Haunted Antique Porcelain Dolls

Posted on March 6, 2008

During my lifetime I have had several personal encounters with the paranormal, or supernatural as some people prefer to say. I shared this experience with several members of my family when I was about 12 revolved around a set of antique dolls. Although I was not the one who actually encountered the ghost I was there while it was going on.

My grandmother found a set of antique dolls somewhere and she bought them and brought them to her house. The bodies of the dolls were made of porcelain and their dresses and hats were a combination of silk and feathers.

She put the dolls into a large walk-in closet at the top of the stairs. My older sister lived with our grandparents, her bedroom was just next to the walk-in closet. Right away she started having nightmares. She also told us that she heard an old woman humming and a creaking noise like a rocking chair while she was trying to go to sleep. She prayed and tried to ignore it until she finally fell asleep, but when she did she had nightmares.

Naturally, the adults did not believe her. They said that she had only imagined it and it was natural for a child to have nightmares sometimes. She continued to hear the old woman and to have nightmares. We were all starting to get worried about her and, of course, my other sisters and I believed her. It seems that adults are often closed minded to the possibility of such things.

I should say that none of us made any kind of connection between the dolls and what my sister was experiencing. I remember seeing my grandmother bring the dolls in, but I never paid much attention or thought much about them. It was only later that a connection was discovered.

My grandmother attended a Pentecostal church. She had some people from the church get together during a service to pray for my older sister to try to stop her nightmares.

After the prayer one of the ministers came up to my grandmother and asked her if she had brought anything different into the house. He said that he felt like there was a spirit that was causing the problems. Naturally, she thought of the antique dolls and decided to remove them from her house.

To this day I do not know what she did with the dolls, but I do know that as soon as they were gone my sister stopped hearing the old woman and having the bad dreams.

Written by David Slone, Copyright 2008

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270 Responses to “Haunted Antique Porcelain Dolls”
  1. cheyenne says:

    hello any body going to comment on that? besides me! it was scary!

  2. vonnie says:

    I had something like that happen to me when I was about 9yrs old with an old doll my Gram bought me. Only my doll would move from one spot to another. My parents never believed me, my brother did. I threw the doll away and everything was back to normal.

  3. Doris says:

    I have heard several stories of haunted dolls. I have had my dolls move when I was a kid. I do have a collection of porcelain dolls, and while they have never done anything, there were times when I lived in an apartment that I just could not look at them at night. Now that I have a house, my dolls are in different rooms than where I sleep.

  4. Briggs says:

    I don’t know what it is about dolls, particularly antique and porcelain dolls, but they creep me right out.

  5. simone says:

    Ugh…I think all dolls are creepy. Not sure why these things seem to be easy for spirits to attach themselves to, but it’s possibly because they are sort of like the golem of ancient lore. Dolls are a macabre representation of life….and are to easily used by any sort of spirit.

  6. yupi says:

    Hmm� I think this is true but why would dolls have evil spirits in them, I don�t get it! But anyways I still believe it ?

  7. May says:

    a nice and freaky story but i liked it. I once had an antique doll and i had nightmares too! but i never had dreams about an old lady. Thanks for posting this =)

  8. aliza 17 says:

    wen i was little my dad bought me this huge teddy bear…anyway at night it would move and look at me…i was scared and told my sister, who i shared a room with, she told my parents…and after a while they believed me and threw it out! thank god! it still creeps me out thinking of it…

  9. allie says:

    omg! my aunt has tons of porcelain dolls… when i moved in with my grandma i took all of them and dumped them in my grandpas room! nice story…

    barbie is creepy too!

  10. HP says:

    another not true story, sorry I find it too lame.

  11. The Caretaker says:

    HP you are entitled to your opinion, but this story is absolutely true. I am the one who wrote it and I was there.

    Sorry you thought it was lame, but it is the truth.

  12. am, moo, and chrissy! says:

    we were just hanging out and we decided to tell ghost stories.. when we ran out we decided to get on this website! and this is the first one we came to! great story and we agree that antique porcelain dolls creep all 3 of us out terribly!!!

  13. Jason says:

    Well with this story it sounds fake. BUT I can’t say anything because out of all of the experinces that I’ve had this has never happened to me. But i believe you if you say that it is true.

  14. The Caretaker says:

    Hi Jason. If it were not true maybe I could have made it sound more interesting or believable, but I have written it exactly how it happened.

  15. sharon says:

    hey people totally creeped me out. i own a porcelain doll!!

  16. Nilda says:

    Now, having read this story about antique dolls I have my own story to tell. I have 3 of these antique Burmese marionettes I had bought in an antique shop a few years back and were hanging just above my bed. All 3 dolls were dressed as court jesters. Well, about a month ago, I had a terrible nightmare – I dreamt I was right in my bedroom sleeping when I felt 2 small hands trying to strangle me. I tried to shake them off vehemently until I woke up. Suddenly, I saw a light reflected on the wall next to my bed and in the light shadows were running from one end to the other end.. Once they reached the other end the light vanished.. I can only surmise they were evil spirits unleashed thru these dolls. I am not at all supertitious; I have always dismissed these things as rubbish but this isn’t the only nightmare I’ve had. I have thrown these dolls away and hopefully this should end the nightmares and I can look forward to a peaceful night.

  17. bj says:

    i had that once but i used a tongan plant to chase the spirit away.

  18. liz says:

    i hate porcelain dolls sooo much. they scare me. i remember my sister used to have these two creepy porcelain dolls, one with pig tails and the other with curly hair and a stupid hat, and at night time i always felt like they were staring at me (they were right across from my bed on our entertainment center).

    one day me and my cousin were playing Spit and tossing cards back and forth across the room, and we noticed the dolls standing side by side behind me, but then we went right back to the game, because it was heated, haha. we finished the game, and just as i was getting ready to go downstairs to dump my cup out and put it in the sink, i noticed the dolls again, but this time they were FACING eachother. it freaked me and my cousin out real bad. we ran really fast down the stairs and in the process i spilled my water all over the floor. no one took what we said seriously, in fact my mom was just angry because i’d gotten the floor wet. i didn’t arrange the dolls so that they would face eachother and im pretty sure my cousin didn’t either. that was around 8 years ago and he says that it still gives him the creeps thinking about it. same with me :| i hate the sight of porcelain dolls now.

  19. aliza 17 says:

    umm… bj? what the heck is a tongan? and this story is a bit cheesy… even though those dolls freak me out!!!

  20. The Caretaker says:

    Aliza, evidently the tongan he mentioned is some sort of plant. I searched Google, but couldnt find anything about the plant. It seems that Tonga is a Pacific Island.

    Too bad you thought th estory was cheesy :D sometimes the truth isnt as exciting as fiction – this story is 100% true

  21. aliza 17 says:

    yeah… i tried to go to ask.com and see what togan means but it said it was like a race or something… how wierd… and i do believe u… i just think the story wasnt scary. and i also think HP shouldnt say anything at all… if it isnt something nice.

  22. der says:

    well i beleve it. i had a doll and i would wake up in the middle of the night and it wold just stare at every move i make.

  23. Jenxxx says:

    Woah! Creepy story! I have read so many doll stories lately, what’s up with me all of the sudden? Yes, I believe dolls can be possessed by spirits or demons. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s: Even though I never had a doll experience, I’m still afraid of them!!

  24. nva says:

    Ahem. I think you use the word ‘naturally’ a bit too often. I mean you used it twice in an eight paragraphed story. You could have substituted it with the phrase, ‘of course’ or ,’as usual’

    That’s all I have to say.

  25. MELANIE says:

    i do think your story is true. I had a doll that was dressed up as clown that my mom brought home to me. i hated that doll so much. i am totally into scary things and movies i still to this day have not found a movie that really scares me. but i got the doll around the time when it came out on tape. and i would face the doll to the wall every nite when i went to bed. and in the moring it would be facing my bed. i broke it and throw it away. still to this day i hate clowns with a passion no one can be that happy all time no one.

  26. VANESSA says:

    Are you seriously going to believe this, I mean they could be true at times but then other times they’re just making stuff up to get you scared. idk cause I have a doll collection and none of them even came alive

  27. Emma says:

    I believe it. I had a doll once that sat on my dresser new to my bed. One night I kept hearing this scraping noise, but I had my back to the doll and it never occured to me that the doll could be moving.

    Well in the morning, there were these deep scratches on the dresser from the doll stand and the doll was at least 6 inches away from where I kept it. I’m not saying that something else didn’t move the doll…but dolls still scare me because of that.

  28. billy says:

    this is funny stuff i watch the paranormal

  29. Brittney says:

    yo da same mess happened to me when I was about 7…i was living in chester in Va and I had a miniture doll…I know it seems crazy but everytime I would sit it somewhere like on the dresser at night it would would be beside me on my bed. I would ask my mom did she move it but she said no… i just brushed it off. But it kept happening everywhere i went it would follow me that creeped me out until one day i threw it away. but it came back in the weirdest way in my dreams

  30. batoul says:

    you know what i beleive you i didnt quite see this but my best friend emily had a pair of porcelein dolls and she told me this story once that her, her sister cathrine and her sisters frend emily were having a sleep over at my freinds house. emily and they were all doing the Ouija board sitting in circle and then they stopped and the frend emily that slept ovr said to the dolls throw something at me if youre alive and out of nowhere a stone hit her head and then they said do something to to the window if youre real then the window cracked and i even saw the crack and then my bestfreind emily said turn around and face us and she did. She ran downstairs and didnt sleep in that bedroom for a very long time

    ive even witnessed nasty things in that house. once i called emily when she was upstairs, i said pass me the knife please and she goes hold on babe im coming. when emily came down i said why didnt you get me the knife. she said what knife? i said the knife from upstairs you said yes hold on babe she goes bat are you going mad? i said emily you just said to me hold on man, im not dumb and also the same thing happened to her. she called her sister from upstairs to get her the charger and her sister said yes hold on let me come down. when emily saw her sister she goes wheres my charger catherine said you didnt tell me to get it emily said yes i did i swear to god and you said yes hold on lemme come down. that house was freaky and since theyve moved out her biger sister moved in and nothing happens now

  31. breeprin says:

    wow! I totally believe that this is true! weird things happen 2 mi all the time @ mi house. I know that there is ghost of some sort who likes 2 com and visit mi from time 2 time. its not a bad ghost either but just the thought scares mi. when I was bout 7yrs old mi and mi bff were in my room just talking and then out of nowhere mi easy bake stuff just started turning on! and those are run by batteries(cant remember how 2 spell it!) it freaked us out cuz they were in my closet on the top shelf! I was trying so hard not 2 cry cuz I was scared so I got up and went 2 turn the switch but it hadn’t moved! I freaked then my TV kept going on and off and I was still acting brave (tho I was VERY scared inside!!!) and I pulled the plug it turned on then off! then it stopped. mi and bff ran out 2 the kitchen and told mi mom she said we were lying! but we weren’t! I talked 2 mi mom later and she told mi there used 2 be a little boy who lived there but he died of cancer! I think the ghost was just trying 2 tell us that he was there! not 2 scare us cuz ever since he doesn’t do anything 2 crazy! also mi moms parents died and I know 4 a fact they come 2 visit mi! mi neighbors friend also lives in a hunted house. @ first it was a good sprit! then mi neighbor, nikki, stayed the night there and she had a dream. there was guy in her dream and he said that he would protect them. they were coming. thro salt around the doors everything will be ok! they didn’t thro the salt then a month later they heard harsh footsteps on the carpet, running water from the bathroom but when they checked nuthin! then they started 2 hear her baby cry and they would go 2 check on the baby but he would be sound asleep. I know that there is a evil sprit living there and they are just trying to make nikki�s friend go mad but sooner or later there gonna try and hurt her! thanks 2 the good sprit nothing way out of proportion has happen! you dont have 2 believe these stores but they actually happened! so I dont care!

  32. annabelle says:

    This is why I am terrified of dolls.They are to easy targets for spirits to take over.I dont own any and I never will.I see enough spirits now I dont need to have them in a doll at my house too.Creepy.

  33. shelby says:

    well, i own 4 porcelein dolls well i have a twin sister and she has 2 and i have 2 but 2 of them r very old and the other ones i got for christmas last year and i had them on my dresser and i would wake up and there mouths were moving and my twin said that she would see ther mouths move too.

  34. Jorge says:

    I believe you. I am very supersticial, and (although you can ridicule me for this) I believe in things such as shapeshifting and ghosts. I’m freaked out now because my sister has LITERALLY about fifty dolls. Not exactly porcelain but they are dolls.

  35. Rafail says:

    i agree the old porcelain dolls must be in museums cause they are so creepy they always watching YOU !!

