Evil Shadow Entity Attack During Sleep

Posted on May 23, 2009

In late 2007 I had a life changing experience with an evil shadow entity. I was living in an apartment at the time. I had been living in this apartment for less than a year and I always felt uneasy there. I remember lights would flicker for no reason and pets would always be “watching” something I could not see. I never really thought much of it though.

One thing I noticed is that almost as soon as I moved there I would always wake up not being able to move. I wouldn’t even be able to open my eyes but I would hear strange sounds like buzzing or strange voices. I would always dismiss it as dreaming, but it bothered me because it would happen about three or four nights a week. I then started reading about sleep paralysis but my cases are strange because after I have an episode I always feel emotionally and physically “drained.”

One night in particular stands out. It was late 2007. I was sleeping on my stomach, and woke up and could not move. As I lay there I could actually feel something get on the mattress and it then sat on my back. I was able to move my head a little bit and barely open one eye and to my horror I saw a shadow like figure sitting on me. It was about the size of an average person, and was all black and looked as if it was wearing a cloak and hood much like the Grim Reaper, or The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from A Christmas Carol. It was transparent but blacker than black, darker than the darkness of the room. At one point I thought I could make out glowing orange eyes but as soon as it saw that I could move my head a “force” forced my face into the pillow and I felt it stick something into my back and the back of my neck. Whatever it “stuck” in me felt like a jolt of electricity and I felt my body being pressed hard into the mattress and that familiar “buzzing” sound was louder than ever. At one point I couldn’t even breathe and thought I was going to suffocate. Then it spoke in the most evil voice you could ever imagine. I’ll never forget what it said as long as I live. It said “I will see to it that you never experience real happiness for the rest of your life!” “You weren’t supposed to live!” (I was so premature when I was born the doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t live but they were obviously wrong.)

I then started praying in my head that this thing, whatever it was would leave me alone and go away in Jesus’ name. It apparently could read my mind because it laughed the most evil laugh you can imagine and said “Jesus can’t save you now!” “You are worthless!” After a few moments it left and the room suddenly felt “clear.” I could move again and it was light outside. I felt so drained and COLD.

To this day after this encounter I get tired very easily and I have an extreme intolerance to cold. I used to love winter and cold weather in general. Now I can’t stand it and I can never seem to get warm even with the heater running full blast. My hands are always cold to the touch. I feel tired and fatigued all the time. If I do anything remotely strenuous my heart beats out of my chest. I even have a rash break out sometimes in the exact spots where I felt the entity “poke” me. I was NEVER like this before the encounter. The encounter has chilled my very soul….literally.

I have since moved out of that apartment. As I write this in May of 2009 I am 29 years old but most of the time I feel 59. I still have an occasional sleep paralysis episode but haven’t felt a presence yet like that one night and hope I never do again.

Written by Chad, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com


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125 Responses to “Evil Shadow Entity Attack During Sleep”
  1. ghost says:

    you must have been so scared and i don’t blame you for never going back but do you think that he could have confused you with someone else? cause they’ve been known to do that in some cases take me for insteance their was a demond after me and i tried asking him why me but he said he was sent to destroy me but it wasn’t for me after all it was after some girl in france i’ve never seen him agian although i see and hear them i can’t help it but i;’m not scared when i talk to them its like their family weird huh?

    • shortdog29 says:

      this story just made me tear up i feel the same way and have had many similar experiences with sleep paralysis and now my 3 and a half year old daughter is showing the same signs my girlfriend thinks im crazy but only someone whos going through this can understand i totally understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • c.varela says:

      I just wanted to say “I also have had this experience for years”. I’m a Christian beleiver. I believe in the Trinity. I was attack just this past week on 08-11-2011. I felt something push my head into my pillow and try to sufficate me. I happened to turn my head to the side just in time. Couldn’t move, felt like it was sitting on my back. Started talking boldly to it in my mind saying “thats all you got. My god is Stronger than your god’ Plus if you kill me, I,m going to Heaven and you and your god lose. I don’t panic no more when this happens. I remind it ,it’s going to spend the rest of its life in the ‘Pit of Hell’. They don’t like that. I call upon the Holy Spirit ,Plead the Blood of Jesus and thats all it takes for it to leave you alone.

  2. angelic says:

    man that is crazy but not unbeleivable my sister used to have something like that happen to her in the middle of the night she would wake up and she couldnt move then she would fight and fight until whatver it was holding her back would let her go then she would try to get up and leave the room and some evil force (as she says) would push her back and knock her onto the floor. but the strange thing is we used to share rooms and i would never wake up when any of this was happening but there was physical eveidence that it actually did happen. its crazy but yes its very believable

  3. Karen says:

    �insteance�,�demond� �agian�?? Huh??

    GHOST , learn how to spell before you CRITICIZE me!

    oh and yes i am spelling the word incorrect������. JUST FOR YOU

  4. brandi says:

    well dont you think you should at least have a psyhic check for a demon in the house

    • rc says:

      hi what it is i wanna say energy vampires. they do exist i might have the wrong name but they suck the life out u LITERALLY. please seek a priest and have an exorcism performed every catholic church MUST have a demonologist on staff do not let them tell u otherwise good luck god bless

  5. Trendstar says:

    I agree wid brandi wat if it harms u

  6. TRENDSTAR says:

    Or u should leave that place

  7. trolldoll1681 says:

    hey people its good to be back and to i would go get a very through check up to see if there is something wrong please get yourself checked out sounds like delayed stress syndrome

  8. Mellisa says:

    Since you already moved from that horrible apartment, my opinion is that you should she a professional physics to see what that entity do to your body before check it to a doctor. First of all it happen to you because of that entity attacked you that night, so checking with a doctor come latter.

  9. Ruby says:

    Hi, I want to say I am very sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences. Although dangerously negative experiences aren’t as common, it doesn’t lesson the impact they make in our lives.

    I have had many unexplained experiences but none like the one you’ve had, however my aunt had one very similar except for the black entity was smaller, more child like but non the less evil in every sense and just as strong as a full sized adult.

    Before this experience my aunt was the picture of health just as you were, however after she started experiencing the same symptoms as your having and she found that her thyroid gland had been damaged. The doctors believed it was trauma related, but she hadn’t experienced any trauma beyond her shadow figure, and she couldn’t very well tell them about that, they would have locked her up.

    She’s been out of the house where it all took place for around 15 years now, she’s had to resort to taking thyroid medications which she’ll have to the rest of her life. And although a good deal of the symptoms are gone, the occasional sleep paralysis remains along with the uncanny feeling she is forever being watched.

    I hope this helps :)
    Please keep us updated, I do hope you find peace.


  10. Derrick B. says:

    The same exact thing happened to me. I awoke, but i was on my back. I seen a shadow on top of me. I could not move. Its knees were on my shoulders and it was waving its pointer finger in front of my face. Like to tell me i was naughty. Other shadows were stading around my bed. This has happened to me my whole life. Most of the time I cant see them though. Ive also heard the buzzing so loud, i feel it vibrating my body. I feel a digging in my chest though.
    Once when i was on my stomach and it was on my back, I heard the evil growling and breath on my ear. It asked me-”Do you want to go to hell mother f___er?! ”
    It takes a few minutes of praying for them to go away. But I found if i dig down and truly love it, almost feel sorry for it, and reach out to hug it, (with your mind because obviously you cant move, But like you said, they can read your mind.) they usually take off instantly. Because remember God is love. No matter what you believe in.
    People have told me theyre aliens. Others say theirs something wrong in the brain. But use your own brain to figure it out, not others. Im not saying dont seek advice. Just seek it from experts who have had the same xperience. Enjoy and experiment because i dont believe they can do anything but scare.

    • MyName says:

      Something that works: After these experiences, to get rid of the feeling, I’d read my Bible. But I dreaded struggling through the darkness to find it. So I put it under my pillow. I have a double bed, so I put it under the opposite pillow on the other side. I’m not superstitious. But I found that when, I put the King James Bible directly under the pillow I’m sleeping on, I don’t have those dreams. Not only that, but I have the most peaceful sleep and thoughts at all times. I don’t do this every night, and when I don’t, I have the nightmares.But I’ve never had a nightmare while doing this. I believe it does help. My parent’s later told me that people used to put it under the childrens pillow to stop nightmares.

      But I strongly believe in order for this to work, you need to be in fellowship with God. By:

      1: Knowing Jesus as your LORD. All this means is that you believe that all men are sinners, and you are no exception, the Bible says this.. B. Sin causes death. C. God is perfect, and did not sin. D. God became man, in His Son, who is Jesus Christ,(who also did not sin) and took on the death punishment, and wiped your slate clean. E. Asked God to forgive you of your sins, and told Him that you accept that Jesus Christ died for you, by talking out loud to Him, or in your mind.

      2. Confessing current sins. Explanation: Your body is still sinful, therefore you still sin, after you accepted Jesus. But don’t worry Jesus paid the price for that on the cross long before you were saved. The Bible says that if we say that we don’t sin anymore we are calling God a liar, because He even says that we do. It hinders fellowship with Him, if it goes unconfessed, because wickedness can’t be in the presence of God. This has nothing to do with Salvation. God already forgave you for that wickedness, back on the cross before you were borne, but the Bible tells you that you need to confess it to Him.

      It’s important to find the right Bible to put under your pillow, because some are too hard or to big… ;D But mostly the right version. I use King James, and it works… The Bible says that God’s word would endure and that not even punctuation would be off, and of the little I know, I know that the King James Bible is the only translation who never changed their words in later editions.

      My story:

      I’ve had those experiences for years! I’ve never heard anything… well… I’ve heard things, but they weren’t audible but in my head. They would say things like, “Jesus can’t help you now!” And I wouldn’t believe them. Once I prayed, “Jesus, destroy that thing!” and immediately I woke up. But I’ve had these dreams so many times. Sometimes they’re different. Sometimes, I think I dream that I dream them. At other times, I’ll almost feel like one is comming on, and I won’t get any rest. But either the next night, or the night after, I’ll feel like everything is normal, and nothing happened, and was over reacting, and calm…. AND I’m too tired to fight it, and that’s when it starts.

      I talked with Jesus. I do this by praying, and opening the Bible and reading a random verse. He says that sin hinders my prayer, so I make sure I confess my sins to Him before I go to sleep. I asked Him, “Why me? It’s so unfair.” (He does answer my prayers, but if I break the fellowship, I can barely think when these things happen, and can’t hardl y ask forgiveness) I don’t remember the exact Scripture, but He said that He did not mean to burden me. He said that it was like when the Israelites, gathered manna. Those that gathered alot didn’t have any leftovers, and those that couldn’t gather so much didn’t lack any either. Sometimes we need to depend on other people, that God has put here for us, like physicians, of whom one was Luke the Apostle. I was having alot of trouble trusting people during that time. I said God is the only One who is true. I isolated myself. This was ate the worst point, when by my meddling things started manifesting during the day. I’ve had my Dad, come into my room and pray with me before I go to bed. That helps alot!

      I’ve never seen it, I don’t believe. I’m not sure if I could open my eyes, or was too scared to. Once, I think I did before it got there or something, and everything looked like it was a glowing green web.

      The scariest thing that happened to me at night was. I awoke suddenly. I felt something coming… The moon was shinning brightly into my window, and on my dresser, I saw that my jewlery box was open. It has a mirror on the lid, and I used it to come my hair. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep unless I fixed it (OCD)So my plan was to get up,
      shut it, and go to the bathroom and get a drink of water to shake of this feeling. I arose, stood up faced my dress, was about to shut the lid, when I uncontrolably, fell back onto my bed. I was on the edge of my bed, sitting, and my feet raised up, and I was spun around 90 degress, and covered with my blankets. But I had no control over my movements, and I didn’t cover myself. The one of the “nightmares” ensued. I awoke the next morning, and the first thing I saw was that my jewelry box was open.

      One night I felt my arm sticking out of my bed, spinning around in circles. It was sooo, fast. I mean faster than if I were trying to consciously trying to do it. Like it was attached to a motor, but it was in free air. I tried to resist, and retract my arm but couldn’t.

      I’ve felt like I can’t move. But then I’ve felt like I could move, but only in my mind. Like if I believed I could move then I could. I’ve raced away from them, but it was very slow. It was like I had to scrounge up every effort in my body to move. But it seemed like they were slow too. I try to leave the house and get to the end of the driveway. But I think this part is a dream… Because, I try to look for my old bike, and find it sometimes, but my bike is put away in reality. But when I get towards the point where I get away, I go into dreams, where I’m getting away, then into regular dreams.

