DONT sign a contract with them, and DO NOT let them into, or invite them into your home.

    • Junbug20 says:

      Most of this is true and I do agree, but what are these creatures and why do they need to feed? on our emotions and to control?? I do disagree with the faith part because I believe it is there agenda to lead us away from God and faith itself, and that there is no hope, because THEY are doomed and that will alone may not be enough to fight them off, for some reason they can “read our minds and emotions” so we need to be on guard and choose the will of God.

  180. briannie watson says:

    i think demons are real but there has to be a way to get rid of them after they find you..i would never want to be pocessed by a demon..there evil..ha but if someine wants to know some other things about demons do not go on wikepedia they lie on there websites go to there the best website i have been to. so if you want help people and find a way to get rid of the these evil spirit things then try!!!

    • drew says:

      Remember, for every evil demon, there is ALSO a guardian Angel, and many MORE Angels nearby to help us….heaven help anyone who is having trouble with diabolical influence.

  181. drew says:

    People, I do hope you read this often forgotten gem from Acts in the NT…
    It implies that there is :perhaps: more than paying lip service to a deity than going toe to toe with an evil or diabolical influence on your own! I personally would not. I would seek help.

    And God kept performing extraordinary works of power through the hands of Paul, 12 so that even cloths and aprons were borne from his body to the ailing people, and the diseases left them, and the wicked spirits came out. 13 But certain ones of the roving Jews who practiced the casting out of demons also undertook to name the name of the Lord Jesus over those having the wicked spirits, saying: �I solemnly charge YOU by Jesus whom Paul preaches.� 14 Now there were seven sons of a certain Sce�va, a Jewish chief priest, doing this. 15 But in answer the wicked spirit said to them: �I know Jesus and I am acquainted with Paul; but who are YOU?� 16 With that the man in whom the wicked spirit was leaped upon them, got the mastery of one after the other, and prevailed against them, so that they fled naked and wounded out of that house.

    Lesson learned on those boys!

  182. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this post…I found it extremely helpful. God Bless!!

  183. Empath says:

    I agree with the orIginal article, it’s not the religion( or lack there of) that exorcises the entity, it’s the faith behind it. I’ve known Native American shamans who have expelled entities, hoodoo conjurers, Wiccan priestesses, Hindu gurus and Catholic priests. They may believe in different higher powers, but the results were the same, and the malevolent energy was expelled. Do what you feel and believe in…don’t covert to a religion just because someone’s belief worked for them…do what you feel will work for you.

  184. Tonya says:

    My dad is needing help he has been haunted by 4 demons lately the sit at the end of his bed and watch him. he has placed a cross over his headboard to keep them away whille he trys to sleep which he has been unsecessful at he had one event where he had moved in his bed away from the cross and the demon was suffocating him. he managed to break loose.also he has told me they take his blanket away from him multiple times throughout the night. my dads house has some bad memories there for him im not sure if its psycholigical or a actual demon. my nephew who had autisim died 2 years ago in his kitchen now his wife(my stepmom) wants nothing to do with him and neither does my half sister they think hes flipped out and wont even talk to him. the only people he has to talk to are me and my grandmother(his mom) im writing to see if anyone has any advice for me to help him.

    • sick nd tired says:

      pray. pray for ur dad. tell him to pray with you to get rid of them. keep relying on god. it helped me. i hope it helps you.

    • junbug20 says:

      Is there a local paranormal investigation group you can contact? they can be helpful in times such as this. God be with you.

    • Amerantha says:

      lets start first of all with the demon. they play with your mind and yes its hard to ignore them…they are depressing things and got kicked out of hell that is why they are here. if they got kicked out of hell then your father can kick them out, he is the ruler of his body.
      tell him to think of every awesome thing that happend it will piss the demons of but they are nothing if their host is better.
      tell your father that he should smack talk them and it might sound crazy or look crazy but it will help him a lot..
      nobody deserves someone else’s mean attitude so your father shouldn’t

      anything bad that has ever happened to me i yell at them and they leave,,,i dont believe in god but i believe negative energy and that my energy is better than the rest..think positive

  185. Teresa says:

    I am glad that worked for you but I really don’t think it is wise for just anyone to screw around with things like that, especially when the entity may very well be demonic. You can easily be physically attacked, influenced or in some extreme cases, possessed. My suggestion is to go here… She has done 2 separate cleansings for me and both had to do with my elder child. She is not out for your money. Something like this, she does not charge for, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to her. She is a wonderful Christian woman using her abilities to help those of us afflicted by evil from the other side.