  36. bri says:

    that was freakin scary i had some dolls like that i could see them move bt i thought it was all in my mind!!!!!!1

  37. willz says:

    I think that was a really interesting story. I think that in life people can develop emotional bonds with an object, such as a doll, and when they die they still have an attachment to that object. From your story I believe that your older sister may have been sensitive to the ‘old lady’ that was haunting the doll.

  38. Viki says:

    I hate porcelian dolls, they always seem to look at you in the night. I used to own a small one and had no problems with it, but when I was about 5 (in my old house), I had a sketch of a Winnie the Pooh scene, framed and hanging on my wall, and at night, i’d look at it, and the characters would be running around the scene and moving about. I told my parents and they didn’t believe me, but I moved the picture to the top of my wardrobe and didn’t look at it ever again. My Dad later told me that the house was haunted…..

  39. gigi says:

    this is so weird i knoe its true cuz my cussin haz one and one night i went to sleep over but when i did i felt some1 looking at me and i saw dat the doll started to stare at me so i prayed that it was my imagination but after i heard giggling.i tought it was my cusin butshe was in the bathroom. i started to sweat of nervousness and felt a huge pressure on me but of too much praying i fell asleep.The next day my cusin was sleeping in the floor.I asked her why and she said cuz you were sleeping wit my doll last night when i came to bed….I turned around and there it was with a huge freaky smile next to me.

  40. WoOp wOoP says:

    i totally belive ur story i had sumfing freaky happen to me to butt it was mt teddy bear so dis iz how it goes me and my mate were home alone and sitting on my bed talking and i had this dog teddy i chucked it on the ground so i could lie down on my bed after a couple ogf mintues my mate was like hay i thought you chucked that teddy off da bed i turned around and there it was right behind me on my bed looking strait at me i almost shat my self i still have the teddy and it creeps me out!!!!!

  41. Tiffani says:

    My Grandfather collects these things. He has ROOMS full of them. I actually added my own horrific experience to the ghost stories page…Go check it out

  42. Linda says:

    Wow! A very neat story indeed. I have believed in Ghosts for a long time. Even more so when attending two recent Funerals. Since I have felt the presence of two of my Friends there at their Funerals. One I actually saw the spirit orb at one, and the other I felt that the pew we were sitting in church had someone kicking it in back of us. — The weird thing is that people that were sitting in back of us were not close to us to make them kick the pew. — So who could have kicked the pew?

    I do believe that Dolls are haunted — that is if they are old enough, and have been in Haunted houses recently — they will for sure be haunted. I would only Buy the Dolls — IF you choose to buy a Haunted doll — Just buy the dolls that have GOOD Spirits– I wouldn’t suggest buying anything else but that kind of Spirit Doll.

    And on Ebay they have Haunted — Pictures, Dogs, YES DOGS! Well I have also experienced — Cold spots, warm spots, sweet smells of roses, and of course the smell as if something was dead in the room. I guess that is what those Haunted things smell like.

    While at the mall — Funny thing is that the Light flashed off and only a couple of Lights were ON! Scary but True.

    The Elevator door opened by its self and not by someone pressing the button.
    And there was a sound of a shreek in our car going up to the mall. Now what was that?

    I haven’t been to haunted place at night and I don’t know what I would do if I did go there at night. Has anyone done that?

    Anyway Have a great day all. Enjoy.

  43. dreama says:

    i have dolls of my own and i think this is a make beleive story yall dont fall for it its all fake

  44. Natalie says:

    yeah, i used to have a large china doll dressed in white , and it always freaked me out. I swear it was haunted, because i had it on the chest of drawers on the otherside of the room, but sometimes i would wakeup in the morning and it would be standing up on the floor. Yes, STANDING. And I would sometimes hear noises and creaking now and again in the night.

  45. Viki says:

    My friend told me that if you leave Barbie dolls out during the night and go to sleep, in the morning they turn their heads and will be looking at you when you wake up. This apparentley happened to her, but that’s happened to me now that I think. I now shut all my dolls away in a cupboard, and if I ever find my porcelian doll, i’m hiding it!

  46. wajiha says:

    spooky but realy cool and neva heard anything like it before

  47. Darlene says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts. Come on, its just imagination. Ghosts have never been able to be proved about their very presence through science. They just don’t exist. It’s all in the brain. As long as you keep your mind active and healthy, you won’t experience anything foolish of this sort!

    Although your story was nice, it’s just a story for me!

    • caribbean queen says:

      I suppose you never expercienced a situation where you said or thought, ” I cannot explain what just happened or what I just heard “. By the way, that was rehortical.
      Is it that difficult to believe that ghosts or spirits acutally do exist?

      I am not about to start a sermon here, but if you believe in God, then you would know that spirits, both good and evil “, does exist. I’m not talking about angels either. Angels and spirits are two different ” beings “.

      And last, but certainly not least, I too have encountered some strange events take place that I cannot explain. And although my experciences are not that scary, i would certainly like to know, what or who, was trying scare me.

  48. The Caretaker says:

    Hi Darlene,

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but the object of science is NOT to prove anything. In fact, the purpose and intent of scientific experiments is to disprove an idea or theory. Can science disprove the paranormal or ghosts?

    There comes a time when a person must believe what they see and experience, more so than what they read in a text book or hear an instructor say.

    • caribbean queen says:

      Hey there Caretaker;
      I noticed you sent me a message. Thank you. But I can’t or don’t remember what my reply to you was. Or what the subject was, for that matter.

      Anyways, I appreciate you replying to my comment, even though I cannot for the life of remember what it was all about.

      Anyways, I certainly do believe in the ” paranormal “, to a degree. Although I have not had an issue or problem with a doll before, there have been other incidents that took place that I cannot explain what happened.

      My cousin and I were at a school or college in Ohio a few years ago, ( could be more than five ( 5 ) years ago, when I had a strange encounter with, what I think, was a ghost.
      One night, we had already ” turned in ” for the night, I had a feeling we were not alone.

      I felt that someone or something tried to crawl into bed with me and afterwards, all of a sudden, someone or something, tried to hold me down to the bed. I could not move nor speak for at least more than ten seconds.

      The person finally disappeared afterwards. I was scared ****less, but I never mentioned it to my cousin. At least not until after a few days.

      Just thought I would share my ghost story with you and everyone else.

  49. Alvin says:

    I am a funeral director. I live above the morgue,on the third floor. One morning around this time, I received a death call. A young lady, in her twenties,had just lost her life to cancer. I went to the home of her parents,who were caring for her. As I was moving her body to the stretcher,her mother came into the bedroom.She took a small doll off of the night-stand,and told me to bury it with her daughter.She told me it was her guardian angel. I said I would,and put the doll in a bag. When I arrived at the Funeral home,I brought her body to the morgue. I was very tired,and forgot to leave the doll with her.I went to bed with it next to my bed,in the bag.Around 4:37am ,I had a terrible dream.I dreamt I was in the morgue,and she awoke and said,”Where is my doll!” I was so startled I awoke,and at the same time the light in the hallway went out,with a loud POP!! I felt her presence in my room.I brought the doll down to her right away! In twelve years of being in my business,I had never been so frightened!

    • caribbean queen says:

      First of all, why would you want to live above the morgue?
      That is beyond creepy . . . . at least to me it is.

  50. dafhnee says:

    uhhh… i think dat DOLLS r haunted cuz i had a a scarii doll well 2 dat i think dey stare at mii lolz

    welll ma family think dat 2 okk bye

  51. sam says:

    maybe the dolls came from a yard sale or belonged to someone who was very attached to them at one time and now the person is deceased and just wants to admire her dolls. so the ghost followed the dolls. I hope i made myself clear on that comment

  52. Miranda says:

    wow i have this friend and own tons of porcelain dolls on she heard something walking in her bedroom and then when she tried to get up and she couldn’t move or open her eyes

  53. Damion says:

    This comment goes out to simone. dolls are most likely to be haunted because they are amuzing to kids adults and most of all, spirits. they have been huanted for centuries mostly because the spirits of the past cling on to them because they were the first toy/collectible thus being the longest toy/collectible on earth.

  54. Jackie says:


    I keep saying this on my comments to stories, but i never believed in ANYTHING until i had my experience under the ouija section. I truly think Caretaker is telling the truth and feel for him/her after your comments. Please don’t judge people just because you haven’t experienced the fear and ultimate ‘euphoria’ which comes with a paranormal happening.

    The ‘shock and realisaton of paranormal phenominum’, is why people who have had this happen, feel completely compelled to share their stories on this and other sites…don’t you think they’d rather have better things to do? – NO, because it’s literally taken over their lives and this is why our stories are important and special to each other.

    I’m sorry if i offended you and i hope once, if ever you do experience a true paranormal event, you will see why it is so horrble to doubt.


    Once you experience this, life changes completely, no matter what it is you’ve had happen to you that is supernatural.

  55. Jackie says:

    Got to just say, last night i saw a pic of that haunted doll with black eyes and that house, shivers went through my whole body like a wave, that was so horrible to look at. Can’t remember where i saw it now, or the name of it, OK had had a little bit too much wine. Does anyone know what i’m on about? if so, could you direct me to it again as i want to show my sister.

  56. the same thing happend to me i was 6 and my sister was 9 she was the one who collected the dolls she had 15 of them she put them on a shelf and we named them we write it on a piece of paper so that we could remember and when we went to sleep and when we woke up the next morning all of the names where switched around and me an my sister chuck them out of the window when we saw it .

  57. Theodore says:

    This stuff is so fake!!! I’m so sick of people thinking this stuff really does exist it’s all in your brain!!! Anyway, I wouldn’t be scared even if anything happened to me because I know what’s real and what’s not.I’ts good to have fun and tell stories but its all fake and youre weird if u believe in it. Plus, the object of science kind of is to prove stuff and they can’t prove this is real so ha. And if you tell yourself its real then of course your gonna believe it. Once more for good measure: THIS STUFF DOES NOT EXIST!!

    • june says:

      im sorry dude but you sound like a child obviously you dont understand these things and should try to if you believe in god then you believe in spirits and why do you think there would be so many stories if it were just something fake that only “weird people” believe in
      When science cant disprove something and you cant explain it then what is it? i am sure that when you have a paranormal encounter in your lifetime you wont call yourself weird
      All im saying is dont insult something just because you cant understand it

      • caribbean queen says:

        First of all . . . I am a lady, not a dude. Secondly, I will assume that you do not believe that ” spirits or demons ” does not exist. I use the word ” assume ” because of the comment or reply you left for me. If this is the case, I am certainly not about to argue with you concerning this matter. Everyone has the right to believe what they want to.

        However, I will suggest that you watch the movie, ” A Haunting in Connecticut “, which is based on a true story and/or actual events. Other movies that are also based on a true story or actual events are as follows:
        A Haunting in Connecticut
        The Serpent and the Rainbow
        The Exorcism of Emily Rose
        The Exorcist
        * Amityville Horror *

        ( The Amityville Horror is said to be based on a true story, however, there are people who have said that it was only a hoax ). Also, there are many more ” horror ” films that are based on a true story, but I cannot think of anymore right now.
        Anyways, my point is . . . you may have already seen the movies listed above. If yes, then I find it hard to believe that you can say . . . . ” spirits “, ” ghosts ” and ” demons “, are not real.

        Keep this in mind, just because you may not have seen a spirit or ghost, does not mean that they do not exist. The world is full of ” mysteries “, many of them unsolved. Yes, I do believe in the ” paranormal “, although I have never seen one. I certainly believe that they do exist.

  58. The Caretaker says:

    Well Theodore, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but dont you think it is quite arrogant to say that people who think differently than you are weird?

    Also, I’m not sure you really understand the scientific process. The goal of science isnt to prove anything, the goal is to disprove a theory or idea. In fact a scientist comes up with a theory and then goes on to experiment and test to try to disprove it. That’s just the way it works.

    Also, I am the original author of this particular story and I know for a fact that it is 100% true.

    Science cannot prove many things. It cant even prove that love exists! I wonder if you believe in love.

    Science is a wonderful thing, but it is not the answer to everything by a long shot. If it were we would have no diseases nor would we have any unaswered questions.

    In the meantime try to keep an open mind about the world around you, you never know what you might learn. And dont be so quick to judge others as being weird or stupid for having different ideas and opinions than your own.

    • caribbean queen says:

      I give you a ” thumbs up ” for your answer to Theodore.
      I just don’t understand why people find it difficult to believe in ghosts/spirits.

      Anyways, thank you for setting the record straight.