      Sometimes it feels like they take my clothes, but alot of times it didn’t make sense. Then one night this odd thing happened when I was a young girl. I’m female, and I had my monthly mensrtral ordeal. I awoke one night, and went to the bathroom. I discovered that I had gotten my ordeal, and that I needed clean pajamas, to put it delicatley. There were none clean at the moment, and I’d have to wait until laundry was done in the morning. I dreaded it, but they weren’t that bad, and it was the middle of winter so I went back to bed in them.
      Then one of the dreams ensued. My clothes were taken off this time, and my bed seemingly stripped. Same-o-same-o.
      Except I awoke to clean pj’s. I mean they weren’t really bad, and only I would know that they were dirty had I worn them around people, but I mean it was noticeable! I didn’t dream that I went to the bathroom, because I changed everything else. And it wasn’t just under close inspection that I came to the conclusion that they were dirty…

      I also had one dream where I was struggling. Then something poked me in the back of the neck, and spine with (what felt like) a needle. I stopped struggling for this, because I thought I might die.

      Everyone always comments on how cold my hands are! No one can ever figure it out.

      I felt drained emotionally and physically also. But reading my Bible brought up the emotional part. Prayer the physical. I read that the Devil bothers you while your sleeping to wear you down, so that you’ll let him have control But I said, that man doesn’t live by bread alone. I prayed to Jesus to give me energy on the nights where those things were bothering me. (and it wasn’t just the dream like sleep paralysis, I was wide awake with my light on getting ready for bed)

      These dreams come, sometimes once a month (used to). When they come, it is almost like I know that it was about time, or over do, and that they are upset, and have to make up for the length of time. Thinking to much about it, brings on that feeling, and almost feels like they could come. I’ve noticed they come just before my menstral cycle begins. I just notice it… Like the night or the night before I begin. Other times too.

      Don’t do’s
      Talk to them. Rebuke them, but don’t talk to them. That was my mistake and why they were sticking around alot. I would insult them, and go on and on.

      Mess with anything to do with spirits. That’s what got me messed up, and they started bothering me in the daylight hours. Psycics, communicating with the dead, or just talking. “Earth Spirits”, (realfaeries.net) were my downfall. Faeries moreless. They aren’t Peter Pan’s tinker bell, they are spiritual entities, Wicca and New Age people get in contact with. Lower than gods… The Bible forbids getting familiar with spirits, or consulting with someone who has one. I ignored, and forgot those verses. Things started pushing my desk chair, banging on the walls, jumping on my bed before I was asleep, I heard foot steps, many things that I don’t want to bring up again.. Oh sure, at first they were very nice, but I’ve always trusted God. I knew something wasn’t right. You’re either on God’s side or the Devil’s. (unless your Saved man is not on God’s side) They never wanted to hear about the Bible. They really didn’t like Gospel music. An entity who supposedly loved nature as much as I do, should want to talk about Him.

      So don’t do any of these things either:
      “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a cunsulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abombination unto the LORD…” (Deuteronomy 18: 10-12)
      Plus, the Bible only mentions evil, and lying spirits, and the Holy Spirit.

      Don’t wave a picture of a cross, or a fake cross around.
      It’s like having a picture of a gun, or a fake gun, and threatening someone with it. Maybe some cowards will run away, but not all. It’s better to have the real thing. You can get it by following step 1. I personally think that they pretend to be scared, and then someone who they are really determined to hurt, waves that thing around and they really get hurt. It makes them think that God can’t help them. Because it doesn’t work in all circumstances.


      Quoting Scripture. Jesus did it and the Devil fled. If you can’t think of any, just open a passage, pray for a good one, and keep reading till whatever happens passes. Revelation 20:10 is a good one.

      Singing, maybe playing Gospel music: David played for Saul, and an evil Spirit left him. Sometimes they can effect your thinking. This helped me when I was having a hard time. It makes them leave sometimes. I think the more people who are doing it helps too… When I was having those bad feelings, they totally went away when we were all singing in Church. But singing doesn’t make them always leave…. it depends. Jesus said, some only come out by prayer and fasting. My problem was I gave them way too much permission into my life.

      I’ve never had a lasting drained feeling. I’ve always attributed my cold hands to my broken bones in both of them. I think this is because I draw close to the Lord. It also doesn’t hurt having other people pray for you.

      • Lauraleiwhit says:

        Wow, I love your post!! My daughter experienced similar things and we would pray together. The only thing that ever stopped all the activity was the bible and prayer. We also prayed over our house and blessed it with anointing oil.

  11. Barbara says:

    I know what you’re talking about, experieced similar thing. But there is help to get rid of the fatigue and ill feeling. Edgar Cayce, no longer living, had natural cures for all sorts of illnesses. Read up on him on the intenet. Use his castor oil pack remedy. Place a flannel cloth, sold at Sprouts or online at Edgar Cayce products, and pour castor oil on the cloth. Place this either on the area that the evil thing poked you, or on your abdominal area, and apply heat with a heating pad. make sure to cover the flanned with the oil with a towel or plastic before applying the heating pad. The oil has been called “palma Christi,” or the hands of Christ, for it’s healing abilities. It works, I use the packs and feel more energetic than I ever have in years.

    • shortdog29 says:

      are you serious you obviously have not dealt with this before or you would really know what it is!!!!

      • Laura says:

        Shortdog, don’t discount the Edgar Cayce remedy. I think Barbara was offering the advice to address the health issue that was a result of the attack, but Edgar Cayce was absolutely one of the most amazing spiritual prophets/psychics ever! If you aren’t familiar with him, you should look him up and read some of his “readings”. He gave literally over 14,000 readings for people, and was right almost every single time. Anyway, he is one source I would give 100% credibility to when taking advice from someone. I do know of the experience you are referring to, as I’ve experienced it, also. It’s also referred to as the “old hag” by some. I was paralyzed, couldn’t speak or scream out, and was physically attacked as if it was trying to suffocate and penetrate me, like some kind of demonic possession. I was overwhelmed with an immediate sense of evil when it started, and my instinct (and the only thing I COULD do) was to pray, and as soon as I did this, it immediately stopped. I listen to Coast to Coast radio a lot, and there are a LOT of calls from people who describe the same type of experience.

  12. Chad says:

    Thanks for the comments. I have had my symptoms checked out by a doctor but they can find nothing wrong. I wonder if it’s a supernatural “drain” that medicine can’t explain. I have heard of those “energy vampires” but it is so hard to believe in these things……that one experience above I cannot explain though.

    Oh and Derrick B. I didn�t know they knew cuss words! How funny. Well not FUNNY but you know what I mean. Interesting to say the least. It makes you wonder�maybe they are people who have died and gone to hell. Like if you go to Heaven you become an angel�.maybe if you go to Hell you become one of these things?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Chad,

      I’m unsure whether you will read this since your post is in May 2009 and I am posting this on July 10th 2010. It’s seem rather strange for you not to believe in “vampiric spirits” given what you have been through, which in my case seems to be very plausible to consider the alternative theory.

      These entity really do exist whether you call them vampire or incubis/succubis, they are a spirit being that will draw all your energy until there is nothing left of you to give. I am saying what happened to you regarding the dark figure and the pain it was inflecting on you, and the voice you heard ” I will see to it that you never experience real happiness for the rest of you life�. Is the reason why you feel drain of energy and feel weak all the time…this dark entity is drawing energy from you, what ever it is you exude from within, and if it is negative, the more fierce and the more weaker you are and the stronger it becomes.

      For some people the energy shield is much more thicker than others, which is harder to break, and there are some unforunate ones like yourself, with a weaker amor is an easy target. Therefore I recomment you see a doctor, and I am not talking about your family GP, but a spiritual doctor who specialise in the defense against the dark magic/power. Even a visit to a White Witch – women who practise healing power, well help. She will show you how to conjure St Michael the warrior angle who banishes evil, and have the divine being’s presence guarding you, or leaving a protective aura so you won’t be victimise by the shadow again.

      It might sound a bit fiction but you yourself know what happened to you is no imagination!! Take actions even if you feel unfamiliar with it, or continue to fade from the face world. Something else to keep in mind, maybe the dark entity doesn’t want you to seek help and therefore is polluting your mind with doubt and creating uneasy vibe.

      I hope you while take into consideration of what I have just advise, but most of all I hope that while writing this to you…you are free from the darkness.

      Take care!!!

      • Chad Westmoreland says:

        Thanks Anne. I forgot to mention to you all that in October of 2009 it visited me again….this time while driving….in my own truck! I was just driving home from work when all of a sudden I felt the cab of the truck grow really cold (the A/C wasn’t on) and I glanced over at the passenger seat and there it was just looking at me. I asked it to leave and it just laughed. It stayed there until I parked in my driveway. I got out of the truck and went inside. It didn’t follow me in. To this day I don’t know why it appeared or what it wanted…..maybe it liked my Dodge Ram pickup? Who knows…..

    • Laura says:

      Most doctors usually can’t find what’s wrong. I usually don’t even bother seeing a doctor about most stuff anymore, because it’s usually a waste of time (not to mention money!) However, someone in this thread mentioned thyroid damage, and I have heard (listening to Coast to Coast again..lol) this one expert (he’s a natural medicine doctor, I believe) who talked about thyroid damage being rampant in our country these days because of all the toxins we’ve been exposed to (fluoride in our water, mercury in amalgam fillings, etc.) The problem is most people don’t KNOW their thyroid is out of whack because there is a type of hypothyroidism that doesn’t show up on the blood test the doctors usually run to test for a problem. You can test your basal body temperature first thing in the morning for a couple weeks to get a clue. Here’s the website of the doctor that discussed this: http://www.21centurymed.com/

      • April says:

        Laura, I too have experienced a severe thyroid issue since 2007. Your comment struck a chord in me. What do you think / feel this has to do with the perception of demonic visitations? My home has always been a haven of peace. Not just for me, but for anyone and everyone that has ever come over. My friends always comment on what a peaceful atmosphere my home has since the day I bought it.

        However, lately, my dogs have been reacting negatively to some unknown presence, almost as if they can actually SEE someone or something I cannot. Then a few weeks ago, I was asleep on my stomach when I distinctly felt a presence and hands on my head trying to force something around it, like a ring of some sort. When I tried to raise up, I was paralyzed. It felt as if I was trying to swim back to the surface after diving waaaayyyy down deep into the ocean. The paralysis did not wear off, I forced myself to raise my upper torso up and turn my head. At that point, my heart was racing and I screamed ~ “You better get the fuck away from me”… (yes, I know, not very Christian like, but I was scared beyond reason) and then the pressure let up for a moment ~ then I realized I was not dreaming and awake and i began to pray HARD ~ claiming my rightful heirship right along with Yeshua, and within 15 minutes, I was okay and able to drift back off to sleep without any further issues. Just wanted to share with you that you are not the only one under attack. And I stand in solidarity with you, through Christ Yeshua and the One True G-d yweh.

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Chad. I know this was written years before, but I am compelled to leave you a message. I have had this experience. So comforting to know I am not alone. Back in 1997 I was asleep in my bed. I was awoke by the sound of my bedroom door opening. I had tile floor in my room and foot steps echoed loudly! I felt someone sit on my bed! I looked down and could not see anything. it was so dark. I was hot in fear! I tried to move but I couldn’t! it was holding me down! I wanted to bang on the wall to wake my sister but was unable! I tried to scream and I couldn’t! I tried so hard to scream! The most Evil laugh I will never forget so loud in my ear!!! I pushed to scream! Finaly a whispery eek came out with all my might! I was free! I ran out of my room and flipped all the lights on! I did not sleep in that room ever again!

    • Lauraleiwhit says:

      As far as using cuss words goes… some cuss words were actual CURSE words meant to curse people. Entities/demons/spirits whether human or not are familiar with our plane. They know how we interact and hear what we say. They know that cuss words are meant in a derogatory way and will use them to inflict hurt or fear and quite possibly curses. So although I understand you thinking it funny it can be very serious.

  13. amanda says:

    I agree with Bradi’s resopons. ….I’m 12 years old and I know that thats way to dangerous 2 do it could kill u!!

  14. joanne says:

    ive had the same experience,in my old house i had it alot but i could see around my room and because it scared me so much i try to scream for my sister to help and fight so much to move my body that when it was over i was so out of breath and shaking from head to toe.i never thought of it as being held down by something but when i moved it all suddenly stopped now reading that others have felt held down it makes me think

  15. Cecil says:

    What you experienced is called sleep paralysis and is a physical phenomenon. If you do a google search you will find multiple articles that explains it a lot better than I do. It has something to do with the REM sleep. When the brain goes into REM it paralyses the body so you won’t react on your dreams physically. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain ‘forgets’ to remove the paralysis when you wake.