  186. Rob says:

    You’re not crazy at all..

    The power is in your faith and because your actions demonstrate faith you are answered by gods power…

    They physical act is not as important as the fact that you physically ACT to demonstrate your faith..

    Great work my friend..

  187. amina Rai says:

    Hey, I do not know whether I’ll be able to come to the same page again to see your reply. But Yeah, I’m too prone to spirits. It started rite from my childhood. I’ve seen, I’ve herad them calling my name. They have salpped me not on my face but yes one time while I was about to sleep, I had grabbed a part of my dress and it slowly got pulled out from my hand. I was suprised so I grabbed the part of the cloth again more toghtly but again it was pulled out without any force. and then someone slapped me on my right thigh and I sleep alone and the door was closed. Now a days, most of the things has stopped happening but someone often call my name. Im nt afraid of it, I’m used to it now but I really want to know what it is and why it happened???

  188. Vic. says:

    Hi I am a witch and a natural born psychic. It doesn’t have anything to do with your faith at all on if a demon attaches its self to you or not. There are certain people who are susceptible to this type of activity. I personally read Psalms 91 which is the Psalm of protection. You have to be courageous when facing demons. and you have to command the demon to leave.Christians serve the God YHVH (yaw he) (look in the back of your bibles in the glossary) This is the father of their lord and savor Jesus Christ and does it not say somewhere in there that ye shall call upon me and be saved (in reference to Jesus). You have to feel this Psalm when you say it (replace the words in second person with I) Get angry at the demon because they have no right to attach them selves to you or haunt you! Also it could be a person who has attached them selves to you in that case say the psalm over a cup of water and drink the water. Remember God gave man the authority over any demon in hell they can do nothing unless you allow them to its not time to cry but to get angry and fight back! I was a serious Christian until I read along the lines somewhere do not consult psychics or sorcerers because they are of the devil. Well being born a psychic I hate to think that anyone would dare call a child who Jesus his self said let them come unto me because the kingdom belongs to such as these would call them evil or of the devil and because I don’t serve a god who would call those who love the same sex evil or those who worship other gods and or a goddess are going to hell. I believe a person’s religion doesn’t matter its what they do in life that will later determine their acceptance in to the promise land. :)
    another thing to help is you must take a bowl of water wispier psalms 10 over this water 9xs and bathe your self with it concentrating on the neck back and forehead for three to seven days you need to sleep with either a bible over your chest or a cross made of sliver for the same time frame. I would use a pentagram because in fact not only does it word away evil it represents the five wounds of Jesus Christ. and with in 3 days he rose from the dead. (BALM NOW SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT THE PENTAGRAM)

    • junbug20 says:

      Jesus said he was the way, the truth, and the life, NO ONE comes to the father but by him.

      also, good works will not get you in the promised land, and God hates the behavior of same sex behavior, it’s like fornication, he tacks another word to it ;abomination, God actually hates something! It’s ok to have esp or esp dreams, after all prayer is like telepathy! we don’t understand our brains completely, but to make contact with beings is foolish, and your right about one thing, you don’t have to allow any demon attack! resist the devil(s) and he (they) will flee! please return to what the bible is telling you, and don’t accept the lie of witchcraft.

      • cissielove says:

        I am being tormented by a demon I m not certain what caused it considering it isnt after me but rather my 12 year old son hes been scratched and bit and burned by what ever it is how do I stop it my mother has fasted and prayed we have used sage Myself I did the sage burning considering that it has been told to me that this works we have even used salt all around our house on the outside I got the olive oil idea I am going to try next it has gotten to the point were it even wrote on our bathroom wall a few symbols I didnt recongize and now the kids are afraid to go anywhere in the house by themselves what do you do when you are oblivous to the evils of the world?

  189. kandee says:

    this is all i want to ask.
    did you do anything to harm the demon?
    did you hurt it ?
    did you be rude or mean to it?
    think about it.
    think into the past and make sure you didnt do anything to it.
    you maybe have hurt it and it was a while ago and the demon has found you and he must seek revenge on you for hurting his feeling or something.

    my name is candice and i am sorta friends with the demons.
    i have them living in my house.
    my perants have been beating me up when they are drunk.
    i dont know what to do.
    i seek help from the demons. they help me.
    i talk to them, i tell them my problems and they help me threw them.
    sometimes when im home alone i get scared.
    but im no longer scared to be home alone because i feel that im good friends with the demons.
    they tell me that 2012 is coming and they will make sure nothing will happen to me.
    i told them when the time comes i will be needing their help.

    thats my story.