  59. dominic gooch says:

    that was creepy im doin a report on a haunted school this place has ghost dogs and there was a witche coven burned were the school fields are now

  60. Jackie says:

    OK then, what is it that you believe in? – hopefully, you can explain your beliefs whatever they are, because you have been given ‘all knowing insight into everything’. Hopefully, all of us ‘liars’ with nothing better to do than to make things up (without a real audience even) will eventually be believed and accepted by you.
    Can you imagine, if all of a sudden you had a paranormal experience one night and then nobody believed you. Then on top of that, people just dissed you – how bad would you feel?
    When one day something happens to you that you can’t explain, be hopeful that there is a site like this that will help and support you – like this one does!!

    • caribbean queen says:

      Please read my reply to Caretaker.

      The same comment applies to you.

      Take care for now.

  61. Chaos says:


    My grandmother always had this creepy porcelain doll she put out on the fire place in the living room every holiday. I’d be out in front of the fire place ,playing, and the doll would be sitting there staring at me. After a while, I’d get tired of playing and I’d leave for maybe 5 minutes. When I came back, the doll was facing a different direction. I was only maybe 5 so I started freaking out. I don’t believe I ever told anybody that I noticed it moving. I know my family didn’t move it because they were all in the basement and I was upstairs. For the next couple of days, I stayed away from the doll,thinking maybe it would stop moving. I thought that but it never happened. A week later, I was back in the living room with the rest of my family and suddenly the doll just falls over. Yeah, sometimes things fall over because they aren’t set up right, but this doll was leaning against the fire place in the same position for more than 2 weeks. You can’t tell me that isn’t creepy.

  62. Chris says:

    Very creepy story.,,well written thank you!

    I have quite a few dolls and they have never bothered me save for one or two.

    Interesting how some tend to attract or hold energy/spirits…older ones have that “look”, with the human hair and teeth that look like they are gritting their teeth…I have always wondered why some things tend to attach on certain dolls.

    With human hair I can guess that has an attraction to some spirits.

  63. Jorja says:

    This is a spine tingling story. I’ve always been terrified of dolls even as a small child because they are so sinister and shifty looking. My mother bought me one from an auction but I lost it somewhere, and boy am I glad I did!
    As for all those “non-believers” as such, it will be a right smack in the face when you suddenly experience something that scares you and no one wants to listen. Also, where do we go when we die? Most people don’t like to think that it’s just “nothing”. Sometimes it’s nice to think that people can still think and feel and watch things happen. I think that spiritual entities are more than just balls of energy. I like to think they are mixtures of thoughts and emotions.
    ~Jorja x

    • caribbean queen says:

      ” Where do you go when or after you die “, is a very interesting question. However, you should not worry about where a person goes after they die.

      Please allow me to explain. And again, this is not a sermon, so please do not interpet it that way.

      Contrary to popular belief, ” when I die, I’ll go to Heaven or Hell “, no we don’t. The physical body is buried. However, our soul, which I would want to think is our spirit, returns to God, regardless of weather or not you believe in God.

      Anyways, I do not really know what God does with our souls after death. You do not have to believe me, I am just telling you what my religion believes. And again, this is not a sermon, so please do not take it that way.

  64. ashley nicole says:

    i own a porcelain doll. my biological mother gave it to me before she abondoned me at one yr old. the mother i know ( the one that raised me) gave showed it to me when i was 5. she’s pretty and her name is holly, cuz of x mas. i usually set it out for the holidays. when i was a teen i would set it out on my night stand. nothing paranormal happend or anything. i think what freaks ppl out about display dolls is there is this human looking object that just blindly gazes at you. it doesnt breath or move, it just looks with freaky reflective, un-blinking eyes. well thats atleast what freaked me out. i would usually sleep facing away from it. i have a very wild imagination and im a major sissy, so when i get freaked, my mind sees what i want it to see. so there’s my explanation on why dolls freak some ppl out. and ya know movies like chucky dont help either : ). also to note im not bashing the chicks doll story, i think its cool, whether it be true or not, it creeped me out when i read it.

  65. nicole says:

    i never liked dolls there are so many stories about them and its always weird ones where there possessed

  66. kimie says:

    I do agree with you. dolls are very scary at times and extremely freaky.Especially porcelain.

  67. Ann says:

    One time a barbie doll blinked at me when i was 8 .It was freaky . no one believed me either.

  68. Ann says:

    One time when I was 8 a barbie doll blinked at me.It was freaky! I screamed and threw it at the wall and told my mom and brothers. My mom and dad dont believe me but my brothers do. After i threw the doll away I had one nightmare about the doll. It was horrible. i dont have anymore nightmares about that anymore.

  69. TiffanyNicole says:

    WELL lets see…. I hate dolls anyways but I have never herd a story like this…..I mean it was almost conviencin…. Yea but I beleave this i sa hoax….. I have herd my 9 year old sister tell better lies than this lol….. No offence but come on……. I do beleave in spirits but if that was a bad one it would have done alot worst than that…… Trust me I know people that has expierenced wayyyyyyy worst lol…. Sorry trie to make up a better lie next time cuz I soooo dont by it lol….

  70. Camigirl says:

    I LOVE my china dolls! i just see and hear ghosts!

  71. Babe says:

    i soooooooooo hate porcelin dolls they FREAK me out allought beacuse i had an experiance like that and even withbarbie dolls

  72. listen to hillary betancourt says:

    This story was really creepy!! i do belive that dolls can have demond or spirits in them because this one time i was getting ready to go to sleep and i saw a doll with two pony tales on top of me and it even had sharp teeth when it opened its mouth. it happend when i was 13 years old and i cant get my mind off of that ugly looking doll. i really got mad how my parents didnt belive me so i took all of my moms dolls to the garbage. my mom likes to put dolls as decorations in my room, but i take them out and sale them without my mom knowing anyhthing!!!

  73. Anmoyous says:

    I Lyke So Believe Ths Cos I Once Had A Porcelian Doll Nd I Wld Place It On My Dutchess Nd Id B Hme Alone Thn I Wld Walk Into The Rm Nd The Doll Wold Be On My Bed…. Thts Y Ive Banned Porcelian Dolls Frm My House

  74. Shel says:

    I never had much of a problem with porcelin dolls, it was always barbies that scared me. They’re grossly out of proportion and so unnatural. At least ball-jointed dolls and the like are more human like. I think dolls are often feared because they could be like empty vessels for collecting emotions and spirits or maybe even michevious faerie, especially old dolls passed down through the generations. Imagine how many little girls have played with them? Some of that probably sticks to the dolls. I don’t think that dolls are always evil either.

  75. Ariel says:

    I love dolls I can’t believe you crazies fell for it! HaHa!!!!!

  76. et says:

    Hi this is for the caretaker first of all i eally like the comebacks you have I for one believe you completely. The reason i like your comebacks is b/c you speak your mind while still being respectful and kind unlike other people I know. I have had my share of ‘experiences’ to tell you the truth idk what to call them. One of my ‘eperiences’ was when I was 7. My great grandma who was very sick as well as old which obviously didn’t help her condition had been to the hospital 3 times already. I was very close to her since she lived with my family and I. She couldn’t walk so i would go to her room sit by her bed and we would do the word finds together. I would sometimes spend the whole day with her tending to her and getting her whatever she wanted in return I’d get hard candy, YUM! One night she had just came back from the hospital and she was having a heart attack. I remember my mom making all of us go to our room, but me well being me I hid by the door and watched my great grandma die with firefighters standing around her. that night I was in my bed having a nightmare I felt a pressure next to me. a voice whispered its ok. I looked over and i could see the indention in the bed but noone was there. Well i freaked out and ran to my moms room where I slept on the floor. I still love crossword puzles and hard candy! But wierdly enough I have my great grandmas bed that she died in. Since ive been sleeping in her bed i havent had any nightmares at all.

  77. et says:

    Oh and another time well idk if this bear was really like haunted i mean there could be other explantions for it i havnt really made up my mind about it yet maybe you guys can help me and give me your opinions but please be nice. anyways i was 9 a little old for a bear but I have always loved dolls and bears stuffed animals ect. I got a bear for my bday I fell in love with it! It was brown when you turned it on (battery powered) It would say Hi wanna play?! But It was a cute nice voice that made you wana yell yes everytime you heard it. Since i loved this bear so much It earned a spot on my dresser by my bed. I wouldn’t sleep with it (I was afraid of squishing him) so he would stay on my dresser faced twords me. One night it was raining hard I was sitting on my bed the bear on the dresser facing me. It was off. the lights went out and suddenly I hear Hi wanna play, but it sounded diffrent like mean and scary. I flipped out! Screaming bloody murder I ran out of the bedroom. My mother thinks it was the jolt from when he power went out that triggered it cuz of the lightning I didnt understand that so I just said ok and threw the bear in the trash. B/c no i did NOT want to play. When i look back on it I kind of miss my bear do you think the bear was hanted yes or no remember be nice please.

  78. Madison says:

    I have always been creeped out by dolls. My Grandmother has a small room full of dolls that seem to stare at you as soon as you walk into the room (she even has one thats face is really scratched up) i dont even like baby dolls that well. Strangly enough i never seemed to mind that they were looking at me or anything else just the same with all of my stuffed animals. oh well… nice story by the way lol ^^

  79. april says:

    oh my gosh that is scary i have a friend that had dolls like that and she said that
    one night she closed the dolls umbrella. she got into bed looked up at the doll
    before se turned the light out, and the dolls umberella was open again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice story……….lol

  80. Jackie says:

    ET, have you phoned home about this??

    Just kidding, Gosh!! really freaky stuff going on there – bless you sweetie, hope things turn out for the best!!! xx

  81. Warrior Priestess says:

    yeah hi, i’d like to know if i could get in touch with the owner and/or moerators of this site… I Have a few Questions and suggestions, and i dont wish to discuss them for everyone else to see. please email me and let me know.

  82. Char says:

    Hi David,
    I think this is a true story and a very well written one! I never liked dolls all that much either. I had a friend who bought my son a tiger that sang and told a little story. Well one day I was cleaning and it started to go off by it self. I was saying something that was not what it was supose to be saying and then it had an evil laugh and kept laughing! Let me tell you I screamed and ran out of there and got my mother and told her to get ride of it I was to scared to even touch it! She threw it away for me. That same friend was sleeping my sons father behide my back. So maybe because of what they were doing brought something bad into my house! It was very scary!!!

  83. The Caretaker says:

    Warrior Priestess – I have replied to your emails but havent heard back from you. Please check your bulk or spam folder.

  84. Nevaeh says:

    Well i belive you cause the same think happened to me and it happens all the time but about 3yearsago i brought a doll on the boot market by me house, and that night i but the doll up on the chester draws facing the window i went to bed and fell asleep. Then i was woken up by alound bang i put the light on and looked around and i could see nothink so i just put out the light then i heard like a straching noise i thought it was me cat but i turned around and saw me cat was lying next to me then i thought forget this but the light on and then i saw it the doll was standing in the middle of the floor straches all down the chester draws and the lound bang was 1 of the draws that had fallen out. so i put the doll back up and the next night it kept happing so i took it into the other room and that night there it was again standing in the middle of me floor this carried on for 2weeks then in decide to thorw it out i put it in the bin and that night it was back so i put it back in the bin and wached the dustbin man take it away it came back standing there so i got up and thew it outside the window it laned and fell to bits and now it doesnt come back only in my dreams sometimes.no joke

  85. Dezzee says:

    Ive had this type of thing happen to me before. This stuff can be crazy!

  86. jackiegirl says:

    Briggs and Simone are right. dolls-any kind-creep me out.i would never have any dolls in my house.the only reason i used to have barbie dolls was because i liked to rip their heads off and that kind if stuff. :)

  87. Hominy Grits says:

    Well, there are a lot of spooky stories on here, so I have a little doll-miracle story. My first porcelain doll was/is Samantha…and I still have her. When I was about 8 years old, I saw a porcelain doll at a tag sale. My mother said she could not buy it, it was too much money. I was heart broken. Well, I said a little prayer, saying, “God, I would really like to find a doll like that one, please!” I didn’t think God would listen to that kind of prayer, but I was desperate. Well, the following summer, I met Samantha at another tag sale. She was beautiful, all blonde haired and big brown eyes, and lovely white dress with tiny red flowers.My grandma just suddenly buys it, without any hesitation. Samantha was even cooler than the one I originally wanted at the other tag sale! I gave her the name Samantha, and knew from then on that prayers- even ones that seem silly- will be answered, because our Creator knows the desires of our hearts. Thanks for reading.