    So you remain paralyzed but awake. Pretty scary shit. When it happens you often experience hallucinations (often times something evil), that you feel choked, fixated etc. I have had experiences of the devil trying to strangle me before I learned what it really is. It scared me shitless. After I learned what it is, the hallucinations are pretty much gone though. Plus I have learned that I can avoid it by following the same sleep schedule every day (go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time each day). When you think about it, you were probably pretty tired when this happened.

    So don’t worry. You haven’t been invaded by something evil but have experienced sleep paralysis which is scary when it happens. But once you know what is it (at least that’s my experience) you will learn to handle it and it will no longer scare the shit out of you. Who knows you’ll probably get back to loving the cold weather once you learn, that it has nothing to do with evil.

    All the best.

  16. sleep attacked says:

    Chad, having never replied to anything on line, this is a must. I have experienced same stuff, but without the evil talk. There was a thick black mass in my room and also i used to feel a spirit enter me and the energy would be in my solar plexus area and I had to scream or roar but it did not release it and I could not prove this until someone saw it happen. It scared them big time. I have had ghost and many many experiences since a dog on long legs visited every night as a warning and I called it the doom doom, and I was about 2 or3 max. Well, the possessed by evil thing that someone saw never ever happened again when we put r.i.p note and a dream catcher over my bed! I would never have believed it would work, but it did. I have since been pinned down by a spirit and I chose to get some info. He was not happy about it but I ASKED where was our world to his and he said both are round and ours is inside theirs. He said he could not move on because he never stopped taking drugs in his life. More recently because I go so cold and suffer sleep attacks in the day of which I have no control i have diagnosed as having Hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations which are a sleep disorder and allaslcally seeing or knowing of this entity is that and hearing it speak is auditory hypnogogic hals and being pinned down is sleep paralysis. often with day sleep probs it is narcolepsy. I could talk about it all day as it is a big prob and gone on all my life. I do believe there is more to it than sleep disorder because I am on my own with 2 kids and I told no one about the ghost and my girl saw it that night and thought it was me mucking about! Do have a look into the hypnogogic hals as it is another view. Just a point though, I am rhesus neg blood group and wonder just by chance, a rare one if u r as this missing part of the blood often happens to be such people with psychic and odd phenomonem. Perhaps we get through doors to other dimensions which in itself is a disorder, is it not? re the nasty entity do put the rip and dream catcher up and if happens again tell it follow the light and pray for god to bring light and you may find you find you miraculously fall asleep and awaken to day light, which happened to me, and when I spoke to christians about it they said god brings sleep and light, all very odd and interesting. But I have experienced a dark evil entity and seen the reaper andso did my kids and that is another story. put those protective notes above your bed…..it worked for me…

    • Anne says:

      I am so intrigued by your story as much as I was with Chad�s story, and I do not believe what you are seeing and experiencing are hallucination and that Sleep Paralysis is a scientific way of explaining the Symptoms. You cannot imagine something into reality because you can try now at this very moment to picture a balloon floating in your room at it is not real, yet the things you saw when you were been paralyzed is actually real because not only can you see it but you can also feel it in your very self, and an imagination cannot do that.

      • Chance says:

        Hi, my name is Chance and something happened to me I will never forget. I started doing a little research and its starting to make sense.
        I was sleeping on my back with my arms layed out and I woke up to this weird noise. Im trying to explain it the best I can. It sounded like WWEEEEEEEEEEEE then there was a pop noise like your ear popping. Right after the pop something was on top of me sitting on my chest. It was also holding my arms down. I could not breathe and could barely move. My brother was in the room beside me and I tried to scream but nothing would come out. It was dark and I could not see anything. What ever is was, was very strong. I am 230 pounds and am not weak. I thought I was goin to pass out cause I couldnt breathe. I got one of my arms free and reached up and I grabbed some hair. It was long greasy hair and I twisted it and pulled whatever it was off of me. When it came off, I heard the pop noise again and it was gone. Everything I have said here is true. I was wide awake through the whole thing just as awake as I am now typing this. IT WAS REAL!! I dont even want to go to bed cause I dont ever want to go through that ever again.

        • Anne says:

          Chance, I don’t doubt that what you have experienced was nothing but real, and quite frightening too. Do not fear for that is what weakens you and gives it strength. Be strong through prayers from whatever God you believe in! For there really is nothing more great then the power of the light!

          • MyName says:

            MyName, again…. I’ve felt something (when gropping around at those times)…. with very long legs too! But I don’t know what it was… not a dog

            I also would like to mention I’ve had weird experiences in the day… with the same sensations…

            This has happened like 3 times.
            First… for no reason… I’d get extremely hot… and nothing could cool me off. I’d strip down in the winter next to the window with a fan on…. and I wouldn’t even cool down. Then I when everyone asked me to close the window… even though I was so hot… I did it. Then after a while boiling with the window closed… I began to get very cold… and it would last from 2-4 hours. This has happened 3 times. With long johns on, 3 pairs of socks, pajamas, a sweater, and two blankets, one even folded twice I can’t get warm. Even with my face covered, breathing the air under the blankets felt ice cold. In reality it was 93 degrees in the house… by the thermometer. My Mom tried to help me… but like in those dreams her hands felt like they were burning me. In my dreams… when those things touched me, they felt scorching hot. And my own skin almost felt alien to me…. I thought I was just sick… but it has happened three times and I never came down with anything after.

            • Shady says:

              There are diseases/disorders that can have that effect on you. Its sort of a wires crossed thing in your brain. You feel hot when its actually cold and the other way around. The more clothes you’d put on the colder you’d get, but in actually you’re burning up, your brain just sends out the opposite signals. Disorders like that are usually paired with other disorders, sleep disorders and things like that. Personally I’d suggest seeing a doctor about it, because it could be the result of a hormonal or chemical imbalance in your brain. The dreams could just be your imagination running wild as a result of you wanting to know what’s wrong with you or who/what caused it. No need to worry.

  17. lissa says:

    I dotn know what sleep paralysis is or whatever, but what you experienced was in fact a ghost. Sometimes when your sleeping you might wake up in the night and not be able to move like you werent able to move. Thats because a ghost was sitting on you. I have not had that happened to me but my parents and my sister in law have. Where i come from…we are told that if that happens to you that you must pray in your head over and over and if that dont work cuz sometimes it wont then you must cuss them out tell them get the beep off of you you and to get the hell out of there…that should work if it happens again.

    • Kellie says:

      I had a similar experience to many here. Woke up in the middle of the night with someone on top of me. I was laying on my back. I first thought it was my honey, laying next to me, and I was angry that he was on me. But when I realized I couldn’t speak or move or even blink, I had an instant fear. The room was so black and dense. My eyes were open but it was so black. But I sensed it with my mind’s eye and could see a face, seemed like a male, very close to mine, as he was laying on top of me. His face was not more than a couple of inches away, and he was smiling a sick sort of smile. In an instant, I became angry that this ‘entity’ was on me and I couldn’t speak or move. So in my mind, with a burst of anger, I yelled at him, “Get……OFF……..NOW”!! It slowly melted off and I have not had any more experiences like that since. My feeling is that you must be strong, not exhibit fear and stand your ground. They are testing us. Are you weak in your spirit? I am spiritual, not religious. I feel that prayer is a form of energy thought form that creates and has powers. Use your thoughts. They are powerful. Show that you are strong within yourself.

  18. Victim says:

    Chad, I am a victim of Black magic and I have experienced such experiences many times. You can not do anything in this and just wait for ghosts to leave you. Even in awaken state whenever ghosts attack, we can not do anything and just feel their presence without moving our body freely.

  19. nyghtchyld says:

    i have the exact same thing to be honest with you.

    for example: [recently] in my dreaming i wil be laying there wide awake and at the same time i will fee/see this hand touch my face and feeling the structure of it and w/o warning it will jump on me and scare me and when i try to scream its like im paralyzed enough where i cant even get a sound out and seconds later it vanishes and when i wake up – i wake up in cold shivers :(

  20. Defjef1411 says:

    Me my family call it the black thing.these demonic spirits have been visiting me ever since I was a child and along with my family.they are troubled spirits that hate life our souls they won’t stop unless your in a place that is protected by the good,angels,faith,love.I grew up in a haunted house so I have been marked as a target by these things.There are differnt types of these demons I see. Tall,small,sucked in faces, pointed heads,long fingers.I hear deep voices that laugh and tell me that I’m going to he’ll,swear at me threaten me. They poke me hold me down , slap in the face, drain my energy. I wake up the next day pail, tired,cold,depressed, evil thought.I have came to relise now that I’m 25 and it still happens that there is war between good and evil. I ain’t a really religous but I believe that there is a god and a devil. it’s like a game of chess and as this world turns the chess board pieces are getting fainter. And when I die I don’t want to end up like one of those things.but you know I live my life I go to work party have a good time and I know I’m being watched at times and remember sh!t I carnt wait to go to bed to night.hehe.

  21. xwolfxwoodx says:

    wow thats cool, i hope i have one similar to that…

    with me, they usually comes in 4 (dark entities), malevolent freaks they were… speak gibberish though… and yes they can read thoughts.. my prayers won’t work too

    anyway aside form them i also got the classical “old hag”, got bored with her lately…
    some freaking creatures like giant hairy silverfish, giant spiders and centipedes that crawls on the wall. some playful strange looking lizards…

    when i got so scared i usually stand-up walk to the living room and talk to someone i meet only realizing im still in bed… but freakishly i know i was awake… or so i thought..

    i find it exciting though and sometimes i induce sleep paralysis for the kicks i get with it..

    Happy sleeping

  22. duddledeedo says:

    ok guys, not helping, only scaring the fertilizer out of me (hehe). When i stayed at my old grandma’s house in Mauritius, i was abt 6 i think, i was sleeping alone when suddenly i felt two hands spring from under the mattress and grab my ankles really tight. I didn’t dare move or breathe (well at least not noticeably) and hesitated a good 10 mins before screaming for my grandma. When she came i told her sth had grabbed my ankles but she simply said that i was dreaming with my eyes open. -_- how do you dream THAT ?! Anyway, aside from one of my flip flops flying across the room (only to land right next to my other flop), a radio which was turned off but could hear the stations changing… nth much.
    I don’t know if i should cuss at the entity, maybe that’ll make it madder. I’ll go for the love thing =)

  23. Kat says:

    That is disturbing. Sorry I can’t give you any advice because I have never had a paranormal experience myself, but three of my closest friends have and it took them forever of getting to know me to tell me about it. You are brave to talk about your experience. Don’t give up on finding happiness, it’s out there for everyone.

  24. sharon says:

    oh my god that is so weird, i like had a similar experience but your experience seems alot creepier to be fair, whenever i went to sleep i would get up at around 2am and see a man standing across the room, the lights were off but i could somehow see him he was as black as black, he had this thing about him that made my heart beat very fast and he would just stare at me. this happened around the same time each night.
    when i fell back to sleep i would have dreams about me being in a church and excorsists and demon like figures crawling all over the walls which was so creepy, and when i woke up the bed would shake, and i could hear buzzing noices not knowing where it was coming from so i would go all over the room and see where it was coming from, cats would make disturbing noices. once i when i was sleeping i woke up to find i couldnt move and i would speak in another language i couldnt understand, i wish i remembered what i was saying so i could transulate it and find out what it actually meant, but i would hear a man whisper in my ear. And once even felt something trying to get inside of me or out of me whatever it was it was strong. i would find myself crying out of the blue and once even stayed at a friends house, when all day i was feeling soooo miserable i kept having arguments with my friends, and decided i wanted to go home early from the pub because i had work early in the morning, so i left when i got back to my mates i burst into tears and i couldnt breath a man was shouting help me!!!!! and i said i can’t help you, go away! and he got angry started to bang all the doors shut and a little dead girl in the room, i was so angry and determined not to let this *thing* get controll over me so i shouted for god’s help, i started reading verses from the bible and then it went, from then on i read the bible daily and nothing as big as that has happened.

    except there is something within me that i cant quite put my finger on, its something in my stomach, i get stomach pains alot, and its not normal ones ive been to the doctors and had various cheakups and nothing is wrong, yet i feel it and i can still feel something within me but it doesnt harm me as it gets affraid when i mention jesus!!!

    even so i would like to know whatt he hell it is !!!!