  88. freaked out gurl says:

    wow that is creepy…..i had somthin happpen to me like that. my grandma got me this stuffed animal and rite when i looked at it it looked so cute!!but that nite when i was sleeping i heard weird noises from my closet.it sounded like a screeching noise.that morning i put the animal in another room in the closet and now i dont hear anything else!!!!scary!!!!

  89. Chipper says:

    The house at 501 Johnson in Big Spring Tx is very haunted. It is a rent house, and when I first rented it, I noticed that the woman living there was moving out in a real hurry. She would not say why she was in such a hurry to leave. After moving in, I found out the hard way. Knick Knacks placed in the windows would turn the opposite direction every night. I had a religious picture which flew off the wall and smashed with unreal force on the dining room floor. One of the rooms was so cold you could see your breath, no matter how hot it was outside. I did not stay there long, and I drive by every now and then, and there seems to be a different vehicle outside every few months.

  90. Taylor says:

    I was at my friends house and she collects thos things. And she was taking a shower so I was waiting in her room. She keeps most of the dolls in her room and I got really freaked out. And I don’t like to go in her room alone anymore.

  91. Hollybeth says:

    OMG thats really scary well im a cheerleader and one of the other cheerleaders with is my best friend sabrina we went to school that day and one day when we were in the gym me and her were doing our cheerleading stunts and we herd this big noise and nobodyt was in the school exsept me and her my moms the principle so we went to the bathroom and there was this little girl in the bathroom washing her hands and when i looked back at her she was gone and now i feel spirts me and sabrina both

  92. Nicole says:

    I have something…when i was about 10 i have a problem with one of my dolls. on her back she had a button that played music and the eyes are the ones that can blink. she used to play music and blink her eyes….my mom never beleived me adn my brother would complain about 2 dead boys and later we found out that two little boys did die in our house …which would explain everything, we moved instantly

  93. ghyrhyjh says:

    anyone seen chucky?

  94. Sarah Jane says:

    I believe this story because I do believe in spirits and all that jazz. I’ve had an experience like that, and although I do not know if it was a spirit, it sure felt like it. First off, my house is old and I know of at least one person who died in my house. I had a doll in my room and whenever I would move around my room, it’s eyes would follow. I also felt like I was being watched. I know some people would say that when you’re thinking about scary stuff, your mind tricks you. But no, this would happen when I wouldn’t be thinking about it. Finally I took it out, and I felt safer in my room and not being watched.

  95. haley says:

    well first of all i have 4 dolls and I hear nothing I read tons of ghost stories and
    my doll hasnt done anything. I have seen the twilightzone with “talking tina” The only creepy doll Is BARBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. haley says:

    some peoples cases with seeing dolls move at night when they wake up is because you could just be seeing things

  97. ghost_girl says:

    I would sleep walk when I was younger and I once woke up in the living room. I got up to go back upstairs, because it was still about four in the morning, and my moms porcelain doll was sitting on the side table. Now I know I didn` t dream this but it winked at me! I ran as fast as I could out of that room and up the stairs because I was 8 or 9 and had no idea about ghosts and stuff back then…My mom still has that doll but it`s in a box.

  98. Carly says:

    There was always a certain doll that freaked me out at one of my aunts house. It was a guy doll and its mouth was like a puppet and it had that thing on its back where you could make its mouth move. But its eyes were wide and it always freaked me out to look at it..but nothin scary that i know of ever happened with it.

  99. claud says:

    While I can appreciate the story, the fact that it’s being passed off as a bonafied “paranormal experience” is somewhat disconcerting. Where’s the evidence? Did anybody ever bother to research the history of the doll? Any witnesses see it move on its own? Any photographs of this doll? Is there any knowledge of who the original owner or maker was? If not, then to try to claim some connection between a child’s nightmares and an antique doll without any investigation, research or evidence to back it up smacks of irresponsibility and deception. Anybody can claim they had a paranormal experience, that in and of itself doesn’t really mean a whole lot. As the moderator of this site, responsibility falls on your shoulders to present an objective representation and allow the readers to come to their own conclusion, as opposed to leading the readers as you have done.

  100. The Caretaker says:

    I shared my experience of what happened in my family. I am not interested in trying to prove it to anyone. You may believe or not, as you wish.

    Nothing was said here about the doll moving.

    By the way, do you think that any story on this entire website could be provem? NO, they cannot. If any one ghost story could be proven anywhere then there would no longer be the question “Do ghosts exist?”

    Claud, thats the whole thing about the paranormal – none of it can be scientifically proven.

  101. Eva says:

    huh. wierd. :I

  102. ghyrhyjh says:

    sarah jane i have a billion dols in my room and i always feel like i’m being watched,well i also have a ghost in my yard but that’s another story. anyway i believe you.

  103. GHOST ANGEL says:

    My moms friend got this doll and gave to us last saturday and they scare me way to much so im gonna try to get rid of it….those dolls scare meeeeeee…

  104. Lacey says:

    i used to LOVE dolls when i was young, i remember i used to have a whole bag full of barbies, i’d play with them all the time, it’s lyk, i wuz atached to them. I also loved baby dolls, when i had them, i would treat them as if they were my very own baby. when i wuz about 8 or 9 yrs old, i owned a very beautiful antique porcelain doll, i thought she was the most beautiful thing i ever seen. when ever i was alone or sad, mad, or just needed someone to talk to, i would talk to my doll, i named her Jessica. My lil bro would always get scared of her, i would scare him with it when ever he was mean to me. when i was alone with jessica, i would talk to her, and i would feel lyk she talks back or agrees with me on something, i wuzn’t scared, i was just very gratefull to have her with me every second of the day. Every now and then, my lil bro would say he had nightmares about her, like her bieng in his room at midnight, and crawling into bed with him, and holding him, some times i would wake up in the morning and she would not be next to me lyk she always is, i would get out of bet and start looking for her, i would find her in my lil bro’s room, by his bed. i assumed my baby sister took her and put her in his room. one rainy, stormy evening, i was sitting on the couch with her, watching rugrats, i put her in my room for a lil while, i forgot why, but when i came back into the room, she would be standing up, and not laying down like the way i put her, i wouldn’t be scared, i would just pick her up, and giggle at her. Soon, my little brother started to get more and more scared of her, and my nana would put her in her coboard, and keep her in there. i would get her and keep her in my room, i lost her at the mall, i couldn’t find her, it was agony without her. To this day, I still miss her much.

  105. Lupine says:

    i know i heard the stories too about those dolls but what about furbys? i had one that used to go off in the middle of the night and one nght it scared me and the window was open so….end of furby problem|! muhahahha but now when i recently mentioned them my family told me about stories about the same furby scaring them

  106. jasmin says:

    I have porcelian dolls also.. but if you ever feel uncomfortable with them just sprinkle holy water on them and also put a rosaries on them while they in your room it will vanish any bad spirit from the doll… or any other object always when you bring new things to your home is good that you pray over them and let God anoint all the things even my pc before i used it i pray over it so the guardian angels guide me and protect ,me…. from any harm well just a little input : )…….


  107. Jean says:

    Its kinda creepy but I live with my grandma I have a younger brother and older sisters and I have a walk in closet. but its in my bedroom.

  108. bump in the night says:

    I don’t remeber who said it about dolls being empty vessels? My great grandmother was blessed with a second sight. She would always say, dolls are like empty bodys without souls. And that if you collected them, with no intention to share love with them they would try to steal yours! True or not, I never had a baby doll i didn’t respect or play with. Hehe.. kinda creepy huh?
    Just a side note.. there is a book named Annabelle about soul steeling dolls, its fiction but creepy none the less.

  109. GHOST ANGEL says:

    that is so creepy!!

  110. lobhana says:

    suberb!I myself am a very great fan of scary film &things. I really apprieciate the story.

  111. Val says:

    Hi there,
    Just to give input, Pollypocket dolls creep me out more then anything, i had one when I was 8. My mom told me it was time to put my toys away and get ready for church, i agreed and started to put all of her accessories away. I wasn’t as attatched to her but I still really kind of cared for the doll, my mother said it was unnatural for a human to be attatched to a doll. We argued for hours on end. But on that day it was different, my mother was upstairs with my stepdad, and my brothers, along with my baby sister. I was downstairs in the living room along with our dog Buddy. All of a sudden, he begins to bark at my doll, Hannah i named her. She couldnt talk or anything, but she turned her head to me and asked if i wanted to go and play. Me being only 8 i didnt understand, now that i am 13, and many more paranormal experiences later, i finally understood that my doll was unlike anyothers i had owned, she was possessed by a force i dont understand.

    To this day, i cannot look at a doll without revisiting that memory


  112. stephy says:

    I believe this story is 100% true. I’ve never had any encounters of my own to share with anybody. Sorry! Anyway, the porcelain dolls can seem creepy at first glance, but seeing them for a long period of time has overcome my fear of them.

    Theres always critics but my question to the critics is if you don’t believe it why do you take the time to read and send your opinion afterwards? You might not get the story or you might not believe in it. I don’t believe that you don’t believe otherwise you wouldnve been looking for the website and you would’nve took the time to read it…

    Thanx for the story. I LOVED IT!!!

  113. Mary says:

    Hey they’d be even creepier if they had a wierd psycotic look on their faces from the mold!

    I had a boss who had a creepy antique clown doll that was sitting in a rocking chair that would rock itself during the night. What’s wierd is the night before I heard him tell that story I had a dream about a creepy clown doll, pretty scary, huh?

  114. Jessie says:

    Wow1 that is so scary.One time when my aunty moved from my town to another place called mildenhall,she gave me a porcelain doll.it was so creepy.i never had any hauntings to do with it.but because it creeped me and my mum out,we soon got rid of it!

  115. Celticlassie says:

    I too believe this story I all so believe that who ever the dolls were owned by or made by is who your sister heard ……..this has happen many times to others

  116. Monticue says:

    I am very receptive to subtle forces and still as an adult have to remove new dolls and other items from my home from time to time. My wife is really annoyed by it because any old porcelain dolls that she has ever recieved from her Grandmother we have had to get rid of. I have no fear of dolls but when the night rolls around…I wake out of my sleep screaming. This continues throughout the night and following nights until the doll or item I feel the negative enegy radiating from is removed from the house. My wife wishes there was something to numb me from the sensitivity so she can keep her sentimental items.

  117. alexis says:

    you see christ always give hants be cause they want to be happy

  118. laura says:

    It felt like i was reading my story at parts. I had the same excpeience but it was a wedding doll my aunts. Her room turned into mine and the doll was put into my room, i also live with my grandparents. That happnd when i was 6 and am now 19. My younger aunt was the first to notice something happening she would hear me cry and scream in the night from nightmares and when i told her she just said i need to stop watching so many scary movies. The doll came from an abandoned town in mexico, and the lady who gave it was known as someone who practices voodoo and witchcraft but not for good. I guess from what i hear she was very unpleasent.

  119. Dr. Tragic says:

    I AM nine and I have been experiencing some paranormal stuff. But nothing with dolls.. Well, just about a month ago I had this weird “supernatural streak” as I like to call it. First I had my computer mouse start moving around and clicking stuff. Then the next day I saw a shadow trying to get into the house by the door, but when I looked no one was there, and THEN I saw a door open. My mother believes me, she was watching! and she believes in the paranormal and such things.

  120. shidan says:

    I saw a white woman standing on d top of my house about 3 or 4 time…i fink she’s a ghost…only my friend nick knows that
    she’s always looking at my neighbours house…dunno y…

  121. emily says:

    That story was one of my favorites! =I

  122. lunar_naomi says:

    boooooooooooring i’v had worse thangs than that and i dont even put them in my diary.

  123. Anonymous says:

    well i think there’s a spirit in my room. yesterday morning it felt as if there was a presense sitting on my bed …….. a female, my eyes were’nt open but i knew she had a jean and a slight hill on. while i was in the shower my boyfriend dozed off on my desk, as i called he didn’t reply. eventually he told me he saw a female with her hair all her face…….anyway i guess i won’t know who watches me while i sleep

  124. Danny says:

    A hate they wee dollz to,about 6 month ago a saw a ghost at the bottom of my stairs,shn was an old woman staring at me,she was looking at me through the living room door which i quickly hit shut when i realised wat i seen,ps y do people have to be such haterz.if u dont lyk it dont read it.

  125. Rain says:

    We have those dolls in our home – my kids (1 daughter in particular) claims to have the most bizarre, awful dreams. What broke the Camel’s back, was right before Christmas, one of the Porcelain dolls is a musical wind up doll – she started playing and moving all by herself. My daughter also claims to have seen one of the dolls move -
    I just don’t know. I initially came to this site to research any history or myths regarding Porcelain dolls – but I still fee unsure of anything.
    If anyone has any research material that they know of, or any sites that share information on anyone actually exploring this kind of sitution, please post??

  126. A man. Duh. says:

    moral of the story: dont collect dolls.

    • The Caretaker says:

      Not all dolls are haunted, in fact it is probably a rare thing for a doll to have a ghost or spirit attached to it

  127. scarlet says:

    It’s not about porcelain dolls but, i came back from primary school, had my lunch and went to get changed out of my school uniform,(in my bedroom)

    and as i put my tights on my stapler flew of the shelf and landed on the floor, no windows were open and obviously the house wasn’t shaking, then that night i had my friend over for a sleepover, and i went to get a drink off my bed side table when as i was putting the drink down i saw a black image sort of stride but run at the same time across the landing, it looked like a girl with her back bent slightly with her hair down, i was shaken up by this time so i called my friend which was sleeping under my top bunk but she was asleep so i called my mum but she didn’t wake up either it was about 3:45 in the morning and i climbed down my ladder to my friend and told her all about it and now we’re both freaked out by it, and it could just be a dream or could be real, who knows?

    and for the rest of that day since 3:45 we slept for about 2 minutes and woke up for 4 hours in early morning!!!


    age 10

  128. Ann says:

    I DO believe this story and many others on this page!! I have had similar experiences but not with porcelain dolls. I’m 21 now but when I was like 8 maybe 9 my mom and little brother lived in a 2 story A-frame house. I hardly ever got to stay with my mom because my grandparents had custody of me. Well I got to stay with my mom and my little brother (Zach) one weekend. We heard a baby crying in the walls of the house, drawers in the kitchen would pull out by themselves and the toilets would flush by themselves. We told my mom and she didn’t belive us because she was always gone or asleep when these things happened. She finally believed us one day when my little brother’s toy Frankenstein came to life. We were in my little brother’s room, me, Zach, my step sister and my step brother. The Frankenstein was laying on the bed behind us. The toy was made completely of plastic and if you opened it’s chest it had buttons to press and when you press the buttons it would say “haha i’m alive.” Well we’re all sitting there telling ghost stories and none of us could reach the toy therefore none of us could have done this. The toy literally sat up by itself and it said “Haha now I got you.” My mom just so happened to be standing in the doorway when it happened. She grabbed the toy and threw it out the window and into the street. It got ran over by a truck and out problem was solved. My mom and my little brother moved out of that house like 2 weeks later and we’ve never had any problems like that again!! I still don’t like toys that talk or porcelain dolls!!

  129. Adam says:

    I don’t realy have any stories to share, but porcelian dolls sort of creep my out.

    It’s like they look all to real to look like a doll.

    It’s like you know their not real, but then again you feel they are watching you.

    More frightening if their eyes glowed in the dark.

  130. Helen says:

    I do not have a story of my own, but to those who are so sure of everything being proven with reason. You need to grow up! I am not trying to be hateful or angry. My family are very down-to-earth people and I can definitely tell you that spirits do exist for different reasons.
    Deaths usually occur in 3′s, my Mother and her Mother have been forewarned about deaths before they occur. I have always prayed to not have this occur to me but i Know that it did before my own father died. I literally went blind,everything was black except dark gray in bright lighting. this happened on the eve of his death. I was still blind the next morning and could not go to work. My father was pronounced dead at 9:00 a.m. I was able to see clearly by 8:30 or so that morning. It has never happened again.
    Didn’t mean to butt in.

  131. trisha thompson says:

    for one that was very well written and that was a preety good story

  132. amber says:

    ok well hope all this is not true as my computer is right next to my porcelin doll cabnet

  133. SECRET says:

    WOW!I have always been afraid of dolls!I have one in my room,but I am terrified of it.When I go in my room I feel like someone’s there.Now that I know they can be possesed I think I will never get to sleep!!!!The only one who believes in this kind of stuff is my friend and I!She hates dolls just like me.My other friend adores them and has them ALL over her room!How can she sleep!When I go in her room it is like they are waiting for everyone else to leave the room but me…..JUST KIDDING!!!!But I am still creeped out.To tell you the truth I feel bad for my friend.Her mon makes her have a doll IN HER CLOSET!!!!Anyway some people think we are crazy but we bet one day they will encounter something that will make them think different!Have a nice night or will you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. SECRET says:

    Its me again!!!!!!!!I can tell you something.I can not go to my friends house or at least look at her dolls.I just feel deep inside that they are possesed!!!!I am telling you….the second you step in that room it seems like they all just stare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And whats some parents, when you can really say that something weird is happening and you are not playing a little childish game you know what they do,they either say stop making up lies or they try to prove that you are just imagining things and make you face it or in a case of dolls sleep with it!!!!Not all parents do that but some do. But how can they know that the kids are not telling the truth!!

  135. secret says:

    I can tell you this,I have a WILD I meen WILD IMAGINATION!!!! I freak out with every scary movie I see. If you are reading this and you are a sissy like for exaple (you can’t fall asleep cause you think whatever “thing” you saw in the movie is after you if you had saw a movie that night) it is not a bad thing and mostly about everytime in someones life they have a fear like that.

  136. Aggie says:

    That’s true I’ve had a similar experience, when there were dolls at my friend’s house as a child I couldn’t look at those dolls. It seemed like their eyes were moving and always looking at you. *shudder*

  137. Araminta Brace says:

    I am 16 in PA and I hear things in my attic. theres a door that leads right into the attic in my room, but not only that, when we first came here I felt uncmfortable, like if I went to sleep, something my scream. Where we lived before,was indeed haunted. My grandmother died, and I two heard humming. Also, when we were all asleep, I heard her say, no more like scream my name. I immediatly woke up and found the door wide open, when infact, we closed it. I…also have her name. has she come for me,proclaim what is rightfully hers? I’m scared.

  138. My dead grandmother's name says:

    I understand what you mean. I am huanted by my dead grandmother and I think she hates me. When I put on my makeup I see her staring at me, well more like glaring at me. I try to not look at her and when I look back she’s gone. When I lie my belt somewhere and leave, the next thing you know you hear a thud, like somthing was thrown hard to the ground,I run up into my room and there is the belt lying on the floor when I put it on the bed. I hear her drag her feet, and humm a tune that my mother can recall her lullabye. She said she’d fall asleep to her mothers song. I hummed it and the door slamed and it woulden’t open. I stoped trying to bang on the door and said open the door, she did, then when I ran out the front door, the door slamed.I have her name. we dont have the money to move, can you help me, please?!?

    • lydia says:

      hi… i hope i can help you.. well if you dont have enogh money to move.. why dont you try to become friends with the doll. try not to disturbe it much. like putting on makup infront of it. talk to it sometimes or ask it questions. who knows maybe you’ll evan like to talk to the doll and stuff after a while. I Hope I Helped :) and if that doesnt work. try to talk to your parents about it. or tell the results of what you did for the doll. :)

  139. wendi says:

    this was a wierd story.

  140. Lani1990 says:

    I know what you all mean…

    I’ve always found these kind of dolls to be creepy… not only do their eyes follow you around a room, but I’ve always felt like they have their own personalities… like they give off a vibe like humans do… *shivers* I’ve never really liked being in the same room as them to be honest… It’s not even like they’re all evil, just like, they’re more than most people give them credit for… etc… and them being named doesn’t help much either

  141. thraxbaby says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments! Anyways, I totaly agree with anyone who says porcelain dolls are creepy, since most are, but I have one at my house, I’ve had her since, like, ever and I’ve always thought of her as my guardian angel. Even when we got rid of all my dolls, she was the one I kept.
    THE doll that is the creepiest is this doll my mom has named Mrs. Beazly (I’m not sure if I spelled it right). It is sooooo freaky! I guess I might just think that since when I was 5 my cousin says it would haunt me.

  142. arielfroshizzle says:

    theres ALOT of comments ; and i actually believe these stories ; i have plenty of stories to say ; but about the dolls i have four on top of my bed on these boards thingy and well i’m not scared of them sometimes i feel they look at me ; but i had them for so long ; so i didn’t really mind . But i know i have a doll that my sister is afraid of ; wheh you tilt it ; the eyes close and well she seems afraid of it ; i think my dad throw that away ; also ; one of my uncles had a doll that was a pocelain doll well sort of .. and well it had pink eyes ; and it was very creepy i was around 10 or 9 that i heard of it but never seen it ; my cousin was freaking afraid of it ; but he said he got rid of that ; and someone this day might have it

  143. caitlin says:

    i belive in these things and this is one upon meany resons i collect them i have once had a doll lokk my way and then go back to normal bu it think it was just my overwhelming imagination because i was like 4.

  144. Jonathan says:

    I remember when i was 4, my neighbor playmate who’s a girl showed me her doll. Right then i freaked! because i’ve never seen one before. and what made it scarier was it’s creepy built in voice saying: “mama kaka”..

    up to this day, remembering that, i still get goose flesh.


  145. Savannah says:

    This is a true storie I swear. At my birthday my friend Rachel was staying the night and my mom had got me this creepy doll that was wearring a creepy white dress and had long bromn curly hair, so we set this doll on my dresser and watched T.V.and then I had that creepy feeling something was watching me,so I turned around and it was watching me, so me and Rachel went downstairs and put it in my brothers toy box and went outside, A half an hour later we came back inside and Rachel goes um Savannah your doll is on your dresser so i asked anybody if the brought it up and put it on my dresser and they said no. So me and Rachel put it at the bottom of my moms seater chest and its still there today and its gonna stay there.

  146. ivy janella (philippines) says:

    i have many dolls… and i have a porcelain doll too… at night, i always got nightmares… but i dont blame my dolls for that… i dont know if they’re the one who causes my nightmares…. i dont wanna throw all away my dolls.. i love them..

  147. Naudia says:

    This is very interesting and scary. Stuff like this that happens most people believe to be imagination.

  148. scarlet says:

    my nan was about 14 yrs old and she was playing out with her older brother and his friends and my nans friends, they both lived in an old farm house and behind this farmhouse was a massive field and then there was this massive hill with a castle on top, and my nan and her friends aswell as her brother and is friends and they were all on each others bikes, and they always used to play out beside this castle and nobody wanted to go inside because there was this old lady about 34 years later and she went to the very top of the castle and comitted suiside, by jumping off.

    and my nan saw her on top of the castle walking round but not as if u were walking round as if she was floating round on the path of the top turrets!!! so my nan and her friends and her friends and her brother and his friends were all freaked out so they were cycling back really quick and screaming!!!

    for my nan and her brother that must of been really scary!!!

    and there’s a lot of other scary stories that my nan has seen and i will tell u in the next story!!!


    aged 10


  149. Tifferz says:

    Hey Everyone ;D ,

    OMG i totally believe all the stories on here ! I had alot of experiences with “Haunted Porcelain Dolls” and I cant even look at one now , here’s a story that still scares me everytime I think about it :

    I was about 10 years old & my mom gave me this clown doll & it came with a little one & a swing , and I really liked it .. at the time . So my mom one day hung it up in the corner of my room , across the room from my bed . Nothing happened until about a week after I got it . So one night I was sitting on my bed , petting my cat and my cat’s fur all went up and she started hissing , from what I saw was nothing , but when I actually looked in the direction she was staring at , the swing where the clowns were was swingin on it’s own , the clowns were still their , but my god was she ever furious , I didn’t think much about it and got ready to go to bed . A Few hours later …

    I was sleeping until I got woken up by my cat Sabrina , she started hissing and growling and I had my back turned , when I finally did turn around , BOTH clowns were GONE ! I got so scared I didn’t think about screaming or anything . After that night more creepier things happened , So I finally told my parents & of course they didn’t believe me , but my brother did . I threw them away after all that & Still til this day … I will NEVER EVER own a porcelain doll , or dolls that resemble clowns .

  150. Tifferz says:

    Hello Again ;D

    So , like I said in my recent comment , I have had alot of experiences with freaky but unexplainable things happen to me throughout my childhood . Here’s another :

    This happened to me & my friend Ashley when we were little kids , One day … We were in her basement , playing with “OUR” huge Barbie collection , like we always did , everyday . My friend had this “Dentist Barbie” & she would talk to you when you pushed a button on her back , after she had the doll for a few years the batteries finally died in it & the doll was never touched , because we were into the more real looking Barbie’s with squishy tummies lol . Anyways , we were sitting down their just playing with the Barbie house and all of a sudden we both heard this “Staticky” noise , So me & my friend both looked at eachother and got a little freaked because we didn’t know what it was . 10 mintues later , we heard it again … But this time it didn’t stop , so we followed the noise towards the laundry room & their on the floor was the “Dentist Barbie” , so I picked it up and the noise got louder as I put it to my ear , I swear to god the doll sounded like the devil as it was mumbeling something , like it was possessed. Me & Ashley were so freaked out at this point & I asked her “I thought it didn’t have batteries in it ” & she replied “It doesn’t” , So to prove a point , we took the dress off the Barbie & opened the back of her up … And sure enough without a word of lie , their was NO batteries in the back of the doll ! , We both screamed & ran upstairs . After that we convinced her older sister to go down and get rid of it , we threw the doll in the garbage & nothing else happened . I know it sounds like a pile of BS , but it’s true .