    • shortdog29 says:

      i have the same sleep and stomach issues i have been battling this for a long time trust me i am for real

  25. PK says:

    Listen to me and listen to me carefully. I have experienced these demonic entities. They are indeed fallen angels. Satan’s henchmen known as the Gripper. This is where you must have undying faith in the Lord. He’s the only one who can fight these things and save you. Through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can you be set free. “With faith as small as a mustard grain seed, you can say unto this mountain move and it shall be moved unto you….” Rebuke that unclean spirit in the name of the Lord. Get holy water and olive oil, frankincense and bless your home and your self through God. Ask god to show you what is giving these things legal right to attack you. Repent. These are the things which we don’t see in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm (spiritual warfare) Don’t converse with those things. When it happens or if it ever happens again, call on God immediately. Call on Jesus and rebuke it in his name. They will try and squeeze you harder or try to give the allusion of suffocation. They tremble at Gods name because they know who he is. God created them, God created everything. They are afraid of the Lord. Also, times are getting worse as we are so close to the ends of time and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. God saved you when you were a baby for reason. You are special and the enemy knows it! He will do anything to bring God’s chosen people to their knees. He knows his time is running out. It’s a war bigger than any of us; a war between good and evil. I hide in the mist of God’s wings like that of a small child. He is my sword my shield, my strength and my life. He is what keeps me going. The enemy is constantly trying to rid me. But as long as I have God with me, there’s not a damn thing he can do! Out your trust and faith in God! He came and died on the cross to save us all from a terrible eternal damnation. The war is won! The battle now rages on for souls. Leave it at the cross! Let God take control of our lives! God bless you! I will keep you in my prayers, please keep me in yours too.

    Take care,

  26. peter says:

    i keep havein dreams when im really tired i beleive its the sleep paralysis but i cant shake the feeling of spirits but like yeah
    i have tinnitis so thats the ringing in my ear but yeah
    i lay on my back and this shadow comes infront of me its only like a ball or so but like enough to be clearly visible infront of me at start i try ignore it… and just shallow my breathe but after abit i give out and get scared and my breathe stops and it feels like its boring into my heart i cant move but this time i did and in my dream i had a phone and flashed light onto it and in the shadow there was a skull that reminded me of the grim reaper thats when i really freaked out i hadnt slept the night before due to work so thats when it usually happens i work shift work im 18 and yeah if i go long periods without sleep it usually happens and i cant sleep after it if it happens im 2 terrified just some freaky shit…

  27. PK says:

    Welcome to the world of spiritual warfare. It is not sleep paralysis (enemies tactic to decieve people) You have indeed encountered a demon (fallen angel) which I call the gripper. The only protection you have against them is through the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t believe me, try this the next time it attacks; “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I rebuke you. Get thee hence.” The minute you mention God, they tremble and go ten times crazy. Keep repeating it with faith and they will flee. They fear God. Here in the Earth realm, those demons only have the power you give them. That is what the angel of the Lord told me, and its true. Now if you were to die right now and say, your soul went to hell, those demons would have full power over you because at that point, you are cut off from god and his power. Here in the physical earth realm, if one chooses God/Christ, you have access and protection only through him. Remember, it all comes down to “Free will.” If you choose God, you will be protected and demons will challenge you less the stronger you grow in your relationship with God; But you must trust in God. As your relationhip grows, so does your trust. Now if you do not choose God, then you are in great danger, even to the point of the demon entering and taking over your body, or making you sick or making you crazy etc…. Remember this, God is love… we are made in his image. Those demons hate us and will do terrible things to us to try and get back at God. I believe God is allowing you to see and is opening your eyes spiritually. The enemy desires to have you… God will not give you up without a fight, because he loves you. He paid the ulimate price to save us all from hell… ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). Hell is not made for humans but for the devil and his angels. Can you imagine getting attacked by those things 24/7 and findng no relief at thier full fledge power? Here are two books you should pick up and read; both are true stories. “THE SHACK” by WM. Paul Young and “23 MINUTES IN HELL” by Bill Wiese. You can find these at any book store Barnes and Nobles, Borders etc…. in the Christian section or even maybe in your local Library.

    Also wearing the armor of God…Ephesians 6:13-17

    13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    And now that we are in the Beginning of the End (The Ends of Time & The 2nd Coming of Christ) it is and always has been battle for souls. The enemy (Satin) knows his time is almost up and is trying to bring as many human beings with him down to hell. God has said, “If it is forced, then it is not love.” which is why we have “FREE WILL” to pick and choose. I hope this helps you I will keep you in my prayers. If you have any questions or need advice, I would be more than happy to lend a hand. God bless you.

    You are special and the enemy knows it even if you are unaware……


  28. Melle says:

    I’ve had something very similar happen to me a few times when I was younger. I’m curious, and I know that this may sound like a very weird question, but I’m curious if you can remember what you were dreaming about (if you were at all) right before this happened. Do you ever feel little panicky jolts while you’re dreaming? Did you dream lucidly?

  29. PK says:

    If your asking me yes. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you mean when you use the term dream lucidly?

  30. PK says:

    Oh ok, I know now. Yes, I do know what you mean. Usually, I find it�s a demon.

  31. SA says:

    Peter, I had things around me most of my life. When I was young (9-10yrs) we moved to a very old house. Every night things would come and sit around my bed, sometimes holding me down. We lived in the city the street light shone in my room, you could see impressions on the bed. Only once did I ever see the dark entity scared me for years afterward. Like you I was not able to move or scream just totally frightened. I told my parents but they really didn’t listen not until I refused to sleep in that room any more. My oldest sister took over my room and lasted two nights. We moved out of the house.

    There is something that you can do though, you need to cleanse yourself. simple take sage and make a smudge if you want you can buy them. Light it then blow it out, Jesus is my higher power I do all things in his name, so ask him to fill you with love and wrap his arms around you and fill you with his white light. Ask for his protection and guidance and for him to heal you. You will know when he is there.

    Now for the intruder you must get rid of that! Here you will need sweet grass it comes as braid. Go through your living space smudging with the sage simply telling the entity to leave that you are not welcoming it into your life and it must go. Remember do all things in Jesus name. Tell it that Jesus loves it and is welcoming it into his arms this is not your world go into the light. Go around your home doing and saying this. you will feel it leave. When you are finished burn the sweet grass. this protects you. For some reason spirits are drawn to me, I never allow them to stay they must pass on. I know this will work Please do it and start be healthy.

  32. Me says:

    Pk, I couldn’t agree with you more. That demon is attacking her for a reason. Maybe she’s suppose to be a big leader for the church of God and the devil is trying all he can to scare the hell out of her. I’m very surprised that it said “Jesus can’t save you now”! I don’t know if I can believe he said that to her. I know that the simple mentioning of Jesus’ name will scare them away (I’ve experienced it myself) and this demon said this to her? I don’t know what to think about that. That is crazy.

    I know I’ve had my share of attacks while asleep. As soon as I manage to say my Lord’s Jesus name, the demon disappears. Last time I had an attack was a little over a year ago and ever since then I’ve been praying the Holy Blood OF Jesus over myself and my family and it has not happened again. I’ve never seen anything but I’ve felt it. My husband had red eyes staring at him when he was a little boy but those went away forever after his mother prayed for him. So, how could this spirit have such nerve to say that Jesus couldn’t save her?

  33. SA says:

    The enitity may be attaching it self to her and for no fault of her own, don’t go there. Always stay possitive. Yes demons can say jesus’ name because there are passages in the bible about them coming in my name. If your heart is true there is nothing to fear.

    We are not here to judge, we’re here to help. If we go down the wrong path then we are useless, and therefore no help to those who need it. I only want people to know that they are totally capable of taking control of thier lives again. It is important that they do. Nothing like that should be here and nobody needs to be put through that kind of terror.

  34. PK says:

    SA, Satin can only have entry into your life if there is an open door for him to come. ME, Satin can describe himself as an angel of Light. Demons will try and break one’s faith by filling ones head with lies such as “Jesus can’t save you.” The more you give in, the more they will be able to take over and only through theLord Jesus Christ can one be set free. I am not jugding anyone. I am not condeming anyone but I do know the enemy needs an open door to torment someone in that way wither it be generational curses, curses, sins, abuses from another in the past, or soul ties. One can be set free only through the Lord Jesus Christ. Once you turn your life completely over to him and have faith in him, those attacks will diminish. And the enemy will flee because they fear the one who is protecting you. Nothing can serperate us from the love of God; not angels, not demons, not life, not past or future. Only he can save one but one must believe. Blessed is he who believes without seeing.


  35. PK says:

    ME, Satin can discuise himself as an angel of Light.

    • johnny CTH says:

      but why would a man who is the creator of all things humble and beautiful be deceitful to his children and the animals of the kingdom

  36. A.P. says:

    Pk, as a child of God I feel its a resposiblity to stand beside another child of God and let it be known that what u have spoken is the truth. God bless you.

    As for the lost, I will pray that u seek God and all his knowledge, wisdom, understand, and glory, and that he may have mercy on u. I not here to judge, deceive, or condemn anyone.

    God is real and so is our Lord Jesus christ! I just want all to know God is not a confusing God, nor does he make mistakes. Our God is simple, the answer are right in front of all of us and if can’t see it he has told us so u r either not listening or allowing the enemy to deceive you. Don’t listen to mans theroy of what’s going on with u(dreaming, paralysis whatever) seek Jesus for yourself don’t just take my word for it seek him all that is lost for ur self and the truth u shall see the light and not a theroy.

    Can someone answer this for how can man believe in bad spirits and devil and not believe jesus is real? How can man say they see with there own eyes dark sprirts and not try seek jesus and truth.

    Oh, yeah love even thy enemy.

    I love u all God bless

  37. lovely girl says:

    TO A.P.

    good question that …” Can someone answer this for how can man believe in bad spirits and devil and not believe jesus is real? How can man say they see with there own eyes dark sprirts and not try seek jesus and truth.”

    well from my personal experiences, i always used to experience demonic things around me and in my house, things that MADE me believe in evil… but the devil and his workers are very clever in a way that although they used to scare me and make themselves known the next day when i would wake up i would feel as though… it was a dream… or i over reacted… i imagined it… you see the same bad things used to happen to me all the time at night and i knew and believed that evil spirits and the devil was real but at the same time something good would happen to make me forget about the evil it was as though the evil would whipser in y ear things like.. if i tell people about this i be known as crazy.

    Trust me its easier for somebody to convince themselves that evil exsists because it actually does exist … SIN thats bad isnt it ?? so its easy for people to believe that…
    Whereas its difficult for one to believe in the truth which is JESUS … think about it why do u think people like me believe in evil but not the GOOD… its because we’re scared and guilty… we know that deep down in our hearts taht there IS a god, but because we sin and do bad things we just dont want to know the truth of our wicked ways…

    we accept evil exists because we do bad things ourselves like steal…murder.. bla bla bla and its easy to believe it because we know we dont have to be sorry for it

    people wouldnt want to believe in JESUS unless he turned around and said continue your wicked ways and you shall have eternal life lol… thats the truth… us sinners dont want to be told that we have to leave our bad ways behind us….

    thats the truth.. i myself know god exists and i believe in jesus with all my heart BUT i still sin and sometimes i do such bad things that i get angry at god… why do i get angry at god… because im convinced its because its the life HE has givven me… its the way he made me… but the truth is i get angry because i know i have upset jesus and im so angry at myself i take it out on jesus…

    its the same with unbelievers deep down they arent ready to leave their wicked lives… or arent prepared to accept him due to extra hastle…

    overall i believe it all comes down to sin..thats why we dont want to seek the truth because we love our wicked ways and certainly dont want JESUS to tell us to change… CHANGE WHO LIKE CHANGE???

    having said all that… JESUS IS REAL lol

  38. A.P. says:

    Lovely girl… in response for those who may be running from the Jesus he said “come as u are” and I believe when he said that it didn’t mean come to church in whatever u want but in whatever descent clothing u have with all your burdens, sorrow, heartache, and whatever SIN u may have just bring it to the altar and trust him.

    You see the TRUTH is people r scared of what God can and will do for them. True they r scared that if they trust Jesus he may deliever them from the one thing they enjoy doing because its the one thing they may not be ready to stop doing. But the truth is everything we go through or every SIN that we may need delieverance from is more than enough for Jesus to show his children how real he is and how much he loves us no matter what we do.


    REMEMBER* God will not give u more than u can handle, and ur trials and tribulations are a test in ur faith with one who created us.


    God BLESS U ALL, A.P.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys I just wanted to tell you all that you all have some good points. I have been attacked by these same things for at least 20 years now. I know about the paralizing attacks that happen when you sleep. I also know that sometimes these attacks happen to me before I am asleep you know that time when you are really relaxed kind of drifting between sleep and not asleep, and this is when I somtimes become paralized.