  151. karina estrada says:

    I just want to say i do believe in all of this. i am 29 yrs old,since ihad my first son i have experienced olot of stuff ,but one time i had baught a baby doll days later i went to visit an old elementary friend at the time she was preagnant ,she gave me some clothes for my doll .iwent back home to put the clothes on my son at the time was 3-4 years old we had the doll4 abaut a month my son would play with it until one day i tried to give him the doll and he said NO’I DONT LIKE IT WHEN SHE TALKS TO ME’ SO EVENTUALLY I GOT RID OF IT’

  152. karina estrada says:


  153. Jady says:

    i hate DOLLS!

  154. maggy says:

    I have several antique china dolls and they have their own tea parteis. They have moved from their shelf to the couch. At first I thought that it was my kids, then it happened when they were visiting a cousin.

  155. sydnee gillenwater says:

    i am a 9 year old girl i love ghost stories and movies but when i was 5 years old my grammy came to stay the night and i got up and i looked in my mom’s room there was a woman with sparkels evey where she was just pating my mom and she just stoped and looked at me eveil lookingat me i got scared and started crying

  156. holly says:

    hi there when i was a kid like about 7 i was living in a very bad area of town our house always got robbed so many times that or lock on the door wa nno longer there so my mom just knives so that when someone came in our house she would hear then fall and call the police it was very scary .my mother and i were walking and we passed by a garage sale and old witch type lady was there and she sold me a large doll very large bigger then me at the time it was a joker clown doll so i brought it home my sister and i had two room that faced each other i was sleeping when w got up and seen that my sheets were moving like a snake was in my bed i screamed and loked at my siter and told her snakes were in my bed she was sitting up staring at this doll that i had bought that day it was standing not sitting like it was when i left it there her mouth was open so scarde the doll then moved its head looked at my sister then moved its head agian and looked at me me and my siter got up out of our beds at the same time and walked towards the doll it was in a spot the we couldn’t see its back cause it was blocked by a wall so we thought it was my mom playing a joke on us and moving the doll around so we started to walk towards and then behind it my sister said mom stop playing around as we walked behind the doll (remember this doll is taller then us) we seen that my mother was not behind it we both started to scream at the same time and the doll just dropped to the floor we ran to my mothers room witch see always keept locked and started banging on her door and can still feel how scarde i was at the time when we started banging on the door she yelled out get lost i already called the cops we just keept banging on her door screaming untill she let us in the we realized our house had people in it and they were rumaging through out place so we forgot all about the doll and we scrade for our lives cause you really don’t know what people are going to do in that kind of situation so i still don’t know what that experience was all about was it that lady that looked like a witch making sure nothing happened to us cause she see it int he future or god or some other kind of ghost but the doll did satnd up and i think it saved us from who knows what would have happened so know i belive in ghost dolls i have one ghost doll that i bought form ebay but still do not know if it is alive i have not seen anything strange yet but i think i want to get a collection because i know that ghost dolls are real iv seen it myself

  157. holly says:

    sorry about all the mixed spelling im tierd

  158. Virgoan says:

    Had to add my story, although its pretty old. 36 years ago I grew up in a very
    run-down neighborhood in the city. I used to run in the alleys at nite with my
    many cousins playing kick-the-can (it was much safer then), especially in
    the summer until at least 10 or 11 at nite. Years later as adults when we were
    talking about those days 2 of my cousins told me about hearing a scream as
    they were hiding and seeing a plastic doll chasing a kid down the alley.
    They have sworn on their mother’s grave that they actually saw it with their
    own 2 eyes. I believe them, they never told anyone about it.

  159. shnockers says:

    i was 8 when this happened now im 11 the following story IS TRUE for all you haters who dont. i used to have 4 porclein dolls that my great grandma got me. she used to get them for me all the time, then after she gave each one to me and said: now i know ive got this in the right hands and told THE DOLL that to be with her when she was dead. I was kinda freaked out but it waz fine, anyway i kept them in my room in there boxes, they were on the top of my shelf which was very high and you had to kneel on my dresser to get them, well after a month or two my great grandma passed away i waz very close to her, well that night i heard ripping and i ran turned on the light and the box waz ripped and the porclien waz on my dresser! so i started to believe when my great grandma said ya know how i said she said let my soul be with you well i think it waz my great grandma, so i wasnt scared… but i put all of them in the weight room on a shelf in the basment… i talk to them sometimes and brush them off… i still have them..

  160. shnockers says:

    creepy stuff happens but everyone doesnt beleive me and just says its not true, but i know differently…….. my house is like 120 years old, my house used to be a 1 room school and then it burned down in like 1800′s or something were not sure how many people died… after about in 1967 my great great grandpa bought the land and built a house here, it used to have a well and two sealed up rooms, when he died which i had not known him.. after a while the house was desserted and then my grandma bought it and my mom and dad moved in, when they had me and i grew up like when i was littler aboout 4 or 5 i wondered why those rooms were sealed but everyone said they didnt know, but now that im older (11) they were borded up with bricks oh and we also had a well, which i didnt care about.. but what still gets me is wat was in thos rooms? but under my sink is a hole and you can look through it and see a little bit of the sealed off room only one… i can see cobwebs and bricks and beer! but also papers and ropes and wire but that is only in a very small section! its sooo weird

  161. nikki says:

    This story was alright, but the nasty comments and nit-picky people ruined it.

    WHO CARES if she said “Naturally” one too many times?? SHEESH, get a life!!

    And for the people who say it isn’t true…Where you THERE??

    Man…some people are just so stupid. :/

  162. Brackette says:

    How can people not believe this, or atleast contemplate it? It’s probably the most believable story on this site.

  163. Anonymous says:

    I have a porcilan doll. I’m 7. I named her Alicia. You say it like UH-LEE-SEE-UH. She is a gypsey. I don’t like her. she is scary. she told me that my mom hated me and her and i should run away together.

    • animegurl says:

      hey,don’t listen to a doll kid your own person she dosen’t control you.YOU control IT
      anyway try to get rid of the doll being mean to or lock some place where it cant get out

      ~animegurl :)

      • caribbean queen says:

        The best way to get rid of this doll, or whatever it is that scares or bothers a person for that matter, is . . . . drench it in gasoline and set it on fire.

        That should stop any or all problems afterwards.

        Then again, that was only a suggestion.

  164. savannah says:

    ya i feel the same i hate those dolls they stare at u it weird my friends mom has them and give me chills down my spine

  165. stephanie says:

    i just wanna put mine on

    one time in 1990 i was only two but i remember very clearly
    me and my parents went ghost hunting we put the camra in the attic and went to eat out
    when we came back we watched the video and we saw little figures running across the screen and we also heard little gigles . about 30 mins later we went to see what it was and they were porcelan dolls and then all the lights went out and my mom screamed and then the lights came back on and she had scratches all over her legs (she was wearing shorts) like little fingers were scratching at her and to this day im still not going in that attic but i still ghosthunt with my friends and now im

  166. Lani1990 says:

    Isn’t it funny how sceptics seem to hang out on these kind of sites… if they don’t believe I’m kind of surprised that they would even bother coming onto this kind of site…

    Still, each to their own…

  167. Emilly says:

    this dolls story make me scared. because, i received my first doll when i was 6. the doll is as tall as me at that time. it was a pretty girl doll dressed in pink. it was so pretty that it looks so real and alive. but, that is my first doll and i love it so much. i never had any nightmares but what make me scared is, when i’m young, i was a really naughty girl. i have a brother that is 2 years younger than me so we always played with the doll together. since i’m a very naughty girl, the doll didn’t last long. i destroyed the doll in about a week. i pulled the doll’s head and the legs and hands. after that, i have countless dolls and barbies that my mom bought for me but all of them was destroyed by me and my brother. now i’m 20 and i thought if the dolls or any dolls will take revenge on me. now, i have lots of teddies and i kept them nicely in my room. but i never have any strange experience with my teddies. maybe this will make you think that i’m weird, but i ever thought that if any of my teddies knew about my naughty past to those dolls, maybe my teddies will do something to me!!!

  168. Stacey says:

    You guys are so gullible! Antique dolls are no more possessed than your cell phone or your tv. It’s so ridiculous how this phobia has turned into a “thing” for so many people. Like all antiques, vintage dolls should be looked at as a part of history–the people who made these would be saddened to know that their craftsmanship has offended and frightened future generations. I am certain that these dolls were made with care and love, and they (and their creators) deserve our respect. Get over it already!

    • The Caretaker says:

      Hi Stacey Thats easy to say if you havent had an experience with a haunted doll. No, not all dolls are haunted. In fact I would say it is quite rare for a doll to be haunted. But dont you think it is possible for a doll, or other object, to be haunted? I will also say that I am the one who wrote this story and it is 100% true.

  169. maimai says:

    i do believe the story..as long as there’s evil here on earth.there will be bad spirits too..i don’t like dolls too..much more when it’s made of porcelain..it seems very real and has its own life..

  170. kimberly says:

    i have allways been afriad of dolls since i was little
    and i used to have nightmares about dolls
    but since i got rid of them
    i dont have nightmares anymore
    they are soo creepy they look
    like they are always watching you

  171. kimberly says:

    how can you not belive its true it has happened to me

  172. Amber :) x says:

    i really belive this story i have alway been scared of dolls its really freaking :):( xx

    once i had a dream about china dolls scary and i have had some dolls and staight away i throw them away they are creeping with their black eyes.

  173. karen says:

    I also had a doll when I was little that my grandmother gave me,though it wasn’t porcelain I remember palying “mom and baby” with it . I gave it something to eat and when I came back the food was gone! I told my mom and she didn’t believe me!

  174. shameila says:

    i would be so scared. i used to have china dolls in my window i had 5 and people that would walk past at night would see them move because they were faced the other way, my mates would come in and say i swear you had that doll on the left and the other doll in the middle. but it turned out they were movin by themself.
    freeky stuff huh?

  175. gypsy says:

    Hello all ,

    I am gypsy and I was reading the replys here and I just wanted to add a few things , I have been an avid collector of haunted dolls or as I prefer to call them, �spirit children.� for the past 30 years of my life ,Many of the dolls in my collection came to be with me through my years of paranormal research.Many have been placed with me by familys that where scared of them ,or just didnt understand them , It happens more than you may think , In my collectiion are over 200 .

  176. ShadowedJE says:

    I believe every I read on this website, and I do believe in haunted dolls or other objects. Movies like ‘chucky’ or ‘childs play’ are movies that do put bad thoughts in our minds, I have 1 story to tell about dolls, which I will post some other day. Also caretaker, please read the stories I have posted, they are the real, and I have not had a reply in a month. Thankyou.

    • The Caretaker says:

      What were the titles of your stories? Keep in mind that it sometimes takes awhile for a story to appear as we get quite a few submissions.

  177. ShadowedJE says:

    One was sent about a month ago, the other was about a week ago, I can not remember the names, but we will find out when you run into them I guess, thanks caretaker, may you tell me your real name?

  178. ShadowedJE says:

    All ghosts are familiar spirits, they are mostly all evil, its very rare that you would get one that would help you out.

  179. gypsy says:

    lol ShadowedJE ,spirits are not all mostly evil , they are only evil if they were that way before they died , They don’t change,it’s just like in our world ,we all know good people and we all also know some evil ones .

  180. nicole says:

    wow when i read it sent chills down my back i have heard many stories about old dolls they always creep me out

  181. sarah says:

    i have three procline dolls and the all sit right next to my bed and it s creepy that the dolls really look at you and have nothing to say but when i look at my dolls the dolls start to talk to me you might think i am crazy but iam not look at for a long time in the dark then you will see they do talk

  182. linda says:

    i think any story about spirits and demons are very interesting i own over 60 porcelain dolls and they all have there own characteristics some are beautiful others are pretty and even some are just plum ugly but they do have stories about them that can haunt your dreams

  183. Maria says:

    That was extremely creepy! i totally believe u, there is no doubt about that! ive had sonme paranormal things happen 2 me, but never with dolls. Mine were just seeing the ghost nd seeing things move.

  184. Karen says:

    What was the name of that old movie in England,where a porcelain doll was haunting this guy and everytime he tried to get rid of it,it kept coming back???