    The only thing is it feels like Im falling down a roller coster and cant scream and cant move , but Im trying to scream for help but cant speak or move.

    I am concious because I can hear other people in the house going about whatever they are doing, but I cant move or ask for help .

    I am completely trapped in my own body and screaming inside for help and yet nobody even knows Im having any problem , This is the scariest thing of all.

    The reason I’m even here on this page is because last night was the scariest of all I was asleep when I was suddenly woken up to be almost completely paralized when I saw a solid black entity on the other side of my bed it was moving around my bed from one side around to the other side . I could not move except I could barely move my right arm I am a christian and know about spiritual warfare so I raised my right arm as best as I could, and believe me it took all the strength I had . I started to tell this thing That it had no right to be in my house, and in the name of Jesus Christ it had to leave, I told it that by the blood of Jesus I bind it and send it out of my house, and out of my life.

    I started to say in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit it had to leave.

    This thing continued to come around my bed past me , right beside me , and when it went through my door into the hall it was so black and so large that it blocked all light from te hallway into my room. It was so big as it waent out of my bedroom door that my room went completely black.

    I was so frightened that after it left ,when I was able to finally sit up in bed , I was feeling like pins and needles on the back of my head and neck.

    I stayed up after that and turned on every light in the house.

    This was the first time I ever saw anything like that , it was very real and very evil.

    As I have gotten closer to the lord and helped others to know about what Jesus had done for each of us, when he gave his life for us when he was crucified. I have noticed that I have been fighting a spiritual battle here on earth. This however is now a new level in attack against me by the enemy .

    Good and evil are very real , please choose good and ask the lord to help you with these evil attacks. And jesus is and always will be the victor over satan and these demonic fallen angels, please call on Jesus and ask him to come into your life,he will and he loves you.

    Thanks for listening , it’s nice to know it’s not just me that this has happened to.
    God Bless you all

  40. Sebastian says:

    I Was In Bed, I Slowly Fell Asleep, Then Theres This Creepy Rabbit Like Figure Watching Over Me Then He Led Me To My Neighbors House, To See Them Hanging Upside Down, Well I Guess Gutted Is The Best Way To Describe It, Then I Woke Up A Few Hours Later I Felt Like I Could’nt Move & There Was A White Light Like Eating Up The Room. Then Then I Tried Moving Again, After Awhile I Could Move My Knee, Then A Black Figure Slowly appeared, And Then Pushed It Away, & I Woke Up And Turned On The Light As Fast As Could. Im Only A 16 Year Old Kid. But I Wanna Know What It Was Or If I Could Somehow Make It Happen Again, It Might Sound Dumb But Im Curious.

  41. M. says:

    Similiar thing happened years back when I was abusing alcohol and depressed. It climbed into my bed, I was face down, I could feel it breathing, felt like a very large man, it pulled me up by my belt in the bed and stuck something through the back of my neck, etc. This usually will only happen if you are psychically weak, depressed, abusing substances, or being perverted with your sexual energy. They usually can only be that blatant in such cases. Periodically smudhing with sage, using lavender oil, and get yourself a good tibetan bell, they hate bells, because it raises the vibration in the room. That’s why there are bells in temples all over the world.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Dear Chad
    What you experienced is very real , you were attacked by shapeshifters , they are what we call devils or evil spirits , they show up most of the time as a black figure with with a hood over their heads , you may be surprised to know that about a third of all humans that you see are of that type , human on the outside but devils on the inside , walking among us as humans ,and most of them are unaware of what they really are ! some say thay are reptilians , anyway , i have the solution for you and all that are attacked in anyway by evil , when jesus was asked how he cast out and defeated evil spirits , he answered , I cast out devils and demons by the Holy Spirit of God , when they attacked me in my sleep , i could not move nor even open my eyes with great pressur over my chest , i said in my mind The Holy Spirit is with in me , as i was saying that my arms could move again and i pushed that thing over me but it release a little , the second time i said , it released more of me , the third time i said it with a loud voice in my mind and pushed that thing away from me compleetly , that is how you defeat them say the Holy Spirit is with in me , over and over again , and i guarantee you that you will defeat them every single time , it may take saying it more than three times but just keep saying that and also mention the name of Jesus and God the Father , the Holy Spirit will destroy them , not only do you break free from them , but you can actually destroy them , so they are no more in this life , I have been destroying these evil things for many years now , and i always , always win aginst them in every single battle in the name of the Father , Son and the Holy Spirit , remember the Holy Spirit will defeat them every single time , be sure of that , and God bless you all Mike E

  43. Eric says:

    First off, I am an athiest; so to say that this doesn’t happen to us is completely bogus. This has happened to me three times; most recently last night.

    I was laying in bed trying in vain to sleep but it just wasn’t happening. Eventually, I did fall asleep. At some point I heard a light knocking that woke me slightly. I opened my eyes a little bit and thought it was my sister at the door, which makes no sense because my sister is studying abroad in Japan. I somehow received non-verbal notification that it was my sister, though. My room also was differently shaped and included a long hallway that ended with a door upon which the knocking originated from. In any case, I uttered in a sleepy, barely audible voice “come in…” and the door opened. It was not my sister. It was a tall, blacker-than-black figure. It approached me from down this long hallway waving its arms in the air. I thought to myself “crap! crap! crap! crap!” as it got closer and closer to me. I knew if I told it that it was not welcome here then it would leave me alone but I was unable to move or even speak. When it reached me it stood beside me and began whipping me with its arms as hard as it could but the “attacks” were going right through me and I felt nothing. Regardless it was absolutely terrifying and I was finally able to utter the word “leave.” and the attack stopped. My room was also filled with a strange, stale-urine smell all night leading up to this.

    The first attack was similar but my room was in a different formation but it came from the same direction but I never gave it permission to enter. The second time I was on my side, facing the wall. I never saw what was going on but I knew it was and actually woke up able to move but shaking so bad from fear I couldn’t get out of bed and my whole body physically freezing even though it was summer.

    All of these events coincided with a roar of voices that I couldn’t understand, pounding, stomping and running sounds, screams, crashing and all of it practically deafening. I snapped into full consciousness after the second event only as all these auditory events ceased; leaving me in bitterly painful silence.

    This also comes a few days after I had another dream wherein I was visited by my late-grandmother who told me “I know you’re going through some hard times right now but don’t worry; I’m taking care of it.” I don’t know if they were interconnected at all but in any case I’m not feeling very eager to sleep right now. After telling my mom about this earlier tonight for the first time she told me “you have the misfortune of being born into a rather clairvoyant family” and we went on to talk at great length about our mutual feelings of haunting and dread around various places and people that I didn’t know we shared; including the demons I have as members of my own family.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my story. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  44. Andrea says:

    I had this same experience. Almost to a t. I also prayed in the name of Jesus Christ and have never seen it again. But just because it knew that you were praying in the name of Jesus doesn’t mean it can read your thoughts. Your thoughts are your own and they are between you and God only.

  45. PK says:

    Your only hope is Yahushuwah (the one known as jesus) and Yahuwah (God). Turn to him and be set free��.

  46. London says:

    I’ve had the same experience many times, the first time was at my grandmother’s house,but I did not see a dark shadow then, just a round light, kind of like tunnel vision and I heard everyone talking in the living room. I tried to call for them but they could not hear me, but I heard myself and I sounded muffled, I was about seventeen then. I had many more encounters with this dark shadow, but the time that really scared me was when this dark shadow climbed in the crib with my daughter while she was sleeping and I tried to move but could not and I called out for Jesus, just as I did that the entity got out and pulled the blanket over my daughter as if she was cold and then looked toward me and then walked out of the room, I still could not move for like another minute or so. That one was by far the scariest one I’ve had with this dark shadow.

  47. ? says:

    Ummm this is a ? I had experiences in which I lay in my and radomly excuse the spelling I feel a Random feeling of falling yet I’m lying Still is that suppose to be a sign oh also to add I feel a cold shiver after like something ran through me. My grandma says it cold be a good spirit making itself known even though I take it the wrong way please somone answer my ? Is it an evil or good spirit?

  48. ?Joey? says:

    I have had experiences if me just laying in my bed and a sinking feeling comes over me and I feel a sudden cold shiver idk if that’s a sign of something my grandma says it’s a good spirit making itself known and I don’t take it well but idk someone answer me this is it good or bad?

    • Anne says:

      What did you mean by a sinking feeling? Did you mean like a sudden physical pulling of energy around you as if the air became thick and hard to breath?
      It�s kind of hard to judge whether it�s a good spirit or a bad spirit, because �we� meaning us human cannot cope well with different or higher frequency of energy when it is surrounding us. Therefore our body reacts in fear, anxiousness, the heart racing and pounding against our chest…etc… The only way to distinguish between the two is, when it happened, did you feel a sense of dread, and did you �feel� evil energy. I understand that your body is physically reacting in fear but did you �feel� within you that the energy surrounding you is not at all good? Did it conjure anything bad in your head when you were experiencing this? If not then it is likely not evil but that does not mean it is safe. The spirit is sending a message to you, letting you know that it�s there, real…
      Things like this don�t usually happen unless you have somehow opened the door for a way of communication. Have you have taken an interest in these matter recently and wanted to know whether the existence of a different being really is true, and recently started to do some research lately on the topic?…
      If you feel uncomfortable about the experience and would not like for it to happen again then all I can suggest you do is pray. My mother being a Buddhist, I grew up praying for protection by sending a prayer to Guan Yin/Kuan Yin the Chinese and Indian Bodhisattva, the Goddess of Compassion and she has not yet let me fall. I am unsure what your belief is but, pray, I am sure any God will give you protection if you seek their help.

  49. johnny CTH says:

    iv had a few occasions like these myself, the first one i had i was about 14-15 years old and i was being crushed and my body was shut down with no use of my body what so ever, i was powerless but had control over my eyes i had a 5-10 second dream before i experienced this and my dream was looking under a little book shelve and a second later im sitting next to the shelve with a friend and i said to him “watch this” and i lifted a pillow with out touching it by using my brain and all of a sudden im in the dream and im being crushed and cant move and cant talk trying to get my friends help who was sleeping on the settee beside me but cant recall a shadow; but the second one was roughly 3-4 years later but was much more terrifying as the black shadow was standing at my bedside and with all my strength and power i released my self and it disappeared with out me getting a good look but can paint a clear picture in my head of what it looked like and the other occasions was similar, im now 22 and this is the first site iv shared my info with, i also suffer with hearing voices but not seeked help and have sufferd with it for 5 years hope someone gets back to me :)

    i would also like to say that i was not in no dream and was fully awake and when i told my mother my mum said to me that what happened to me happened to her as well but hers were different and my mum use to get thrown around the house or the room cant really remember

    • Anne says:

      I think everyone on this forum believes that it is no dream at all! Though your body is resting, you are consciously awake. Usually on a daily base you are physically, mentally and spiritually connected, the three is cohesively working as one, however. When you were experiencing the sleeping paralysis, your physical body has been separated from your mental and spiritual self, which explained why you can still feel and be aware of all that is happening yet remain dead wait on the bed � like being locked in a shell only the shell is your own body.

      Now if you were to go to a physiologist /physiatrist, any mental doctor, they would diagnose you with a mental disease called Schizophrenia because you can hear voices. I�m pretty sure you are familiar with the mental disease, because Schizophrenic hear voices too, and all the time. In my honest opinion, I do not believe in Schizophrenia. I saw a documentary on the subject and most Schizophrenic experience seeing things � angles, but mostly demons, faeries, spirits, and hearing voices that others cannot see or hear. As a result they are mentally ill because they see these things and hear strange voices that no one else around them can hear. Can you see the wind? No, but you know there is wind because you can feel it. Just because you cannot see or hear something doesn�t mean it does not exist! What I am saying is that you�re not crazy, if that is what you are afraid of being, yet hearing voices that you cannot control is not a good thing. You have a six sense, the second sight, the third eye, whatever they call it. The difference between a Schizophrenic and any Seer/Medium/Psychic is that one is in control while the other isn�t. You need to learn how to channel the energy surrounding you; you need to learn to be in control. Now, are the voices you hear, is it clear? Is it conversing with you, the voices? Or are you hearing two voices conversing?

      Waiting for your reply…


      • ?Joey? says:

        Well Anne I have never really experience this before and I have gotten into this topic what I do know is all the most I have experience in spiritual intities are white balls flighing across my house and I do mean white lights my grandma and I are the only ones who see this but I believe that those spirits are good because never have I thought or felt a really bad vibe or u know wat I mean.

        • Anne says:

          I do understand what you mean :)

          From all the books I read about spirits, what you saw were a faery/fairy. You know the magical beings that you see in movies or read in Fairytales books? Well they are real, very very real! I myself have experience seeing white balls of light flashes before me too, only when it happened I was absolutely clueless, but after a bit of research and a lot of reading about spirits did I realise what it was I have witnessed. I too did not feel that these star like flashes appearing in my room were anything but friendly. If you say you have never really experience seeing the white lights before you even started taking interest in the topic, well there is your answer…the thing with spirits is that when you take interest in them, they will do the same thing. You should read �Enchantment of the Faery Realm � by Ted Andrews�; this will give light on the topic. It will be a very fascinating read…trust me. The spirits of mother nature is clearly wanting you to know more about them, it�s an invitation, which rarely ever been sent out ;)


      • johnny taylor-hunter says:

        my voices are very distant like ther from in the attick always above and they are scottish aswel as i am half english and scottish but have mostly lived in england, they are male and female as i think thers 3 difrent males and 2 females and very intimadating and try to humiliate me they use to threaten me but i have overcome the fear and i was tryin to seek god and lord jesus and scaring them off by sayin the tormenters will be tormented for billions ov years as it says in the bible and it did work for quite a while, they are not loud as if ther are close but very distant and any sounds around me i can talk thru the sounds and talk thrue ther voices. and any sound quite or loud like a plane is goin by i can talk thru the plane thrue ther voice as if every one can hear as same as a car passes by and i am seeking a physchitrist but my best cure is to tell them that the tormenters will eventualy pay for ther torment as it is said in the bible which will be for billions of years :):)

        • johnny taylor-hunter says:

          and just to mention some of them can be very supportiv and kind ov protectiv and considerate with kind of sympothy from what the others say but turn against me for no reason even when i try say nice things and try to reason with them but every time i try to be nice they just hit me worse and give me the negative and frustrational emotions but i will seek the light and scare them for ever darkness as i know the will pay for there torment :) .

          • Anne says:

            Hello, good to hear from you Johnny.

            So you�re still hearing voices, and seeing a physiatrist as well�is that helping at all? It sounds like a case of schizophrena and I am guessing that is what your physiatrist may believe, yet I can�t help but feel there is more to it than just hearing voices.

            These voices, they sound quite distant you mention like a car going by or like from the attic. At least you know they are not strong enough to break you, because they are not vivid the voices, which indicates their weakness towards you and that is good. These voice do commune with you and there are a few, sometimes good but most of the times absolutely negative (symptoms sound very similar to Schizophrenics sufferer), however I presume (these voices) they could be ghost that has not yet pass over because there is too much negative energy accumulated through their hatred/sadness over time. As a result the insult they inflict on you, or they could be demons who like nothing more than to make human life unbearable! Well whatever your doctor says, just keep praying to the Lord of light or even ask Archangel Michael to send a protected shield around you to keep these dark voices away for good!

            You�re doing well, keep up the positive thoughts and out look�best!!

  50. madelaine says:

    This happened to me too once and I prayed out to the spririts in the light for help. It worked to keep the shadow at bay but not away. I realized I needed to do something more and a voice said to me don’t be afraid. If you are afraid then you are believing in them and that is what they want. So when in happens say you don’t scare me because I believe in the power of the light and God and being afraid of you means I give you more power. Anyway I did that and they have never come back.

  51. allie says:

    hi my name is allie. this story is probably the most relatable to the type of sleep paralysis i have. ive expierenced it so many times. this black shadow that watches from my door way as i sleep. ive even felt as though i was dragged from bed and trying to scream but nothing coming out. when i woke i was still in bed but i really did feel like i was dragged. another time he came as my boyfriend and was trying to convince me to do something terrible but i knew it was just the paralysis or a demon (i do believe in spirits and demons) so i began to say a prayer and he laughed at me and kept saying you know you want to do it and i said no and he said here let me give you a hand. and grew another hand. i started to laugh and he did to and said see i knew you’d like it, just do it. i started to pray again and felt extreme pressure all over my body and sufforcation. it was terrible.

    i never realized how many other people have this problem other than me. i really thought i was going crazy.

  52. katie says:

    the same thing is happening to me and I don’t know what to do, I feel it and I see it I’m a muslim so it can’t hurt me but I get really scared and when i pray he gets angry and twists my lips and than he runs in my pellow and go away, I feel now that he’s trying to do something to me but he can’t get through( thank god)
    he usualy just watches me sleep or walks around in my room
    if you know how to get rid of him once and for all tell me plzzzz

  53. katie says:

    by the way it’s name is boutlylys

  54. Reason says:

    What everyone is experiencing is textbook sleep paralysis. Your body is paralyzed during REM sleep because otherwise you’d act out your dreams (this has been proven, rather cruelly, with cats and dogs who had their “paralysis” mechanisms shut down. they chased invisible cars and mice.) The residual effect of this what causes the “visitation”–you’re in fact not really in a dream and should be able to move your eyes, but will invariably be disoriented, an effect that is magnified exponentially once you realize you can’t move and struggle to do so. The hallucinations the result can be as varied as dreams are, and probably have a good deal to do with the shadows present in the room. Indeed, a major indication of sleep paralysis seems to be the insistence that one’s own experience couldn’t possibly be sleep paralysis. The terror is very real, but ask yourself–what sort of vampire/ghost/alien miraculously disappears once YOU regain conscious control of your body? This, by definition, means the visions are an internal state…that is, in your mind.

    From the description of feeling “drained,” it’s worth being checked out for narcolepsy, for which sleep paralysis is a core symptom. But if you’ve only had a few experiences in your lifetime (as at least 30% of the population reports), please save your resources, financial and temporal, from the mystics and demonologists (or for that matter the psychopharmacologists) and please don’t perpetuate unreason and terror any further to your friends, interlocutors, and children. Regular experiencers of sleep paralysis have a duty to reassure first-time sufferers of the commonness, even banality, of the phenomenon–and i’m afraid, Jesus has better things to do than police (or haunt) your dreamspace/nightlife. If all else fails, better than exorcism or commiseration, start sleeping on your side. Something like 90% of sleep paralysis episodes occur while sleeping on one’s back–hence, the typical sensation of a presence (demon, Old Hag, shapeshifter, shadow people, etc.) that sits on the chest, giving the feeling of suffocation. [You're still breathing during SP, of course, but you won't have the conscious chest/lung/mouth control to inhale deeply.]

  55. Maverick says:

    I’ve seen things my whole life.
    various people, I’m so used to it I dont even acknowdge it anymore.
    I’ve seen in many dreams my whole life and living in other places and even at work this shadowy figure in a black cloak, its never harmed me.
    I had a friend over the house late one night. we where hangin out pickin a few things up when she saw it near my bedroom door, the hallway was dark. she sensed evil, and was very afraid. Shes a sensitive. Then the entity yelled for her to leave. She ran out of my house. She’ll never go back.
    It follwed us to her house where she demanded it leave. It attacked her in her sleep that same night.
    I have no explanation,
    Just we’ll see what happens.

  56. Maverick says:

    On another note, the story which describes her birth.
    Mine is VERY SIMILIAR.
    And I have heard many I shouldn’t be alive by doctors.

  57. Chad Westmoreland says:

    I forgot to mention to you all that in October of 2009 it visited me again�.this time while driving�.in my own truck! I was just driving home from work when all of a sudden I felt the cab of the truck grow really cold (the A/C wasn�t on) and I glanced over at the passenger seat and there it was just looking at me. I asked it to leave and it just laughed. It stayed there until I parked in my driveway. I got out of the truck and went inside. It didn�t follow me in. To this day I don�t know why it appeared or what it wanted�..maybe it liked my Dodge Ram pickup? Who knows�..

  58. Zhang says:

    �You weren�t supposed to live!� (I was so premature when I was born the doctors told my parents that I wouldn�t live but they were obviously wrong.)

    this words ..it just freaking me out..
    i have the same experience like this story.. and maybe something like that always happening to person that “weren’t supposed to live”, i was born not breathing a couple of minute..
    and something happened in my room a few months ago. the same experience like this story,”buzzing” things,demonic voices,etc.. but somehow that “shadow”, and the “buzzing” things it goes away now… but i’m really sure whatever that is, it still in my room or me…
    (sorry,my english is not good)

  59. Ive played with many evil things since I was 12, I am now 15 the oujjia board, ive also played with black magic.. I haven't experienced anything scary or odd. Im not very religious, but I do love god and talk to him in my mind every night before going to says:

    I cant help

  60. steven zeigler says:

    i once had almost the same thing happen to me. i was 5 years old and i was going to bed and i hated my room and the way that my bedroom was set up my room was to the right and my sisters room was to the left and it was about midnight or so when it got really cold and i woke up i was able to move because i saw this inky black figure at the foot of my bed and as soon as i saw it i pulled the covers over my head and i felt it crawl on me and try to pry the covers off of me but eventually it gave up and slowly the room got warmer. to this day it sometimes goes and bothers me but only when im not around my family or near my new room which has a ton of rosaries

    • sharayah says:

      wow that is something you should put that story up.it took me back to my childhood when i use to see things.but yours was far worst.at least my thing didn’t come in my room,yours was on your bed :o that’s just to much these things just don’t care.and you say it still comes around you? what dose this thing do now and how do you get it to go away?

      • steven zeigler says:

        well when it came around more frequently i would sprint to my room but it would seem like forever till i reached the top of the steps. now when it comes near i sit there, this thing what ever it is will talk to me but its some form of Latin and there are certain things it says that i do understand most of them are cuss words. but i usually tell it to stop it and leave me alone or i will leave the area and if it follows me i go to my room where it can not step foot because of the rosaries and i might put my story online who knows maybe some one can tell me on how to get rid of this thing once and for all. so far it has thrown a potato masher to the ground and it likes to slam doors.

        • steven zeigler says:

          oh and i am 14 now and i turn 15 in january and it all began in 2001 when i was five up till now.

          • steven zeigler says:

            what did you see in your child hood and how long ago was that ? :)

            • sharayah says:

              oh i was 5years old when i would see a skeleton. im about to be 30 in march so that was 25 years ago it would just stare at me and smile. i did see more things as i got older but i don’t see things any more thank God.

              • steven zeigler says:

                you saw a skeleton? what would it do? Oh, and the last time i saw that ink like figure i saw it in school around christmass time and it was a saturday and the basketball coach said to go to his class room to get some boxes so i went and he handed me the keys and i got on the elevator and i went through the hall way then when i got to his room i turned on the lights and i grab some boxes turn a round and saw this thing so i freaked and ran past it and it followed me to the elevator and after i got on that was the last i saw it. I still hear it and it still slams doors but i don’t see it.

  61. steven zeigler says:

    i saw it again to day but it was at the last place i would expect to see it , it followed me to school to day and to make matters wore i was alone in the building and the basketball team was on the bottom floor and i was on the top floor in all darkness to see orangish to reddish eyes and it seemed pretty pissed like legitimately it felt mad so i ran and prayed at the same time and as soon as i got to the elevator it was running full speed i got in the elevator and boy was i realeaved

  62. Chad Westmoreland says:

    I have finally solved the mystery of what the shadow entity was…it was indeed a demon.
    Ok, now that I have been freed of the demon’s clutches and have been baptized with the gift of the Holy Spirit I feel an urge to share with you what Jesus said unto me the other day. I have a strong feeling some of you you need to repent for alot of things, but the good news is Jesus wants you to be saved! Will you choose Him? I know on a personal level you NEED Him and He is waiting on you to become a born-again Christian and receive the Holy Spirit and the gift of eternal life in Heaven. Remember only those who have been born again of the Holy Spirit will inherit the kingdom of God… Here is what He said to me….