  185. Anonymous says:

    i have had a similar incident also well awhile back i purchased a beautiful old doll .for my daughter at a local fleamarket well in the back was a opening you can unscrew to put batteries and a switch to turn off and on,so the doll could walk and talk.anyways the second night we had the doll my daughter repeatedly told us the doll would walk and talk on its own when she went to bed so i told her maybe she left the switch on and she should turn it off..said she did turn it off so i told her maybe it was just a short or something.and a week passed and my daughter continued to say the same thing so finally i checked the doll and showed her that i would turn the switch off and take the batteries out and i did.so that night she wakes up screaming we ran to her room and sure enough the doll WAS walking and talking and horrified in shock because i took the batteries out just earlier that night i grabbed the doll turned it over there and there were NO BATTERIES in it!! so i immediatly took it to the trash and thought no more dolls!! the next day when we came home to our horror the doll was BACK in my daughter room!!!I iand there was no way my daughter could have brought the doll back because i cleaned her room before we left that day plus my daughter was horrified of the doll..so we called our priest and had him remove the doll what happened to the doll we do not know or care to ask..we no longer buy dolls of any kind..so i believe dolls do have a way of having a mind of there own.

  186. Yasiris and Rachel says:

    Yasiris:wow that is scary sometimes i feel like that around porcelain doll they creep me out anyways great scary story it makes ma shiver at the thougth of what they do.
    Rachel:Wow!!!!! -dont know what to say speechless-

  187. Clima says:

    Waah, I love all of the comments here, such good stories, no matter if they’re not true. Caretaker, it seems your sister’s experience was pretty mild. I have been surrounded by the paranormal my whole life, and I like reading stories about haunted dolls the most. I’m also a BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) collector, those will creep anybody out. Gawd, I love them. I had a 27cm Obitsu named Faye once that was haunted. Every morning I would wake up and she’d be in a different pose, facing me towards my bed (not how I left her, mind) and her eyes would have been moved inside of her head to look in my direction as well. I ended up selling her because we couldn’t bond…hehe, someone gave me $40 for a haunted doll. Also, I was on the way home from a road trip to California two years ago. I has bought an 18 inch talking Jack Sparrow at Disneyland, who was sitting on the seat in the car next t me as we were going to Tombstone, AZ. Suddenely he started going off and talking ”I’m Captain Jack Sparrow! Can you sail under the command of a pirate? I know where the Black Pearl is and I’m gonna take it…I swear on pain of death to take you to the Black Pearl…” It freaked my dad and big sister out too who were in the car at me, and my sister had been watching me in the rearview mirror and swears I didn’t touch him. I freaked out and was like ”Aww man, how long did I leave him on? I bet I killed his batteries!” I checked his on/off switch on his back, but it was in the off position. I flicked it around a couple of times and he stopped. I guess the playful ol’ gunslingers wanted to have some fun with us. Not so exciting, but true…oh yeah, and it was snowing in Tombstone that day of January 2006!

  188. Clima says:

    I just realized how many horrible spelling and grammar errors I made in that comment. I’m so sorry! I suppose that’s what I get for typing too fast and not paying attention! So sorry!

  189. Karen M. says:

    Jackie, go on google put in haunted dolls the first site is the doll with the black eyes! pretty scary!

  190. index says:

    dolls are fine. however there are some that are.. shell i say adnormal. just dun make eye contect no matter what. it should be fine. it is known that a person before death is close to the item some how when they move on the item seem to a spirt on it on. it is hard to explain but that is what make the doll move or even seem to be looking at u. haha throwing it away may help for some casa when u throw it away make sure it does not know the way back.

  191. aiesha says:

    hi i own an antique doll but i keep it under the bed cause im gonna sell it soon but nothings ever happened with it, but i do believe things like this can happen, i use to have a granny puppet that i threw out because one night when i was under ten, i dont know why but i woke up angry when i saw it facing me and squeezed its face till its face was flat cause the head is plastic, another thing i i really suffered from 6 till 14 years old but rarely do now is demonic dreams, now im fine but i always wonder why i suffered from them?

  192. Clima says:

    Hi! I’m back =)

    I just found out about this ADORABLE line of dolls called Little Apple Dolls. They’re just dolls, nothing special, but for anyone who gets a cold chill up their spine from ‘creepy’ dolls, take a peek. Guaranteed to give you goosebumbs!

    I ordered the one named Irea. She is on her way home to me now! Hurry postal service, hurry! I want to sew tons of clothes for her, and she will stay on my little table across from my bed, so she can stare at me while I sleep…bwaaaahaha!

    Also, famous horror author Anne Rice collected haunted dolls, which she kept in her home, St. Elizabeth’s, in New Orleans where they remained for years. Sadly, the house has been sold and is now being turned into condominiums. I wonder where the dolls will go…?

  193. Erenst gonzalez says:

    You people disgust me! Grow up out of the fantasy that ghosts exists. ughhhh

    • Caretaker says:

      Erenst – yet you took the time to stop in and read some stuff and post your comment? I womder why you have such strong feelings against what other people might think or believe?????

  194. simply creepy says:

    My daughter had one of those tall barbie dolls,
    almost as tall as she was. My daughter kept turning the doll to
    face the wall. She said the doll was staring at her.
    The doll gave me the creeps too, so I threw it away.

  195. creeps says:

    iv had one of those dolls to and i started to have nightmares and hear creepy things

  196. jennifer says:

    i own two porcelain dolls and they seem scary. like if i stare at them i get a creepy feeling! but i have not seen that they are haunted. i really like those dolls and especially my younger brother because he is a big fan of the paranormal and unexplainable things. he does not get scared of the dark. i like those dolls because they are from the late 1900′s. i have always loved those times even oldies music!

  197. amber says:

    when i was a child i had a dream my dolls were chasing me around the bedrooms in my house i was very scared even though i loved my dolls the strange thing is that the next morning my parents said they had heard me sleep walking and they had gone upstairs and found me in their bedroom and put me back in bed so the running around wasnt a dream after all i only hope the doll bit was

  198. KINJA says:


    • Caretaker says:

      Kinja, your entitled to your opinion but I find it very funny when someone says this story is fake. I know what hapened and I know it is true, so when people say it is fake it doesnt really mean anything to me. I can understand though, this stuff is difficult to believe unless you experienced it yourself.

  199. julius says:

    it is so scary!!!!:-(

  200. amber says:

    i said i probably dreamed it but it was strange so get ya facts right kinja

  201. rich says:

    Well I have a story to tell. I don�t necessarily believe in the paranormal world but after this happening I’m seriously questioning it. Its not like all the other crap your pants stories on this blog, in fact it was actually quite heart warming.

    In my bedroom on the opposite side of the room to my bed is a big armchair in which are five soft toys which I loved dearly as a child. One happens to be a teddy bear bought by my father just before he passed away. I am just about to finish my MA and my thesis is due in on Tuesday. I�ve had a terrible week and am close to splitting from my long term boyfriend. On Thursday night I was almost at breaking point from work and relationship pressures, and I cried myself to sleep. That night I had unusually intermittent sleep, and I felt some weird interference in the night but passed it off as a dream as I have very bizarre dreams on the whole. When I finally woke up in the morning it took me a while to realize that I had the bear that my father gave me tucked under my arm. No one had been in my room and put the bear on my bed, I actually can�t remember when I last moved it from the arm chair. I can�t explain it at all. It certainly wasn’t a scary experience, if anything I found it very comforting. Later on (just before I wrote this entry) I was looking at the bear and was playing with the washing instructions tag at the back, as I straightened it out I saw on the back the words �my bear� which I must have written when I was a little boy, and on the other side was a smiley face again which I must have written but have absolutely no recollection of. It was a very bizarre experience, but has calmed me down immensely from what was literally my breaking point the night before.

    If anyone would like to interpret this for me, or would like to tell me that I’m a bloody liar I�d be very interested to hear your thoughts.


  202. amber says:

    you just sound like an angry man to me

  203. Nikki says:

    I don’t know why you people are saying this story is Fake. Were you THERE? No. It just burns me up at the people who can say with such self-righteous certainty that a story is not true when they really don’t know at all. Nothing in this story seems fake to me, and I hope you’re all haunted by creepy dolls tonight you JERKS.

    • Caretaker says:

      Thank you Nikki!

      I WAS there :) and I wrote this and it is completely true but I really dont care if anyone believes it or not. I told the story and those who read can do as they wish. Whether they believe or not it doesnt change the facts

  204. ShadowedJE says:

    Anyone who questions, argue’s or insults someones beleifs and stories in this site should not be on it, so all you you people out there who have done this, ask your self, if you don’t believe why are you on this site?

  205. amber says:

    well richard i dont want to believe thats dolls can come alive because i find it scary but i believe it is possible

  206. felicia says:

    i totally believe this story im 16 and have hav many experiences when i was about 12 or 13 my grandma bought this doll from a yard sale and it wasnt exactly porcelin but it was still a doll but any ways it workek without batteries and blinked it eyes like one of those fake dolls that little kids play with except i dont know if this was a doll or a demon but my grandma threw that thing in the trash…

  207. Jodie says:

    wWOW ITS SOOO SCARY! Ive always been spooked out by dolls i just hate theyr eyes and i bet it was quite horrid to accturly experince it! lol it was god, and im sure its not a fake.

  208. wendy says:

    my mom used to collect old porcelain dolls. i was terrified of them… she had over 10 of them all around the living room. when i would sit and watch tv i would feel them looking at me.. i have always been scared of them ever since i can remember. so im positive ur not lying :)

  209. Medium says:

    I’m a medium, and yes! I feel alot of truth in this story. But after all my paranormal experiences; this story anit scary. I would agree with yall that say it’s scary if I hadn’t had scary things. :) I’ll post my experiences. Thank yall and may God and Jesus be with yall.

    Oh, by the way, whoever posted this I feel sad for your sister :(

    • Caretaker says:

      Hello Medium – I am very sure that it would have been scary for you if you went through this when you were around 12 or 13 years old. Heck, I imagine it would be scary even for most adults. Anyway, it is all true even though not all that scary :) Thanks for your comment and my sister is doing well these days.

  210. candice says:

    I feel sad and scared at the same time I have a scary story also. I lived with my gma and she had ihad this x-mas doll and I always had a night mare.:(

  211. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have never liked dolls, i did have a bad experience as a child of a doll talking to me..i still dont like dolls and im all grown up… David, your story makes perfect sence to me. There where many years that a bought a lot of antiques, and brought them into my home. I found that the paranormal got a lot worse at these times.. Now, i have given all of those things away, and i dont have any dolls, at all. expecially not clowns!!! ktm

  212. Gabriella says:

    My mom told me when she was younger, she was in mexico. She was only visiting, and i guess she said she seen the dolls come to life. All my cousins thought she was just tricking us just to go to sleep instead of staying up all night playing. But till this day, all she says was that she saw what she saw. She said she wasn’t kidding ?

  213. Anonymous says:

    i just got out my porclean dolls out of the closet, i bought 3 months ago,i wonder if there haunted??? catherine

  214. Indiangirl says:

    Ugh. I hate dolls. At least your Grandma listened to another adult about it. It’s funny how grown ups are to kids about things like this.
    Nice story. Thank you.

  215. Anonymous says:

    dolls are very creepy. But the very creepy ones are those at the antique store all old dirty and scary. They usally have an eyeball missing and cracked paint. And i forgot to mention they are my biggest fear in the world (no joke) I mean when you turn your back and then look back the doll is in adiffrent position or spot.

  216. Lady Killer says:

    I love Dolls and I have many and will get many more in the future I have never had any thing bad to happen to me but I will tell you one thing if some thing like that ever happens to me you can bet your bottom dollar they will out of my house in a flash and they wont go to some where where they can do things to others I will burn them break them what ever it takes.

    I have heard of these types of stories all of my life but so far so good for me.

    I also think that spirits attach themselves to things like for for a couple of reasons. One some are to dumb to realize that they are not real (that was just a joke) but I think that
    spirits are very smart and they attach them selves to things like this because they know that people wont really think about any thing bad happening to them and they get brought into the house and welcomed then they get free rain over the person. Also many people use dolls for many things that involves magic and even though it is common people dont think that maybe some thing bad it going to come with the doll.

    There is only one doll that I have that I just could not walk away and leave I have walked away from much prettier dolls then this one but this one just some thing that I Felt Like I had to Have for some reason but nothing bad is with her. I also think that it is not only bad spirits that come with dolls I think that some times good ones come to.

    I am in my mid 20′s and even if that were to happen to me today it would scare my silly and I would freak out like a kid.