    “My dear precious child, you were a fighter since the beginning. You
    overcame great adversity in your first days of life because I had
    already chosen you then. Your mother and father were strong believers
    in Me and I had instilled in your mother to have confidence in Me that I
    shall not take you away from her. Your mother longed to have a child
    way before you were born, but I had already chosen you for her and I was
    not done preparing you yet. But at the right moment in time you came
    however still early, and in the physical sense your chances of survival
    were slim indeed. But rejoice I don’t work in the physical realm my
    child! Your mother knew I would not take you after I had already blessed
    thee! Rejoice you had been born and with no physical or mental
    abnormalities, my precious child! Those demons could not get at you! I
    would not allow it for I had already chosen you! Ever since you were
    able to know who I was you have sought Me. You have prayed to Me. In
    your life struggles I was right there walking beside you. I felt your
    pain. It hurt me deeply to see one of My chosen being led astray by the
    Evil One and the wicked ways of the world. For it was he, Satan, who
    filled your heart with bitterness, envy, and hatred. Your undying love
    for Me never let it get out of hand although you had hurt many who loved
    you. I had been waiting on you to receive the Holy Spirit for a long
    time. When Satan’s demon attacked you and took up residence inside you,
    it was at a very vulnerable time in your life, when you felt alone,
    deserted and unloved. My love has never left you, child! Satan’s lies
    told you otherwise, and having believed them, and being absent of the
    Holy Spirit it left an opening for the demon. But, rejoice I had not
    forsaken you my child! For ever since the demon took up residence inside
    you I had a perfect plan to lead you to Me. Everything that I have
    allowed to happen since that night has opened your eyes, heightened your
    senses and led you back to Me. Indeed I had allowed circumstances that
    would lead to a divine appointment by one of My faithful chosen
    servants, whom I chose to deliver you from Satan’s clutches and back
    into my arms. By blessing you with the Holy Spirit the demon was forced
    out of you and back to the pits of Hell. The Holy Spirit resides in you!
    Rejoice you have been saved from damnation and have received the gift of
    Eternal life with The Father in Heaven! The angels in Heaven rejoiced on
    that day as your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! Be rest
    assured I have great plans for you my precious child! Learn how to use
    your gifts to help others that are lost and don’t know Me. I have built
    a path for you and it’s yours for the taking. You will still have trials
    and adversities in your time on the earth, but continue to seek guidance
    from Me and I will never lead you astray. Be aware that Satan will still
    try to influence you with his lies and lead you astray but he and his
    demons cannot take up residence in you ever again. You have found
    protection in the Holy Spirit. You are saved, child, and my love is
    never ending. Keep learning who you are in Me and know I am proud to
    call you one of My children!”

    Pretty awesome isn’t it? I only thought I knew Him but I didn’t. Now I do and am learning more every day.
    The “old” me is now gone and the “new” me was born again on 12/03/2010. He is waiting for you…

    • Caretaker says:

      So how did he say all that to you? That was quite a long and detailed conversation there. You do realize that if you say Jesus spoke to you and told you all that if he didnt then it would be a lie? Not saying you are telling a lie but it is just hard to imagine Jesus coming down and saying all that to you.

      • steven zeigler says:

        maybe i should be a better catholic now because if this is true then i need to go to confession more and such. And i’m not saying that i dont believe you either its just that maybe it was a dream because i once had a dream that i met Jesus but i was probably thinking about a lot of stuff at that point, so awesome if you did hear him because if u do as he says that is a good way to get in to heaven :)

    • NeoGeo3200 says:

      is what you say the truth..? i have always felt this way and i never knew why, always feeling like a dark force was always trying to keep me from what i must do, making me feel like shit and pushing me to be weak especially in dreams when i was alone, sad, depressed and felt defeated. i know what i must do now. if your words are the truth then my life has changed, i will do my job, for Him.

    • Yessi says:

      I had a similar situation that happen to me for at least 10 years (at least once every 2 weeks). It was a black human shadow very tall. I could feel it before it appear and it would lay over my chest/stomach, I couldn’t move or scream, I pray (sometimes cursed it) until it would leave. I have not had that experience since I moved from the apartment but I was not the only one who experienced it. I’m Catholic and in the past years I have been closer to my faith, it is definitively the only way to get these demons away from us. Recently i found out that There is the St Benedict crucifix that has the stamp in both sides and it is use in exorcisms and to keep evil spirits away, it needs to be bless with a special prayer and one should always wear it. It is definitively hard to find and it would only work if not bought from a catholic store (very few carry them). I hope your story helps lots of people who are in a similar situation because at the time I experienced it no one was able to help me or a least give me advised.

  63. Chad Westmoreland says:

    Caretaker, He didn’t come down. I was sitting at work the other day, when all of a sudden I heard Him talking in my mind, and felt compelled to write it all down. I know it was Him talking, because there are things he said that I didn’t even know about. When I asked my parents they confirmed what I never had been told was true….that they longed for a child way before I was born and that they almost gave up on having children. They tried for 4 years to have a child before I finally came. I was born premature and sick, and the doctors said my chances of survival were slim. But my mom knew Jesus would not take me from her after she longed for me for so long. And He didn’t!

  64. michell'e says:

    Thats so crazy . i had something very similar just happend to me last night . im only 15 and its been going on for a year almost. i will go to sleep or began to drift off to sleep and then the ringing begans , its like a buzzing noise i think of it like the signal that what ever this evil force is , is coming to mess with me . i try to move but i become completely paralayized . i try to scream for help but soon as i get part of the word out of the name im call for the buzzing get really louder ‘. im so scared i don’t even bother to open my eyes beacause i feel as though i know imma see somthing i don’t wanna see . last night was the worst though ‘. i didn’t actually see nothing but i was able to hear it much better ‘ than ever befor . its was like a bunch of evil souls in a pit of death just SCREAMING really loud i beganed to called on god for help but it didn’t work it just got louder , way louder. then the weridest thing happend ‘ what ever it was like came over to me and then something went inside me and it felt as though i died . i stoped breathing and all and the feeling like i could move (which is like a stiff feeling) went away it was like i was life less as soon as it entered i don’t know why and then i woke up and for the first time i wasn’t even that scared ‘ and thats not like me at all i normally turn on all the lights and go wake my poppop up terrified but i still did but i just told him i think what ever is messing with me is evil , and then surpriseingly i was able to go back to sleep but now im fully awake and im scared ‘ i feel werid and my stomic hurts really bad i don’ t know what to do i don’t even want to go to sleep nomore . dose anybody have and suggestions . please ?

    • steven says:

      just pray and bless ur room by puting chalk crosses and holy water and put up a ton of rosaries.i am 15 as well and so far for me this has worked. and if this thing is evil convince whom ever u live with to get entire house blessed

  65. Anonymous says:

    YOU just have to strenghten your faith man…

  66. MyName says:

    To the person who said that Jesus has better things to do than to mess with peoples dreams, and to those who have suggested sleep paralysis and to everyone else who reads this:

    I have some excellent news. I’m cured!

    Okay, it’s not that I haven’t considered it. I have. I do believe in sleep paralysis. Just a plain old ordinary condition… nothing special. But you couldn’t understand. Not unless you lived through it. Everything is vividly real. It is terrifying. Reading about it, and experiencing it are not the same thing…… Continued –> Cured of Sleep Paralysis

  67. Tammy says:

    Wow! You have really got a lot of responses from your blog. I felt very alone with my experience until reading this, Thank you for being courageous enough to share your experience. First let me apologize if I misspell or have typos. I am trying to get use to a new keyboard that is much smaller. I found your article because something happened to me a few months back that scared the daylights out of me and your story is so similiar to what it is. I was in a nice deep sleep. I had the tv going while I slept like I usually do. Reason for that is, my house is very audible at night after midnight and when I am by myself during the day. I am not at authority to say if it is haunted or not. We are still putting evidence together to make that determination. But what ever it is that makes all this noise scares the kids. To reduce or eliminate their fear so they can sleep, I turn the tv on. That way it will blend in with the noise from the tv. Now I have had dreams in the past that I have chalked up as spiritual warfare because there was an element of good vs evil with the whole God factor. But this particular dream this one night a few months back was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I remember it very clearly like it just happened. It has been bugging me ever since and I have been trying to find answers. My “dream” was me lying on the bed next to my husband while he slept like I was doing.
    So basically at that moment I was dreaming my real life at the moment. Then suddenly this black mass appears at the foot of my bed, grabs my ankles with such strength and force, pulls me to it, as I made failed attempts to try and fight it off with my feet, it got stronger and just kept beating me on my legs and backside. The more I tried to fight it, the stronger it got. Now the irony is I couldn’t move. So my attempts of fighting it off was mental. Then I remember turning my head to the right and my middle daughter was sitting there in my dream. I reached over, grabbed her arm (don’t know how my arm suddenly was able to move. I guess it is the whole mothers love strength they talk about). Then I started to chant over and over again the Lords prayer and telling her to pray with me in the name of Jesus Christ. Within about a minute, the mass suddenly evaporates like someone switched a light switch, that fast. When I forced my eyes open, I had my daughters arm in my hand and I was squeezing it tightly and she said, “Whats the matter mommy, I heard you moaning and growling, then when you grabbed me, in a deep voice, you cried out for God.” She was not there when I fell asleep, but she was not only in my dream in the same place with the same event, but she was exactly in that spot when I awoke. I told her I just had a nightmare and that I was ok. But in reality, it did not feel like a dream, I felt like I was fighting for my life. I went to the bathroom to get myself together and there was red spots in all the places where I felt the attack. Then the next day, those spots were horrible bruises. I have had problems walking ever since and about a month ago, I almost died from an infection that got into my kidneys from kidney stones. Like I said my backside was brutally beaten. This is not normal and if I said this to any doctor, they would lock me up and throw away the key. I know because I am a psychology student. And there is nothing in the handbooks that inquire about evil attacks in dreams. So I have no idea what this dream meant. I don’t remember this mass talking to me. It may have. I see everyone else has had a more audible experience with it and they were able to depict certain body parts. Mine was just a mass, no face, no hands that could be made out as hands. But the blurry mass could have been like a grim reaper robe and hood, but no solid form that could be recognized. This is scarey that this many people are having this experience and this is just based on the amount that answered your blog. Can you imagine how many people this is really happening to. I still need answers as to what and why this ocurred. What am I lacking in my soul that made me vulnerable. Is this a warning from God that I am not where I am suppose to be for his coming? Let me know what you think. Anyone, feel free to share your theories with me. All is welcome. I need answers,

    • Chad Westmoreland says:

      Tammy, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior? Have you been saved by confessing with your mouth that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and rose on the third day?

  68. Martin G says:

    Hey am not used to writing something like this but well i read about what happened to me an people have had something the same but not, well ill start am in bed i remember waking up an not beening able to moving or talk i have had this more than once but this time more happened i remember my covers beening took off me an pulled by my arm an off the bed but i didn’t fall but pick up but no one was about i remember beening really scared an i wanted to move an run out of the room or shout for help an i was getting higher in the air an slower i was on me back stiil in the air my head, arms an legs dangling to the floor anthats all i can really remember an am worried it will happen again, i seem to be alot more angry since then an not my normal self but am prop just not making sense, but i felt like tellin someone i will prop come on this again to say if more has went on.

  69. Tanaya says:

    Chad… I have been researching answers for my experiences for months, almost a year. It started with something pulling at my legs almost everytime I lay down for bed. Then it went to being completely immobolised for what feels like hrs. All I can do is breathe or hyper-ventillate. It progressed into something pushing on me near or on my chest during the attacks. I started waking up feeling like I just was having sex and or being touched or molested… It chokes me now until I feel like I pass out but I am awake. Two nights ago I laid down and heard the knocking noise that now tells me its here. I immeadiately started praying and asking God for help in my head since I couldnt move or speak of course and this time all I could hear was the most evil devil joker sounding laugh while being choked… Im tired all the time it is taking all of my energy. These people saying its sleep paralysis have no idea which is why I have kept quiet. I have been baptised. I do love and believe in God. I wear a cross which I was essentially being choked with. Help? :(

  70. Xzen says:

    I am demonologist and former practitioner of black magic. I’ve created real haunted houses with my practice that have had to be exercised by Priests when the new tenants finally broke down and went to them for help. I have since been saved due to divine interference and pledged to work for good and have since been to seminary. These entities you are experiencing are very real. The people telling you there is nothing you can do about them are only serving to robe you of hope and make you stop resisting them. These entities have a varying range of power depending on who they are. They can do anything from annoy you to kill you depending on how strong they are. The weaker ones can be banished easily with a prayer or words or phrases from the Bible. My personal favorite is Luke 4:5-8 “Get thee behind me.” The stronger your conviction and faith the better it will work. If your dealing with stronger entities don’t hesitate to speak with a Priest or Pastor about it! They might need you see a therapist first. Do what ever they ask of you in that regard. We are stronger than them as long as we don’t let them take it from us and God is even stronger still beyond all comprehension. God bless!

  71. Kim says:

    “Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact” – William James

    Hi Chad, I hope that all is well for you,

    It’s crazy how I “Binged” a “dream of seeing myself and being complimented by a lady on my hair” & the results somehow led me to your posting. I am quite happy and relieved to be here because I have a similar incident to share with you.

    About eight years ago, when I was 14, I had lost my little cousin who was only seven years old during my eight grade summer. I fell into a deep depression and gained 30 pounds for my freshman year. And in that same month, my 50-something year old next door neighbor living in front of me had also passed away. (I was living in an apartment complex during this period). And in that same month, I finally grew the courage to watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose. That movie will always be my scariest and I will never watch it again.