    But I just hope and Pray that nothing like that ever happens to me I have two little ones to worry about.

    Most of my dolls are new but I do have a few that are about ten years old and two that I would say is over 20 but I am not sure about that I am not to bright on dolls I just love them.

    Thanks for the Story caretaker and I am glad that you all believed your sister at least she felt like she had some one to turn to.

    I hate it when some thing is happening to a child and the adults just make up so lie to them and dont believe the child.
    That has happen more then once to me but my folks were very open mined and I dont know why they never believed me

  217. Reapergirl says:

    i have had my fair share of paranormal events.
    like the time we found a doll.
    when i was a kid i walked home from school and found a doll on the front door step.
    i got really freaked out because that afternoon at school we had been telling scary stories.
    the doll was not a porcelian doll (yes i know i spelled that wrong i’m tired) it was a soft toy.
    it looked like the girl from the movie Coraline, and i picked up the doll and walked inside.
    “Mum!, did you put this doll on the front door step?!”
    “No darling, I found it on there when i came home from work.”
    i got settled down a bit and played with her.
    i named her jessy.
    that night i put her under the bed, before going to sleep.
    then later i was reading a book and i heard a scuffling under the bed like something was walking around.
    it wasn’t my cat he was beside me.
    i didn’t have anything else alive that small, so i got sooo scared that i stayed in that position for the rest of the night.
    in the morning i looked under the bed from a safe distance and she had definitly moved!
    i had put her way at the back of my bed and now she was a the front!
    i got rid of her in the bin, bu i found mother putting her back into a box when we packed up my room.
    i don’t know where she is or what she is doing, but i am still very scared.

    to Caretaker
    you story was wonderful and you seem very sensilble andkind.
    thank you for reading.

  218. Jen says:

    Wow! I have 10 porcelain dolls arriving in the mail tomorrow. I’ve just recently decided to collect them because I think they’re adorable. Reading this story has given me other ideas though.

    I have 5 porcelain dolls sitting here on my computer desk and I’m afraid to look at them.

  219. anna says:

    i wouldnt be too scared of them for now.you never know if there just dolls.my mom has some ibeileve.and nothins bad happened and shes had them for awhile.

  220. Anonymous says:

    want to hear somthing creepy i have a porcelain haunted doll of my own.she loves me but hates others

  221. Rylee says:

    David-I would have been absolutely terrified! I had a horrible nightmare when I had a cabbage patch doll (Story was sent in but has not yet been added) and it scarred me SO badly I have been left with pediophobia (Fear of dolls) that is so bad I can’t even have a doll within 10 feet of me without losing my mind!

  222. Angelina says:

    CrEePy! Ok, let me tell u my story. When i was born, my father bought me an antique doll. When i was 5, i named it Anebelle. When I was 8, I asked my friend to look after my doll when i went 2 the bathroom at recess. When I came back, I found my doll on the field with my friend no where i can see her. (oh well, i thought.) Then, When I went 2 sleep, I felt like someone was watching me. Then, i saw my doll staring at me. Then, The next day, i grabed my doll at took her to the attic, and put her on the highest shelf in the attic. My mom went up, “why did u put your favourite doll up there, sweetie”? she asked. “mom, it’s haunted.” I went down stairs. I had that doll for 15 years. Now i am 15. When i went to sleep, I heard a voice. It sounded like my aunties voice, which my auntie died 15 years from now. Then I had the connection. My doll had the eyes of my aunty, the hair of my auntie, the face of my auntie. My doll had the soul of my auntie.

  223. Angelina says:

    I put my doll near my aunties grave. Where her soul belonged.

  224. aliyanh says:

    thats a good story i belive u

  225. aliyanh says:

    i used to have a baby doll but i got rid of it because i heard noises when i slept with it

  226. Nilla says:

    I really loved this story, and it reminds me somewhat of m own encounters. Ok; I have a collection of dolls that I love (and I intend to get some more, two of which I’m naming Rue and Melody), and that I feel have intentions of their own. Just last night, I was planning to scatter them throughout the house and see if any of them made their way back to my bedroom. And, as I was going to begin moving them out, the room suddenly took on a dark, eerie atmosphere. I couldn’t look at my beloved dolls any longer, and quickly left the room. Minutes before, I’d sat on the bed reading a book and a pair of scissors I kept on the bedside table suddenly clattered to the floor; they weren’t anywhere near the edge. Closer inspection revealed that they’d fallen behind the bed. That called up two questions; 1) How’d they fall when they were a good two inches from the edge of the table, and 2) How’d they fall behind the bed when they should have landed on the floor where I could easily reach them. Needless to say, I spent that night in my parents’ bed, call me sissy and wimp if you so desire. **The next morning, I awoke to the flickering nightlight. It would be on, and then it would dim a little, and then flicker. After staring at it for a while, I turned on my good friend Joe the Heavy-Duty Flashlight and aimed at it. Turning off my flashlight, I couls also see that the nightlight was also now off. My mother came out of the bathroom, and I told her that the nightlight turned off. She turned it on. The switch had been in the off position. I can’t find a rational explanation. I tell both my parents that they need to send me off to an asylum. They attribute it to my vivid imagination. I was FULLY AWARE on all occasions.
    Back to the subject of my dolls, yes, they watch my moves on occasion, I sometimes see the shadows of their feet moving in the strip of light from under the door, I think I can hear them talking, and the inevitable location changes. To this day, I maintain that Emma had relocated my flash drive. I lost it about a year ago and it’s yet to turn up. All I can hope is that my little (supposed) spirit children mean no harm. And I’m still working up the courage to continue my “ParaPlacement” experiment; the testing of their will to move. (Sorry for the length of this comment, and good day to you all.)

  227. Troyauch Rambush says:

    I had this happen to me with the dolls on our plantion. It was in my great grandmothers room. She lived in the house since she was a young and grew up loving these porcalin dolls. It so happened that with the passing of her husband, she empatically grew more attached to these dolls and adored her entire room with these dolls. She collected them from everywhere and even had some of them encased in glass. She died in 1925 in her room of lukemia and all the dolls witnessed her death. Since I now live in the house, no one has dared to occupy her room which practically stands untouched since her death. Although many of our guests love the way the dolls look, I have seen them move from there places from time to time. Being a native american, I had to take out the wupidandash to chase the spirits trapped in the dolls away.

  228. Mom to Lilike, Locke & Anjeni-Katalin says:

    I have a custom made reborn of my Daughter Lilike as a newborn.
    And my other Daughter Anjeni really loves dolls, she talks to them as if they are real people and nurtures them.

  229. rowena says:

    I like dolls but I like stuffed toys more!

    Maybe if a doll or stuffed toy lives in a environment where there are feelings of negativity, they get to imbibe it into them.

    I had a problem sleeping alone even now when I am an adult. When I was younger and my parents were trying to get me to sleep by myself, I would always ensure that I had at least one stuffed toy with me to chase monsters away especially if my mom turns off the light. I have dolls but after playing with them, I find them creepy so I don’t take them to my bed.

    My parent’s house is haunted (been played with by a doppleganger several times since childhood) but thankfully there has been little encounters besides nightmares, strange noises and voices for me. But they had appeared to other household members.

  230. tegan says:

    after reading your story i have a one myself
    one night 2 years ago i was at my nans with my two cousins maleke and zabier maleke saw a doll it looked ugly and scary so he punched it in the face and it split in half then we went to sleep and 2 oclock in the morning something wuas on me and the boys so we sat up it was the doll maleke punched its face was back together andd it was standing up we quickly threw the blanket over the doll and ran out of the room then our nan told us that if we do something wrong to a doll they will come for you…………..true story

  231. ghostly_mccoy says:

    Well, as we all observe, paranormal activity is still a big question. Eveything lies to us if we believe on ghosts existence, spiritual inhabitation, enchanted beings and all these things. But one thing I tell you, we loss nothing if we believe on these. Remember, believing causes something preventive, while disregarding causes nothing but harm. I, thank you, bow. ^^

    P.S. In courtesy to Mr. Caretaker.

  232. destinee' says:

    i had a doll when i was 5 and it was a regular cheerleading doll and it talked and one day it would not shut up i tore off its head i looked and it did not have batteries and i freaked out i gave it 2 my mother and she threw it out the window and i never saw it gain ………………………………..thank u god!!!!!!! <3

  233. John says:

    I met Robert the Doll in Key West, Fla and its cool! Haunted Doll from Audubon House in Key West is disappearance and nobody know what happened to it! This doll name is Mrs. Peck and you can find picture of Mrs. Peck in google.com! Mandy is other famous haunted doll and she lives in at the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia.

  234. kate says:

    I seriously believe it.It was a brilliant story!

  235. ghost whisperer says:

    nice story i have lots of things like that happen to me like every nite i see,hear,or feel ghost.i also have nitemares about me getting hurt. dont know y

    • lydia says:

      i just wanted to say. maybe you should look up ghosts or people who have died in your town long ago.. becuase you never know. maybe it could be someone lookign for your help, or becuase you have an item that used to be close to them in the house… if its an old house id check for things that wer there before you lived there :)

  236. lydia says:

    I have had my fair share of what some may say “paranormal” kind of stuff… nothing like your story. but i think you’r story is very true. well i cant say Nothing like your story… But sort of like it.. i once went to an old anique shop and i saw alot of dolls in the one corner. there wer alot of shelfs so noone could see my one friend was in the book section noit far from me. and i walked into the corner and saw a doll that looked like me. she had a black and white dress. it was very pretty nothing like the other dolls dresses… i turned around to see some other dolls but i turned around to see the doll again becuase i was thinking of buying it. and then i saw she wasnt there. i looked to the other sideand she was there but i didnt understand how she had moved. i looked around to see if my friend had come to see me and bug me. but he was still in the book section. i was scared and i got the heck out of there. that night i had night mares about her saying to me buy me now or ill find you….. that next day i looked up the history on that doll… and aperently the owner never been buryed. she had been murdered and left in the forest.. so i asked my mom to take me back to the antique shop and to buy me that doll that i saw. she agreed and so i burryed the doll in my back yard with a peace of wood. painted on it (R.I.P i will always remember you) and that night i had a dream of the doll telling me thank you. i know its hard to belive that would happen but its true..
    thank you for listening and i think your story is very beliveable. i enjoyed it alot :)

  237. Katelynn Gavins says:

    I would like to leave a ghost story of my own if I may. Hello my name is Katelynn Nicole Gavins I have an account on here and love paranormal activity and supernatural events. I am 10 years old and will now share my story. About a year ago close to Easter Sunday my mom bought me a lee middleton doll. At that time I was about 9 and was in the 3rd grade. I am now in the 4th grade but anyway back to subject lol. So anyway I stayed home with a cold that day and my mom was at work. I was being baby sat by my grandparents in whic my mom and I live with. So any who when my mom got back from work. She had stopped at lexie lou’s and bought me a life like lee middleton doll. The doll was about the size a one year old. She had short blond hair that was curled at the end of her hair. She wasn’t a negro baby. I had given her the name of Michelle. She was dressed as a ballerina but had angel wings, my mom had left the room and the doll was laying beside me and I could have sworn I saw her blink 2/3 times! 2/3 times! It was scary but I still have her and will never rid her. Your truly, Katelynn Gavins. :( :’(

  238. CountryGirl says:

    creepy my sister owns 3 porcelain dolls and her room is just down the hallway from my room

  239. Saifa says:

    It is really very scary….

  240. Monkeylova says:

    I myself had a porcelain doll it was cute until this one night ( we have a fish in the hall so u could see very little light ) I woke in the middle of the night and u could see her face she looked like she had the nastiest smile on her face so like any other 10 year old I hid under my covers and prayed to jesus and cried cause I thought I heard footsteps and later that same day I got home from school and I usually keep it next to my tv across my room but when I got home it was next to my bed I was terrified I couldn’t move but then the thought occured that maybe my grandma moved it but to this day I still wonder if she even moved it

  241. pari katiyal says:

    i think dats true….cz i also felt alll dis in my childhood…..bt still i can afraid my teddies in nyt

  242. Anonymous says:

    whoah! this story is scary! omg me and my sisters have a collection of dolls !!! :)

  243. Annie says:

    Whoah…………this story is scary! i don’t like dolls………
    Look the dolls i feel scary……

  244. Azmat says:

    I believe this stoty indeed true, dolls since childhood always creeps,me i did not feel secure or alone.. It somehow hosted some evils spirit inside them… I dump all of those thing that my mom buys for my niece

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Image of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

Image of Megamind (Single-Disc Edition)

Megamind (Single-Disc Edition)

Image of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Blu-ray]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Blu-ray]