    In my mind, I was thinking, this is just a movie, this sort of incident could never happen to me, especially in the fourth largest city of America. Boy was I wrong.

    I need you to envision the part where Emily hallucinates and sees her classmates as demons. Remember the scene where she looks out the window during the storm and the Devil’s red face suddenly appears boldly after the lightning. The same face also appears in Rhianna’s video “Russian Roulette” when the fire breaks out when she is in the holding room.That image will be super relevant to my story.

    After seeing the movie only a month after grieving, my fear of the paranormal had grew so high that I was scared to be alone. It doesn’t get better spending weekends at my grandmother’s house which was haunted, since she lived in the rough part of the city where murder’s and accidents and drug deals frequently occurred each year on her block in the Acres Homes Community.

    Around this part of my teenage years, it was difficult for me to fall asleep. I used to feel a little person stepping at the edge of my bed, near my feet. I would open my eyes and panic, only to see nothing in my room. The next day, while I was brushing my hair, a spirit thought it would be funny to prey on my weakness and whisper “boo” directly in my right ear. It scared the living $#@! out of me. It didn’t sound like a little kid, it sounded like an old man. Ever since that happened, I always take a shower and get ready with the radio full blast.

    That following evening will be one for me to remember for the rest of my life.

    After two hours of struggling to fall asleep, I find my soul and spirit struggling in my subconscious state of mind, fighting a force that was clearly out of body and out of reality. The rapid beating of my heart actually woke me up. I felt like I was running away from something but I was laying perfectly still on my back. I can only see darkness. I try to open my eyes but I can’t. I’m frozen,and my whole body is paralyzed.When I realize that I am stuck, I immediately begin to panic and try to move and scream but my body has no power to react to the force that was pinning me to the bed.

    At the moment when I used all of my energy trying to wake up, I watched the darkness suddenly turn into a whirlwind of bright red fire and white smoke revolving in a circle. (My eyes are still shut tight). I can hear a malicious deep laughter in my head. Now guess who’s face I see forming out of the little black circle.

    The Devil.

    The director of the Exorcism of Emily Rose got his image right on the money during that storm in the flash of lightning. And while I’m staring into the eyes of the Beast, I can feel my body levitating off the bed. At this point, I finally draw my last strand of energy to barely screech out “dad”. Once I gained control of my vocals,my body and head suddenly drop to the mattress as if the Devil got scared and ran away, releasing me from his paralysis.

    Once I regained consciousness, I immediately prayed to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to protect me and I have not seen the Devil ever since.

    My faith and love remain with Jesus and nothing bothers me now. I see the occasional black shadows every now and then, but nothing touches me anymore.

    Find your love through Christ and he will eternally bless you with his grace.

  72. live&learn says:

    if this is true, then why does it take on the form as something evil? why does it not take the form as something good? I’ve never heard it speak but (buzzing,hard to breath,seeing dark shadows,can’t move) and now being tired all the time is what i experience now from about the age of maybe 9 (35). guess I’ve found a way to relase from it but hate when it happens. and at times i actually am not or not in a deep sleep. here is the only place I’ve seen that it speaks to you.

  73. Danielle says:

    I saw one of those things, with red eyes that had cat-like pupils in them. I woke up one morning to get ready for school, about 4:16 am. I turn on the light and hear something behind me (expecting my grandma to great me morning) and I saw two eyes peeking through the doorway. They first stared at a calm look and then as soon as I started thinking positive thoughts (mainly love) it looked shocked and ran off. I wasn’t Christian at the time so my only defense was positive/happy thoughts. This thing would blow out electricity, and when everyone else was asleep or gone, it played pranks turning the power box on and off. It hasn’t really attacked me as far as I know, but when I started dating my husband, it started to fade away. (By the way, the electricity in the house was almost completely damaged and only a few outlets and appliances work) I was almost scared to a heart attack that day. I have a faith now, and have moved out of that house.

  74. Rational Thinker says:

    I think there is no such thing as demons and spirits and you ALL need your heads examining. Literally!
    Sleep paralysis is common and your unconscious mind plays out the day’s activities. If you think about god or angels or demons during the day because you are susceptible to weak beliefs, then you will go through a similar pattern in your sleep.
    What you all think you experienced is a figment of your imaginations and posting on some internet board to get collective validation is not helping you at all!

    • Caretaker says:

      OK rational thinker. I dont know about others but I have had sleep paralysis 1 time in my life and I have asked many many friends and family about it and NONE of them have ever experienced it. I just dont think it is all that common.

      If it is a normal and common thing then why would it be due to imagination?

      On another note whenever I tell someone about my own experiences I often hear crap like “it was just your imagination…” You know what? That never helps me at all. I know what I have experienced and so when I am told by someone who has no idea about anything that it was just my imagination……. Well, lets just say that you are entitled to your own opinions abut all of this.

  75. Rational Thinker says:

    I didn’t say it was your imagination. I said it was your unconscious mind.
    Your unconscious controls a lot of what your processing and is responsible for many things you are not aware of.
    If you truly want to get to the bottom of it, go to a sleep clinic and they will help you.
    In my experience (which I know you don’t know who am I from Adam) 99.9% of these things are explanable with natural occurances rather than super natural…

    • Caretaker says:

      :) Quote Didnt you? “…What you all think you experienced is a figment of your imaginations…” Anyone can read that in your comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rational Thinker,

      Yes, a high percentage of things that go bump in the night are explainable as either our imaginations, terrors, or mental issues… but there are experiences that are real. Although you may not believe or have experienced unseen entities that does not mean they don’t exist. And for you to tell people that it is their imagination or subconscious is ignorant. You are not all knowing, so how can you tell this forum that definitively there are no spirits that are unseen?

      Furthermore, why are you even looking on this sight if you don’t believe in this stuff? Just looking for an argument? And if you are just looking for a philosophical debate… you might want to ask why people believe what they believe instead of insulting them.

  76. judy says:

    Hi, I had a few odd episodes when I was younger and sugestible that I thought could only be explained by ghosts…

    Last year I started having what I thought were repressed memories coming back, then voices in my head. I took my daughter to the police and ended up in a mental hospital.

    I think of it as a waking dream and therfore the terrifying content of what I experienced is not as important as the cause.

    Since then I have found that people can be allergic to metal filling. As I had, had a large metal filling put in my mouth just before my psychotic episode, I am now wondering if this could be the cause. As I can remember having dental work and a plate put in my leg, shortly before I had other health problems.

    Now I am going to get my blood checked out to see if that is the cause.

    Dont get bogged down in all this horror! Now I have my wits back I know it could not have been real.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Its not to do with what the scientists explain
    My belief is:
    Think of it like this your spirit ventures while you sleep sometimes, this is why people wake with a thud
    If you wake while the spirit is out of the body, it goes back in so fast your body goes int to a state of shock as its in dream mode- i have witnessed this

    You ever thought of meditation? meditation happens when you shut off your thoughts and relax your body :) you can re-energize your body through meditation and seeking inner at what is right for you

    I will put down my experiences with shadow type beings…
    The first time was a few years ago, i was dreaming – in this dream i was talking to somebody driving a car all of a sudden whoever was driving hit the breaks cause of somebody on the road, i went through the window remember ever hit, scratch, cut finally was on the floor almost dead and i see this shadow figure walk around my body
    I try to wake up – i feel my spirit out of my body, flutter then hit the floor next to me, then i actually woke up
    was paralysed, called for help no sound couldnt move except my eyes
    was like this for a minute or 2 then i noticed a light come on under my door
    then i started to budge….weird thing is nobody in the house turned the light on!

    The next time i was half a sleep half awake there was a figure wrapped around my body grabbing my testicals and biting me (i assume taking my energy) i told it i wasnt affraid and to go away in love… it called me brother then went

    anyways hope this helps

  78. JoJo says:

    �When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, �I will return to my house from which I came.� And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order.

    Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.� (Matthew 12: 43-45)

    We all have similar experience of an encounter even I have never felt anything like this. I soon realize we all needed God’s protection, guidance and to come back to Him. The Devil and his demons wants us in Hell and damned for all eternity just like he is. That’s why Our Father and His Son Lord Jesus Christ is fighting for our soul. All we needed was a demon to push us in that direction. That there is a spiritual battle going on whether the unbeliever and skeptics tries to dismissed the existence of an entity, invading people’s living quarters and to criticize this topic about an evil, demonic encounter. Remember Jesus said, that He himself doesn’t belong in this world. The world will deny that the devil and his demons exist. Truly, the devil is “The Father of All Lies- John 8:44.”

  79. Amy says:

    I believe u 100% i myself have had the same thing happen to me but its been going on for almost 12 years and happens no matter where i move to and i dont care what any of these other people have to say i know its real and have even caught whatever this thing is on pic and evp.. On the evp i couldnt tell if it was saying get up or get out but either way it was a man’s voice and at that time there was no man in my home.. My kids have seen this enity, the dogs (german shepherds ) cower down, tuck their tails and run so yes its real and its scary.. Im sorry this happened to you but I thank God that it didnt follow you…

  80. Amy says:

    I left a comment before reading everyone elses..I ended up printing out all of these comments. couldnt sat at the computer long enough to read them all.. ( i have 2 babies, a 8 year old and an 18 year old ) I was so happy to hear that you found God and sooo sorry that there r so many people going through the same battle.. I know how scary it is and i know that its not easy for other people to believe so will never believe unless they go through the same thing.. ( pray they dont ) When all this started to get really bad for me it was after i left my bf at the time and moved back in with my mom she never believed me until the night that my legs got pulled out of the bed and placed on the floor luckily at that same time i was doing evps ( not asking questions being that im still to this day scared that i will hear something that i dont wanna hear or make it even worse ) just had it sitting next to the bed at caught a man telling me to either ” Get up ” or “Get out with foot steps coming from the hall and lots of other voices we couldnt understand in the back ground.. Luckliy i married a man that believes me and has noticed the change in the room when it comes it.. For me it doesnt always happen while in bed i can be sitting in our living room watching a movie and fell it come in.. ( the room doesnt always get cold like everyone says, sometimes it so hot and heavy that i cant breathe. either way it fells soooo evil sometimes i think my heart will explode it my chest ) Whatever this is also tormented my oldest son it would go from one ear to the next and scream Zack.. I found him cruled up in a little ball crying.. My other kids see it and watch it.. I have seen my 1 year old run from the hall screaming… Yes we r scared but for me it doesnt matter if we move it just follows.. ( i have lived in at least 10 different citys since the first time i was helded down. Oh and just so everyone knows i do believe in God and was saved years ago.. Demons r still allowed to torment God’s children but cant not poss. them.. Either way its a battle with good and evil.. I was happy to find out that im not the only one thats been through this but after i think about it im so hurt that so many people go through this i wish there was a way that i could help.. just pray and put it God’s hands… I need to do the same..

    PS to the girl that said she wanted to make it happen again just so she could see if it would.. Plz Plz dont try this i promise u that will be like opening more doors for things to get even worse.. ur gonna regret it.. i know that u will do whatever u want but plz at least think about what ur doing …

  81. Anonymous says:

    November 6, 2011

    Last night my husband was snoring loudly, I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t so I left our bedroom and went to our spare bedroom to see if I could sleep. For the longest time, I was awake. I was lying on my side and all of a sudden, I felt some cold gripping the back of my head and neck… it felt lke it also had tentacles cause I could fell it on the skin near my ears. It felt like it was trying to get inside of my body and pushing me down at the same time and I could not move. I started shouting at it to leave me alone… get away from me… and then I started to repeat the 23rd psalm. I could not move, I was trying to get up to leave the room but I couldn’t move and I was screaming so loud but I could not hear my voice. Suddenly, I was in the bathroom and my the light was on and I was looking in the mirror. I felt like something was inside me and I looked in the mirror and saw that my dark brown pupils had changed to a pale yellow colour and then I blinked and there was no more pupils only whilte and suddenly I was able to move and found that I was not really in the bathroom but in my bed. I got out of there very quickly and went back to bed with my husband and I could feel my throat hoarse from my screaming. It was the first time I ever tried to sleep in that room usually my husband and I go to the couch. I found that odd that we never want to sleep in that room. I don’t feel this was sleep paralysis. It felt very real and was very scary for me.
    Also many years ago before I met my husband, I used to hear voices talking and laughing all together at the same time in a kind of taunting way and I would pray to God and then it would go away. Another time, it that same apartment I dreamt someone was sitting on me and I could breathe and my cousin who was visiting me told me she woke up and saw a dark figure sitting on me that night.

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